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Developing a training programme for new partners

 February 14, 2013


United Kingdom


All firms know that being a partner isn't easy. But how should your firm prepare the next generation of partners? There are lots of books written on talent management and developing people, but what law firms want to know is what other firms are doing and why they are doing it, and to have the opportunity to design something for themselves that will work. That's what this masterclass does.

The day is designed to take senior people - whether partners or HR professionals - and teach them the components of a good new partner programme and how you can design one that suits the need and culture of your own firm. The final session of the day then gives you the opportunity to work on a draft programme for your own firm and leave with an outline which you can take back for final agreement.

Organized by

Ark Group
8 Shepherdess Walk
London, N1 7LB
United Kingdom

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