Law Firms in Ukraine

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Selected Law Firms in Ukraine

Aleksey Pukha & Partners

Full-Service Law Firm in Kiev, Ukraine

Call +380 (44) 528-3094
Kiev, Ukraine

Andreas Neocleous & Co LLC

Cyprus Law, EU Law and International Law

Call +38 44 2534495
Kiev, Ukraine

APC Law Company

Full-Service International Law Firm in Kiev

Call +380 (44) 221-12-14
Kiev, Ukraine

Anvis Law Firm

Full-Service Business Law Firm in Kiev, Ukraine

Call +380 (67) 657-4916
Kiev, Ukraine

Arling, Mikhailov & Partners

Real Estate Sales Purchase, Inheritance Wills, Labor Management Agreements, Company Formation

Call +380 67-536-4575
Kiev, Ukraine

Frishberg & Partners

Corporate, Antitrust, Real Property, Intellectual Property & Litigation Law Firm in Kiev, Ukraine

Call +380 44 5858464
Kiev, Ukraine


Full-Service Law Firm in Kiev, Ukraine

Call +380 (44) 239-2390
Kiev, Ukraine

Kydalov & Partners

Business Consulting Law Firm in Kiev, Ukraine

Call +380 (67) 500-8010
Kiev, Ukraine

Legal Alliance

Kiev, Ukraine, Pharmaceutical, Antitrust & Competition and Intellectual Property Law Firm

Call +380 (44) 280-50-70
Kiev, Ukraine

Lex Marine Law Office

Maritime Law Firm in Odessa, Ukraine

Call +380 (48) 700-5254
Odessa, Ukraine

William Hough & Partners

Business Law Firm in Kiev, Ukraine

Call +380 (94) 711-2047
Kiev, Ukraine


Patent and Intellectual Protection Property Law Firm in Ukraine

Call +38 (044) 249-6502
Kiev, Ukraine

APL Patents

Full IP service & Litigation in Kiev, Ukraine

Call 38(067) 444-5782
Kiev, Ukraine

Andreas Sofocleous & Co

Commercial & Litigation Law Firm

Call +380 44 2496807
Kiev, Ukraine

Amsel & Co. Law Firm Ltd.

Kiev, Ukraine Corporate, Commercial, Real Estate, Administrative and Infrastructure Law

Call +380 44 2467988
Kiev, Ukraine

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