Law Firms in Korea

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Selected Law Firms in Korea

Jeong, Kim & Lee IP Law Firm

Patent, Trademark & Design Protection Law Firm in South Korea

Call +82 2 2103 5480
Seoul, Korea

IPG Legal

Full-Service International Client-Focused Law Firm

Call +82 10 8981-9518
Seoul, Korea

Kangho Attorneys at Law

Full Service Law Firm in Korea

Call 82 (2) 598-7474
Seoul, Korea

Jung & Partners

Korean Securities, Corporate Finance & Business Law Office

Call 02.535.1766
Seoul, Korea

Hwang Mok Park, P.C.

Litigation Law Firm in Korea

Call +82 2 7722700
Seoul, Korea

Hanyoung Intellectual Property Law Firm

Intellectual Property Law, Patent Protection Practice, Trademark Practice

Call +82 2 5672611
Seoul, Korea

Hankyul Law Firm

Full-Service International Law Firm in Seoul, Korea

Call +82 2 34580928
Seoul, Korea

Haemaru Law Firm

Full Service International Law Firm in Korea

Call 82 708 2006070
Seoul, Korea

DW Partners

Korea's Industry and Corporate Law Firm

Call +82 2 595-1255
Seoul, Korea

DR & AJU Partners

Full-Service Corporate Law Firm

Call +82 2 30165216
Seoul, Korea

Cho & Lee

Admiralty, Maritime and Insurance Law Firm in Korea

Call +82-2-592-5790
Seoul, Korea

Bae, Kim & Lee LLC

Business Law Firm

Call +82 2 34040000
Seoul, Korea

Aram International Law Offices

Full-Service Law Firm in Seoul, Korea

Call 82-2-591-8100
Seoul, Korea

Anguk Law Offices

Indian Law, Korean Law, Litigation, Investment, Criminal Complaint

Call +82-2-3210-3330
Seoul, Korea

Ahnse Law Offices

International, Corporate, Bankruptcy & Finance Law Firm

Call 822-743-0400
Seoul, Korea