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  • When Is a Lawyer Considered a Car Accident Lawyer?

    Car collisions are one of the top ways in which a person is injured or dies in the United States. Because of these accidents, litigation may occur when insurance companies refuse or are incapable of restoring a person to what he or she was before the incident occurred.

  • Landscaping Truck Accidents in California - Causes and Complexities

    The unique risks landscaping trucks pose to children, the elderly and other pedestrians and bicycle riders who cannot get out of the way fast enough is particularly worrisome when landscaping trucks barrel down at them in a residential neighborhood. Causes include inexperienced drivers, poor training, and mechanical failures. Complexities for attorneys include the need for truck safety experts in litigation and insurance issues.

  • What Is a Car Accident Lawyer

    The terminology "car accident lawyer" does not automatically invoke visions of a personal injury lawyer, although the two phrases are synonymous. Typical car accident claims involve both injury to body and damage to the car. These types of claims are the same yet separate cases in an insurance settlement.

  • The Myth of Full Coverage

    "Full Coverage" is one of the most common myths of insurance. Learn where your gaps may be, and how to better protect yourself after an accident.

  • Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

    Navigating the landmines of a personal injury claim by yourself can be devastating. When you represent yourself in these claims, your decisions are influenced by your emotions, pain and suffering, not to mention the lack of knowledge. Therefore your decisions will be emotionally driven and these are the worst kind of decisions. A personal injury lawyer can help you in your time of need, they know the ins and outs and the laws that govern these types of claims.

  • Avoiding Accidents with Trucks

    Accidents through traveling in trucks happen every day in the United States. These issues often harm those driving, passengers and other drivers. Injury and death may be the outcome when safety precautions have not been followed.

  • How? When? What? Handling Medical Expenses after a Car Accident

    A major concern for personal injury victims is the medical bills that are inevitably incurred after being injured in a car accident.

  • Proving Car Accident Claim's Past Medical Expenses

    To successfully recoup medical expenses from your personal injury insurance claim. a claimant must satisfy the adjuster that the medical treatment was necessary and that the charges were reasonable. Most injury victims have issues doing so because they do not understand the criteria by which an adjuster reviews their claim. The frustration leads to hiring a car accident attorney to prove the value of the claim. It is important to understand what is necessary to prove past medical expenses.

  • The High Cost of Distracted Driving in Pennsylvania

    In Pennsylvania alone, distracted driving and cell phone use resulted in thousands of injuries and more than 200 fatalities last year.

  • Be Safe Memorial Day Weekend

    Memorial Day has become the unofficial start to summer in the United States, and with it comes an increased risk of car accidents involving drunk drivers.

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