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Articles written by prominent law firms discussing the legal aspects, law events and news for the main industries and commerce worldwide

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  • Bail Procedure in UAE
      Provided by: Hassan Elhais

    Bail procedure is usually amongst the chief concerns of clients. They want their lawyer to get their family members or friends released on bail as soon as possible.

  • Financing Liabilities in Mining Company Compliance in Indonesia
      Provided by: AM Oktarina Counselors at Law

    In international business transaction, it is very common for entrepreneur to conduct the financing or loan transaction. This transaction generally is to support the entrepreneur business activity for certain sector such the construction development, company capital injection, contractor settlement payment, to secure the process of the facilities and infrastructure construction and etc.

  • Reduced Notice Period During Probation only Applies in Germany if Employment Contract Clearly Drafted
      Provided by: GRP Rainer LLP

    Employers ought to tread carefully when it comes to terminating an employment relationship during the probationary period, as a reduced notice period for dismissal only applies if the employment contract has been clearly drafted.

  • Homeowner Association Problems Solved by a Real Estate Lawyer
      Provided by:

    Many communities where homes are sold have homeowners’ associations attached as a service for the neighborhoods surrounding the area. These organizations have bylaws, often contracts and certain rules that the property owners in these locations must abide by.

  • Can I Get an Injunction for the Garnishment of My Wages?
      Provided by:

    Wage garnishments occur with frequency when certain conditions transpire where the individual must pay a company or organization. If a person has debts or been overpaid by a business or association, he or she must pay the amounts or other penalties or consequences may be issued.

  • How to Transfer Ownership in a Digital Business and Digital Assets
      Provided by:

    In the electronic age, there are many businesses upgrading to the digital and buying and selling digital assets. However, there are not as many that know how to transfer the ownership of a company primarily running on online products and services.

  • Information that an Expert Witness May Explain in Sport Concussion Cases
      Provided by:

    Concussion injuries are common when someone plays sports. Because of this, there are many litigation cases that arise through accidents and unintentional harm. It is often important to seek the assistance of both a personal injury lawyer and an expert witness to explain how sport concussions affect the victim of the incident.

  • How Expert Witnesses Are Tapped for Immigration Cases
      Provided by:

    Immigration cases are often complicated when there are multiple factors or enough elements to cause a success for either side to be uncertain. Various immigration issues stem from those seeking asylum in the United States when they cannot remain in their own country.

  • Protecting Your Entrepreneurial Vision: Legal Steps
      Provided by:

    Protecting the idea behind a possible revenue stream is often difficult in the electronic age with so much video recording, data capturing and access to email and websites so that the vision of someone’s idea may be stolen. Because of this, many have sought illegitimate and illegal ways of ensuring their creations and ideas are protected.

  • Legality of Restrictive Covenants
      Provided by:

    Many who buy a home believe that they are able to whatever they feel is necessary to the house or land. If they want to alter the land and create a garden, install equipment or build additional structures, they feel they are able to do so after the property has been purchased. However, there are numerous contracts that prevent these actions.

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