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How to Create a Valid Power of Attorney in Ghana

  March 2, 2017     By AB LexMall & Associates
In Ghana, Powers of Attorney are governed by the Power of Attorney Act 1998, Act 549.

The Laws Governing Redundancy and Termination of Employment in Ghana

  March 2, 2017     By AB LexMall & Associates
Labour Act, 2003, Act 651 gives an insight on termination of employment and redundancy.

Operating a Credit Bureau in Ghana

  March 2, 2017     By AB LexMall & Associates
The purpose of this article is to describe the statutory requirements for operating a Credit Bureau under Ghanaian law. Credit Reporting Act, 2006 (Act 726)

Operating a Forex Bureau in Ghana

  March 2, 2017     By AB LexMall & Associates
Relevant statutory guidelines for operating a Forex Bureau under Ghanaian law are found in the Foreign Exchange Act 2006 (Act 723).

Establishment and Functions of the Central Securities Depository in Ghana

  January 19, 2017     By AB LexMall & Associates
The Central Securities Depository (CSD) functions in a form of a “bank” for securities where all transactions (debit and/ or credit of securities) of investors are made. This Article Presents an overview on the establishment and functions of Central Securities Depository.

Acquring Ghanaian Citizenship

  January 12, 2017     By AB LexMall & Associates
Citizenship in Ghana is a question of law and is governed by the Citizenship Act, 2000.

Chose the right Business Entity in Ghana

  By Swiftlaw
In Ghana , depending on the type of business you are involved in and there are 6 main business entities you can chose from. The body responsible for business entity registration in Ghana is known as the Registrar General’s Department (RGD).

Types of Companies in Ghana

  By Swiftlaw
There are 6 types of companies/business entities that can be registered in Ghana. Helpful for a start-up or large multinationals alike to chose the entity that suits their business operations in Ghana.

How to Register Your Business in Ghana (Limited By Shares)

  By Swiftlaw
In simple language, the processes and players involved in registering a company in Ghana are helpful for start-ups and large multinationals alike intending to start a business in Ghana.

Check List for Acquiring Landed Property in Ghana

The number of land disputes pending at various courts in Ghana bears testimony to the problems surrounding land acquisitions. One false step in the acquisition process has the potential to lock the buyer in an expensive and never ending litigation in Court. This article provides some practical steps a potential purchaser can follow to reduce the risk of litigation

Real Estate Investments in Ghana II

This article provides an overview of the booming real estate market in Ghana. The article looks at some latent problems in the sector and how statutory intervention can be used to accelerate growth in the real estate industry. It is an expansion of an earlier written article.

Joint Ventures in Ghana

This article explains the statutory requirements for a joint venture in Ghana involving a foreign partner. Under the laws of Ghana, a foreign investor or company may collaborate with a Ghanaian businessman or company through a joint venture agreement.

Trademark Registration in Ghana

The information in this article is intended as quick reference for a person or business thinking about Trademark Registration in Ghana. Trademark registration in Ghana is governed by the Trademarks Act of 2004, Act 664. Before an application for registration of trademark is submitted to the Registrar, it is advisable for a trademark lawyer to review the application and conduct a preliminary search.

Importing Pharmaceutical Drugs and Medical Devices into Ghana

The article presents an overview of the statutory requirements and guidelines for importing drugs and medical equipments into Ghana. It is intended to serve as a quick reference for companies planning on importing drugs or medical devices into Ghana.

Enforcement of Foreign Commercial Arbitration Awards in Ghana

This article provides information to law firms and their clients to help them strategize on how best to get their foreign commercial arbitration awards enforced in Ghana.

Real Estate Investments in Ghana

One of the fastest growing sectors in the Ghanaian economy is the Real Estate industry. In fact this is not strange to industry analyst especially as the World Bank’s Global Economic Prospect Report has projected that Ghana will become the fastest growing economy in fiscal year 2011 in sub-Saharan Africa.

Seven Top Strategies for Negotiating a Merger and Acquisition Transaction - Ghana

The article provide seven top strategies to help Board of Directors negotiate an acquisition transaction in order to secure the best value for shareholders.

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