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Ignition Interlock Devices: What You Need to Know

November 25, 2014     By Kraut Law Group - DUI Defense
An Ignition Interlock Device (“IID”) is a device that connects to a vehicle’s ignition and requires a breath sample from the driver in order to start the vehicle and to keep the car operating.

Sample Cell Phone Use While Driving Policy

November 25, 2014     By Evidence Solutions, Inc.
Our Company recognizes that the employees are our most valuable asset, and the most important contributors to our continued growth and success. Our Company is firmly committed to the safety of our employees. Our Company will do everything possible to prevent workplace accidents and is committed to providing a safe working environment for all employees.

Whistleblowing - A Silent Noise

November 25, 2014     By STA Law Firm
Should I not hear, as I lie down in dust, the horns of glory blowing above my burial? Contrad Aiken

Cancelled Real Estate Projects in Dubai

November 25, 2014     By STA Law Firm
The present article discusses cancelled real estate projects in Dubai and provides regulatory update on new law governing cancelled and stalled construction projects in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Debt Collection Proceedings in Spain under Civil Law and Employment/Labor Law

November 25, 2014     By Mariscal & Associates
Although debt collection proceedings in civil and employment labor law in Spain are proceedings with the same purpose they have some differences.

The Most Awaited Third Pillar Pension Scheme

November 25, 2014     By CSB Advocates
In light of the launch of a regulatory structure for private pensions forwarded by the MFSA the Minister for Finance Prof. Edward Scicluna recently launched the Third Pillar pension scheme, also referred to as the Personal Retirement Scheme which is accompanied by another scheme called the Individual Savings Account.

Drowsy Drivers are a Danger on Illinois Roads

November 24, 2014     By Botto Gilbert Gehris Lancaster, P.C.
Drowsy driving can be as dangerous as drunk driving. A lack of adequate sleep can affect the brain similarly to the ways alcohol consumption can affect it, such as slowing the individual's reaction time, decreasing his or her awareness of his or her surroundings, and negatively affecting his or her judgment.

DWI Over State Lines: Out-of-State Residents and DWI

November 24, 2014     By Reeves, Aiken, Hightower & Burns LLP
One complication that can make handling a DWI much harder is when the defendant is from another state. This raises numerous issues that may not have simple answers. Every state has slightly different laws, and these laws can change at any time, so it is difficult to know how some of these issues may be resolved. We will separate common types of issues that arise when cases occur across state lines.

New Illinois Laws Target Senior Care Complaints

November 24, 2014     By Salvi & Maher, LLC
As medical technology makes it possible for Americans to live longer lives every year, more and more individuals and their families turn to long-term care facilities to provide assisted living and on-site medical care during their later decades. These long-term care facilities are frequently known as nursing homes and can house disabled and injured individuals alongside the elderly.

General Overview of Russian Copyright Law

November 24, 2014     By Egorov, Mazavina, Petrov And Partners
In Russia, copyright issues are governed by Part IV of the Russian Civil Code ("CC") that became effective on January 1, 2008. It replaced the 1993 copyright law which, in turn, drew heavily upon provisions of the conventions of Berne and Rome regarding copyright and neighboring rights and the model laws of World Intellectual Property Organization ("WIPO").

Last Call for Non Resident Tax in Spain

November 24, 2014     By Abad & Asociados Abogados Y Economistas
If you own a property in Spain and you are non resident at tax purposes here, you are obliged to present and pay the Non Resident Tax Return, which must be filed and presented before the 31st of December each year.

If Your Debtor is a Resident of the Ukraine

November 24, 2014     By Kydalov & Partners
Debt collection is a complicated juridical procedure, especially if your debtor is in the other country. Along with the already familiar problems there are some additional aspects (like linguistic barrier, country’s specific legislation). It seems nearly impossible, but it can be solved easily. To solve the problem, a foreign businessman needs Ukrainian lawyers’ help.

Malta - A Jurisdiction for Private Equity Funds

November 24, 2014     By CSB Advocates
The MFSA is currently amending its legislative and regulatory framework in order to make Malta an efficient jurisdiction for structuring private equity funds.

Can I Sue for Being Catfished?

November 23, 2014     By HG.org
The story of Manti Te’o caught the attention of millions around the world as the professional football player’s story of his girlfriend, her death and the ultimate discovery of the falsity of it all. Similar stories that popped up in the media and in the life of the leading character in the MTV show of the same name have also brought this new phenomenon to the forefront of the public.

Russian Copyright Law: Transfer of Exclusive Rights

November 23, 2014     By Egorov, Mazavina, Petrov And Partners
Author's exclusive rights may be transferred either in full under an exclusive right transfer agreement (Part IV of the Russian Civil Code ("CC") Articles 1234 and 1285) or in part under a licensing agreement (CC Articles 1235 and 1286).

How Do I Qualify for Asylum?

November 22, 2014     By HG.org
Individuals who are presently in the United States who legitimately fear persecution in their home country may apply for asylum. However, before asylum is granted, an applicant must follow several requirements and meet eligibility guidelines.

What Is a Power of Attorney and Healthcare Proxy?

November 22, 2014     By HG.org
When a person hears the term “estate planning,” he or she often thinks about devising a will and maybe setting up a trust. For the most part, these tools focus primarily on what happens after a person passes away. However, much of creating an effective estate plan relies on having a plan in case you become incapacitated and are unable to make important decisions on your own. Two primary tools are used in this regard.

Informing Your Children About Your Divorce

November 21, 2014     By Ruvolo Law Group, LLC
Planning a divorce? How to tell your children about your divorce.

How Are Crimes Charged?

November 20, 2014     By Hebets & McCallin, PC
In order to get charged with a criminal offense in Colorado, the police are going to be involved in some way. This means any law enforcement agency.

Rhode Island's Push to Prevent Wrong-Way Auto Accidents

November 20, 2014     By d'Oliveira & Associates
Wrong-way auto accidents are some of the most serious types of collisions that occur on Rhode Island's highways. Seeing a vehicle traveling the wrong way and hurtling toward oncoming traffic at a high rate of speed can be terrifying. According to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), wrong-way accidents on divided highways are far more likely to result in deadly or serious injuries than any other type of car accidents.

Transamerica Life Insurance Co. Indexed Universal Life Insurance Policies

November 20, 2014     By The Evans Law Firm, Inc.
If you're wondering whether you should buy an indexed universal life insurance policy, read to find out why you might not want to.

Russian Antitrust Law: Prohibition of Monopolistic Behavior and Unfair Competition

November 20, 2014     By Egorov, Mazavina, Petrov And Partners
The Russian Law "On the Protection of Competition" (the "Competition Law") came into effect on October 26, 2006.

Important Differences Between Enforcement of Spousal Support Orders and Enforcement of Civil Judgments in California

November 19, 2014     By Evanns Collection Law Firm
Spousal support refers to an ongoing series of payments payable to one spouse over a specified duration of time after a divorce. For spousal support to be enforceable under California law, a judgment must first be entered by the court.

What Do You Do if There is a Nil Rate Band Trusts in a British Will?

November 19, 2014     By Purely Probate
Nil Rate Band trusts were often included in British Wills made before October 2007. Now they are no longer needed for inheritance tax planning. This article contains advice about what you should do if you are the executor or beneficiary of a Will which contains a nil rate band trust

Can I Get the Other Side to Pay My Attorneys’ Fees If I Win My Case?

November 19, 2014     By HG.org
While other countries may require the losing side to pay both sets of attorneys’ fees, in the United States, this is not usually the rule. Requiring the losing side to pay all attorneys’ fees and costs may serve as a deterrent for individuals to access the court system for justice and works against public policy.

What Does “Best Interests of the Child” Mean?

November 19, 2014     By HG.org
In the objective sense, the term “best interests of the child” pertains to the principles that are used to determine what will be best for a child in a particular circumstance. In general terms, the best interests of the child assessment is used to determine which services and orders will best serve the child.

Unlawful Provisions in Premarital Agreements

November 18, 2014     By Stange Law Firm, PC
it is vital that any attorney drafting a prenuptial agreement know about unlawful provisions. Otherwise, a client may later be unhappy if provisions of a premarital agreement, or an entire premarital agreement, is later deemed to be invalid because of the inclusion of unlawful provisions. In addition to the information provided in this article regarding unlawful provisions, any attorney should be careful that they are complying with the laws in their specific jurisdiction.

Performance of California Nursing Home Chains

November 18, 2014     By The Evans Law Firm, Inc.
Many nursing home chains in California have been shown to underperform when it comes to quality-of-care, staffing, and inspection measures.

Russian Antitrust Law: Important Considerations For Non-Russian Investors

November 18, 2014     By Egorov, Mazavina, Petrov And Partners
To successfully structure a cross-border transaction, it is important to do a careful antimonopoly law analysis at an early stage.

Illegal Activities of Employee Justify Dismissal?

November 18, 2014     By Angela Wang & Co.
When discussing unlawful conduct or illegal activities in relation to employment, most people will think of improper or wrongful conduct of employer eg. discrimination or harassment.

California's Loss of Tesla's $6 Billion Battery Factory

November 17, 2014     By Kassouni Law
A question of free market vs. government over-regulation to address the issue of environmental sustainability.

Parenting Time and the Upcoming Holidays

November 17, 2014     By O'Sullivan Law Group, LLC
The holidays can be stressful - add in the fact that you may be going through a divorce or separation. Here are some helpful hints to guide you through the holidays and parenting time in order to make the holidays pleasant for you and especially your children.

Firm Clean Desk Policy

November 17, 2014     By Evidence Solutions, Inc.
In today's technology world, almost every company uses computers, but there's still plenty of papers to sift through on your desk. Here's a sample of a Clean Desk policy which can be used in your organization.

Field Sobriety Tests

November 17, 2014     By Kraut Law Group - DUI Defense
Before a driver can be arrested for a DUI offense, the investigating officer must be able to form a reasonable suspicion that the driver is under the influence of alcohol or another intoxicating substance. This will be based on the officer’s observations of the driver’s appearance and demeanor and information about drinking or drug use the driver voluntarily provides when asked.

Distribution Agreements In Russia

November 17, 2014     By Egorov, Mazavina, Petrov And Partners
Distribution agreement is not a concept that is well-developed in Russia. There is not an established court guidance on most of the terms and conditions a reasonable non-Russian supplier seeks to include into the distribution agreement.

Patentability of Business Methods in Ukraine

November 17, 2014     By IPStyle
In different countries Patentability of business methods has always been the subject of controversy. Ukraine is not exception of this rule.

Visa Appeal: An Important Part of Immigration in Bangladesh

November 17, 2014     By Advocate Md Mahmudul Hasan and Associates
Immigration laws are very important factor for the developing countries who used to export manpower to developed countries. In the developed countries, the immigration practices are handled by skilled lawyers but unfortunately in Bangladesh it is mainly handled by brokers,agents, Travel Agencies and illiterate people. That is why the applicants are not getting proper legal advice and facing serious problems as well as harassment regarding Immigration matters.

Battery Domestic Violence with Strangulation in Las Vegas, Nevada

November 16, 2014     By Goodman Law Group, P.C.
Battery domestic violence is a misdemeanor case in Las Vegas Nevada. But a domestic battery by strangulation is taken more seriously and can result in a felony charge.

Can I Get a Green Card If I Have a Criminal Record?

November 16, 2014     By HG.org
Individuals who are pursuing permanent resident status may be deterred if they are convicted of a crime. While a misdemeanor conviction may not bar a person from still obtaining resident status, certain convictions may prevent a person from being approved for permanent residence status or possible cause the person to be subject to removal.

Can a Cop Use a Drug Sniff Dog at My Traffic Stop?

November 16, 2014     By HG.org
The Fourth Amendment protects individuals from unreasonable searches and seizures. However, the United States Supreme Court has held that a drug dog sniff that is conducted during a lawful traffic stop does not constitute a search as an individual does not have a reasonable expectation of privacy in illegal contraband within a vehicle. However, there are specific rules that police officers must follow when bringing a dog sniff dog to the scene.

What Are the Benefits of a Living Revocable Trust?

November 16, 2014     By HG.org
Many individuals choose to use a living revocable trust as part of their estate plan or for other purposes. Such trusts provide distinct advantages over wills or other devices.

Can an Employer Refuse to Hire Me for Having a Felony?

November 16, 2014     By HG.org
Individuals who have been convicted of a felony often experience difficulty in securing employment because many employers choose not to hire them. Just as employers may have policies in place that may result in termination upon the conviction of a felony, they may also have policies that weigh against hiring convicted felons. However, a series of laws may prevent an employer from having a blanket policy against discriminating against employees who have been convicted of a felony.

Too Often, Medical Malpractice Due to Misdiagnosis Goes Unreported

November 16, 2014     By Briskman Briskman & Greenberg
People who are injured as a result of medical negligence are entitled to seek compensation through a lawsuit. However, in the vast majority of medical malpractice cases, a lawsuit is never filed. In fact, in the case of misdiagnosis – one of the most common types of medical errors – the patient may not be aware that a mistake occurred, and the error itself may go unreported.

Work Permits Under Wet Lease Agreements for Oil Exploration Operations in Turkey

November 16, 2014     By Herdem Attorneys at Law
As part of exploration operations of multinational companies, wet lease agreements are gaining more importance especially in oil and gas industry and foreign carriers who takes part in such operations are still not clear about either their employees require work permit or not, in cases where they entered into a subcontractor and wet lease agreement with Turkish air carriers for air transport works to be conducted under exploration operations.

Texas Child Support Modification: Family Law IN Texas

November 14, 2014     By Alimohammad & Zafar, PLLC
Top things to consider when seeking legal representation in a Texas Child Support Modification. We also explain the typical costs involved in a Child Support Modification case and important factors worth considering when trying to determine if a family law attorney is going to be a good fit.

Reasonable Suspicion in DWI Cases

November 13, 2014     By Goldstein, Goldstein & Hilley
Law enforcement officers are adamant about cracking down on drunk drivers. But what is considered reasonable suspicion when making those stops? Reasonable suspicion can be complicated in DWI cases, but officers must believe some form of criminal activity has taken place before a stop can be made.

Evidence Needed for a Family Violence Protective Order

November 13, 2014     By Goldstein, Goldstein & Hilley
Seeking a protective order after an instance of family violence can be complex. A protective order can be used to help a victim of family violence feel safer by restricting his or her interactions with the alleged abuser. However, there are several elements that must be proven to ensure a court would approve a protective order.

How Do I Qualify for Prosecutorial Discretion in My Immigration Case?

November 13, 2014     By HG.org
In many cases, pursing prosecutorial discretion is a last-ditch effort to avoid being removed from the country. This pursuit asks the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement use its discretion to the benefit of the immigrant.

Investments Into Crimea

November 13, 2014     By Egorov, Mazavina, Petrov And Partners
Pursuant to a treaty of accession between the Russian Federation, Crimea and Sevastopol dated March 18, 2014 Crimea and Sevastopol became integral parts of the Russian Federation as two separate new Russian regions. As such, they fall under the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation.

New Developments To Russian Personal Data Law

November 13, 2014     By Egorov, Mazavina, Petrov And Partners
In July 2014, the Russian legislative authorities have adopted a set of amendments to the Federal Law "On Information, Information Technologies, and Information Protection" and to the Federal Law "On Personal Data" ("Amendments to Personal Data Law").

Can Incidents of Medical Negligence be Reduced if NHS Trusts Shared More Data on Medical Errors?

November 13, 2014     By Wright Hassall
It would be a truth universally acknowledged among sensible people that the sharing of information on best practice, and the identification of meaningful trends gleaned from data, can only be a bonus for all organisations regardless of operation - and none more so than the NHS.

Possession of Drug Paraphernalia in New Jersey

November 13, 2014     By John B. Fabriele, III, LLC - Attorney at Law
A discussion about what constitutes drug paraphernalia in New Jersey, as well as the penalties and consequences.

Potentially Misleading Advertisement for Indexed Universal Life Policies by Insurance Marketing Organizations

November 12, 2014     By The Evans Law Firm, Inc.
Insurance marketing organizations may have been providing misleading Indexed Universal Life policy ads.

Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation Announces 2015 Premium Rate Increases on the Heels of Two Multiemployer Plan Bailouts

November 12, 2014     By ERISA Benefits Consulting, Inc
The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) has published updated premium rates for 2015 on its website, and per person rates in single-employer and multiemployer plans are scheduled to go up for next year. These rate hikes come amid action recently taken by the PBGC to financially assist two multiemployer plans facing insolvency.

Taxation, Import, Export and Transfers under Turkish Petroleum Law

November 12, 2014     By Herdem Attorneys at Law
The Turkish Petroleum Law, a touchstone for goals of attracting foreign investors to Turkish petroleum industry entered into force on 11 June 2013 and has been introduced as a revolution in oil and gas industry as it was leveling the playing field for foreign investors and removing the privileged rights of the state company.

DUI and the Military

November 10, 2014     By Kraut Law Group - DUI Defense
One frequent concern that those arrested for driving under the influence may have is what effect a DUI conviction would have on a potential military career.

Driver's License Suspension in Tarrant County, Texas

November 10, 2014     By Jack Byno, Attorney at Law
The Texas Department of Public Safety may suspend your driver's license for a number of reasons. If you are a Tarrant County driver whose license is in danger of being suspended, DPS will notify you of this development. You may request a hearing if you want to challenge your looming DL suspension in the Justice Court, but in the case that your license is already suspended, a lawyer may be able to seek you an Occupational DL, or Essential Need License.

Shipping Insurance and Reinsurance Clauses

November 10, 2014     By Parris Whittaker, Attorney at Law
How will the courts interpret shipping insurance clauses, particularly typhoon and storm warranties?

An Introduction to Personal Guarantee in the UAE

November 10, 2014     By Al Rowaad Advocates & Legal Consultancy
The economic boom in UAE has resulted in huge developments and a considerable increase in trade. This in turn has led to a rise in transactions which require a fast debt recovery mechanism.

How To Collect From an Individual Who Moved Out of California

November 9, 2014     By Evanns Collection Law Firm
Unpaid debt is a sad fact of life: sad for the debtor who will end up with a damaged credit rating and reputation; sadder still for the creditor, who conveyed a product or service of value and gets nothing in return. After diligently seeking remuneration from the debtor, the creditor is sometimes forced to bring the outstanding debt into a California court of law.

Collecting on a Supreme Court Judgment in California

November 9, 2014     By Evanns Collection Law Firm
It is often said that obtaining a judgment in a California Supreme Court civil case is only half of the process. Once you obtain judgment, you have official proof you won the case and that the defendant owes you money or property. Now you have to collect.

Collecting A Judgment From an Employer in California

November 9, 2014     By Evanns Collection Law Firm
A large part of our judgment collection law practice is collection of labor awards, or more specifically enforcement labor judgments. Essentially, these result when an employer fails to properly pay an employee for wages, overtime pay, or otherwise violates California labor laws.

Family Limited Partnerships and Divorce: Structuring the Division

November 8, 2014     By Stange Law Firm, PC
Family Limited Partnerships can present unique challenges in divorce litigation relative to the division of property and debt. It is vital to understand the key components, their structure and various valuation methods in order to effectively represent a client where a Family Limited Partnership is part of divorce proceedings.

Equity Indexed Universal Life Insurance Is Not For Most People

November 7, 2014     By The Evans Law Firm, Inc.
Indexed Universal Life Insurance policies are unsuitable for most people. Read on to find out why.

Foreign Skilled Technicians and Experts Under the Board of Investment in Thailand

November 7, 2014     By Siam Legal International
The Investment Promotion Act of B.E. 2520 (1977) allows three categories for foreigners to enter Thailand in addition to the standard immigration rules. Section 24 of the Act allows for foreigners to enter the country in order to survey investment opportunities. Section 25 allows foreigners who are skilled technicians or experts (and their dependents) to enter the country to work for a company that has been promoted by the Board of Investment (BOI).

Malaysia – Novelty Test Clarified by Court of Appeal

November 6, 2014     By Patrick Mirandah Co.
The Court of Appeal in Malaysia reversed the High Court’s decision in SKB Shutters Manufacturing Sdn Bhd v Seng Kong Shutter Industries Sdn Bhd & Anor [2011] 4 CLJ.

Securities and Exchange Commission’s Whistleblower Program Is No Joke

November 6, 2014     By The Evans Law Firm, Inc.
The Securities & Exchange Commission's whistleblower program is proving itself to be a force to be reckoned with.

Why is Michael Phelps Going to Trial?

November 6, 2014     By Hebets & McCallin, PC
For those of you who have not been following this story, let me catch you up. Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympic athlete in modern history, was charged with his second DUI on September 20th, 2014.

Inheritance Law in Turkey

November 6, 2014     By Ongur Ergan Law & Consulting Office
The rising number of marriages between Turkish citizens and foreigners brings in issues related to marriages of this type. From a legal point of view, the two important issues as regards to this may be the distribution of matrimonial property and inheritance. Under this topic we will basically address the issue of inheritance in Turkey, in line with the growing number of demands of legal assistance from our office.

Singapore and EPO sign Patent Prosecution Highway, Effective January 2015

November 5, 2014     By Patrick Mirandah Co.
Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH), which is a mutual agreement between two offices allowing applicants to request a fast-track examination by using the examination conducted by the other office or vice versa, has been continuously gaining popularity worldwide as an alternative route to expedite the examination of a patent application.

Singapore Amends Copyright Laws

November 5, 2014     By Patrick Mirandah Co.
Singapore Parliament in July 2014 amended its copyright laws by strengthening its position against online piracy. The new law intends to provide copyright owners with better ability and effective means to protect their rights in the online space.

Child Emancipation and Disability in Colorado

Colorado child emancipation and disability cases can be complicated ones. This article addresses the basic issues with respect to state law.

Elder Abuse and Fraud Prevention

November 5, 2014     By The Evans Law Firm, Inc.
12 tips to help prevent elder abuse and fraud.

Passing Off: What’s in a Name?

November 5, 2014     By Parris Whittaker, Attorney at Law
Commercial disputes increasingly involve copyright and patent issues, reflecting the high value attached to the intellectual property of a business.

Foreign Employees will Gain the Right of Sick Pay in Russia

November 5, 2014     By Levine Bridge Law Firm
Next year, foreign citizens in Russia will be more protected from the medical point of view. The Ministry of Labor has prepared a project under which employers next year will be to deduct contributions to the social security fund for foreign workers in the amount of 1.8% of the salary fund.

Liability for Organizing the Illegal Employment of Foreigners May Be Tightened in Russia

November 5, 2014     By Levine Bridge Law Firm
For repeated violations, organizations in Russia illegally employing foreign nationals or stateless persons will be held criminally liable; and the relevant bill had been submitted to the Duma.

New Rules for the Registration of Russian Citizens

November 5, 2014     By Levine Bridge Law Firm
As of August 27th, apartment owners are required to notify the relevant departments of the FMS not only about foreigners living in the apartment, but also about citizens of the Russian Federation living in the apartment, in the event their period of stay in the apartment exceeds 90 day.

Notice Period of Employment of Foreign Workers Will Be Reduced in Russia

November 5, 2014     By Levine Bridge Law Firm
Employers may be required to notify the tax authorities of the employment situation of foreign workers in the three-day period, the relevant bill was submitted to the Duma.

Testing Foreign Citizens in the Russian Language, History and Basic Understanding of Russian Law

November 5, 2014     By Levine Bridge Law Firm
Testing of foreign citizens in the Russian language, history and basic understanding of Russian law. In the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation the issue of control over the organization where foreign citizens are tested for knowledge of Russian language was discussed. This issue is particularly relevant in relation to foreign citizens who hold certification, but are not able to speak in Russian.

Simplified Admission to Citizenship of the Russian Federation by Foreign Entrepreneurs and Investors

November 5, 2014     By Levine Bridge Law Firm
Russian Ministry of Economic Development has identified economic activities, the implementation of which the individual entrepreneurs and foreign investors are entitled to receive a simple Russian citizenship.

The State Duma Extends the Notification of Dual Citizenship Deadline

November 5, 2014     By Levine Bridge Law Firm
We remind you that until October 4, Russian citizens were obliged to report that they have foreign citizenship or residency in another country.

Indexed Universal Life Polices: Sales Illustrations Problems

November 4, 2014     By The Evans Law Firm, Inc.
Prospected high returns promoted by Indexed Universal Life policies (IULs) sales illustrations may not be that high in reality.

Georgia Court of Appeals Decides Against Material Supplier

November 4, 2014     By Cobb Law Group
A recent decision by the Georgia Court of Appeals has given homeowners loop-hole against lien claims as the lien claimant's summary judgment against the homeowner was reversed.

Sample Computer and Email Usage Policy

November 3, 2014     By Evidence Solutions, Inc.
In today's technology world, almost every company uses computers. Here is a sample Computer and Email Usage Policy.

Great Texas Warrant Roundup

November 3, 2014     By Jack Byno, Attorney at Law
In the Dallas County City of Addison, police are preparing for this year's Great Texas Warrant Roundup. During this annual event, law enforcement works to locate and arrest motorists with pending traffic warrants. If you have been issued a warrant by the Municipal Court, a local attorney may be able to post bond for you and get your warrant lifted so that you may avoid arrest during this year's roundup.

Can I Be Certain that I Acquired the Property?

November 3, 2014     By Jalsovszky Law Firm
Before purchasing a real property it is obvious that the purchaser examines whether the seller is the registered owner of the property and whether the title deed lists any encumbrances relating to the property. If, however, the investigation stops at this point and does not cover the transaction on the basis of which the seller acquired the property, the purchaser may face some unpleasant surprises.

Portable Electronic Devices are Allowed at Turkish Airline Companies

November 2, 2014     By Herdem Attorneys at Law
After the European Aviation Safety Agency (“EASA”) has announced that it allows electronic devices to remain “On” and “Connected” throughout the flights on 26 September 2014, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation of Turkey (“DGCA”) was expected by Turkish airline companies to issue a guidance on this issue.

An Introduction to Corporate Guarantee in the UAE

November 2, 2014     By Al Rowaad Advocates & Legal Consultancy
Strong relationships with customers remain the key to successful contractual lending and borrowing arrangements in the UAE. However, lending on the strength of relationship (or name) alone is not economically viable or justified.

Mental Stress Injuries under the New York State Workers' Compensation Law

November 1, 2014     By Brune Law Office
The New York State Workers' Compensation Law provides for indemnity and medical benefits if a claim is found to be work related. One of the more controversial aspects of a work related claim occurs when an injured worker alleges stress, anxiety or depression as a result of employment.

Seniors and Elders Remain Alert for Annuity & Insurance Scams

October 31, 2014     By The Evans Law Firm, Inc.
In the world of investment, seniors and elders are prime targets for financial scams. To protect yourself, read on to learn about the different schemes.

Residence Permits for Foreigners in Turkey

October 31, 2014     By E&G International Law Firm
According to the residence statement general term, which is regulated in Article 3, foreigners intending to live and/or work in Turkey are required to obtain a residence permit. If visa exemption or the term stated in their visa is adequate, foreign visitors may stay in Turkey for 90 days without residence permit (either consecutively or separately) per 180-day period.

Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Court Judgments and Awards in Turkey

October 31, 2014     By E&G International Law Firm
The issue of recognition and enforcement of foreign court judgments and arbitration awards in Turkey is one of the most vital final key points in international transactions in case the object of the transaction (i.e. the aircraft, goods, assets of debtor, marriage) is situated and the defendant or debtor having its assets and principal place of business in Turkey when the time comes to regaining of the title or to enforce any foreign court judgment or award.

Employment (Labour) Contracts in Turkey

October 31, 2014     By E&G International Law Firm
As Turkey maintains economic stability and growth for almost five years, the confidence of the foreign investors raised and new direct investments are executed more often. In this context employee related issues are of consideration to foreign investors and significance of the Turkish Labor Code (‘TLC’) elevate accordingly. Therefore we would like to briefly inform foreign investors regarding the precautions that shall be thought over while hiring and firing employees in Turkey.

Indexed Universal Life Sellers Promise Higher Gains Than Actually Expected

October 30, 2014     By The Evans Law Firm, Inc.
Sellers of Indexed Universal Life policies have been projecting higher gains than what buyers may actually receive.

Missing a DUI Court Date

October 30, 2014     By Kraut Law Group - DUI Defense
When someone is arrested and cited for a DUI offense, the driver typically is released from jail the next morning and given a citation with a future court date. Generally, the arrested driver must sign a notice to appear showing that he or she is aware of the future court date and that he or she promises to appear in court on the scheduled arraignment date. Missing this court date can carry serious consequences.

Is a DUI Fatality Manslaughter or Murder?

October 30, 2014     By Kraut Law Group - DUI Defense
A DUI accident that results in a fatality is a tragedy for all parties involved and their families. However, the particular factual circumstances surrounding the fatality will impact what type of criminal charges are ultimately filed.

Collateral Assignments in Respect of Credit Agreements: Belt or Suspender for Foreign Companies in Turkey?

October 30, 2014     By Herdem Attorneys at Law
Turkey has been one of the fastest growing economies during the course of the last decade.

Hiring a Caregiver

October 29, 2014     By The Evans Law Firm, Inc.
If you have been thinking of hiring a caregiver for yourself or someone you love, read the following tips before you make a decision.

Xarelto Side Effects Leading to Legal Effects

October 29, 2014     By Baker & Zimmerman
Even though Xarelto is a new drug on the market, the negative side effects have grown greater than those from Pradaxa. Both of these drugs have experienced bleeding issues with consumers because they are anticoagulants. The only difference between the legalities of the two drugs is that a lot of Pradaxa's cases have been settled while Xarelto's cases are just getting started and are unfortunately, firing up.

Google’s Privacy Policy Questioned

October 29, 2014     By CSB Advocates
European Union privacy regulators have been urging Google to refine its privacy policies for quite some time.

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