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  • Homeowner Association Problems Solved by a Real Estate Lawyer

    Many communities where homes are sold have homeowners’ associations attached as a service for the neighborhoods surrounding the area. These organizations have bylaws, often contracts and certain rules that the property owners in these locations must abide by.

  • Can the HOA Lock Me Out of My Gated Community Because I Owe Them Money?

    Homeowners associations are often the strength of a community in order to keep it safe, maintained properly and peaceful. While this is often true for certain locations, other organizations run with more political processes. This means that the group or head may enact penalties when dues or other fees are not collected from a homeowner.

  • Real Estate Lawyer Solves Title Problems when Purchasing Property

    There are many forms of purchasing a property that includes documentation issues such as title problems. There are many contracts a buyer signs when he or she is buying the home or land, and it is in these files that issues are found.

  • Legality of Restrictive Covenants

    Many who buy a home believe that they are able to whatever they feel is necessary to the house or land. If they want to alter the land and create a garden, install equipment or build additional structures, they feel they are able to do so after the property has been purchased. However, there are numerous contracts that prevent these actions.

  • Is It Possible to Sue When Return on Investment Does Not Materialize?

    When someone has invested in a luxury hotel, there are many factors to consider before progressing to litigation. Some return on investment may not be monetary. The income earned from these investment properties could be of a material manner instead of a financial payment.

  • Early Lease Termination Agreements: Economic Considerations for Landlords and Distressed Tenants

    A small business has leased commercial space, encountered economic difficulties, and can no longer afford the lease payments. In some cases, the business is out in front of the problem, seeking to work with the landlord prior to a payment default. In other cases, the business is already behind on its rental obligations, and possibly facing a legal action for eviction.

  • Interviewing Your (Potential) Real Estate Agent: What to Ask

    When there is the potential for purchasing real estate, the person considering buying a property should contact a real estate agent. In order to complete the process of obtaining an agent, it is important to know what to ask him or her before the hiring is accomplished.

  • Avoiding Typical Problems with Commercial Leases with the Help of a Real Estate Lawyer

    There are a number of concerns that may arise when starting a commercial lease. It is vital that the documentation signed by the person involved is analyzed thoroughly by a real estate lawyer to ensure the statements are most beneficial for the leaseholder.

  • Property Ownership: Joint Tenants or Tenants-in-Common

    The ownership of a property may be accomplished through various means. However, there are two that are common especially among married or tenants that need a joint ownership arrangement. In many real estate dealings, married couples find the need to have joint rights to a property based on numerous factors.

  • Protect Your Construction Project with a Real Estate Lawyer in Your Corner

    Construction projects may be affected by numerous concerns that could lead to litigation based on liability issues. These may be through workers becoming injured, third-party problems, defective parts or materials, breached contracts and clients that are not satisfied with the results of the project.

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