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Coping with U.S. Export Controls 2012

 December 10, 2012 - December 11, 2012

CLE - Live Seminar


The Obama Administration has continued to make steady progress on its export control reform initiatives. These reforms have begun to trigger important changes to the export control system, affecting both dual-use and defense trade. To date, Congress has not yet approved the broad scope of the Administration’s initiatives, leaving the ultimate outcome of some of the reforms in doubt as critical elections approach.

Congress has, however, significantly strengthened sanctions on Iran, and the Administration has supported multilateral sanctions against Syria while easing sanctions against Burma. Export enforcement activity remains vigorous, with important cases focusing on Iran, China, defense trade, deemed exports and countries of transshipment concern. Fines continue to grow as previously enacted penalty increases apply to new cases, and agencies increasingly coordinate enforcement action.

It is more important than ever for companies to stay on top of export control and sanctions developments in the United States and other countries. Companies must be aware of their obligations under existing laws and regulations, the risks they currently face, and those they may face in the future. Implementing and strengthening compliance programs is an increasingly important priority. For over twenty years, PLI’s Coping with U.S. Export Controls has been the go-to program on trade control laws and regulations. The program enables attendees to “get inside” export controls through give-and-take among key officials from the government agencies that regulate exports, experienced company managers and top lawyers in the field.
  • Export control reform: scope, status and implementation at Commerce, State and Defense
  • Sanctions policy: Iran, Syria, Sudan, Burma and Cuba
  • International sanctions developments
  • The State Department’s proposed brokering rule
  • New developments in Department of Energy export controls
  • “Knowledge” and end-use controls for China
  • Enforcement and voluntary disclosures: penalties and enforcement policies
  • Compliance programs: how to design and implement an effective and efficient system

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