Law Firms in Canada

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Selected Law Firms in Canada

Aitken Robertson, Professional Corporation

Ontario Criminal, DUI and Impaired Driving Lawyers

Call (705) 742-0440
Peterborough, Canada

Banjoko McGlashan Wieslaw

Business, Real Estate, Personal Injury, & Family Lawyers in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Call (416) 549-1672
Toronto, Canada

Cain Lamarre Casgrain Wells

Full-Service Law Firm in Quebec, Canada

Call (418) 522-4580
Quebec, Canada

Caramanna Friedberg LLP

Criminal Lawyers in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Call (416) 924-5969
Toronto, Canada

Ellyn Law LLP

Business Litigation & Arbitration Lawyers in Canada

Call (416) 365-3700
Toronto, Canada

Feldstein Family Law Group

Markham, Ontario Family, Divorce and Separation Lawyers

Call (905) 415-1636
Markham, Canada


Business and Tax Lawyers in Montreal, Canada

Call (514) 508-1050
Montreal, Canada

Goldfinger Law

Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers

Call (416) 730-1777
Toronto, Canada

Iacobelli Law Firm PC

Toronto, Ontario Personal Injury and Insurance Lawyer

Call (416) 900-1070
Richmond Hill, Canada


Immigration Law Firm in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Call (416) 544-8899
Toronto, Canada

Kleiman Law

Toronto Business and Small Claims Court Lawyer

Call (855) 416-0416
Toronto, Canada

Larson Sohn Embarkation Law Group

Canadian Immigration & Citizenship Lawyers

Call (604) 628-6375
Vancouver, Canada

Lindsay Kenney LLP

Business Lawyers in Vancouver and Langley

Call (604) 687-1323
Vancouver, Canada

Obradovich Law

Medical Malpractice & Catastrophic Injury Lawyer in Toronto, Ontario

Call (416) 862-0997
Toronto, Canada

Petrillo Law

Mississauga, Ontario Personal Injury Lawyers

Call (905) 949-9433
Mississauga, Canada

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