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  • Uber Accidents: Do You Have a Personal Injury Case?

    Ridesharing is a growing trend. The popularity of ridesharing networks like Uber has skyrocketed in recent years. In fact, Uberís services are now available in 50 countries, with 8.1 million Uber users and more than 50,000 new drivers added monthly.

  • I Was Hurt on Private Property, What Are My Legal Options?

    If a person is injured on the private property that belongs to another, he or she may be able to sue the property owner. Find in the article some of the most likely scenarios to answer the question of who is responsible for the medical bills associated with an injury on another personís property.

  • Premises Liability at Gyms

    Although the gym represents health and fitness for many, in some cases, it can also be a hazard to health. Faulty equipment, slippery floors, and other dangers can result in a variety of injuries, from cuts and bruises to sprains and broken bones.

  • Grounds for a Personal Injury Case

    Slip and fall accidents are not uncommon. Most of the time, these types of accidents are minor and cause nothing more than a bruised ego.

  • Liability for Trampoline Accidents

    Trampolines are a great way for kids to be active and have fun during the warm months. They can also be dangerous. Trampolines on unsteady or slanted ground, poorly-constructed trampolines, those with rusted springs or compromised bouncing surfaces, and those without adequate safety nets can pose hazards to children and adults alike.

  • Fault for Stair Accidents

    Thousands are injured each year in slip and fall accidents, many of which occur on stairs. Premises liability laws require that the owner of a property, whether commercial, government, or private must maintain it so that people can walk safely throughout public areas.

  • Should I Report a Slip and Fall Accident?

    A slip and fall accident should always be reported if you were hurt on another personís property. Not only will it document the incident, but it will also allow the issue to be corrected to prevent others from repeating what just occurred.

  • Expert Witness Explains Building Codes in Slip and Fall Cases

    Getting the building and safety codes correct in any case is vital. When the expert cites or reports the wrong codes for a litigation case, the credibility and reliability of testimony is reduced in the eyes of a judge or jury panel. This means that the case is not as strong and the chances of success are lessened.

  • Landlord Liability for Slip and Fall Accidents

    Slip and fall accidents are one of the more common causes for emergency room visits in the United States and can lead to a variety of long-term injuries.

  • Deciding Which Personal Injury Lawyer Is Best for Your Case

    Personal injuries usually require the need for a lawyer if litigation is necessary. This means that choosing a legal representative demands research of both the person and his or her firm. Pricing options, consultation of the issue, the expertise of the lawyer and various other elements of the search are necessary.

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