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  • 5 Tips to Fight Traffic Ticket in New Jersey

    Getting a traffic ticket in New Jersey is a difficult situation. It generates a kind of tension even before you havenít really started dealing with it. A traffic ticket can cause you a lot of confusions.

  • Is a DUI a Felony?

    Arrested for DUI? Is a DUI a Felony? Regardless of the State, DUI-DWI laws in most jurisdictions have common factors that can escalate a driving under the influence charge to a Felony DUI.

  • Exposing 18 Field Sobriety Test Myths about Reliability

    Every year, over 1 million motorists in the United States are asked to perform the field sobriety tests by a law enforcement officers. Almost no citizens, except DUI lawyers who are specialists in the field of drunk driving defense, know the information posted here. All Americans need to know their rights to NOT self-incriminate.

  • Role of DWI Lawyer in Pennsylvania

    If you are charged with DWI/DUI or any other driving traffic violations, stop worrying!

  • Drunk Driving Penalties & Punishments

    Drunk Driving or DUI is a form of traffic violation caused when the driver is under the influence of alcohol or any other toxic element. The maximum penalties for someone caught due to drunk driving are imprisonment and fines or License cancellation.

  • Traffic Violations [Explanations and Consequences]

    Moving violation of traffic laws means, violating the traffic rules when the vehicle is in motion such as DUI (driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs etc.) or DWI (driving while intoxicated).

  • Four Frequently Asked Questions about Occupational Licenses in Texas

    This article explains answers to four of the most frequently asked questions about occupational driver's licenses in Texas. Do I need to go in front of the judge to receive an ODL? What happens at a hearing? What happens if my Occupational License doesnít get approved by the judge? If I have a DWI conviction, can I still apply for an Occupational License?

  • Traffic Ticket Lawyer in New Jersey

    A traffic ticket lawyer in New Jersey deals with all the legal approaches and citations required during various types of traffic violations. Failure in following any of the prominent laws will certainly lead to stringent legal actions. The violations include DUI (driving under the influence), reckless driving, illegal lane changes, breaking traffic laws, parking violation etc.

  • "DUI Less Safe" Georgia - What is the "DUI Less Safe" Penalty?

    A person arrested in Georgia for DUI-alcohol is initially arrested for DUI less safe. This is the most common type of DUI GA charge for driving under the influence. The arrested person is next read the Georgia implied consent law notice that puts driving privileges at risk for any refusal to be tested. However, by submitting to testing, a NEW type of DUI, per se driving above the legal alcohol limit is triggered.

  • What You Need for a Texas Occupational Driver's License

    A Texas Occupational Driver's License will allow a person whose license is suspended to drive under certain restricted conditions. This article describes what people need to obtain an occupational license in Texas.

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