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  • The Importance of Expert Witness Retainer Agreements

    Getting an agreement in writing is important in all aspects of life. However, there are certain situations in which this is extremely important. One such situation is when an expert witness is retained by a lawyer, business or private party.

  • Nissan Facing $231 Million Lawsuit Over Defective Brakes

    Nissan North American is facing a $231 million lawsuit for allegedly withholding information from the public about a potentially deadly auto defect. Plaintiffs in the case claim the company knew about defective brakes in its Infinity sport utility vehicle (SUV) and other vehicles, but did nothing. The same defect is being blamed for a fatal car accident that claimed three lives.

  • Pharmacologist Expert Witness on Warning Label Defects

    Expert witnesses are needed most often when there is an aspect about a case that needs clarification for the judge or jury. In pharmacology cases where there are defects in warning labels, these experts are uniquely qualified in detailing the effects that these defective labels may cause in the health of the public either for an individual or a group.

  • Attorney-Client Privilege and the Non-Reporting Expert Witness

    Lawyers may hire expert witnesses for various types of cases, including cases involving employment issues, intellectual property, engineering or a number of other areas. Sometimes these experts have attorney-client privilege with the lawyer representing the client. However, in other cases this privilege may not exist or may be waived.

  • Strategies to Disqualify Opponent’s Expert Witness

    Disqualifying the opponent’s expert witness is often necessary when the case demands progress and additional assistance. However, doing so may be complicated and difficult depending on various factors such as a credible individual with extensive years of experience and knowledge.

  • The Important Work Expert Witnesses Do Before Testifying

    Expert witnesses accomplish much work before the act of testifying is needed. They work up a report, analyze evidence, connect the incident to certain persons and actions and many other tasks long before they are called in the court room. Many of these professionals adhere to scientific methods to determine certain aspects of a case.

  • Important Traits in an Effective Orthopedic Expert Witness

    Expert witnesses must have experience in the subject of the case. This usually means that someone in the medical field has been hired to explain evidence, injuries and medical processes to the judge or jury. Members of the medical field may be used as consultants for an understanding of the exact procedures used, but the expert witness may be the go between for the lawyer and client.

  • Myths Involved in Looking for an Expert Witness

    Many individuals believe that an expert is behind every door. Each professional may be used as an expert in almost any case. However, cases are varied, and hiring an expert is an extensive process that requires research and time. Ensuring that an expert is right for the claim and may work well with a lawyer demands a lengthy interview, several questions asked and answered and a rapport between the two parties.

  • Bayer Faces Multiple Lawsuits Because of Mirena Dangers

    The big pharmaceutical company Bayer is currently facing lawsuits filed across the country by thousands of women for various health allegations. Most of the women claim that Mirena, an intrauterine device (IUD) used for birth control, has serious and dangerous side effects that Bayer intentionally concealed and failed to warn consumers.

  • Critical Steps to Maintain Strong Relationship with Expert Witness During A Case

    An expert witness is needed on many cases to explain evidence, draw a conclusion from the proof provided and to reconstruct the incident when necessary.

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