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Naturalization Would Give Many a Voice in the 2016 Elections

  April 8, 2016     By Charlotte Law Firm
The right to vote is fundamental for United States Citizens. Voting is the way most people contribute to the ongoing national conversation on what is important to the American people, and in this election cycle, it is more important than ever.

The Current Rhetoric on Immigration Stokes Fear, Ignores Facts

  April 2, 2016     By Charlotte Law Firm
Baseless, anti-immigrant rhetoric may stir certain segments of the voting bloc, but the facts will trump demagoguery. In reality, immigrants are crucially important to America. Immigrants enrich our culture, increase our productive capacity as a nation, and enhance our influence in the world.

The Truth about Refugees: They Undergo Rigorous Vetting Process and States Cannot Reject Them

The simple truth of the matter is this: Refugees are the most thoroughly vetted class of immigrants in the U.S., and state governors have no legal authority to refuse them. Here’s an overview of the procedure a refugee must undergoes before relocating to the U.S.

ICE Raids in Charlotte: What You Need to Know

Reports of these ICE raids have spread fear throughout immigrant communities. In light of these fears, it is important for immigrants, their families, and advocates to know the facts about these current ICE raids and of what rights immigrants have when ICE comes knocking.

Downloading Adult Porn in Bulk Can Get You in Trouble with Child Porn

Searching for, viewing and downloading adult pornography is not illegal. But, there is a problem when sexually explicit images of children sneak into group of otherwise legal images during a bulk download. No matter how you receive it, even if accidentally, possession of child pornography is illegal.

How Will A DWI Affect My Job?

The implications that a DWI charge can have on your employment.

Can I Represent Myself in a Criminal Case?

Explaining the process of representing oneself in a criminal case, and outlining the risks involved with doing so.

Termination of Parental Rights in North Carolina

A North Carolina court can terminate the rights of a parent for: Abuse or neglect of the child; Willful abandonment of the child to foster care for more than twelve months;

Visitation Rights of Grandparents in North Carolina

Knowing your rights as grandparents can be very helpful. Often times during a custody dispute over a child, grandparents are left clueless and unsure of if and how their relationships with their grandchild will be affected.

Alternative Criminal Sentencing – Drug Courts

Sometimes jail just isn’t the answer. To help combat criminal activity in a more effective manner, alternatives to the standard criminal sentencing are being used, namely, drug courts.

Embezzlement in North Carolina Can Get You in Criminal Trouble with the State or the Feds

Employees who are wrongly accused of theft or who made an innocent mistake that is interpreted as fraud have even more on the line than the businesses themselves.

What Should I Do After A Car accident? North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been truly hurt during a collision due to someone else's negligence, it is extremely necessary to consult with a North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyer. Pierce Law Offices has the useful resources and expertise to assist you and your loved ones throughout this stressful period.

Lawsuit Settlement Funds: Pay Your Bills with Pre-Settlement Loans

Lawsuit settlement funds allow victims to get money through means like pre-settlement loans with the help of a Dunn accident injury attorney. Get your money quickly.

Learn About Retaining Eligibility for VA Benefits

Eligibility for VA benefits is dependent on factors such as active duty. The determination of this is sometimes complicated, depending on the circumstances.

Dog Attack Claim: Establishing Ownership of Dog in Fayetteville

After a dog attack, you may decide to seek compensation through a personal injury claim. To do this, however, you will need to establish ownership of the dog.

Comparative Negligence Still the Law of the Land in North Carolina

Seatbelts save lives and help to reduce injuries during car accidents. That said, what are the ramifications of not wearing your seatbelt when involved in a car accident where you are not at fault?

Personal Injury Claim: Time It Takes to Settle a Claim

Settling a personal injury claim can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

Raleigh Car Crashes and Kelley Blue Book Values

Car crashes that result in the total loss of a vehicle will receive a fair market value in Raleigh. To determine what your car is worth, consult the Kelley blue book.

Overview of Damages Available with Medical Malpractice Compensation

When a doctor hurts a patient, the patient often looks to be awarded medical malpractice compensation. There are many damages available in medical malpractice lawsuit cases. In some cases, these payouts can amount to millions of dollars.

How to Hire a Lawyer for a Personal Injury Case in North Carolina

If you are injured, get help from a personal injury attorney in Raleigh, NC. Learn how to find a good attorney and how to hire a lawyer near you.

Life Insurance Claims in North Carolina

This Article addresses life insurance claims in North Carolina, and some issues that frequently arise in these claims, including whether the death is accidental, and whether the insured made a misrepresentation in the policy application. Life insurance claims in North Carolina are governed by the policy itself, state statutes, and sometimes federal ERISA laws.

Types of Accident Injury Claims that Should be Handled by a Personal Injury Attorney

A personal injury attorney may not be required for all accident injury claims. Complex cases or those involving serious injury generally should be handled by a lawyer.

Habitual Misdemeanor Larceny

If A Defendant Has Four Or More Prior Larceny Convictions, A Subsequent Larceny Offense Is A Felony.

Looking at Marital Status, Dependents, for VA Benefits

Veterans’ disability lawyers in Raleigh will explain how your marital status and dependents can impact veterans’ disability benefits. If you have a disability rating of 30 percent or higher, it could lead to additional compensation.

North Carolina Expands "Move Over" Law

Perhaps the biggest change to motorist in North Carolina was the recent addition to the law commonly known as the “Move Over” law, requiring drivers to move over and slow down to the lane furthest from emergency vehicles. As of October 1, 2012, that law has dramatically expanded.

SSDI Benefits for Disabled Veterans

Talking with Veterans Social Security disability attorneys in Raleigh can help you learn if you qualify for disability benefits through Social Security. You may also be able to receive veterans’ disability benefits. Veterans Social Security disability attorneys in Raleigh can help military service members determine the types of benefits they may qualify to receive. In addition to obtaining veterans’ benefits, some may also receive disability benefits made available through Social Security.

Workers' Compensation Overview

Confused about work injuries? A Workers' Comp attorney may be able to help if your claim was denied. If you have concerns about the way your Workers' Compensation claim is being handled, seek legal counsel. - What is Workers' Compensation? When an employee is injured at work, whether or not the worker was at fault, benefits may be available.

Common Injuries in the Workplace That May Result in a Workers' Comp Claim

Possible Types of Injuries Suffered at Work - One possible type of injury is that involving the back and/or neck. This can be the result of slipping, tripping or falling. Back and neck injuries may also be a result of lifting and carrying heavy objects, or other causes.

Raleigh DUI Accidents and the Law

Facing a traffic ticket for reckless driving or speeding can be unsettling. In North Carolina, a particular DUI case captured the attention of national media. It involved a drunk plastic surgeon driving his Mercedes 90 mph in a 45 mph zone and slamming into a car driven by a member of the Carolina Ballet. The accident killed the young woman and the doctor went to jail.

Know Your Options

Estate planners often talk about creating the plan that meets the specific needs of the individuals they are advising. They ask what you want and give you choices about how to get what you want. However, let's step back and look at the bigger picture. Estate planning is not only about you. It's also about your family and other loved ones.

Enforcing Child Support Orders in North Carolina

Each county in the state of North Carolina has a Child Support Enforcement office or CSE that is tasked with enforcing child support orders. The Division of Social Services of the Department of Health and Human Services also has the authority to enforce child support orders throughout NC.

North Carolina Child Custody Explained

Child custody laws vary from state to state. In North Carolina, any relative of a child may file a suit asking for custody. The only exception is a biological father who became a father because of raping the mother. Sometimes, families can work together to decide custody arrangements without the help of the court.

Understanding Insurance Points in North Carolina

In North Carolina, insurance points drastically increase insurance premiums. For this reason, having an attorney defend you in traffic court may save you from costly insurance points. In North Carolina, traffic tickets can be extremely costly, resulting in skyrocketing insurance premiums and sometimes a suspended driver’s license.

Driver Negligence and Distraction: A Nationwide Concern

Distracted driving and driver negligence is the main culprit behind auto accidents. If drivers were to execute more caution, thousands of lives would be saved every year. Considering the amount of motor vehicles on the road, it’s no surprise that your chances of being involved in a car accident at least once within your lifetime are extremely high.

Understanding Social Security Disability

It can be difficult to understand Social Security disability. To learn more about eligibility requirements, contact a Dunn Social Security disability attorney. Most people don’t give much thought to the possibility of becoming disabled. However, when it does happen and it interferes with your ability to work, you may decide to pursue Social Security disability benefits. Before you begin the process, consult a Social Security attorney in Dunn, North Carolina.

Accidents: The Leading Cause of Death and Injury in Children

The leading cause of death in young children is accidents. Accidents are preventable and when a negligent adult or other entity is responsible, they may be liable for all damages. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 9,000 children died from injuries in the United States in 2009.

Are State Workers’ Comp Plans Effective? OSHA Will Decide

For many years now, the Occupational safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has played a big role in making sure that the federal program governing workers’ compensation plans is up to par. However, it has paid far less attention to individual state plans – until now. As required by the Occupational Safety and Health Act that was established in 1970, the primary purpose of OSHA is to regulate the operation and effectiveness of state and federal workers’ compensation plans.

Social Security Disability Application Process in Raleigh

A Raleigh Social Security disability attorney can help you with the Social Security disability process of applying and demonstrating need for your benefits. The Social Security disability process can be both frustrating and harrowing, particularly if you have already been rejected and denied benefits in the past. Fortunately, a Social Security disability attorney can help you with:

Dependent Social Security Disability Benefits – Learn if You Qualify

Dependent Social Security disability benefits can help family members of someone who is disabled. A North Carolina Social Security disability lawyer explains who can qualify. Depending upon your work, there are specific members of your family that may qualify for benefits, which include the following:

Social Security Disability Claim: Learn How Your Application is Reviewed

A state agency will review your Social Security Disability application. It must meet work and disability standards for benefit approval. If your claim has been denied, talk to a North Carolina Social Security disability lawyer. When you apply for Social Security disability, the primary goal of the Social Security Administration is to determine if you are disabled and unable to work due to the severity of your disabling condition.

The Asheville Food Truck Industry

Business is booming in the Asheville food truck industry. It took a little while (about a year) for Asheville City Council to approve the downtown vending. But as of Friday, March 2 food truck owners have their own space in downtown Asheville. “The Lot” is what food truck owners are calling the parking lot located next to the bus station at 51 Coxe Ave.

Can You Trademark a Color?

This question comes from a lawsuit filed against Yves Saint Laurent America, Inc. by Christian Louboutin. Louboutin is a French shoe designer who is very well known for his collections of women’s high heel shoes with bright red out soles. Most women are familiar with the red soled shoes, and associate the color with the designer. The red soles have become a status symbol, a sign of luxury and wealth.

Before You Hire a Condemnation Attorney Ask These 9 Questions

When the government has condemned you land this is often referred to as eminent domain. When faced with eminent domain, you should consider obtaining the assistance of a condemnation attorney. Before you choose a condemnation lawyer to represent you, there are some questions that you may want to ask the attorneys you are interviewing:

North Carolina Child Support at a Glance

One of the most contentious issues in North Carolina family law is child support. How child support works in North Carolina is a very common question asked by those who are planning or facing divorce. Child support laws in most states are fairly fixed without taking into account the actual child-related expenses of both spouses.

How to Meet Social Security Disability Qualifications

Social Security disability qualifications will depend on your work situation and the severity of your impairment. A Social Security disability attorney in Raleigh, N.C., may be able to help. In order to obtain disability benefits, there are Social Security disability qualifications that you must meet. Even then, you will need to be able to support this with ample evidence.

Understanding the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Often referred to as the FDCPA, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act was created and then passed by Congress to protect consumers and debtors from the abusive behaviors engaged in by some debt collection agencies and creditors. An extensive list of rights and protections against creditors can be found within the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, 42 U.S.C. section 1692c.

Social Security Disability: Check the List of Impairments to See if You Qualify

The Social Security Administration uses the List of Impairments – or Blue Book – to determine whether or not an applicant is disabled. Consult a North Carolina disability attorney for guidance. The Social Security disability List of Impairments (also known as the “Blue Book”) plays an important role in the disability determination process.

What is the Uniform Crime Reporting Program?

The Federal Bureau of Investigation created the Uniform Crime Reporting Program (UCR) in the 1920’s to generate a reliable set of criminal statistics for use in law enforcement operation, administration, and management. The program is used around the nation and has become of the country’s leading social indicators as to the growth or decline in crime.

What is Chapter 20 Bankruptcy?

Chapter 20 bankruptcy involves the discharge of personal liability as part of a chapter 7 case as well as the removal of a mortgage lien as part of a subsequent chapter 13 case. Most consumers are familiar with both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, however, most have never heard of a chapter 20 bankruptcy.

The Problem of Mortgage Arrears

Chapter 13 bankruptcy can provide an alternative to demands by a mortgage lender for the lump-sum payment of arrears. Almost 5 years after the start of the credit crisis that spawned the “great recession,” housing continues to be one of the biggest problems faced by the American consumer.

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