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Understanding the Intellectual Property License 2012

 December 10, 2012 - December 12, 2012

CLE - Live Seminar


Licensing offers valuable economic and strategic opportunities. Companies are increasingly turning to licensing to gain access to intellectual property at a lower cost than developing or purchasing intellectual property assets, and as a way of generating new sources of revenue out of existing intellectual property assets. Virtually every business today must confront licensing issues. A solid base of knowledge about licensing of intellectual property has never been more important for companies and their counsel. This introductory course will give you an overview of how to negotiate and draft effective license agreements, whether you are the licensor or licensee. Experts in licensing will discuss different kinds of licensing agreements, and the business and legal issues related to them.
  • Negotiating tips and effective drafting techniques
  • How licensing can generate new revenue
  • Important differences between patent and other technology licenses
  • Fundamentals of trademark and copyright licensing
  • Key software and open source licensing concepts and terms
  • Rights of publicity and entertainment-related licensing
  • International considerations, including enforcement and protection of rights
  • Identifying and avoiding antitrust problems
  • Managing bankruptcy and insolvency risks in IP licenses
  • Hear from a litigator what happens when the agreement has to be enforced
  • Regulatory and government issues to consider
Special Features
  • One full hour of Ethics credit
  • Mock negotiation of a license agreement

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