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Intellectual Property in Cambodia

  By BNG Legal
Intellectual property is a vital asset for many firms doing business in Cambodia. Whether it be to distinguish goods from competitorsí, protecting the fruits of research investment, or maintaining the confidentiality of financial plans, IP considerations surface in virtually all industries.

Foreign Ownership: Finally a Possibility?

  By BNG Legal
It is no secret that for quite some time, the Cambodian government has been working on legislation that would allow foreigners to have an ownership interest in real property in Cambodia. Following the real estate market slump last year, legal commentators believe that if foreigners are allowed to own land or buildings, the market could see the surge it so desperately needs.

Due Diligence in Cambodia

  By BNG Legal
One of the most popular ways to invest is through teaming up with a Cambodian national or entity to form a joint venture. However, before starting such a venture it is essential that foreign investors complete due diligence on the Cambodian company.

Investing in Cambodia

  By BNG Legal
A Land of Opportunity Cambodia has emerged in recent years as a high growth economy, attracting investors from around the globe. Foreign direct investment has increased significantly since the end of civil war in 1993. And while foreign investment slowed along with the global economy, economists project a strong rebound in 2010. For the adventurous investor, Cambodia offers long-term growth opportunities across a variety of sectors.

Renting in Cambodia

  By BNG Legal
If you plan on staying in Cambodia for more than a few months, you will probably want to rent a place to call your own. This is particularly true for foreigners, who cannot easily own land.

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