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  • Benefits from an Ex-Spouse

    If you are divorced and planning for your retirement, you may have questions about what benefits you are entitled to receive, including Social Security or disability benefits from your ex-spouse.

  • SSD and Retirement Benefits in Maryland

    Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits are available to those who have suffered a medical condition that leaves them unable to work for at least one year, or until the person passes away.

  • Taxes and Disability Benefits

    When it comes to disability benefits, the type of benefits that you are collecting will determine whether they are taxable or tax free. How your disability benefits are taxed depend on who makes the payment and the deductibility of the premium payments.

  • Tips on Social Security Claims

    Social Security claims are important to those that have disabilities of varying degrees and types. Many of these individuals are unable to work in gainful employment. This means they are unable to sustain daily living with the assistance of some form of a job.

  • What to do When Social Security Claim Is Denied

    Many claims for Social Security benefits are denied initially. This is usually the case when poor planning or improper preparations are made when attempting a claim for these monetary or insurance benefits.

  • Disability Claims for an “Invisible Condition”

    When an employee is unable to work because of a physical injury like a broken bone, a chronic back condition, or a serious illness like cancer or multiple sclerosis, the condition is obvious. The injury can be seen, and the illness can be verified through medical tests.

  • Increasing the Likelihood of a Social Security Disability Claim

    It is best to prepare for a Social Security Disability claim when applying for benefits. Preparations with documentation and medical details are ideal when claiming for either Supplemental Security Income or Social Security Disability Insurance.

  • Disability Appeals Council

    When a person has a claim for Social Security Disability, he or she most often has to face at least one rejection of the claim before any money may be seen to help with his or her situation. The process the case takes usually has very harsh judgment in determining if a person is eligible and approved for these benefits.

  • Divorce and Social Security Benefits

    Knowing how and when to apply for Social Security benefits can be a confusing process, especially if a person is divorced. Clients often have questions about whether he or she is entitled to a portion of the ex-spouse’s benefits, and the best way to pursue collecting those benefits.

  • Compassionate Allowance Programs

    Various claims for Supplemental Security Income and Social Security Disability are often met with resistance. Large amounts of time and energy are used to prove a claim when the money is desperately needed by someone that cannot work or work enough to support the household.

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