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Aug 30, 2016

Public Sector Workplace Innovation

Orginized by: Criterion Conferences

Sydney, AustraliaThe workplace holds the key to success. A culture of innovation, collaboration and productivity can drive an organisation forward and providing an environment which nurtures this will be pivotal to achieving future goals. The time has arrived for the public sector to view the workplace as a strategic asset. Welcome to the 'Public Sector Workplace Innovation' summit. This event will bring workplace ...
Nov 1, 2016

Trade Secrets 2016: What Every IP Attorney Should Know

Orginized by: Practising Law Institute

New York, New York, USAWhy You Should AttendThe "Big Three" categories of intellectual property are traditionally patents, copyrights and trademarks. But potentially even more valuable is the fourth category of trade secrets. New technologies and cross-border transactions place valuable secrets at increased risk. Legislatures throughout the world are recognizing that fact and responding with new laws. If you work at or ...
Sep 28, 2016

11th annual Defence Exports

Orginized by: SMi Group

Amsterdam, NetherlandsThe event brings together leading lawyers, consultants, industry professionals and government officials involved in arms controls and export compliance, thus allowing you to develop your knowledge of global export controls as well as network with industry leaders. Alongside the elite panel of government speakers, senior international trade compliance professions will discuss the key challenges in ...
Nov 3, 2016

Outsourcing 2016: ITO, BPO and Cloud

Orginized by: Practising Law Institute

New York, New York, USAWhy You Should AttendAs information technology (ITO) and business process outsourcing (BPO) have become standard corporate practice among small and large enterprises, the range of services and providers has grown exponentially. Rapid technological advances, allowing for greater efficiencies in delivering those services and, resultantly, a more diverse profile of service providers, have changed how ...
Nov 23, 2016

Advanced Drafting Techniques for Successful EPO Patent Applications

Orginized by: Management Forum Ltd

London, United KingdomCOURSE OVERVIEW Many patent applications and patents are lost before the EPO Boards of Appeal due to incorrect original drafting. Added subject matter is a recurrent problem: Amendments made during grant procedure, to take account or new prior art, amount to added subject-matter, often fatal in opposition procedure before the EPO, and national courts. Sufficiency of disclosure can also be a problem, ...
Sep 12, 2016

International Tax Issues 2016

Orginized by: Practising Law Institute

Chicago, Illinois, USAWhy You Should AttendAs the world’s economies grow increasingly integrated, the international tax laws of the U.S. impact a greater percentage of businesses and transactions. These international tax rules affect not only large U.S. and foreign-based multinationals, but also increasingly affect mid-sized and smaller firms, financing transactions, mergers and acquisitions, and other commercial activity....
Dec 12, 2016

Annual Disclosure Documents 2016

Orginized by: Practising Law Institute

New York, New York, USAWhy You Should AttendStay current on disclosure requirements and developments affecting annual disclosure documents and proxy soliciting materials prepared by SEC reporting companies. Hear from the SEC staff and our faculty, who will focus on current “hot issues,” best practices, and practical pointers. The upcoming reporting season appears headed towards being another interesting one, ...
Jun 1, 2017

Acquiring or Selling the Privately Held Company 2017

Orginized by: Practising Law Institute

San Francisco, California, USAMark Your Calendar. More Information to Come!
May 3, 2017

Leveraged Financing 2017

Orginized by: Practising Law Institute

New York, New York, USAMark Your Calendar. More Information to Come!
Oct 13, 2016

Writing and Editing for Clarity and Impact: How to Make Complex Topics Seem Simple

Orginized by: Seminar Partners

Toronto, Ontario, CanadaLawyers in sophisticated practices face a difficult challenge when they write: organizing complicated material so it is as easy as possible for readers to understand and remember. To meet that challenge, itís not enough to think clearly and master the usual writing tips. We have to understand the principles that govern how the mind absorbs information, and then apply these principles as we write Ė ...
Oct 27, 2016

15th Annual Conference for Senior Patent Administrators

Orginized by: Management Forum Ltd

London, United KingdomThe programme is designed exclusively for you and your colleagues, not for attorneys . In one event you will hear about the latest rule changes from the EPO, WIPO and USPTO, recent developments, and projected changes for the next year. The speakers come directly from the EPO, WIPO and the USA. WHY YOU SHOULD ATTEND This programme is designed exclusively for you and your colleagues, not for attorneys In ...
Aug 17, 2016

And the Answer is...Researching Payroll Questions

Orginized by: ComplianceOnline

Palo Alto, California, USAThis training program will focus on payroll research and how to find the information necessary to answer complex questions that arise in the payroll department. By using actual website examples, the webinar will examine the basics of researching the IRS and Department of Labor websites and the intricacies of using the state statutes provided on the legislative websites. Why Should You Attend: Is ...
Mar 6, 2017

Liabilities and Damages in International Commercial Agreements

Orginized by: Management Forum Ltd

London, United KingdomReduce your exposure to risk and liability in your contracts in two essential days Why you should attend this seminar Unaware of the true nature of the law of damages in the chosen governing law of the contract Unaware of the fundamental differences of approach in the Common Law and Civil Law systems Unaware that their attempts at limiting or excluding their liability may be ineffective This specialist ...
Aug 18, 2016

Building a Vendor Qualification Program for FDA Regulated Industries

Orginized by: ComplianceOnline

Orlando, Florida, USAIf you are looking for the answer to the following questions, you will certainly benefit from attending this seminar on building a vendor qualification program: Have you wasted hours, days, and weeks on qualifying vendors that you know cannot or will not meet your requirements? Has your approach to vendor qualification and vendor audits left you with internal CAPAs, customer audit items, or 483 observations? Have ...
Dec 1, 2016

Advanced PCT Formalities

Orginized by: Management Forum Ltd

London, United KingdomTOPICS TO BE COVERED AT THIS COURSE Latest developments of the PCT System Filing requirements and amendments Correction of defects International Search, the ISR, Written Opinion of the ISA International Preliminary Examination Requirements for entre into the national phase, including US national phase Procedural safeguards, withdrawals Making effective use of ePCT
Oct 27, 2016

Persuading the Trier-of-Fact in Opening and Closing

Orginized by: Seminar Partners

Toronto, Ontario, CanadaStart strong, end strong. Tell a story. Use a theme. We all know the secrets of effective openings and closings but how do you actually implement those techniques so the trier-of-fact arrives at your single, inescapable conclusion? From the structure of your story to the details you use, the picture you paint in your opening can burn your theory into your listenerís mind, or it can leave them feeling flat....
Dec 14, 2016

New Developments in Securitization 2016

Orginized by: Practising Law Institute

New York, New York, USAMark Your Calendar. More Information to Come!
Mar 16, 2017

Advanced Copyright Law Annual Review 2017

Orginized by: Practising Law Institute

New York, New York, USAMark Your Calendar. More Information to Come!

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