Law Firms in Switzerland

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Selected Law Firms in Switzerland

Caputo & Partners AG

Business and Banking Law Firm in Zurich, Switzerland

Call +41 (44) 212-4404
Zurich, Switzerland

Croce & Associes SA

Commercial, Financial and Business Law Firm in Geneva, Switzerland

Call +41 (22) 906-8500
Geneva, Switzerland


International Law Firm in Geneva, Switzerland

Call +41 (22) 819-9410
Geneva, Switzerland

Wenger & Vieli

Swiss Law Firm with a Primary Focus in Business Law

Call +41 58 9585858
Zurich, Switzerland


Immigration, Political, Criminal, Business and Employment Law Firm in Geneva, Switzerland

Call +32 2 880 79 52
Geneva, Switzerland

Benz Attorneys Ltd.

Zurich, Switzerland International and National Trade Lawyers

Call +41 (44) 3882777
Zurich, Switzerland

Becker Kurig Straus

Intellectual Property Law Firm in Germany

Call +49 89 746 303 0
Gland, Switzerland

Baur Hürlimann

Commercial Law Firm in Zurich, Switzerland

Call +41 (44) 2187777
Zurich, Switzerland

Barth & Patek

Geneva, Switzerland Full Service Law Firm

Call +41 (22) 7040808
Geneva, Switzerland

Bar & Karrer

Zurich, Switzerland Litigation, Arbitration and Regulatory Proceedings Lawyers

Call +41 (58) 2615000
Zurich, Switzerland

Ballard & Ballard

Full-Service Law Firm in Lausanne, Switzerland

Call +41 (21) 617-5600
Lausanne, Switzerland

Baker & McKenzie

Global Full Service Law Firm

Call +41 22 707 9800
Geneva, Switzerland

Badertscher Attorneys at Law

Zurich, Switzerland Commercial Lawyers

Call +41 (44) 2662066
Zurich, Switzerland

Avvocato a Lugano, Ticino, Svizzera Olivier Corda

Lugano, Switzerland Criminal and Commercial Litigation Law Firm

Call +41 (91) 922-8153
Lugano, Switzerland

Anwaltskanzlei Hanhart

Full-Service Law Firm in Zurich, Switzerland

Call +41 (44) 2153570
Zurich, Switzerland

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