Law Firms in China

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Selected Law Firms in China

Angela Wang & Co.

Business Law Firm in Hong Kong

Call +852 2869-8814
Hong Kong, China

Borsam Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property, Patent and Trademark Lawyers in Shenzhen, China

Call +86 (755) 8207-8123
Shenzhen, China

Bright & Right

China International Business Attorneys

Call +86 (10) 5128-7593
Beijing, China

Carlo Scevola & Partners

Asset Protection, International Tax Planning, & Wealth Management Law Firm in Hong Kong

Call +852 8197-2256
Hong Kong, China

Caruso & Associates

Corporate, Transactional and Business Attorneys in China

Call +86 755 82719220
Shenzhen, China

Diaz Reus, LLP

International Law Firm in Shanghai, China

Call +86 (21) 6194-6706
Shanghai, China

First International Law and Intellectual Property Offices

International and Intellectual Property Law Firm in Shanghai, China

Call +86 (21) 6374-1189
Shanghai, China

IPG Legal

Full-Service International Client-Focused Law Firm

Call +852-8199-0442
Shenzhen, China

Miguel Cravo Law Firm

Civil Litigation Lawyers in Macau

Call +853 2875-2861
Macau, China

MMLC Group

Boutique International Law Firm Specialized in IP, TMT/IT, Corporate & Trade

Call +86 10 85151091
Beijing, China

Simon Shang & Partners

Full Service Law Firm in China

Call +86 21 62533606
Shanghai, China

Shekou Law Firm

International Business Law Firm in China

Call +86 755 86381616
Shenzhen, China

Wiselink Law Firm Shanghai

International Trade, Maritime, Civil, Commercial, Corporate, Arbitration & Litigation Law Firm

Call +86 21 54173997
Shanghai, China

Shanghai Dongzuo Law Firm

Chinese Commercial Lawyers

Call +86 64151078
Shanghai, China

Baker & McKenzie

Global Full Service Law Firm

Call +852 2846 1888
Hong Kong, China

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