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May 12, 2016

The Art of European Claim Drafting

Orginized by: Management Forum Ltd

London, United KingdomThis seminar combines one day of claim drafting fundamentals with a further day of focused workshops. Attendees have the choice of either a mechanical or chemical workshop. PLEASE NOTE Attendees will benefit from bringing a copy of the European Patent Convention with them.
Feb 4, 2016

Mobile Deployable Communications

Orginized by: SMi Group

Warsaw, PolandSMi Group’s 9th annual Mobile Deployable Communications conference will be taking place in the new location of Warsaw, Poland and will have the support of the Polish Armed Forces who will be in attendance at the event as well as providing a host nation address and keynote address. Mobile Deployable Communications 2016 will provide further updates on national military capabilities and requirements ...
Jan 2, 2016

Collaborative Family Law - What, How & Why - Webcast

Orginized by: MBL

NA, USAThis webcast can be viewed On Demand at any time Introduction In this webcast you will learn how the collaborative process works. It will explore how collaborative cases work, who it is suitable for and how it can benefit families going through separation and divorce. The webcast is aimed at family law practitioners and mediators who have not yet trained in the collaborative process. What You ...
Feb 25, 2016

Contract Law 2016

Orginized by: Management Forum Ltd

London, EnglandTOPICS TO BE COVERED AT THIS SEMINAR: Contracts fundamentals Protecting your position – liability and exclusion – latest cases Anti-corruption and Bribery Act clauses for contracts Warranties and guarantees Obligations and rights Managing contracts and contract termination in a tough economic climate Draft Consumer Rights Bill Review of recent case law SEMINAR LEADER: Susan Singleton – Singletons WHY ...
Dec 9, 2016

Electronic Discovery in Criminal Investigations and Trials 2016

Orginized by: Practising Law Institute

New York, New York, USAMark Your Calendar. More Information to Come!
Feb 3, 2016

OFCCP & Government Contractors 2016: Effective Approaches to Compliance and Audits

Orginized by: Practising Law Institute

New York, New York, USAWhy You Should AttendPresident Obama’s use of executive orders, and the issuance of implementing regulations, has placed significant new obligations on all government contractors. This program will provide government contractors, their responsible counsel, and EEO compliance and affirmative action staffs, with valuable insights and direction on complying with the administration’s many ...
Feb 4, 2016

18th Annual Real Estate Tax Forum

Orginized by: Practising Law Institute

New York, New York, USAWhy You Should AttendOur 18th anniversary program will continue to focus on transactions, highlighting the tax problems encountered by practitioners in today’s typical commercial real estate transactions and structures, and examining the simple and sophisticated solutions being used by the experts. Panels of nationally-recognized real estate tax experts from major law and accounting firms will ...
Jul 11, 2016

Seventeenth Annual Institute on Privacy and Data Security Law (CHI)

Orginized by: Practising Law Institute

Chicago, Illinois, USAMark Your Calendar. More Information to Come!
Sep 12, 2016

International Tax Issues 2016

Orginized by: Practising Law Institute

Chicago, Illinois, USAMark Your Calendar. More Information to Come!
Jun 7, 2016

Tax Planning for Domestic & Foreign Partnerships, LLCs, Joint Ventures & Other Strategic Alliances 2016

Orginized by: Practising Law Institute

San Francisco, California, USAMark Your Calendar. More Information to Come!
Dec 14, 2015

Technical and Regulatory Writing for FDA Regulated Industries

Orginized by: ComplianceOnline

Durham, North Carolina, USARegulatory professionals have to write highly technical documents for a wide audience. These documents include reports, protocols, clinical trial and marketing approval applications, technical reports on studies, and communication documents. This workshop will address best practices, and regulatory strategies on how to write effective documents spanning everything from simple issues, such as minutes ...
Jan 21, 2016

Project Management in Human Resources

Orginized by: ComplianceOnline

Scottsdale, Arizona, USANaturally, getting a project to deliver on time, within budget, and in line with quality standards requires savvy management. And, the bigger the project, the more challenging good management becomes. As a professional, you're expected to transform a vague concept into a measurable outcome by channeling a broad array of knowledge, skills, and resources toward a critical organizational goal. Learning ...
Jan 28, 2016

Latin America: Regulatory Compliance Requirements for Life Science Products

Orginized by: ComplianceOnline

San Francisco, California, USAThis two-day comprehensive Course on Latin America Regulatory compliance requirements will cover topics ranging from pre-clinical and clinical requirements through product registration, amendments and renewals across Pharmaceuticals, Biologics, Medical Devices and Combination Products. The Course will address the structure of the regulatory agencies in Latin America and discuss local cultural nuances ...
Jul 7, 2016

Class Action Litigation 2016

Orginized by: Practising Law Institute

New York, New York, USAMark Your Calendar. More Information to Come!
Nov 29, 2016

Bridge-the-Gap II for Newly Admitted New York Attorneys 2016

Orginized by: Practising Law Institute

New York, New York, USAMark Your Calendar. More Information to Come!Have questions? Visit PLI’s NY Bridge-the-Gap FAQs.
Feb 23, 2016

Legal and Regulatory Compliance Executive Boardroom

Orginized by: Legal IQ

Berlin, GermanyHighly regulated companies across Europe are struggling with increasingly complex legislation in the legal, Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), information governance and regulatory compliance space. Moreover, with ever advancing technology and more electronically stored information than ever before, recent high profile investigations have demonstrated the challenge of managing complex processes ...
Dec 8, 2015

AFSEC 2015: The Pan-African Security Summit

Orginized by: Defence IQ

Casablanca, MoroccoIn 2015, new and precarious security challenges face the African continent. Regions are grappling with the insecurity created by the activities of violent extremist groups, organised crime networks and persistent threats within the maritime theatre. The multitude of factors shaping the security landscape cannot be isolated from one another; it is imperative to understand and discuss current and future ...
May 17, 2016

International Licensing, Manufacture Under Licence and Technology Transfer Agreements

Orginized by: Management Forum Ltd

London, United KingdomLicensing agreements are frequently used by commercial entities and public or quasi public bodies, for the development of new business prospects and for cross-border expansion. This seminar will give practical advice on the legal and commercial considerations essential for securing a successful deal. It offers a comprehensive overview of all the key matters to be considered – by the licensor and the ...

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