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Algeciras, Spain Lawyers

  • Abogados Indemnizaplus Algeciras

    Algeciras, Spain

    Banking, Insurance, Traffic Accidents, Commercial and Criminal Lawyers in Algeciras, Spain

    Phone +34 956 090 100

    Abogados Indemnizaplus Algeciras is a liability law firm, tort law, banking and insurance, especially in the area traffic accidents, but that does not mean that we intervene in other areas of civil, criminal and commercial. Abogados Indemnizaplus Algeciras belongs as members, which is a network of...

  • Costaluz Lawyers

    Algeciras, Spain

    Real Estate, Property and Contract Law Firm in Spain

    Phone +34 (956) 092-687

    Costaluz Lawyers was founded by Maria Luisa de Castro, the director of the team: Maria was born in 1973, is married and has have two children: Teresa (2) and Jacobo (4 months). She went to Law School at the University of Seville (from 1990 to 1995) and started her doctoral programme in...

  • De Castro Gabinete Juridico

    Algeciras, Spain

    Real Estate and Maritime Lawyer in Algeciras, Spain

    Phone +34 (956) 657-003

    De Castro Gabinete Juridico is a small law firm but very active and specialised. Our aim is to understand your needs and to develop legal solutions to your cases. It is our firm intention to take part in the cases we can accept and to commit firmly to serve our clientīs interests to the end.

  • Jose Hazan Amar

    Algeciras, Spain

    Conveyance, Contracts and Property Law Firm in Spain

    Phone +34 (956) 098-692

    Jose Hazan Amare put at your disposal our legal services: consultancy, conveyance, contracts, negotiations, properties, non residents, litigation.; Based on a personalized service to our clients, donīt hesitate to contact with us if you have any question. Our law office can offer you specialized...

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