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How to Proactively Prepare Your Witness for a Successful Deposition

 March 26, 2013

CLE - Live Webcast


Preparing your witness to be deposed is a critically important skill for any litigator. Nevertheless, many attorneys approach the preparation session as just a quick meeting to “go over” the facts of the case and the mechanics of the deposition itself. Such a narrow view can lead to an unprepared, overwhelmed and nervous witness unnecessarily harming your client’s interests. In reality, effective witness preparation requires that an attorney do much more than just provide a cursory overview of the case --- it requires that the attorney be part teacher, part disciplinarian, and part counselor.

This webinar will walk you through all the nuts and bolts of adequately preparing your witness to be deposed. Topics to be covered will include:

• How to properly explain the relevant legal issues to your witness
• How to best organize and review documents with your witness
• Techniques for instilling confidence in your witness
• The ethical rules implicated in preparing your witness to testify
• Tips your witness can use for combating the difficult examiner
• Confronting conflict and privilege issues before the deposition
• How to prepare for a video deposition

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