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  • Consequences of Writing a Bad Check

    Writing a bad check can cause significant criminal penalties to arise. In order to avoid these consequences, it is important to understand the crime of writing a bad check and any defenses to it.

  • When Employees Commit Business Fraud

    Business owners often put a lot of trust in the individuals that they employ. Unfortunately, this trust may be misplaced in some situations. Employees who are in key positions to have access to business funds, client funds or other resources may exploit their positions and commit fraud against the business.

  • What to Do After Identity Theft

    Identity theft occurs when a person takes someone elseís personal information and uses it for financial gain, such as by getting credit cards in the victimís name and running up debt under that personís name while benefiting from the purchases. Identity theft can have a significant and adverse effect on a personís credit and financial stability.

  • How Social Networks are Used for Identity Theft

    The prevalence of identity theft appears to be increasing as technology continues to move forward. The easy ability of accessing the Internet has helped a lot of individuals steal the identities of unsuspecting victims. The rampant use of fraud has assisted these criminals in obtaining information about others that they otherwise would not have any access to.

  • Crime of Grand Theft Auto

    Crimes of theft have been around for hundreds of years to include the greater crimes of stealing large or expensive property and possessions. However, laws have become harsh when expensive vehicles are stolen by alleged thieves.

  • Things to Know about Major Thefts

    The issue with theft has dropped throughout the United States as the economy improves, but major thefts are still an issue. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has been committed to the various major thefts of art, gems, retail and other types of greater robbery. Through their efforts, many heists have been foiled.

  • Identity Theft Definition

    Identity theft is a serious crime that results in serious consequences. Identity theft cases continue to increase as new technological advancements make it easier for people to pretend to be someone else.

  • Pawning Stolen Property

    Sometimes a person may happen upon stolen property. There may be many innocent reasons for why he or she is in possession of such property. There may be many reasons to support why he or she never would have stolen the property. In many cases, stolen property may wind up at a pawn shop or other second-hand store. Such stores have risen in popularity during the last several years. There are even prominent television shows based on the pawn industry.

  • Prevent Identity Theft

    Today, there are higher risks of being victimized of identity theft than ever before. This is due to the easy access that many culprits have due to technology. Various mechanisms exist in which a criminal can get a personís personal information and credit card information through computers and other devices.

  • Theft Offenses in St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and Tampa

    Theft involves the unlawful taking of, or using, the property of another person, or endeavoring to do so. Theft offenses in Florida can be prosecuted as either felonies or misdemeanors depending on the nature of the item taken, the value of the item taken, or the number of prior theft convictions an accused person has.

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