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  • What Does the Prosecution Have to Prove When You’ve Been Charged with Armed Robbery?

    Armed robbery is a type of violent crime that can have serious repercussions. If you are charged with armed robbery or another type of violent crime, it is always best to talk to an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can give you a winning chance at possibly reducing your sentence or even dismissing your case. An experienced defense lawyer can represent you in court, handle all the complicated details of your case, and give you a keen understanding of the legal facts that can affect you.

  • Crime of Robbery

    The taking or attempting to take something of any value through the use of force, threats of force or through intimidating and fear has been determined to be a robbery by most states. It has also been defined through the removal of someone’s property or belongings with the intention of permanently depriving the owner of the property or belongings.

  • Florida Sentencing Enhancements Pt. 3: Three Time Violent Felony Offenders & Violent Career Criminals

    This article is the third installment in our Florida Sentencing Enhancements series and presents an overview of the Three Time Violent Felony Offender and Violent Career Criminal statutes.

  • How Are People Charged as an Accomplice?

    Accomplice liability arises when a person helps another commit a crime with the intent of providing such assistance.

  • Robbery Law in Washington - Things you Must Know

    Know the real meaning of robbery as per law in Washington. Also, know the categories of robbery, and discover how it differs from burglary.

  • Charged with Burglary in Virginia?

    Congratulations, you've been initiated into the criminal justice system and you need a good Alexandria criminal defense attorney to represent you.

  • Understanding the Different Types of Theft

    Have you ever heard someone talk about larceny and wondered why they called a theft by that name? What about robbery? How about fraud or embezzlement? What's really the difference between all these different types of theft? It can be an important question if you or someone you know is facing criminal charges or have been the victim of a crime. Following is a description of eight (8) different types of theft and what their respective elements include.

  • Burglary Charges under California Penal Code 459

    California Penal Code 459 discusses burglaries and proscribes which type of activity may result in a conviction for first or second degree burglary. Subsequent statutes discuss the legal ramifications of a conviction under this section of the criminal code.

  • Surprising Crimes in the Casino

    It may surprise you to learn that the majority of crimes committed inside of casinos do not involve the gambling itself. Instead, the 10 casinos in Pennsylvania reported that accounts of theft of wallets and purses for this year far outweighed the crimes of passing counterfeit money and forgery. Part of the reason for this shift in the type of crimes committed involves the modernization of gambling machines.

  • Purse Snatching in Miami on the Rise

    Stealing purses can be a lucrative business, and that is one of the reasons why this theft crime is on the rise in Miami. The Miami Police have asked for help catching a purse snatcher who has been seen as violent and has been pictured in a recently released surveillance videos. The man, a black male approximately 5’9” and 19-20 years of age, reportedly fought a woman for her purse and knocked her on the head, body slamming her to the ground.

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