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Fundamentals of Contracting Newbuildings

 June 13, 2012 - September 13, 2012


N/A by distance learning
N/A by distance learning
N/A by distance learning,
United Kingdom


A training course providing a thorough introduction to shipbuilding contracts

This online training course offers a thorough overview of the key aspects of vessel contracts and ship newbuilding in six easy to study modules over 12 weeks. Having a good knowledge of this sector of the maritime industry is even more important as the global economy and trade levels recover. With owners returning to contracting newbuildings, there are opportunities for profits for the knowledgeable but losses easily threaten for simple mistakes.

Use this course as a foundation to build your maritime knowledge on shipbuilding from an expert on the subject of newbuilding contracts and ship finance. Through interaction with your fellow participants on the online forums, you can network internationally without having to travel.

Organized by

Lloyd's Maritime Academy
29 Bressenden Place
London, SW1E 5DR
United Kingdom

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