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  • A Libra Law Group
    Tehran, Iran

    Legal Services in Tehran, Iran

    Phone 9821 22609221

    Libra Law Group is committed to provide premium professional and trusted legal services that assist businesses organizations in operating sustainably.

  • A. Izadi International Law Firm
    Tehran, Iran

    Full-Service Law Firm in Iran & China

    Phone +989124088161

    Izadi Law Firm has been established at 1978 in Tehran by Dr. Bijan Izadi
    This Law Firm Practice area is International and Transnational General Legal Services

  • Abardad International Law Firm
    Tehran, Iran

    Intellectual Property, Trademarks, Patents and Industrial Designs Law Firm in Iran

    Phone +98 21 8883 4717

    ABARDAD was built upon a group of female lawyer’s knowledge and experience in various areas of Intellectual Property.
    ABARDAD is committed to its clients, always striving to develop unique strategies and cost effective solutions. The firm’s guiding principle in every case is to keep the clients’...

  • Adib Law Firm
    Tehran, Iran
    Phone +98-21-88882626
  • Amir Karbasi Milani & associates
    Tehran, Iran

    Full-Service Law Firm in Iran

    Phone 98 (21) 88954849

    The legal team at the Milani Law Firm is a full-service legal group dedicated to providing each and every client with the best possible representation no matter what their legal matter entails.
    The Milani Law Firm has attorneys who focus specifically in certain areas of law, such as Civil Law,...

  • Arg Business & Investment Consultants Ltd.
    Tehran, Iran

    Arg Business & Investment Consultants Ltd. (Corporate Finance & Transactions Consultants)

    Phone +98(21)22424750

    Arg Business & Investment Consultants (ABIC) is an investment and financial services consulting company providing project development advisory and corporate advisory services. we act as a conduit for foreign companies and investors to gain access to investment opportunities.

  • Atieh Associates Law Firm
    Tehran, Iran

    Foreign Investment&Commercial Law

    Phone +98 21 8872 1112
  • Dastani & Associates, Inc.
    Tehran, Iran

    International Patent and Trademark Law Firms

    Phone (98-21) 2227-8689
  • Dastani & Dastani, LLP
    Tehran, Iran
    Phone (98-21) 2227-8689
  • Dena Law Office
    Shiraz, Iran
    Phone (+98711)629 39 11
  • Dr Shamsei & Associates
    Tehran, Iran
  • Dr Shirin O Entezari & Associates
    Tehran, Iran
    Phone (21) 879 5686
  • Dr. Alexander Aghayan & Associates, Inc.
    Tehran, Iran
    Phone 98216705056
  • Dr. Bijan Izadi & Associates
    Tehran, Iran

    Family Law, Contracts & Civil Litigation Law Firm in Tehran

    Phone +98 9124088161

    Izadi law office deals majorly with problems to which Iranian Citizens usually face, in regard with their foreign partners and follows difficulties which foreigners usually confront in regard with their Iranian partners in Iran.We accept and practice all sorts of civil litigations.These problems...

  • Dr. Hassan Shoaleh Saadi
    Shiraz, Iran

    Law Office

    Phone +98 711 2336065
  • Dr. Hossein Alekajbaf
    Tehran, Iran
    Phone +98 22864622
  • Dr. Zaimaran & Associates, Attorneys at Law
    Tehran, Iran

    Representing People and Businesses in Financial Matters

    Phone +98 21 88309773
  • Educated Lawyers
    Tehran, Iran

    International Law Firm in Tehran, Iran

    Phone (+98) 2144460579

    Educated Lawyers is a truly international law firm which has begun its constant professional activities since 2013. Founders of educated lawyers are Mr. Ehsan Hosseinzadeh and Mrs. Soheila Rahimi, Attorneys at law who graduated from the best universities of Iran. What set Educated Lawyers apart...

  • Eskandari & Co
    Tehran, Iran
    Phone +98 (0)21 88755971
  • Ettefagh & Co.
    Tehran, Iran

    Commercial, Claims, Due Diligence, Finance, Banking, Aviation, Shipping, White Collar Crime, IT & IP

    Phone +98 21 88547646

    International service with diverse practice experience in cross-border deals and disputes; networked with law firms worldwide. Persian, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Azeri, Arabic and Kurdish is spoken.

  • Gerami Law Firm
    Tehran, Iran

    Civil Law, International Law, Finance & Business Law, Contracts

    Phone +98 21 88615601
  • Hami Legal Services
    Tehran, Iran

    Intellectual Property, Corporate, Debt Collection and Real Estate Law

    Phone +98 21 88320380

    A full service law firm practising since 1974. We are committed to provide our clients with professional and cost-effective solutions.

  • Homa International Law Firm
    Tehran, Iran

    International Business & Foreign Investment

    Phone +98 21 88734353

    We are an international business law firm engaged in providing highly specialized legal services to international companies and individuals willing to do business in Iran including investment, establishment of companies, branches and joint ventures with local companies, litigation, intellectual...

  • International Law Office Dr. Behrooz Ahlaghi and Associates
    Tehran, Iran
    Phone 9821626611
  • International Law Office Dr. Parviz Savrai and AssociatesArticles
    Tehran, Iran

    Offering a Broad Range of Legal Services

    Phone +98 21 22590785

    Established in 1995 by Dr. Parviz Savrai, attorney at Law and Asst. Professor of Law at Shahid Beheshti University. The office has grown significantly since its founding and is now one of the Iranian premier law and consulting office. The international legal experience that we offer our clients is...

  • International Law Office Fashandi & Saeidi
    Tehran, Iran

    Iranian Intellectual Property Law Firm

    Phone +98 21 88941606

    Fashandi-Saeidi international law office
    Noban Fashandi
    Amirreza Hojati Saeidi
    Intellectual Property
    Arbitration and other Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods
    Protecting copyright
    Trade mark
    Patent registration
    Contract law

  • International Law Offices Sheybani & Associates
    Tehran, Iran

    Arbitration, Banking Law, Business Law, Commercial Law

    Phone +98 21 22707367
  • IRCLS - Hendizadeh & Associates
    Tehran, Iran

    Banking, Investment, Commercial, Intellectual Property, Information Technology & Civil Law

    Phone (+98 21) 2205 9530

    IRCLS (Hendizadeh & Associates, Attorney At Law) is a full service business law firm located in Tehran. Established in 1977, the firm has a balanced business practice with emphasis in the following areas: business, corporate, taxation and property tax.
    Our Service is distinguished by client...

  • J. Nouraei & M. Mostafavi Law Office
    Tehran, Iran

    Legal Research & Advice in all Sectors of Iranian Commercial & Financial Law

    Phone +9821 8870 1434-6
  • Law Offices A.A.Atai & Associates
    Tehran, Iran

    International Law Firm

    Phone +98 21 8713850
  • Law Offices of Dr. Hassan Amirshahi & Associates
    Tehran, Iran

    Full-Service Legal Firm

    Phone +98 21 88320174

    Law Offices of Dr. Hassan Amirshahi & Associates specializes in dealing with the complexities and legalities involved in international trade concerning the sale of technology, import/export and proper advice regarding legal agreements, tax implications and the most beneficial way to engage in...

  • Law Offices of Albert Bernardi & Associates
    Tehran, Iran

    Legal Firm, Corporate and Marine Law, Foreign Investment, Trademark & Patent

    Phone +98(21) 88 31 02 91-2

    • Joint Ventures
    • Foreign Investments
    • Maritime Law
    • Incorporation of Domestic and Foreign Companies
    • Contracts
    • Collection Claims
    Trademark & Patent

  • Law Offices of J. Bokharai & Associates
    Tehran, Iran
    Phone +98 21 88344752

    The Law Offices of J. Bokharai & Associates was established in 1973. The firm has grown to become one of the leading commercial, intellectual property and corporate law firms in Iran. The firm’s practice areas include Intellectual property law, corporate and commercial law, foreign investment,...

  • Mahmoud Ebadi Tabrizi & Associates
    Tehran, Iran

    International Law & Intellectual Property Firm in Tehran, Iran

    Phone +98 21 88905179

    M Ebadi Tabrizi & Associates is a world-class law firm established in 1976. As an international law firm, we have a proven record as a trustworthy, honest and highly qualified adviser for our clients, providing them with the support they need to thrive in Iran’s complex economic environment and...

  • Mansouri & Associates
    Tehran, Iran

    Intellectual Property Law

    Phone +98 21 88462369

    Our firm was founded by Mr.Houshyar Mansouri, attorney at law, and
    commenced its legal practices and activities in a broad range of legal matters.

    MANSOURI & ASSOCIATES, has provided commercial and private
    clients, large and small, with advice on all aspects of intellectual property...

  • MIRAK Intellecual property Law
    Tehran, Iran

    Intellectual Property Services

    Phone 98 21 5536 4225
  • Nice Brokers Ltd.
    Tehran, Iran

    Real Estate Brokers in Tehran, Iran

    Phone +98 935 814 67 57

    In October 2004, Nice Brokers was established to fulfill various needs of international companies and organizations. We now have representatives in different countries like USA, Canada, UAE and India which offer a broad range of services to our clients all over the world.
    Our team consists of 18...

  • Noban Law Office
    Tehran, Iran

    Intellectual Property, Patent, Trademarks and Industrial Design law office

    Phone 98 21 88553890

    Noban Law office is dedicated exclusively to the practice of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) (such as patents, trademarks, industrial designs, copyrights and so on) in Iran. We at Noban Law Office provide a wide range of professional IP law services to our local as well as foreign clients.

  • Olya International Law Office
    Tehran, Iran

    Intellectual Property, Patent, Trade Marks & Industrial Design Law Firm in Tehran, Iran

    Phone +98 21 66913841

    Olya International Law Office was established in Tehran of Iran, in 1997, by a group of lawyers who specialized in various areas of law. The main founder member of this group was Gholamreza Rafiei, a member of the Central Bar Association of Iran and a barrister and legal advisor in Iranian law and...

  • Orim International Law Firm
    Tehran, Iran

    Intellectual Property and Foreign Investment Law Firm in Iran

    Phone +98 21 88735772

    Orim International (formerly Prime Intellectual Property Services) has been proudly assisting worlds leading law firms and companies including various Fortune 500 companies for the acquisition, maintenance as well as protection of their own or their clients legal rights in Iran. The firm enjoys a...

  • R. Motamedi & Associates, Attorneys-At-Law
    Tehran, Iran

    Business Law ,Domestic and International Business Practice, Civil Litigation

    Phone +98 21 88870790-91
  • Reza Badamchi & Associates
    Tehran, Iran

    Patent & Trademark Attorneys

    Phone 98 (0) 21 88543403

    Reza Badamchi & Associates is a professional law firm, dealing with Intellectual Property Law, with an experienced team of attorneys and agents representing our clients around the world.
    We offer a wide range of services that cover various aspects of prosecution, registration and enforcement of...

  • Sotoodeh & Associates
    Tehran, Iran
    Phone (9821) 8826373

    Consultants in Iranian Law, Joint Ventures, Foreign Investments, Patents and Trademark Registration, Incorporation of Joint Companies, Construction, Commercial,
    Banking and Tax Practice.
    The Firm, started by Dr. Hassan Sotoudeh, has specialized in advising and aiding the foreign investments...

  • Tadbir Law Firm
    Tehran, Iran
    Phone 22063647
  • Tavakoli & Shahabi
    Tehran, Iran

    Full-Service International Business Law Firm

    Phone +98 21 88 88 58 12

    Tavakoli & Shahabi has invariably made it a point to keep abreast with the dramatic changes in the Iranian legal and business environment over the past four decades. What, however, has remained constant over all these years and through, at times, very difficult periods has been our uncompromising...

  • TEHRAN TM Patent & Trademark Agents
    Tehran, Iran

    Intellectual Property Lawyers in Iran

    Phone +98 21 55384842

    TEHRAN TM Patent & Trademark Agents is one of the leading firms based in Tehran, Iran. Engaged in the practice of Iranian Intellectual Property law. Our services are wide-ranging covering various aspects of prosecution, registration and enforcement of Intellectual Property rights which encompasses...

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