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Law Firm in Osaka: V-Ventis Ltd

V-Ventis Ltd

Osaka, Japan
Corporate, Investment, Customs, Tax and Trade Lawyers in Osaka, Japan
Phone+81 (6) 6350-7100

V-Ventis LTD is a business law firm based in Bangkok, Thailand providing various business-related legal services clients in Thailand and Japan, as well as throughout the ASEAN region. The firm has a strong reputation amongst clients and colleagues for their dedication to providing clients with the...

Law Firm's Overview 
  • Amida & Hirokawa

    Osaka, Japan
    Phone 8163619095
  • Chuo Law Office

    Osaka, Japan
    Phone 8163658111
  • Ethos Law Office

    Osaka, Japan

    Environmental Law, International Business Law and Litigation Law Firm in Japan

    Phone +81 66 3651728
  • Kikkawa Sogo Law Offices

    Osaka, Japan
    Phone 8163632971
  • Kitahama Law Office

    Osaka, Japan

    International Commercial Litigation Law Firm

    Phone 8162021088
  • Midosuji Law Office

    Osaka, Japan

    Legal Profession Corporation

    Phone 8162517266
  • Nakamoto & Kurahashi, Law Office

    Osaka, Japan
    Phone 81-6-6364-6241
  • Oh-Ebashi LPC & Partners

    Osaka, Japan
    Phone (+81) 6 3410461
  • Ohara Law Office

    Osaka, Japan
    Phone 81663131208
  • SETO Administrative Law Office

    Osaka, Japan

    Intellectual Property Law Firm

    Phone +81-6-7492-7612

    SETO Administrative Law Office mainly treats intellectual property matters, and also covers general administrative procedures by the qualifications of patent attorney and administrative attorney. ; The Office consults for domestic and foreign clients on intellectual property including patents,...

  • Shinjyu Global IP

    Osaka, Japan

    Full Service Intellectual Property Firm in Japan

    Phone 81 6-6316-5533

    Shinjyu Global IP was established in 1988 in Osaka (JAPAN). ; We are a Leading Intellectual Property firm specializing in Patent,Trademark, Utility Model, Design and Professional Translation. We provide excellent representation to clients in all aspects of intellectual property.; We have...

  • Shiomi & Yamamoto Law Office

    Osaka, Japan
    Phone 8162292441
  • Shusaku Yamamoto Patent Law Offices

    Osaka, Japan
    Phone 81669493910
  • Solberg International Law Office

    Osaka, Japan

    International Business and Personal Law Services

    Phone (81) (6) 63111610
  • Yamaguchi International Law Offices

    Osaka, Japan
    Phone 8164461123
  • Yoshikawa International Patent Office

    Osaka, Japan

    Intellectual Property and Patent Attorneys in Osaka, Japan

    Phone +81 6 63568883

    We are a Japanese Intellectual Property firm with more than 20 years of experience in working with intellectual property matters in Japan. We are able to assure you that we provide first-rate services for very reasonable prices. ; Below is our firm profile in brief:; - Yoshikawa International...