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  • Trademark Protection for Architectural Works & Other Designs

    Trademarks can play a vital role in protecting architectural features in buildings, including the design of nonfunctional exterior and interior features, and the layout of a store or business. Trademark law may also be used to protect an architect’s “signature” style in the design of a building, though in narrow circumstances.

  • How to Register and Protect Your Trademarks

    Registration is essential to protecting your good name and reputation.

  • Intellectual Property Rights for Small Business

    Protecting intellectual property is a critical early step in establishing a new business. The process can be complex, but the ability of a business to establish a brand and grow by steps depends on having exclusive use of intellectual property.

  • Trademark Fair Use

    Generally, when people hear the term “fair use” they tend to think of usage that allows someone to legally use copyrighted materials without the owner’s permission. However, fair use is not limited to just copyright but there are a number of uses of another’s trademark that may be lawful and considered non-infringing.

  • Pre-Sale Due Diligence as a Part of Normal Business Operations

    Owners of small and mid-sized businesses can spend nearly all of their time running their business, and leave little time to plan the strategy for continued growth and transition to a sale or other exit. Owners hope for a healthy selling climate when the times comes – whether when they retire, cash out and slow down, or sell and find a new venture. Yet, lack of preparation for transition to exit can have a negative impact on achieving a high sales price and successful exit.

  • Trademark Selection and Response to Trademark Office Actions

    Trademarks help consumers to make informed decisions about goods and services that they purchase. Selection of branding for a business should include advice from a marketing professional and a trademark search performed by an intellectual property attorney. The trademark search can identify issues that should be promptly addressed and should prepare a business to either avoid a trademark office action or to develop a winning argument in response to the office action.

  • Guide to Doing Business in California and Protecting a Business Owner

    By taking the right steps by having the right contracts prepared, documenting business dealings, limiting one’s exposure to jurisdiction in other states, understanding contract law, protecting intellectual property, avoiding breaches of fiduciary duty, incorporating to protect assets, and filing suit when necessary and going to mediation to prompt settlements of contract disputes, a business owner in California can save money and headaches and avoid unnecessary litigation.

  • Trademarking a Name or a Logo or Both?

    In establishing a new business, owners often seek legal advice in connection with branding their business by developing and securing their company’s intellectual property. Part of this inquiry typically involves the question, “Should we seek trademark registration of the named business brand or the company’s design logos, or both?”

  • You Can Stop Trademark Infringement

    You have gone through the painstaking process of starting a business, developing a brand for your business, namely, your business’ trademark, invested significant time and resources into this development, and suddenly you discover another business is using your exact trademark or a similar one. What can you do?

  • What Is Fashion Law?

    While the worlds of law and fashion may seem as far apart as one can imagine, legal matters are inseparable from any career or aspirations in the fashion industry. To understand why fashion law is so important, one must start with what it is and why it should matter to you.

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