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Law Firm in Kolkata: ALC Law Offices

ALC Law Offices

Kolkata, India
Full Service Law Firm in India
Phone+91 9830661450

At ALC Law Offices, we focus our practice on the following areas: Litigation, Corporate Law, and Taxation. We have four offices located throughout India.

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Law Firm in Kolkata: Arss Legal

Arss Legal

Kolkata, India
Full-Service Law Firm
Phone+91 33 22101824

ARSS Legal, Advocates and Attorneys was established by a group of Advocates and Chartered Accountants. Our team of professionals through their unrelenting quest for excellence has established their presence in the field of legal practices.
We are a full service multi-jurisdictional Indian Law...

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Law Firm in Kolkata: Auromaa Associates

Auromaa Associates

Kolkata, India
Intellectual Property Right Consultants
Phone+91 9903207337

Auromaa Associates is committed to providing protection and extensive support to clients involved in Intellectual Property especially in the field of patents, designs, trademarks and copyrights.
Auromaa Associates carries the laurels for providing high quality patent specification drafts for...

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Law Firm in Kolkata: Bhattacharya & Company

Bhattacharya & Company

Kolkata, India
Full Service Law Firm in Kolkata, India
Phone+91 33 65330569

At Bhattacharya & Company, we strive to be a pre-eminent Legal Consultancy Firm, by consistently delivering highly skilled, ethical and aggressive legal representation to our clients, for a reasonable fee. Our entire organization endeavors to exceed the expectations of our clients in all...

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Law Firm in Kolkata: Fox Mandal

Fox Mandal

Kolkata, India
Full Service Law Firm in India
Phone+91 33 22484843

Fox Mandal is among India’s most respected and oldest full-service law firms. Established in 1896 in Kolkata (then Calcutta), our team of 30 Partners and over 300 lawyers, accountants, company secretaries, and other professionals operates from offices in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai,...

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Law Firm in Kolkata: IPLaws India

IPLaws India

Kolkata, India
IP, Corporate, Internet and Litigation Law Firm
Phone+91 33 23649000

Biswajit Sarkar takes great pride in the fact that ever since our inception in 1990, we have continued to expand our dealings in the multi-discipline of law in India.
We are taking an important part in the successful founding and growth of many Indian companies and have played an active role in...

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Law Firm in Kolkata: Khaitan & Co.

Khaitan & Co.

Kolkata, India
Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries, Patent & Trademark Lawyers
Phone+91 33 22487000

Khaitan & Co. is a dedicated law firm in India with offices in Bangalore, Calcutta, Mumbai, and New Delhi.

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Law Firm in Kolkata: KPLM & Co.

KPLM & Co.

Kolkata, India
Full Service Indian Law Firm
Phone+91 9903388599

KPLM & CO. is a member of International Trade Mark Association and Bar Association of Calcutta High Court. We are a fast growing full service Indian law firm, providing service in Multi-disciplinary areas of consultancy, operating in India & abroad, with its head office in Kolkata...

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Law Firm in Kolkata: M. V. Kini & Co.

M. V. Kini & Co.

Kolkata, India
Intellectual Property and Corporate Law Firm in India
Phone+91 33 25007175

M. V. Kini & Co. is one of the largest legal chains in India with over 150 lawyers serving in Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune, Allahabad, Chandigarh and Lucknow — and with associates throughout India, the United States and in Europe for good measure.

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Law Firm in Kolkata: PXV Law Partners

PXV Law Partners

Kolkata, India
International Business and Litigation Law Firm in Mumbai, India
Phone+91 33 22904126

PXV Law Partners is a full service law firm in India that provides transactional services and litigation support on all aspects of Indian civil, corporate and commercial laws. We advise and assist clients on all aspects of Indian law including establishing business entities, structuring...

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  • Asoke Majumdar & Associates

    Kolkata, India

    Full Service Law Firm in Kolkata, India

    Phone +91 9830270624

    Asoke Majumdar & Associates is headed by Mr. Asoke Majumder, practicing Advocate based at Kolkata, India aided by a team of professional advocates, chartered accountants, company secretaries, management consultants. The Firm has a long standing experienced in the legal consultancy and support...

  • Biswajit Sarkar, Advocates

    Kolkata, India

    Patent, Trademark and Copyright Matters

    Phone 91 (33) 2364 9000

    Biswajit Sarkar was established in 1990 in Kolkata, India as an Intellectual Property Law Firm. Our exposure to the complexities in the ambit of Intellectual Property Law gave us the impetus and inspiration to diversity into other stream such as Corporate Affairs, Intentional Trade and information...

  • Daswani & Daswani

    Kolkata, India

    Intellectual Property Service Provider

    Phone 91 33 6450 6077

    swani & Daswani is a premier Intellectual Property service provider of India. For nearly two decades, Daswani & Daswani has been providing clients from all over the world with a full range of Intellectual Property services in over 200 countries, combining first class service with aggressive...

  • Jayati Chowdhury & Associates

    Kolkata, India

    Company, Intellectual Property, Arbitration and Litigation Law Firm in India

    Phone +91 33 30222764

    Jayati Chowdhury & Associates is the premier law firm in Kolkata, was established in the year 1997 with Mrs. Jayati Chowdhury who laid golden path in the tradition of legal profession. Our firm has accomplished a journey of a decade which enriched its vital experience in handling legal matters in...

  • Jurisphere & Associates

    Kolkata, India

    Full-Service Law Firm in Kolakta, West Bengal, India

    Phone 91-03324971845

    Full-Service Law Firm in Kolakta, West Bengal, India

  • Kundalia & Associates

    Kolkata, India

    Full Service Law Firm in Kolkata, India

    Phone +91 33 40056131
  • Lexmotion IPR

    Kolkata, India

    Trademark and Patent Law Firm in Kolkata

    Phone 91 9874883383

    We Lexmotion IPR deal with Patent, Trade mark/Trademark, Copyright and Design registration and litigation matters and provide consultancy in this regard.

  • Mishra and Mishra, Advocates

    Kolkata, India

    Civil, Criminal, Company, IT, and Commercial Law

    Phone +91 98 30172604
  • MKC & Associates

    Kolkata, India

    Intellectual Property Law Firm in Kolkata, India

    Phone +91 33 24148515 / 24292174 / 40007942

    MKC & Associates is a leading intellectual property law firm in India. From transactional IP through drafting, filing, registration, due diligence negotiation, prosecution and dispute resolution, the firm covers the entire spectrum of intellectual property related issues with expertise and care....

  • Paras Kuhad Associates Advocates

    Kolkata, India

    Full Service Law Firm

    Phone +91 33 30287605

    Paras Kuhad & Associates (PKA) was founded in Jaipur in 1989 with the simple belief that our success would come from our client’s success.; The firm is committed to finding practical solutions that produce tangible and cost effective results for its clients. The cornerstone of our philosophy is to...

  • Pradhan Legal Associates

    Kolkata, India

    Commercial, Corporate, Banking and Real Estate Lawyers in Kolkata, India

    Phone 91 97 48865491

    Pradhan Legal Associates a Law firm situated at the heart of Kolkata. Our firm lies within the Original Jurisdiction of High Court of Calcutta. Our team comprises of a balanced mixture of senior and junior advocates. We also have at our disposal consultants and experts from various fields. We try...

  • Prasanta Naskar & Associates

    Kolkata, India

    Arbitration, Commercial, Constitutional and Personal Law in Calcutta, India

    Phone +91 98 30058699
  • Prithwish Ganguli

    Kolkata, India

    Divorce and property lawyer in kolkata

    Phone +91 9903016246

    Law firm handles divorce cases, seperation cases, restitution of conjugal rights. maintenance, criminal cases arising out of matirmonial cases, property matters, verification of property papers, legal documentation etc.

  • R. Ginodia & Co., Solicitors & Advocates

    Kolkata, India

    Corporate, Real Estate, Litigation & Arbitration Law Firm in Calcutta / Kolkata India

    Phone +91 33 22488498

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