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  • Unmarried and in a Relationship: Protecting Your Rights with a Cohabitation Agreement in Massachusetts

    Massachusetts does not recognize any rights for a couple that cohabit. This means that if your in an unmarried relationship and it fails, you do not have the right to palimony, separate support, alimony, property division or claim for loss of consortium. On top of this, the Commonwealth does not recognize “common law marriage”.

  • The Unfortunate Rise of Civil Asset Forfeiture

    The rise of civil asset forfeiture as a means of increasing government revenues.

  • When is it Okay Not to Pay Rent

    Leases are tricky things. They are a combination of contract laws, agreements between the parties, and laws and regulations that relate to landlords and tenants, housing standards, zoning, safety, etc. As a result, although a lease agreement may say you have to pay rent always and under every circumstance, there are plenty of times when one of these other laws may intervene.

  • What are Fiduciary Duties?

    We often hear that someone owes us a fiduciary duty, whether in a business setting, certain transactions, or even a condo/co-op or homeowners association. But what is a fiduciary duty, how does a fiduciary relationship arise, and what are its implications?

  • Spring Housing Market in Chicago Sprouting New Growth

    With the spring buying season quickly approaching, both buyers and sellers are wondering what the new season will have in store for the housing market in Chicago. According to a new report, the landscape for the housing market may not be as daunting as past seasons. The number of homes for sale has been slowly declining, giving both buyers and sellers a little more confidence and helping list prices stabilize.

  • Disputes over Boundary Lines

    Property records are not always clear when it comes to defining the boundary lines that belong to the owner. Due to the vagueness, many boundary disputes can arise. When your property sits along the line of another person’s property questions may come up as to how far each of your line of ownership extends.

  • An Overview of Ancillary Probate in New York

    Ancillary probate is that area of law that deals with out of state property owned by a decedent and how it is managed and liquidated. Real property is subject to the laws of the state for where it is located. When a person dies, his or her estate will go into probate. During probate the executor or personal representative will be named.

  • When House Flipping Turns Illegal

    Flipping a house is a practice that has been done by many. While it can be done effectively, providing those who take the time to do it fast and beneficial rewards, it can also be done illegally in some cases, crossing legal guidelines that are imposed by the government.

  • Legal Obligations and Liabilities of Condominium Homeowners’ Associations for the Common Areas in California Law

    Legal obligations and liabilities of condominium homeowners’ associations under the Davis-Stirling Act under California law for the maintenance, repair and replacement of the common areas of the condominium property.

  • Commercial Lease Terms - Advanced

    Some tenants need special lease provisions, for example, medical practices and businesses in the computer industries. In this article, the author discusses special, advanced lease provisions that tenants frequently need.

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