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  • EEOC Updates Enforcement Guidance for Pregnant Employment

    Pregnancy is considered a temporary disability under the law. Employers must provide equal benefits and treatment to pregnant employees as they do with employees who have other types of temporary disabilities.

  • Costco's Harrassment Policy May Have Created a Binding Contract

    Nearly all employment handbooks that are issued to employees upon hiring include anti-harassment policies that conform to federal and state laws.

  • When Can an Employer be Found Liable for an Act of an Employee?

    Due to a number of legal theories, employers may be found liable for their employees’ actions that resulted in harm to coworkers, customers or other individuals. There may be variations or prohibitions against certain causes of action based on state law.

  • Three Important, Commonly Misunderstood Concepts in California Employment Law

    Defining and discussing three of the most important and commonly misunderstood terms in California employment law - wrongful termination, discrimination, and harassment/hostile work environment.

  • Are Sexual Harassment Investigations Confidential?

    An all too common occurrence in the modern workplace is the sexual harassment. This can take many forms, like unwelcome sexual or romantic advances, sexual blackmail, offensive touching, discussions of intimate activities that make others uncomfortable, etc. While there are a number of laws to protect those who complain of such activities, what of those who are accused, particularly if the sexual harassment claim is determined to be unfounded or used as a means of embarrassment or retaliation?

  • What to do if You Have Been Fired for Whistleblowing

    A "whistleblower" is someone who reports a violation of the law by his or her employer. The violation may be against the reporting employee, as with sexual harassment claims, or may be a general violation like illegally polluting, securities violations, etc. While the law is supposed to protect people for doing the right thing, often whistleblowers are fired after reporting the inappropriate situation. So what should you do if you have been fired after blowing the whistle?

  • How to Deal with Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

    Sexual harassment is usually defined by Courts and employers using the definition of sexual harassment contained in the guidelines of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). This language has also formed the basis for most state laws prohibiting sexual harassment. The guidelines define sexual harassment as:

  • Indigenous Women Share Perspectives on Violence at United Nations

    Women have historically been subjected to legal discrimination based on their gender. With the passage of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (42 U.S.C.A. § 2000e et seq.), women are able to use the law to fight sex discrimination in employment, education, domestic relations.

  • Male Victims of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
      by Grey Law

    In 2009 there were almost 12,700 sexual harassment complaints filed with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Sixteen percent came from men. Even though the total amount of sexual harassment is consistently on the decline, the number of complaints from men have increased over the years.

  • Ways to Avoid Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

    The government has been consistently aggressive in coming up with measure to help lessen, if not eradicate, sexual harassment cases especially in the workplace. As it is, there have been various labor laws that prohibit such lewd acts but a great number of people are still falling victims to such acts.

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