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Wrongful termination law provides the rules for determining whether the firing of an employee was proper, and the remedies available if it was not. This area of the law is primarily concerned with violations of express or implied employment contracts.

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  • What Are the Elements of a New York Whistleblower Law Claim?

    The elements of a cause of action under the New York Whistleblower Law.

  • Chrysler Disability Discrimination

    A commissioned salesperson at Nevada-based Liberty Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge LLC, was fired by the company after she notified her employer that she had recently been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

  • Employee Fired for Medical Marijuana Use

    Yesterday, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that employees can be fired for using medical marijuana when they are off the clock.

  • 11 Things You Really Need to Know about Family and Medical Leave

    Sometimes bad things can happen and will influence your life and job; things that will require your full dedication and attention; and things that will require you to leave your job for a certain period of time. Many people are worried when it comes to this situation not knowing that in many cases they are protected by the law and that they will not lose their job.

  • Can I Be Fired While on Medical Leave?
      by HG.org

    Most states and employers are at-will in nature, meaning that an employer can fire an employee for any reason so long as it is a legal reason. While some leave laws protect employees from being fired or give employees the right to take time off work, these protections are not absolute. Whether you can be fired while on medical leave depends on the type of leave that you are taking and other factors.

  • Properly Investigating and Responding to Employee Complaints of Harassment or Discrimination

    No employer wants to hear that an employee is alleging that he or she is the subject of harassment or discrimination. But, when it happens (and it likely will sometime), how an employer handles the situation can make the difference between resolving the matter and potential litigation. Here's a roadmap for employers.

  • Can I Be Fired for Missing One Day of Work?
      by HG.org

    Most states and employers operate under an at-will system in which employers can terminate employees for any reason and employees can quit for any reason. However, employers cannot terminate employees for an illegal purpose, which may or may not occur if an employee misses one day of work. The reason for missing work and the terms of employment largely dictate whether an employee can be fired for missing one day of work.

  • Fired for Taking Bereavement -- Any Recourse?
      by HG.org

    Losing a friend or loved one is an awful experience, but one through which we will all suffer at one point or another. It is natural to need time following such a loss to collect oneís thoughts, prepare for the departed personís final arrangements, and otherwise deal with the loss. Unfortunately, while we may all understand these needs on an intuitive level, there is not a legal recognition of this need in most jurisdictions. As a result, bereavement leave is often far from guaranteed.

  • What Are the Consequences to Lying or Omitting Information on a Job Application?
      by HG.org

    Although some people may be tempted to embellish their resume to make themselves more appealing to potential employers, doing so can come at a significant risk. Lying on an application or resume opens the applicant up to several serious consequences.

  • What Are the Legal Consequences for Lying on a Nursing Job Application in Missouri?
      by HG.org

    Individuals who omit important information or lie on nursing job applications may be concerned about the legal ramifications of making this mistake. They may even worry that they may be arrested for such lies. While lying on job applications is a bad idea in any profession, lying on nursing applications is even more serious due to people's lives being placed in their hands and for committing ethical violations against the profession.

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