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Kharkov, Ukraine Lawyers

  • Advokat Union Ukraine

    Kharkov, Ukraine

    Corporate, Civil, Tax, Investment, Banking, Patent & Criminal Law

    Phone +380 57 762-62-90

    We successfully represent the interests of our clients in all other countries of former Soviet Union: Russia, Ukraine (Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk,Doneck etc.), Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan,...

  • Bondar V.V. Attorney in Kharkov

    Kharkov, Ukraine

    Full Range of Legal Services in Kharkov

    Phone 38 (050) 787-2991

    Lawyer in Kharkov provides range of legal services to foreign companies and nationals. Representation of your interests in the courts of other authorities of Ukraine. ; Representation of your company in court and pre-trial settlement.; Lawyer specializing in commercial, civil, tax, administrative,...

  • CTMR

    Kharkov, Ukraine

    Patent Attorney's Agency

    Phone +38(057) 78-604-08

    Invention and Utility Models; • Filing convention application in Ukraine ; • Entering national phase in Ukraine of PCT-applicaton; • Filing convention application in other countries; Trademark Registration ; • Trademark Registration in Ukraine; • Trademark Registration in other countries; •...

  • Danilchenko Stanislav Vladimirovich

    Kharkov, Ukraine

    Corporate, Civil and Tax Law

    Phone +38 97 950 1913
  • ElMar IP Agency

    Kharkov, Ukraine

    Intellectual Property Law, Patent and Trademark Attorneys in the Ukraine

    Phone +38 050 574 6943
  • Exlege Law Frim, LLC

    Kharkov, Ukraine

    Corporate and Commercial Law, IPR, Tax & Customs

    Phone 38057728-11-84

    Exlege Law Firm esatblished in 2010 in Kharkov, Ukriane. Company follows high standarts and provide full range of legal services for business and private persons.

  • Felix Law Firm

    Kharkov, Ukraine

    Tax, Commercial Law, Litigation & Investment Law Firm in Ukraine

    Phone +38 057 731 95 80

    Our group has been working in the legal services market since 2006. We have been representing the interests of the clients by the FELIX brand. The brand development has become the logical continuation of the company’s intensive improvement, the growth of the number of regular clients and the staff...

  • Ilyashev & Partners

    Kharkov, Ukraine

    Assisting Local and Foreign Clients in all Areas of Legislation

    Phone + 38 057 7175497

    Ilyashev & Partners was established within the first years of Ukrainian independence, during the renaissance of private business when the shortage of lawyers was very significant. During the first years of our activity in Ukraine careful search helped us to find the most highly-educated specialists...

  • Inyurpolis

    Kharkov, Ukraine

    Corporate, Banking, M&A, Securities, Commercial, Privatization and Investment Law

    Phone +380 57 714 0626
  • Kovach Legal Law Firm

    Kharkov, Ukraine

    Full Service Law Firm in the Ukraine

    Phone +380 95 2515040

    Law Office "KOVACH LEGAL" - based lawyer, human rights activist, whose legal experience is 10 years old! Our office combines professionalism, management, accountability for results, and cooperation in the interests of the client. We always believe my reputation is more important than the temporary...

  • Law Offices of Iryna Poteryayeva, Ph.D. J.D.

    Kharkov, Ukraine

    Business Law, Tax and Estate Planning Lawyers

    Phone 380 50 343 63 83

    I provide a complex of legal services in corporative, tax, economic, land, civil law, in investment and construction and real estate. And, of course, I defend your interests in economical or administrative court at any level.; Rich practical experience in different spheres allows me to examine any...

  • Mikhailyuk, Sorokolat & Partners

    Kharkov, Ukraine

    Intellectual Property Law Firm

    Phone +38 (057) 717-74-72

    MIKHAILYUK, SOROKOLAT & PARTNERS is a patent, design and trademark partnership, which has been operating since 1992. Our firm operates in all countries of the former Soviet Union: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan,...

  • Oksana Kobzar Law Firm

    Kharkov, Ukraine

    Full Service for Business Law Firm in Ukraine

    Phone +380 (67) 571-0406

    Oksana Kobzar Law Firm provides the comprehensive legal support to small, medium and large businesses. The law office works in the sphere of Full Service for Business. This includes legal services in the field of business development (corporate law, investment), taxation, operating activity...

  • Patent Law Company Inventa

    Kharkov, Ukraine

    Ukrainian Patent and Law Attorneys

    Phone +380 57 7610412

    Inventa offers all services related to intellectual property registration and protection. Our experience, efficient and flexible working demonstrates high professional skills of our company employees. We are able to solve any non-standard issues within short timeframes.

  • POLEX Attorneys at Law

    Kharkov, Ukraine

    Full-Service Law Firm

    Phone +380 57 7630847

    POLEX Attorneys at Law is a full-service law firm staffed with experienced and highly qualified lawyers. We provide full range of legal services in areas of:; - Corporate law, M&A; - Real Estate; - Banking and Finance; - Investments and Securities; - Tax and Customs; - Bancruptcy; - Intellectual...

  • Rubicon Law Firm

    Kharkov, Ukraine

    Lawyers’ Consulting, Legal Documents, Defense and Representation

    Phone +380 67 2087615

    The Law Firm Rubicon provide legal services in Ukraine: Lawyers, Legal advice, Legal assistance: family law, civil law, divorce, inheritance, insurance law, support of real estate transactions, debt collection, corporate law, business registration, copyrights, taxes, contracts, notary, immigration...

  • UKR Consulting Law Firm LLC

    Kharkov, Ukraine

    Corporate, Family & Commerce Law and Courts

    Phone +38 57 755 0469
  • Ukrainian Legal Company

    Kharkov, Ukraine

    Corporate, Civil and Tax Law.

    Phone +380 95 543 6225

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