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Articles written by prominent law firms discussing the legal aspects, law events and news for the main industries and commerce worldwide

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  • About Blind Mules
      Provided by:

    The supply and transporting of illicit substances are growing issues within the world since the war on drugs failed. Criminals purchase drugs from one place where they are cheaply bought or grown and sell them in another at a higher price to provide thousands of drug users each year.

  • Crime of Grand Theft Auto
      Provided by:

    Crimes of theft have been around for hundreds of years to include the greater crimes of stealing large or expensive property and possessions. However, laws have become harsh when expensive vehicles are stolen by alleged thieves.

  • Crime of Robbery
      Provided by:

    The taking or attempting to take something of any value through the use of force, threats of force or through intimidating and fear has been determined to be a robbery by most states. It has also been defined through the removal of someone’s property or belongings with the intention of permanently depriving the owner of the property or belongings.

  • Differences between Kidnapping and Aggravated Kidnapping
      Provided by:

    Kidnapping is the instance when someone abducts another person for various reasons. The abductor often takes the victim to a remote or far-away place to ensure the person taken is not easily recognized or able to get away.

  • Disability Appeals Council
      Provided by:

    When a person has a claim for Social Security Disability, he or she most often has to face at least one rejection of the claim before any money may be seen to help with his or her situation. The process the case takes usually has very harsh judgment in determining if a person is eligible and approved for these benefits.

  • Federal Crime of Human Trafficking
      Provided by:

    Crimes of slavery have been perpetuated for hundreds of years in one form or another. Throughout history, these crimes have been accompanied by physical violence and oppression. As times have changed, slavery in its pure form was abolished through most of the world in the form of various laws or treaties.

  • Illegal Carrying of a Firearm
      Provided by:

    Firearms are associated with a right to carry in the United States with the belief that every person should be allowed one in his or her home. When the purchase process is legal, it usually requires an individual to complete an application, wait a period of time and then become permitted to own and use a firearm.

  • Child Abuse and Neglect/DCPP Matters in New Jersey
      Provided by: Lyons & Associates

    The goal of the New Jersey Division of Child Protection and Permanency (DCPP) is to protect children from abuse and neglect and work to provide a safe and stable home environment.

  • Steps for Filing a Workers' Comp Claim
      Provided by: Jeffrey S. Gross, Attorney at Law

    When a worker is hospitalized in connection with an injury sustained on the job, they are unable to work. Other injuries may be less serious but still hinder the ability of a worker to complete his or her duties.

  • Work-Related Car Accidents
      Provided by: Jeffrey S. Gross, Attorney at Law

    Some workers drive for a living while others may only occasionally do so to complete a work-related task. Under either scenario – in the event of a workplace car accident – injuries sustained by an employee can form the basis of a successful Workers’ Compensation claim.

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