Mr. Geoffrey G. Nathan

Mr. Geoffrey G. Nathan


Geoffrey G. Nathan Law Offices

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Boston, Massachusetts 02116

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Attorney’s Profile

Attorney Nathan has a national presence as a commentator for the CourtTV network. He comments on strategies used by other nationally recognized attorneys, and has cross-examined forensic experts on high-profile cases. While most cases do not require this level of attention or detail, Attorney Nathan has developed these skills both in court and on live national television. Few lawyers are privileged and skilled enough to obtain this level of legal practice.

Nathan is a licensed attorney in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts since 1988, admitted to practice in both Federal and State courts. He provides criminal defense in the district and superior court departments of the trial court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the United States District Court.

Attorney’s Areas of Practice

Litigation Percentage 80%


Professional Experience

• Commonwealth of MA: Also charged with motor vehicle negligence, leaving scene. Verdict: Not guilty count 1, guilty counts 2 and 3.
• Commonwealth of MA v. G.J.: This was the defendant’s second vehicular homicide. Attorney directs EIP for defendant after plea, without judge’s recommendation for the interview. Result: Attention deficit disorder was found to cause negligence, served 6 months.
• Commonwealth of MA v. H.N.: Also charged with possession of burglary tools. Verdict: Not guilty on both counts.
• Commonwealth of MA v. H.: Verdict: Not guilty.
• Commonwealth of MA v. D.: Possession of class D drug: Verdict: Guilty, not guilty OUI.
• Commonwealth of MA v. M.P.: Prior counsel was at 9-12 years. Result: sentence of 5 years.

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