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Oct 20, 2016

Tracking and Targeting Customers and Prospects Online, on Mobile Devices, and in Social Media 2016

Orginized by: Practising Law Institute

New York, New York, USAWhy You Should AttendCollecting data from and about customers and consumers is a modern business mandate. What consumer-facing company is not now engaged in a “know our customers better” initiative? These data are collected online, in mobile apps, in social media, and often appended to data gathered by others about the same consumers elsewhere. Most brands use these data (including ...
Sep 26, 2016

Pathways to Power: General and In-House Counsel

Orginized by: The Ontario Bar Association

Toronto, Ontario, CanadaIn its ongoing Pathways to Power series, the Women Lawyers Forum (WLF) shines a light on the successful journeys of female lawyers into positions of power and influence. The WLF, in partnership with Canadian Corporate Counsel Association (CCCA) - Ontario Chapter, is proud to present the next installment in the series focused on women general and in-house counsel. Join us for a candid conversation ...
Sep 14, 2016

Diploma in Maritime Safety Law

Orginized by: Lloyd's Maritime Academy

London, United KingdomThe 12 month course will improve your career prospects and your performance whilst demonstrating your professional credibility to employers, clients and peers. You will learn about a wide range of maritime safety law issues and the implementation, application and enforcement of these in practice. So you can understand not only why there are certain procedures, but also the penalties for not adhering to these laws....
Apr 18, 2017

Annual Update on Judicial Review

Orginized by: The Ontario Bar Association

Toronto, Ontario, CanadaJoin us for our most popular Administrative Law Section event to get up-to-date on the latest in judicial review jurisprudence and trends. Justice David Stratas and Dr. Paul Daly will be back again this year to share their expert insights on how to understand, apply and successfully argue the courtsí most recent guidance on judicial review. Questions are encouraged at any time during this open and informal dialogue....
Apr 24, 2017

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and International Anti-Corruption Developments 2017

Orginized by: Practising Law Institute

New York, New York, USAMark Your Calendar. More Information to Come!
May 1, 2017

Cloud Computing 2017: Key Issues and Practical Guidance

Orginized by: Practising Law Institute

New York, New York, USAWhy You Should AttendThis program will provide practical advice on understanding the context and business realities around which cloud computing exists, understanding key terms for cloud computing contracts, help organizations considering the purchase of cloud services to understand vendor and customer obligations and responsibilities associated with cloud computing services, provide information ...
Jan 20, 2017

Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement 2017

Orginized by: Practising Law Institute

New York, New York, USAThis program is designed to bring you up-to-date on developments in intellectual property rights enforcement. From the physical world to the Internet, learn how to protect your company’s or your client’s investments in IP against infringement by the billion dollar piracy industry. This program will put you in a better position to think outside of the box when it comes to enforcement options ...
Oct 17, 2016

Advanced Compliance and Ethics Workshop 2016

Orginized by: Practising Law Institute

New York, New York, USAPlease note that "ethics" in the program title refers to the “Compliance and Ethics Program” used in the Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations. It does not specifically refer to legal ethics. Please check the credit calculator to the right for credit information for your jurisdiction.Why You Should AttendHaving an effective compliance and ethics program is essential to companies of all kinds....
Oct 19, 2016

US Defence Contracting and DFARS Compliance

Orginized by: C5 Communications

Oslo, NorwayWith nearly a $600 billion budget for military expenditure in 2016, the US is by far the largest market for defence companies. A contract with the Department of Defense (DoD) can lead to years of success, steady payment and growth for everyone within the supply chain. In order to be in the running for one of these lucrative contracts, companies need to stay on top of the latest changes to DFARS and ...
Oct 18, 2016

Banking reform in the UK - competition, innovation, standards, and market stability

Orginized by: Westminster Business Forum

London, United KingdomThis timely seminar will discuss key policy priorities ahead for the UKís banking sector. Delegates will have the opportunity to engage with policymakers and regulators on key issues facing the industry, and share latest thinking on accountability and ethics, market stability, competition and innovation. The conference is scheduled to facilitate discussion on the final report of the Competition ...
Mar 17, 2017

Ethics in Social Media 2017

Orginized by: Practising Law Institute

New York, New York, USAMark Your Calendar. More Information to Come!
May 16, 2017

Tax Planning for Domestic & Foreign Partnerships, LLCs, Joint Ventures & Other Strategic Alliances 2017

Orginized by: Practising Law Institute

New York, New York, USAMark Your Calendar. More Information to Come!
Mar 15, 2017

Mergers and Acquisitions in Latin America: New opportunities in a changing scenario

Orginized by: International Bar Association

Buenos Aires, ArgentinaThe Biennial Mergers and Acquisitions in Latin America Conference has become a great forum for private practitioners and corporate counsel in the Americas as well as lawyers and international business professionals interested in investing in the region willing to discuss and keep abreast of the various and significant developments and changes in Latin America as one of the most important emerging ...
Jun 13, 2017

Patent Eligibility, Prior Art and Obviousness 2017: Current Trends in Sections 101, 102, and 103

Orginized by: Practising Law Institute

San Francisco, California, USAMark Your Calendar. More Information to Come!
Mar 14, 2017

Nuts and Bolts of Tax Penalties 2017: A Primer on the Standards, Procedures and Defenses Relating to Civil and Criminal Tax Penalties

Orginized by: Practising Law Institute

New York, New York, USAMark Your Calendar. More Information to Come!
Jun 8, 2017

17th Annual School Law Institute

Orginized by: Practising Law Institute

New York, New York, USAMark Your Calendar. More Information to Come!
Oct 27, 2016

Scary Communication Issues for the Real Estate Practitioner

Orginized by: The Ontario Bar Association

Toronto, Ontario, CanadaAttend this session to gain valuable tips, advice and best practices regarding communication issues that can arise in your real estate practice. From ensuring your early client interactions and retainers are clear and thorough, to overcoming tricky communication issues with fellow real estate professionals, you will gain the tools to approach these potential scary issues with ease. Delve deeper with ...
Dec 1, 2016

Ethical Lessons from the Trenches: Candour, Conflicts, Confidentiality & Civility

Orginized by: Seminar Partners

Toronto, Ontario, CanadaSince time immemorial, lawyers have tried to balance the needs to be truthful, keep client information confidential, manage conflicts and uphold a sense of civility. Itís a delicate highwire act and attempting to serve all four masters at once can lead to serious falls from grace. So how should you navigate these four important and frequently competing ethical commitments? Join popular CLE presenter ...

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