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Mallorca, Spain Lawyers

  • Bufete Perez-Marsa

    Mallorca, Spain

    Property Investment and Conveyancing Law Firm in Spain

    Phone +34 (971) 698-111

    Bufete Perez-Marsa is a multi disciplinary law firm, founded by Mr. Joaquín Pérez-Marsá Hernández in 1966. As a market driven progress and due to the cultural, climatic and geographical location of Mallorca and the amount of people and families using the Island as a second home, or even re-locating...

  • ETL Mallorca

    Mallorca, Spain

    Legal Advice, Tax Consultancy and Civil Lawyers in Mallorca, Spain

    Phone +34 (971) 214-700

    ETL Mallorca, an International Law firm, was established in the year 2000 by bringing together a group of lawyers with the aim of providing prompt, no nonsense legal and tax advice to individuals and companies. Collectively, we accumulate a wealth of experience in the main areas of Spanish Law.;...