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  • The Latest Milestone in U.S. / Cuba Relations: Commercial Flights

    The United States and Cuba marked another historic milestone recently when JetBlue Flight 387 sojourned from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to Abel Santamaria Airport in Santa Clara, Cuba. Flight 387 was the first direct commercial flight between the two countries in more than a half-century. Six months ago, the two countries signed an agreement to re-establish scheduled air service between them, moving beyond the charter services that had been the sole direct flights for many years.

  • Smoking the Peace Pipe in South Dakota

    A new pot resort in South Dakota will be opening up soon on tribal land, despite the fact that pot is not yet legal in South Dakota.

  • California Craft Distillery Law and the Craft Distillerís Act of 2015

    Until fairly recently, Prohibition-era laws have governed the liquor industry in California. As a result of amendments to these laws, craft breweries are now allowed to offer tastings and sell beer to customers. At present, however, distilleries of liquor can hold tastings, selling quarter-ounce samples, but still cannot make a direct sale of larger amounts to their customers. That is about to change if the Craft Distillerís Act of 2015, AB 1295 passes and is signed into law.

  • Cottage Food Operations under the California Homemade Food Act

    The California Homemade Food Act which went into effect January 1, 2013 has created a new category of food production called a cottage food operation. To qualify for a permit, aspiring food manufacturers need to attend a food safety class, pass an exam, learn how to label foods, pay a fee and submit to inspections. They canít smoke or keep pets in their kitchens, certain hazardous foods are prohibited, and there is also a revenue limit.

  • Events, Nightlife, Attractions and Hospitality Law Palm Springs Style

    In the past lawyers for the hospitality and entertainment industry, for restaurants, hotels, festivals, events, and attractions in California handled matters such as food safety, contracts with entertainers, alcohol regulations, or injuries on hotel properties. Hospitality and entertainment lawyers in places like Palm Springs today must also seek to protect guest confidentiality and safety at live music pool parties, film and music festivals, major sporting events and more.

  • How Does the U.S. No Fly List Work?

    Following the terrorist attacks on 9/11, the U.S. federal government enacted a number of measures meant to combat the threat of terrorism on American soil. Among these measures was the implementation of the No Fly List, created and maintained by the Terrorist Screening Center (TSC). Often the subject of jokes in TV shows and movies, many wonder what it really is and how it works. So, how does the U.S. No Fly List actually work?

  • When Can Kids Fly Alone?

    It is not uncommon, particularly around the holidays, for children to visit family members in other states. Sometimes this means taking a flight. But, for many families, it is just not financially feasible for a parent to accompany the child on the flight. So, what are the laws and rules regarding when children can fly alone?

  • The Hazards of Tourist Season for Your Betrothed

    The warmer weather and sunny skies of spring have arrived in the U.S., opening the gates to tourists from around the globe, but one group of tourists should be especially mindful of the legal hazards of visiting the U.S. If you are a foreigner engaged to a U.S. citizen and living abroad, then your petition for a K-1 visa will establish your intent to marry an American citizen and stay here permanently.

  • Tourist Season Easier for Some than Others

    The summer travel season is fast approaching, and many foreign citizens are making plans now to visit the U.S., but they wonít be going anywhere without the necessary immigration compliance preparations. Generally, the ďnecessary preparationsĒ would include obtaining a tourist visa, but it is possible to avoid the paperwork, fees and waiting associated with this step if you are an eligible citizen of a country that is enrolled in the U.S. visa waiver program.

  • New PA Law to Ban Texting While Driving Passed

    A Pennsylvania law to ban texting while driving statewide has been passed and will soon go into effect.

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