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Uruguay: Seizure of Counterfeit Merchandise in the Free Zones

The Free Zones, ruled in our positive law by the Law Nº 15921, are fenced areas of the national territory taken away from the Customs...

New Antitrust Act in Uruguay - Nº 18.159

On July 10, 2007, the Uruguayan Senate approved the new Antitrust Act. It was later regulated by Decree Nº 404/007 of October 29, 2007. The...

Compulsory Licenses for Pharmaceutical Patents

Pharmaceutical Patents are patentable (the Patent Office is forced to grant these kind of patents, as long as it satisfy the patentability...

Legal Framework for Tourism Related Investments in Uruguay. Why Focus in Tourism?

Tourism investments in Uruguay, South America, has increased in the last years. This industry is increasing its participation, year after year,...

Can In-transit Counterfeit Goods Be Seized in Uruguay?

The in-transit merchandise, if it is a counterfeit, shall and may be seized since, as it is in Uruguayan territory, law 17011 is applicable. The...

Some Comments on the Criteria of The Uruguayan Trademark Office with Respect to Slogans or Advertising Phrases

“Phrase”, according to the Spanish Language Dictionary, is the “group of words that are enough to make sense even when it does not constitute a...

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