Law Firms in Greece

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Selected Law Firms in Greece

Amoiridis Law Services

International Greek Law Firm in Thessaloniki, Greece

Call +30 (231) 051-2000
Thessaloniki, Greece

AP & Generalis Law Firm

Real Estate, Corporate and Inheritance Law Firm in Athens, Greece

Call +30 (210) 3239800
Athens, Greece

Damiani & Damiani

Domestic and International Private & Business Italian - EMEA Law Firm

Call +30 210985996
Athens, Greece

Georgios N. Lampadakis Law Firm

Full Service Law Firm in Rhodes, Greece

Call +30 6937168225
Rhodes, Greece

Karageorgiou & Associates

Corporate, Commercial Business & Tax Law Firm in Greece

Call +30 210 7221021
Athens, Greece

Karaindros Law Office

Administrative, Civil and Criminal Law Firm in Athens, Greece

Call +30 (21) 0802-6039
Athens, Greece

Karydas, Fouskarinis & Associates

Litigation & Criminal Law Firm in Athens, Greece

Call +30 (21) 0380-4862
Athens, Greece

N. M. Kondylis & Partners Law Office

Corporate, Business & Administrative Law Firm in Athens, Greece

Call +30 (21) 0699-5792
Athens, Greece


Commercial Law Practice in Athens

Call +30 21 0338 0000
Athens, Greece

Spiropoulou & Associates Law Firm

Intellectual Property and Internet Law Firm in Athens, Greece

Call +30 (21) 3388528-9
Athens, Greece

Theodosia Karalla & Associates

Full-Service Law Firm in Rhodes, Greece

Call +30 (694) 611-5282
Rhodes, Greece

Valmas & Associates

Full Service Law Firm in Athens, Greece

Call +30 210 339 2081
Athens, Greece

Bahas, Granmatidis and Partners

Commercial and Industrial Law Firm in Athens. Greece

Call + 3013229325
Athens, Greece

Avramopoulos & Partners Law Firm

Greek Law Firm Servicing Local and Internationl Businesses

Call (3010) 69.12.200
Athens, Greece

Athanasios Rozou & Associates Law Office

Legal Support to Businesses: Local Entity Establishment, Debt Collection and More

Call +30 (23) 102-80874
Thessaloniki, Greece

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