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Jun 23, 2016

Supervising Matters Related to Detention

Orginized by: Academy of European Law (ERA)

Strasbourg, FranceObjective This second seminar in a series of five co-funded by the European Commission will focus on the work of the Council of Europe and inter-national bodies in improving conditions related to detention.
Oct 17, 2016

Advanced Compliance and Ethics Workshop 2016

Orginized by: Practising Law Institute

New York, New York, USAMark Your Calendar. More Information to Come!
May 19, 2016

Credit Risks and Risk Mitigation Techniques

Orginized by: ComplianceOnline

San Francisco, California, USAReview the categories of credit risk incurred when selling to customers inside the U.S. and the additional risks involved when selling overseas and then learn how various tools are designed to manage these risks. The first day's session compares commercial and standby letters of credit, standard and silent letter of credit confirmations, bank and corporate guarantees, forfaiting, factoring, credit ...
May 4, 2016

Barriers to the Growth Mindset in Innovation: NYIPLA Women in IP Presents

Orginized by: New York Intellectual Property Law Association

New York, New York, USAHow Perceived Barriers to Patentability are Affecting the Growth Mindset in Innovator Companies, in particular the impact of 101 FEATURED SPEAKER Jamie Simpson, Senior Advisor to the Undersecretary and Director at USPTO, will discuss Gender Gap PANELISTS Heather Champion Brady, Senior Patent Counsel at Johnson & Johnson Heidi Martinez, Associate General IP Counsel at Xerox Marian Underweiser, ...
Sep 13, 2016

Government Contract Law

Orginized by: Centre Law & Consulting

Tysons Corner, Virginia, USAThis two-day crash course will give attendees the nuts and bolts of federal contracting and a breakdown of the complex laws surrounding this industry. Whether you’re a lawyer just starting out in the area of federal contracting, or you’re a non-lawyer looking to get an understanding of the industry, this course is for you. Our expert instructor will walk you through the rules, regulations, and laws ...
Jun 20, 2016

State Aid Requirements for SGEI

Orginized by: Lexxion Legal Publisher

Rotterdam, NetherlandsThe link between State Aid Law and the provision of SGEI causes uncertainty among public authorities as they face a conflict of interests: On the one hand, public bodies are obligated to guarantee the supply of public services. On the other hand the providers of SGEI may not be overcompensated and competition may not be distorted. Furthermore, each Member State has the discretion to define which services ...
Mar 6, 2017

Liabilities and Damages in International Commercial Agreements

Orginized by: Management Forum Ltd

London, United KingdomReduce your exposure to risk and liability in your contracts in two essential days Why you should attend this seminar Unaware of the true nature of the law of damages in the chosen governing law of the contract Unaware of the fundamental differences of approach in the Common Law and Civil Law systems Unaware that their attempts at limiting or excluding their liability may be ineffective This specialist ...
Oct 26, 2016

18th Annual Commercial Real Estate Institute

Orginized by: Practising Law Institute

Chicago, Illinois, USAMark Your Calendar. More Information to Come!
Sep 12, 2016

The legal services market - regulation, innovation and the future of the Legal Services Act

Orginized by: Westminster Legal Policy Forum

London, United KingdomBringing together key policymakers and stakeholders, this seminar will focus on the future development of legal services regulation in England and Wales. It is scheduled to follow Government’s forthcoming consultation on options for removing barriers to entry for alternative business structures (ABS) and for making legal service regulators independent from their representative bodies. It will also ...
May 24, 2016

London Family Office & Wealth Management Annual Conference

Orginized by: DC Finance

London, United KingdomDC Finance is honoured to present The London Family Office & Wealth Management Conference www.london-wealth.com. The meeting will provide a limited number of sponsors an opportunity to interact with a carefully select group of senior investment executives from 100+ affluent family offices. Delegates will also include family members and HNW individuals responsible for managing family assets, legal issues and private matters....
Aug 3, 2016

California Trial Advocacy 2016

Orginized by: Practising Law Institute

San Francisco, California, USAScholarships are available to attend PLI programs. For information, please visit www.pli.edu/ScholarshipApplicationWhy You Should AttendIf you think you will ever try a case, or if you want to do better the next time you are in trial, then this is the program you have been waiting for. In this full-day program, some of the most experienced trial lawyers in California will talk about the best way ...
May 10, 2016

Fighting Cybercrime: Between Legal Challenges and Practical Difficulties

Orginized by: Academy of European Law (ERA)

Dublin, IrelandObjective The terms "cybercrime", "computer crime", "computer-related crime" or "high-tech crime" are often used interchangeably to describe the phenomenon of the wide variety of criminal acts which may be committed remotely from the target area as a result of internet technologies. Due to the global nature of information networks, there is ever-growing vulnerability to cybercrime. To tackle this ...
Jul 4, 2016

Summer Course on European Competition Law

Orginized by: Academy of European Law (ERA)

Trier, GermanyObjective This course will provide participants with an in-depth understanding of the basics of EU competition law.
Dec 5, 2016

US Patent Practice ~ What European Patent Attorneys Need to Know

Orginized by: Management Forum Ltd

London, United KingdomKEY TOPICS TO BE COVERED AT THIS SEMINAR US Patent Law Update Claim Interpretation Subject Matter Eligibility Sufficiency of Disclosure Novelty, Nonobviousness, Utility Inventorship Double Patenting Inequitable Conduct and the Duty of Candor Procedural aspects of US Patent Prosecution Interferences Post-grant Review under the AIA Reexamination and Supplemental Examination Reissues Direct and Indirect ...
May 16, 2016

New Jersey Basic CLE Marathon 2016

Orginized by: Practising Law Institute

New York, New York, USAThis program contains 5 NJ Newly Admitted categories for 7.8 hours. They are 1.4 credits of New Jersey Law Office Management (NA9), 2.2 credits of New Jersey Civil or Criminal Trial Preparation (NA3), 1.4 credits of New Jersey Landlord/Tenant Practice (NA7), 1.4 credits of New Jersey Municipal Court Practice (NA8), 1.4 credits of New Jersey Real Estate Closing Procedures (NA5).This program, in conjunction ...
May 19, 2016

US and Canada Customs Brokerage - A Thorough Analysis

Orginized by: ComplianceOnline

Seattle, Washington, USAThis course will talk about US/Canadian Customs Brokerage. What does a broker do? How can I be sure that all of my legal and regulatory requirements are met? What would I need to cover if I brought brokerage in-house? Who is involved in the brokerage business? Who are the players? What are the rules and regulations that brokers must adhere to? Where can I find the regulations? If I become a Customs ...
Jun 7, 2016

Internal Investigations 2016

Orginized by: Practising Law Institute

Chicago, Illinois, USAWhy You Should AttendKnowing how to conduct efficient and effective internal investigations is key to protecting your clients or company. Companies and their counsel need to be diligent and proactive in identifying risks and remedying potential issues. At this program, an expert faculty will review the fundaments of conducting an internal investigation, as well as touch on the many more nuanced and practical issues that arise....
May 10, 2016

Working with Immigrants: The Intersection of Basic Immigration, Housing, and Domestic Violence Issues in California 2016 (Free)

Orginized by: Practising Law Institute

San Francisco, California, USAWhy You Should AttendYou should attend this training if you would like to provide pro bono services to immigrant clients in the areas of housing, immigration, or domestic violence or you would like to improve your representation of immigrant clients generally. Many immigrant clients require assistance with a constellation of related yet distinct issues. This day-long program attempts to address ...

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