Law Firms in Kenya

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Selected Law Firms in Kenya

B M Musau & Company

Commercial, Finance and Business Law Firm in Nairobi, Kenya

Call +254 (20) 224-2860
Nairobi, Kenya

Balala & Abed Advocates

Corporate, Banking & Finance, and Litigation Law Firm in Kenya

Call +254 (20) 267 1882
Mombasa, Kenya

B M Mutie & Co. Advocates

Commercial, Conveyancing, Intellectual Property, Civil Litigation, International Law Firm

Call +254 20 2243180
Nairobi, Kenya

Amit R. Gadhia, Advocates

Real Estate, Commercial and Contract Law

Call +254 57 2023207
Kisumu, Kenya

Ameli Inyangu & Partners

Commercial and Conveyancing Law Firm in Nairobi, Kenya

Call +254 20 315810
Nairobi, Kenya

Ahmednasir Abdikadir & Co. Advocates

Civil Litigation, Securities, Corporate Finance and Business Law

Call +254 20 2217886
Nairobi, Kenya

A F Gross & Company Advocates

Commercial, Conveyancing, Litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution Attorneys

Call +254 20 3871053
Nairobi, Kenya

Greg Karungo, Barrister

Real Estate Banking Aviation Competition Employment Immigration Insurance IP Dispute Resolution

Call +254 20 2713023
Nairobi, Kenya

Gitonga, Kinyanjui & Co. Advocates

Full Service Law Firm in Kenya

Call +254 20 2372769
Nairobi, Kenya

Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen and Loewy, LLP

Global Corporate and Immigration Law Firm

Call +254 730 128 000
Nairobi, Kenya

Eddie Njiru & Company Advocates

Civil and Criminal Law

Call +254 68 30619
Embu, Kenya


International Law Firm

Call +254 20 3258000
Nairobi, Kenya

Daly & Figgis

Corporate and Commercial Law Practice in Kenya

Call +254 20 310304
Nairobi, Kenya

Christine Kipsang &co Advocates

Conveyancing, International Adoptions, Contracts, Litigation

Call +254 722 780030
Mombasa, Kenya

CFL Advocates

Conveyance & Banking, Intellectual Property & ICT law, Commercial law, Dispute Resolution

Call 254 (0) 20 444-0891
Nairobi, Kenya

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