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Articles written by prominent law firms discussing the legal aspects, law events and news for the main industries and commerce worldwide

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  • Seniors and Elders Remain Alert for Annuity & Insurance Scams
      Provided by: The Evans Law Firm, Inc.

    In the world of investment, seniors and elders are prime targets for financial scams. To protect yourself, read on to learn about the different schemes.

  • Missing a DUI Court Date
      Provided by: Kraut Law Group - DUI Defense

    When someone is arrested and cited for a DUI offense, the driver typically is released from jail the next morning and given a citation with a future court date. Generally, the arrested driver must sign a notice to appear showing that he or she is aware of the future court date and that he or she promises to appear in court on the scheduled arraignment date. Missing this court date can carry serious consequences.

  • Is a DUI Fatality Manslaughter or Murder?
      Provided by: Kraut Law Group - DUI Defense

    A DUI accident that results in a fatality is a tragedy for all parties involved and their families. However, the particular factual circumstances surrounding the fatality will impact what type of criminal charges are ultimately filed.

  • Collateral Assignments in Respect of Credit Agreements: Belt or Suspender for Foreign Companies in Turkey?
      Provided by: Herdem Attorneys at Law

    Turkey has been one of the fastest growing economies during the course of the last decade.

  • Hiring a Caregiver
      Provided by: The Evans Law Firm, Inc.

    If you have been thinking of hiring a caregiver for yourself or someone you love, read the following tips before you make a decision.

  • Xarelto Side Effects Leading to Legal Effects
      Provided by: Baker & Zimmerman

    Even though Xarelto is a new drug on the market, the negative side effects have grown greater than those from Pradaxa. Both of these drugs have experienced bleeding issues with consumers because they are anticoagulants. The only difference between the legalities of the two drugs is that a lot of Pradaxa's cases have been settled while Xarelto's cases are just getting started and are unfortunately, firing up.

  • Google’s Privacy Policy Questioned
      Provided by: CSB Advocates

    European Union privacy regulators have been urging Google to refine its privacy policies for quite some time.

  • Brief Overview of Trademark Refusal in China
      Provided by: Borsam Intellectual Property

    As most of the countries do, the trademark registration process in China is also proceeded with both a formal examination and a substantive examination. Normally, the formal requirements is easily to be met, while the substantive requirements cover a lot and the fail to meet it often brings with an provisional trademark refusal/partial refusal.

  • You're Fired: Unfair Dismissal in Malaysia
      Provided by: Donovan & Ho

    An oft-repeated business mantra is “be slow to hire and quick to fire”. Unfortunately, what many managers do not realise is that a “quick to fire” approach also carries significant risks, especially in Malaysia, which does not adopt the principle of “at-will” employment. Trigger happy employers may soon find themselves at the wrong end of a lawsuit if they don’t take the appropriate steps and precautions prior to making the decision to terminate an employee.

  • Case Digest of Burton v. Rhode Island
      Provided by: The Bottaro Law Firm, LLC

    The Rhode Island Supreme Court held that a 17-year old trespasser on boarded up property who received sulfuric acid burns could not recover against the landowner under the attractive nuisance doctrine, because he appreciated the risk of his reckless actions. Burton v. Rhode Island, 80 A.3d 856 (R.I. 2013).

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