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  • The Ten Questions Your Car Accident Lawyer Will Ask

    What do you need to know in order to get the most out of your consultation with a car accident lawyer. Being prepared for your meeting will go a long way to getting the most from your lawyer. Here are ten questions you should be prepared to answer for your attorney.

  • Driving on Snow and Ice in Arkansas

    Be careful out there! Just because there’s ice on the roads doesn’t mean you’re off the hook if you plow into someone while you’re driving.

  • What You Need to Know About New Illinois Driving Laws

    A number of new laws took effect in Illinois on January 1, 2014, including the following driving laws:

  • Questionable SUV Stability Causes Most Rollover Accidents

    Rollover accidents comprise only 3% of all vehicle accidents in the U.S. but most of these involve SUVs. There are no strict laws that prohibit the use of these types of vehicles and their inherent features and design do not offer a high level of security to its passengers, and so drivers should be extra careful when driving SUVs.

  • Risks of Auto Accident with Senior Citizen Drivers

    Senior citizen drivers may be at higher risk of an auto accident than middle-aged or younger drivers. Certain factors may increase risk of a crash with a senior. Contact a Clarksburg attorney if injured by a senior driver in West Virginia.

  • The Importance of Seatbelts

    Seatbelts are a great help in ensuring that one is safe from accidents. This restraint system has been offered in various vehicles since the 1950s.

  • Seat Belt Use, So Easy, So Quick and So Effective

    Recently as I was driving with my son, we came upon several state police troopers with lights flashing parked on the side of the highway. Off of the highway, down a hill right up against some trees there was a small SUV with damage on every part of it. Clearly, the vehicle had left the road and rolled over several times.

  • Accident Investigation and Evidence

    When an accident occurs, the most common source of information is a “Traffic Collision Report” prepared by the California Highway Patrol or a local police agency. If you are incapacitated by injuries at the scene of a collision, this report may later be the only way to identify and locate the other parties involved, any witnesses, and insurance information.

  • Using Police Reconstruction Analysis

    It is important to take immediate action because trucking companies often have investigation teams who arrive at the scene as soon as possible in order to reduce their potential liability for personal injuries. Often, the injured party is still recovering while the truck company is dealing with their attorney. Failure to preserve crash site evidence is critical to winning (or losing) the case.

  • Taxi Cab Accidents

    Taxi cab accidents happen in every city around the country, and the more taxi cab use rises, the faster these accidents rise. Laws regarding taxi cab accidents vary from place to place, depending on the statute of limitations, any local laws governing taxi cab use and protecting rider rights, and the liability involved in the case. If you’ve been injured in a taxi cab accident, here’s what you need to know:

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