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IP Issues in Business Transactions 2012

 February 21, 2012 - February 23, 2012

CLE - Live Webcast


A multitude of IP-specific issues may arise in business transactions, and it is important for practitioners to know all they can about unique considerations that may come into play.  Attend this program and you will learn how to assess intellectual property as a strategic asset.  In addition, avoid costly missteps and find out how to assess opportunities to monetize IP and structure transactions so as to maintain alignment with overall business goals.  Other critical topics addressed include IP portfolio review and management, licensing, valuation, and enforcement.  The stellar faculty will also review joint development, bankruptcy, tax and due diligence issues, as well as unique aspects of transactions concerning data, social media and online assets.  Covering issues that may arise across patent, trademark, and copyright law, this program is a must for all IP transactional attorneys.

  • How do you identify the IP a business should own and how can you monetize these assets?
  • When should a company enter strategic alliances and engage joint venture partners?
  • What due diligence considerations are especially significant in transactions involving IP?
  • How do you administer and finance an effective enforcement program?
  • What types of ethics issues arise in transactions related to intellectual property?
  • How do you administer an IP licensing program?
  • And so much more!

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Practising Law Institute
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