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  • When Misleading Advertising Causes a Deal to Fall Through
      by HG.org

    Some companies advertise products or services in a way that is considered false. This means that what is proposed by the business to the public or other organizations is not what the product is capable of in many circumstances.

  • How Antitrust Affects Potential Buyers in Real Estate Dealings
      by HG.org

    Real estate deals are often complicated when applying the regulations for both state and federal laws and acts. This could be as simple as watching what is said about the property to as severe as ensuring all defects and blemishes are disclosed even if they cause the loss of sale or rent. However, antitrust may affect a buyer in real estate business transactions in a number of ways. This causes real estate agencies to become more careful in pricing, cooperation, the business models used associations and other factors.

  • False or Deceptive Competitor Advertising Hurting Your Bottom Line?

    There are resources and options available for business owners when competitors undercut pricing by selling inferior goods or services.

  • Why Is Antitrust Compliance Counseling and Training so Important for Companies?

    If, like me, you have ever spoken to someone that faces criminal indictment by a federal grand jury following a Justice Department antitrust investigation, you know why antitrust compliance counseling and training is a big deal—you don’t need reasons; hearing the crackle of the voice is enough to understand.

  • Exclusive Dealing Under the U.S. Antitrust Laws

    Are you unable to compete for certain customers because those customers are bound by exclusive-dealing agreements with your competitors? Or are you a competitor who has or is considering an exclusive-dealing agreement?

  • Are My Products Subject to Anti-Dumping/Countervailing Duties?

    Many importers will discover at some point that products they import may be subject to anti-dumping duties (“ADD”) or countervailing duties (“CVD”). With the new Trump administration appearing to take a very aggressive tone toward unfair trade practices by foreign competitors, particularly China, there may soon be an increase in ADD/CVD orders and enforcement by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (“Customs” or “CBP”).

  • What Are the Elements for a Monopolization Claim under the Federal Antitrust Laws?

    Do you or your competitor have a monopoly in a particular market? If so, your conduct or their conduct might enter the territory of the Sherman Act—Section 2—called monopolization. If you are in Europe or other jurisdictions outside of the United States, instead of monopoly, people will refer to the company with extreme market power as “dominant.”

  • Alcohol, Language, and the Law

    Legal disputes have become increasingly common among breweries and distilleries. Companies are litigating not only over trademark confusion, but also the meanings of words like "craft" and "handmade." The outcome of some of these suits may have wider implications, impacting how certain beverages are labeled.

  • SEC Halts Ash Narayan from Defrauding RGT Clients

    The Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) announced that it obtained a court ordered “freeze” of the assets of three individuals, including Ash Narayan, formerly of RGT Wealth Advisors, who, the SEC alleges, siphoned millions of dollars from the accounts he managed at RGT for professional athletes and others while he was the manager of RGT Wealth Advisor’s Orange County, California office.

  • Unfair Competition in California

    California Law protects trade secrets, while restricting deceptive advertising and price manipulation. California is home to some of the strictest unfair competition laws in the United States. Governed by Section 17200 of the Business and Professions Law, and in conjunction with other state and federal laws, California works to eliminate unfair competition, and establish a fair and even playing field for business competition.

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