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  • When Do I Need a Subordination, Non-Disturbance and Attornment Agreement?

    Many commercial leases for business owners or management have subordination, non-disturbance and attornment types of agreements in the contractual documentation.

  • Selling the Family Home after Your Surviving Parent Dies

    When the last surviving parent of an adult child passes away, the family home often needs to be sold.

  • When to Contact a Construction Litigation Lawyer

    Construction contracts may end in trouble or may be broken before the structure has been built. Many of these issues end in litigation, and this usually requires the assistance of a lawyer. Initially, a lawyer should be hired to ensure the contract signed by the person who may become the plaintiff is solid, clear of confusion or vague information and beneficial.

  • Legal Considerations when Purchasing a Bank-Owned Property

    Pre-owned property is often overlooked for various reasons, but when someone buys the house or land again, there may be several defects. Additionally, these locations may be owned by the bank. This is especially true if there was a foreclosure. It is important to understand how these properties are different than when purchasing through a seller with a financing company backing the purchaser.

  • Commercial Lease "Letter of Intent" - LOIs

    The letter of intent (“LOI,” a.k.a. term sheet or MOU) [is]used for negotiating a commercial lease. The LOI comes early in the process, and it’s the best place to negotiate basic deal terms. An LOI clarifies the deal, and lets the parties know early whether a deal can get done, before they’ve invested a lot of money in the process. LOIs usually are non-binding.

  • How Lawyers Assist in Construction Defect Cases

    Defects occur so often as per specifications are not always followed, some machines break down, certain designs are not perfected and accidents happen. Because of these defects, constructed structures may have issues within walls, floors, through materials or with added items such as insulation.

  • Can the Mortgage Holder of the House I Shared with My Spouse Pursue Me for Collection?

    Sometimes two people may be living together in one home and the owner of the home may pass away. When the individuals own the property as joint tenants with right of survivorship, the situation is not too complicated because the remaining owner absorbs the other owner’s portion of the property.

  • Health Hazards Due to Insecticide Sprayed by Farm Next Door, What Can I Do?

    The rights and protections for homeowners in some instances extend beyond the property lines. This may mean that certain hazards from nearby land or houses are not permitted when they affect others, as this could be considered a public safety concern as well as numerous other problems.

  • Can My Landlord Make Me Smoke Outside When My Lease Does Not Mention “No Smoking”?

    Smoking has become one of the top priorities in removing from all establishments and property due to the adverse effects the smoke has on the house, unit and other persons’ health. Because of this, many landlords have installed smoke detectors, drafted clauses in leases about no smoking and similar actions.

  • Real Estate Arrangements with Disabled Persons

    Persons with disabilities are protected by the Fair Housing Act in which they may be provided a place for rent or to purchase no matter which disability they have. However, it is often better to ensure the purchase of a place that tailors to the impairment. This means if someone is blind, he or she should have a place with furniture and items in a fixed position.

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