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Implementation of Parole-in-Place Benefits Parents, Spouses, & Children of Military Members

  August 28, 2014     By Law Office Of Mario Zapata
Any immediate family of active or veteran military member (or reservist) could benefit from Parole-in-Place and become eligible to acquire a green card.

A California Tenant’s Guide to Seeking Compensation Against Landlords After a Slip and Fall Injury

  August 26, 2014     By Law Offices of Jual F. Reyes
Living as a tenant in a apartment or house in California requires payment of monthly rent to your landlord. Clearly, it is your obligation to pay rent in exchange for living at a property that is owned by another.

Handling Wrongful Termination and Other Employee Claims: A California Employer’s Guide

  August 14, 2014     By Law Offices of Jual F. Reyes
It is common knowledge that lawsuits brought by current or former employees are generally bad for an employer’s business. Employee lawsuits not only disrupt the daily operations within the company or organization, but they also are extremely costly to defend.

Steps That Must Be Taken Immediately After Being Involved in a Car Accident

  August 13, 2014     By Law Offices of Jual F. Reyes
No matter how careful while driving, there is always the possibility of becoming involved in a car accident. For most first-timers, an accident can be cause for fright and panic. Initially, drivers involved in accidents suffer shock as a result of the impact and then are forced to deal with physical injuries, property damage, and possible medical bills. The hassle of dealing with insurance companies and the other negligent driver can be confusing and time consuming.

An Employee’s Guide to Retaliation in the Workplace

  August 12, 2014     By Law Offices of Jual F. Reyes
Retaliation takes place when an adverse action is taken against an employee for filing a complaint of discrimination or assisting another employee in his or her complaint of workplace discrimination.

California - Landlord Failure To Repair Allows Tenants To Pay For Repairs And Deduct From Rent

  August 6, 2014     By Law Offices of Jual F. Reyes
A landlord is a person or entity that owns a rental unit. A tenant is an individual that rents or leases the unit on a month-to-month or fixed term basis. Before renting a unit, the unit must be fit to live in or be in a habitable condition. The legal term, “habitable,” means that the rental unit is fit for occupation and that it complies with state and local laws that materially affect tenants’ health and safety.

Dust Up Between Surfers and Kholsa Could Spell the End of Private Beach Access in California

  August 4, 2014     By Kassouni Law
Should a property owner have to get a coastal development permit before he can close the gate to his private property? The Surfrider Foundation thinks so, and if it wins its current lawsuit against Vinod Khosla that could soon be the law of the land in California.

Knowing the Basic Elements of a Slip and Fall Claim

  August 4, 2014     By Law Offices of Jual F. Reyes
Slip and falls are one of the leading causes of accidental injuries in the United States. In fact, these unfortunate instances account for nearly 9 million emergency room visits annually. While young and old people get involved in such mishaps, the elderly are considered high risk with one-third of those who are age 65 or older suffering falls every year.

Child Pornography Arrests Increase in California

  July 31, 2014     By Summit Defense Attorneys
Child pornography offenses are one of the fastest growing crimes in California, with a 150% increase in detection and arrests each year. As more and more people are caught in police stings as a result of Task Force operations, it is increasingly apparent that people accused of this crime come from all walks of life.

What Are the Recoverable Damages for California Employees Who were Wrongfully Terminated?

  July 30, 2014     By Law Offices of Jual F. Reyes
In California, the general rule is that employment is “at will” and therefore employers may terminate employees at any time and even for no reason. However, many employers fail to realize that an employee cannot be terminated for illegal reasons pursuant to applicable federal and state employment laws. In particular, California employers are prohibited from discharging employees because of their inclusion in a protected class.

Massage Parlor Prostitution is Being Charged as a Serious Crime in California

  July 25, 2014     By Summit Defense Attorneys
The San Francisco Bay Area has seen a recent change in way prostitution is being prosecuted. Traditionally, prostitution and solicitation of prostitution were charged as low level misdemeanors. However, defendants are now being charged with serious felonies. It is important to understand who can be charged with these crimes and why the authorities are changing their policies.

The Status of Independent Contractor vs. Employment Relationship

  July 24, 2014     By Palmer Kazanjian
The issue of whether a worker is an independent contractor or an employee is currently on the minds of many business owners. In fact, the California legislature has recently established a strong disincentive for wrongly classifying individual workers as independent contractors.

Ten Things You Can Do to Increase Your Recovery After a Motorcycle Accident

  July 23, 2014     By Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys
If you are unfortunate enough to suffer injuries and property damage as a result of somebody else’s negligence, the only thing the civil justice system permits by way of recovery is monetary compensation. Similar cases can have different results and, as such, it is important to do everything you can to obtain full value for your damages.

Sellers' Rules of Disclosure in CA Real Estate Sales

  July 22, 2014     By Harvey I. Stern, Attorney At Law
This guide is a summary of the pertinent information that California homeowners and their agents are required by law to disclose to buyers.

Know the Laws that Prohibit Employment Discrimination on the Basis of Sex

  July 21, 2014     By Law Offices of Jual F. Reyes
Sex discrimination is one of the most prevalent issues in the realm of employment. It involves preferential treatment favoring the male or female sex. The most common example of such discrimination is an employer’s preference of male employees over their female counterparts in various aspects of employment.

Teenage Driving: Shocking Statistics and Reasons Why They Are True

  July 17, 2014     By Law Offices of Jual F. Reyes
Teenagers today in the United States are driving much less than their predecessors from three to four decades ago. However, there continues to be a disproportionately high risk of death and serious injury in accidents among teen drivers.

Homeowners & Contractors: Read This First!

  July 15, 2014     By Harvey I. Stern, Attorney At Law
Homeowners and contractors need to read this guide before beginning a home improvement project.

Reverse Mortgages and HECMs—What You Need To Know

  July 15, 2014     By Harvey I. Stern, Attorney At Law
Reverse mortgages can be a good option for homeowners at or near retirement age in need of additional income. But there are strings attached. Read on to learn what you need to know before starting the process.

How to Write A Construction Contract: Keeping Control Of The Costs With Construction Change Orders

  July 15, 2014     By Harvey I. Stern, Attorney At Law
It is imperative that construction contracts provide a clear and concise directive in dealing with the fluid course every project takes. Doing so will greatly aid in avoiding the confusion and mistakes that often lead to costly and laborious legal action between disgruntled parties.

FEHA Regulations Covered Employers Must Comply Within California

  July 14, 2014     By Law Offices of Jual F. Reyes
The state of California is one of the most liberal states in the country with respect to protecting employee rights in the workplace. In this regard, the failure to comply with state laws puts employers at risk of being sued in civil court and/or being the subject of investigations based upon employee administrative complaints submitted to state and/or local government agencies.

Disability Discrimination in California: FAQs Finally Answered

  July 11, 2014     By Law Offices of Jual F. Reyes
Pursuant to the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), California employees with disabilities are protected from workplace discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. However, while the FEHA protects disabled employees all over the state of California, not all employees are aware of its coverage.

Nailing Down Independent Contractor Status

  July 11, 2014     By Berger Kahn, A Law Corporation
Although percentage-based pay may create desirable incentives from an employer’s standpoint (and eliminate the need to pay employees for down time), this strategy can result in significant potential liability, including possible exposure to class action lawsuits. This may even be turning into a nationwide trend (with salon workers pursuing similar wage and hour claims in New Jersey and New York).

Taking Your Motorcycle Accident Case to Small Claims Court

  July 11, 2014     By Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys
Small Claims Court may be your only option when trying to recover damages from a motorcycle accident.

Employer Actions That Violate California’s Overtime Law

  July 9, 2014     By Law Offices of Jual F. Reyes
California’s overtime law provides that every non-exempt worker is entitled to receive one and one-half times the regular rate of pay for every hour they work over 8 hours per day and/or 40-hours per workweek. If employers perform work over 12 hours during a single workday, they are entitled to twice the regular rate of pay.

The Supreme Court’s Decision in Susan B Anthony List v Driehaus -a Victory for Civil Rights Plaintiffs

  July 1, 2014     By Kassouni Law
Say that you need a permit to pursue your chosen occupation, but you believe that the costly administrative procedure to acquire said permit is unconstitutional. You have been ticketed for operating without a permit, and have every reason to believe that you will be ticketed again, but you have yet to be arrested and thrown in jail. Can you bring a suit alleging the law to be unconstitutional, or do you first have to be arrested or submit to the costly permit procedure before you can sue?

Life Cycle of a Family-based Immigrant Petition at the USCIS

  June 27, 2014     By Gill Law Group, PC
Step by step processing of an I-130 petition at the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS)

Judge Strikes Down Teacher Tenure in California

  June 24, 2014     By Kassouni Law
California education employment codes found unconstitutional. Tenure struck down.

Real Estate Foreclosure in Palm Springs

What is foreclosure? - To foreclose on property is for a creditor to assert a claim of right, given by the owner of property to a creditor, to transfer interest in property to the creditor in the event the present owner (borrower) fails to pay an obligation, usually created by a loan agreement or promissory note. In short, in most cases, it is when a lender takes property from its owner and sells it in order to satisfy an unpaid debt.

Corporate Structure – Levels of Legal Control Over a Practice

  June 17, 2014     By Matt Dickstein, Business Attorney
When the partners in a health care practice argue, usually it comes from one of these problem areas: control, compensation, exit. Today I’ll talk about control.

The True Cost of Lowering Audit Fees Is Increased Restatement Risk

  June 9, 2014     By Fulcrum Inquiry
In association with general cost cutting measures over recent years, many companies have pressured their vendors to reduce fees. This downward pressure has extended to the accounting firms hired to provide independent audit opinions, resulting in a significant drop in audit fees. According to Audit Analytics, audit fees in 2012 were $472 per $1 million of revenue, the lowest amount since 2004. The question is whether audit quality has been sacrificed in order to achieve these reductions.

California Child Support Laws - The Basics

  June 9, 2014     By Law Office of Jeff R. Layfield
With divorce effecting over three quarters of marriages nowadays, there is a constant demand for answers to the unknowns. Oftentimes, the most important, and stressful, unknown that couples face when encountering a divorce is monetary issues.

DUI Collision in Riverside County Causes Major Injuries

  June 9, 2014     By Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys, LLP
A driver was seriously injured in a Riverside County car accident, which officials say, involved a suspected drunk driver. According to a news report in The Press-Enterprise, the major injury collision occurred on the Highway 74 at Trellis Lane.

Bankruptcy vs Other Options

  June 4, 2014     By Paul Staley, Attorney at Law
When you think about filing bankruptcy you really want to understand all your options. This is the quick overview of bankruptcy vs other other options.

Why Hire an Immigration Attorney in California

  June 3, 2014     By Akopian Law Firm
Those individuals, who want to move permanently to any state, require immigrant visas. The process is long and complicated, and if you are interested in getting immigrant visa to live legally in CA, the United States, you definitely need to hire immigration attorney in California.

Tips to Select the Best Immigration Lawyer in California

  May 31, 2014     By Akopian Law Firm
Keep in mind that it’s not that easy to choose a skilled professional among the great variety of the immigration lawyers in California. If you want to change your residency status in the United States, you should approach the matted correctly and consider the great amount of the paperwork you’ll have to deal with. The right lawyer will ensure that your case can be managed timely and without any inconvenience.

Court Rules Copyright Ownership Can Be Transferred Using Electronic Signature

  May 22, 2014     By Sheldon Mak & Anderson PC
In a matter of first impression, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled that an electronic signature can create a legally binding agreement to transfer copyright ownership. The decision relied on the federal E-Sign Act of 2000, which clarified that contracts cannot be invalidated simply because the signature is in electronic form.

New Report: Mortgage Default Risk Remains High

  May 19, 2014     By Oaktree Law
Mortgage default risk continues to plague the housing recovery. A new report issued by the American Enterprise Institute indicated that the national mortgage default risk remained high in March, even though it dropped slightly from February.

The Basics of Opening an Auto Accident Insurance Claim in California

  May 19, 2014     By Glotzer & Sweat, LLP
The basic steps involved in opening up and presenting an initial claim for bodily injury or property damage following a traffic collision in California.

Same Sex Marriage Green Card

  May 19, 2014     By Law Offices of Danielle Nelisse
Same sex marriage green card applications can now be filed by USA citizens and USA lawful permanent residents for their same sex spouses. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”) considers whether you got legally marriage in a same sex marriage state or country where you got married, not where you now live.

Is Same Sex Marriage Green Card Interview Different?

  May 19, 2014     By Law Offices of Danielle Nelisse
There may be different aspects for the “proof of marriage” evidence that is provided at a marriage green card interview that may make proving that a same sex couple live together a bit more difficult in some gay marriage cases.

Entertainment Industry Study Finds Online Piracy Growing

  May 15, 2014     By Sheldon Mak & Anderson PC
Online copyright infringement shows no signs of slowing down, according to a new study commissioned by NBCUniversal and prepared by NetNames. Among the study’s findings — 432 million unique Internet users explicitly sought infringing content during just one month in 2013.

Two Years Later: Where Does the America Invents Act Stand?

  May 13, 2014     By Sheldon Mak & Anderson PC
Congress passed the America Invents Act (AIA) roughly two years ago. However, many of the law’s provisions only became effective on March 16, 2013.

Healthcare Fraud Whistleblower Lawsuits Plentiful

  May 12, 2014     By The Evans Law Firm, Inc.
A large portion of the whistleblower lawsuits that are filed are related to the healthcare industry. The government funding of Medicare and Medicaid has lead to the large number of complaints related to healthcare fraud.

Los Angeles Area Man Arrested on Financial Elder Abuse Charges

  May 12, 2014     By The Evans Law Firm, Inc.
A financial advisor was recently arrested at a seminar in Los Angeles on financial elder abuse charges.

Choosing a California Criminal Defense Attorney

  May 10, 2014     By Akopian Law Firm
Californian criminal defense is a complex field, involving numerous state and federal statuses, as well as other regulations. Thereby, if you happen to need a criminal defense, it’s imperative to make an informed decision when choosing an expert attorney.

The Situation with Clive Bundy in Nevada Shows the True Cost of Government Regulations

  May 9, 2014     By Kassouni Law
To say that the situation in Nevada between federal officials and cattle rancher Clive Bundy has gotten out of hand would be an understatement.

Court Rules Copyright Ownership Can Be Transferred Using Electronic Signature

  May 8, 2014     By Sheldon Mak & Anderson PC
In a matter of first impression, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled that an electronic signature can create a legally binding agreement to transfer copyright ownership. The decision relied on the federal E-Sign Act of 2000, which clarified that contracts cannot be invalidated simply because the signature is in electronic form.

Google Expands Patent Search Tool

  May 6, 2014     By Sheldon Mak & Anderson PC
Google’s Patent Search engine is a valuable and underutilized tool for inventors and businesses. It allows users to search several patent offices at once for granted patents, published patent applications, and even prior art.

Fighting Back Against Internet Defamation

  May 6, 2014     By Matt Dickstein, Business Attorney
The internet is a tempting forum for employees and competitors to get revenge by posting negative reviews. Many consumers read websites such as Yelp when choosing a businesses to patronize. We business-owners should understand this new phenomenon and deal with its repercussions, especially negative reviews.

What To Do After An Auto Accident - Part 2

  May 2, 2014     By Law Offices of Scott Glovsky
Concluding the event requires valuing and negotiating your dispute with the others involved in your auto accident. Generally, this involves working with the at fault driver’s insurance company.

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