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  • Types of Defective Product Liability Claims

    Defective products are the cause of thousands of injuries every year in the U.S. These claims typically fall into three main categories.

  • When a Car Accident Is Due to a Manufacturing Defect or Design Flaw

    Products with design flaws or defects often harm those that purchase them after normal and intended use has been initiated. Unfortunately for those that drive a vehicle with these issues, individuals may suffer injuries that may be severe or cause the loss of someone’s life.

  • FDA Warns About Defibrillators

    Tragically, two people recently lost their lives after the batteries in their implanted heart defibrillators failed to function properly.

  • Snow Blowers and Risk of Injuries

    Many people use snow blowers during the winter season, particularly after a moderate to heavy snowfall. Snow blowers can be particularly effective products, since they clear fallen snow by blowing it off to the side.

  • When Defective Products Cause Wrongful Death

    Defective products are common in small numbers, but these items do not usually cause wide-spread damage or lead to severe injury. In most situations, a defective item just does not work or cannot perform as originally intended.

  • Cuisinart Product Recall

    Cuisinart launched a massive product recall right before the 2016 holiday season and millions of customers nationwide are unhappy. Cuisinart is a popular and well-recognized brand that manufactures and distributes food processing equipment.

  • Talcum Powder Product Liability Cases

    Talcum powder products have been proven in many cases as harmful to both pregnant mothers and babies. The powder has several health concerns that could lead to additional problems as these young ones age, and when they are older other medical conditions may be exacerbated by these powders. Several investigations have been completed finding proof that purchased items containing talcum have become serious issues for various persons.

  • IVC Filters and Product Liability Cases

    Litigation has risen due to faulty IVC filters. Many patients have had these inserted and receive injury due to defects and issues with these devices. The manufacturers have been filed against due to claims of poor design, failures to warn of inherent and possible risks with the device, defects and similar issues.

  • Medical Malpractice Cases Involving the Impact of Testosterone on Intellectual Functioning

    Testosterone has been linked with heart attack and disease risks that could lead to serious injury or death. Every single male that consumes this product has a chance of danger at some level, but there tends to be a higher possibility for harm in those younger than 65 years of age.

  • Medical Malpractice Claims Based on the Side Effects of Testosterone

    There are a vast variety of hormones and vitamins that are on the market and available online for purchase by consumers. While some of these may work as directed, there are numerous others that are both harmful and ineffective despite claims to the contrary.

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