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How to Choose a Defense Attorney

July 27, 2015     By Dan Carman, Attorney at Law, PLLC
Just like you wouldn’t visit a podiatrist to treat an ear infection, you shouldn’t go to a tax attorney if you want to sue the driver who rear-ended your car. There are many areas of law and a lot of different types of lawyers who deal with them. When your freedom is on the line, it’s important to seek the correct representation.

Lawsuits Over Cyberbullying

July 27, 2015     By HG.org
For generations, bullying has been a problem on the playground and in the classroom. However, with more children having access to electronic devices, a new form of bullying has formed: cyberbullying. This form of bullying can sometimes rise to the level of a criminal offense or a tort in which the parents of a bullied child may be able to recover on a monetary level for the suffering their child has endured.

How Can an EU Citizen Reside in Bulgaria?

July 27, 2015     By Delchev & Partners
Following the accession of Bulgaria to the European Union (“EU”) every national of an EU Member State (i.e. every EU citizen) can freely enter and exit Bulgaria with only a valid personal identity card or passport.

Fixed-term Employment Agreement For Substitution

July 27, 2015     By Delchev & Partners
When it comes to fixed-term employment agreements Bulgarian labour legislation is traditionally highly restrictive. Usually a fixed-term employment agreement is defined as an employment agreement with a short duration aimed at satisfying an employer’s temporary and exceptional need of manpower.

Worried about Employees Taking Advantage of Your Business?

July 27, 2015     By Summerfield Browne Solicitors
Employers should be aware that terms may be implied into an employment contract in circumstances where there are no equivalent express terms agreed between the parties. A term may be implied into an employment contract by common law or statute and they fall into the following categories: (i) terms implied in fact; (ii) terms implied by law; (iii) terms implied by custom and practice; and (iv) terms implied or modified by statute.

Termination Agreement – The Alternative to Dismissal

July 27, 2015     By GRP Rainer LLP
Unlike in the event of a dismissal/termination, the employment relationship is brought to an end on a mutually amicable basis in cases involving an agreement to terminate a contract. However, for this purpose certain requirements have to be contractually fulfilled.

Medical Malpractice Litigation in the U.A.E.

July 26, 2015     By Karbal & Co.
Federal Law no. 10 of 2008 on Medical Liability regulates medical liability in the United Arab Emirates. Article 15 of the Federal Law no. 10 of 2008 establishes the High Committee on Medical Liability (the “Committee”) and it is made up of consultant physicians selected by the Cabinet.

Debt Collectors Being Sued for Harassment

July 24, 2015     By HG.org
Debt collectors sometimes use aggressive tactics to secure funds for their clients. However, if they overstep their legal bounds, they may be subject to harassment charges or other causes of action.

How to Stop Child Support

July 24, 2015     By HG.org
Every state recognizes that each parent is responsible for providing support for their children, whether the child lives with each parent or not. However, there are many circumstances when the family court should no longer have jurisdiction of the case or when child support should otherwise end.

Labour Immigration to Austria for Highly Qualified Individuals under the "Red-White-Red" Card

July 24, 2015     By Rihs Rechtsanwalt
A well accepted and successful labour immigration scheme is the Austrian Red-White-Red-card, a national equivalent to the EU Blue Card. The Red-White-Red card is issued to third-country-nationals who intend to access the Austrian labour market and permanently settle in Austria and who fulfil the legal criteria. It may be granted for employees as well as self-employed applicants.

Berliner Testament: Unilateral Changes Not Possible

July 24, 2015     By GRP Rainer LLP
Husbands and wives can reciprocally appoint each other as sole heirs in a so-called “Berliner Testament” (Berlin will). However, married couples must also bear in mind that unilateral changes are not possible at a later date.

Class Actions: Nuisance or Necessity?

July 24, 2015     By Bromberg Law Office, P.C.
Are Class Actions a nuisance or necessity? In this article I will discuss what class actions are and why they are an indispensable tool of defense against injuries suffered due to bad business practices.

Why Should an Entrepreneur Work With An Attorney to Start Their New Company?

Most entrepreneurs and new business owners are working on tight budget and simply want to spend the least amount of time and money selecting a business entity and getting to work. After all, isn’t it as simple as downloading a few forms, filling in the blanks and submitting the corporate documents to the Secretary of State? Why would the owners of a new company want to spend the money to consult with an attorney?

Inheritance Laws

July 23, 2015     By HG.org
Inheritance laws are determined on the state level. These laws come into effect when the person who died left no will or his or her will is invalidated due to not following legal formalities, being the product of undue influence or duress, the testator lacking the requisite capacity or for other reasons as determined under state law. Additionally, some inheritance laws take effect even if a valid will was left and if the will says something that contradicts state law.

How Do Hot Check Laws Work?

July 23, 2015     By HG.org
Hot checks cost the local and national economy millions of dollars in lost funds that were due for goods and services from individuals and businesses. In response to this epidemic, states across the country have enacted strict hot check laws that are meant to punish the individual who writes worthless checks.

Non-Competition Compensation can be Prepaid in the Salary in Shanghai?

July 23, 2015     By Mylink Law Office
Due to the disclosure of confidential information belonging to the employer or improper use of the confidential information by the employee,employee and employer reach a non-competition agreement,but the employee shall pay the non-competition compensation after the employee leaves the employer.

How to Protect Unregistered Trademark which is Squatted in China

July 23, 2015     By Mylink Law Office
In our experience in dealing with trademark disputes, we have seen frequent occurrence of trademarks squatted by business partners, competitors and even employees due to the delay in filing the same for registration by the clients. After this situation happens, the clients will be eager to know if there is any chance to get back the trademark and in case of legal action, what will be chance for success.

Recent Absestos Removal Violation Case

July 23, 2015     By Brookman, Rosenberg, Brown & Sandler
Certified Environmental Services Inc., a New York asbestos abatement testing company, recently pled guilty in federal court to negligence for releasing asbestos into the atmosphere.

Failure to Disclose in California Real Estate Transactions

California places heavy legal responsibilities on the seller in a real estate transaction to provide “meaningful disclosures” about the property they are attempting to sell. The failure to disclose known defects or issues that affect the “value or desirability” of the property can result in substantial liability to seller and their agent(s), and often result in litigation. It is not appropriate for a seller to simply list a property “as-is.”

Resolving Breach of Contract Without Expensive and Time Consuming Litigation

There are definitely reasons to consider filing a breach of contract lawsuit even though you intend to find another path to resolve the situation. Filing the lawsuit puts the breaching party on notice that you are serious about holding them accountable, and may strengthen their resolve to cooperate to find a positive solution to the breach.

The Concept of ‘Advertising’ and Unfair Competition Rules in Bulgaria

July 23, 2015     By Delchev & Partners
The Concept of ‘Advertising’ and Unfair Competition Rules in Bulgaria

Supplements to the Sale of Products in the Light of Unfair Competition Rules in Bulgaria

July 23, 2015     By Delchev & Partners
Art. 36 of the Bulgarian Protection of Competition Act (PCA) is titled “unfair soliciting of clients”. It is a part of the unfair competition rules in Bulgarian law and contains four paragraphs providing for four different prohibitions. One of these prohibitions relates to supplements offered or given upon the sale of a product.

What Assets Are Protected from Divorce Settlements

July 22, 2015     By HG.org
Family courts around the country recognize that spouses own some property that is separate from what they accumulated as a marital couple. Those assets that comprise the marital estate are subject to division at the time of divorce while separate property is generally excluded from a divorce award.

Criminal Charges for Issuing a Bad Electronic Funds Transfer

July 22, 2015     By Law Offices of Michele Finizio
A new law went into effect in New Jersey last year, which makes it a criminal offense to issue a bad electronic funds transfer.

Child Support Involving Surrogate Mothers

July 22, 2015     By Huesman, Jones and Miles, LLC
The recent child support ruling against Sherri Shepherd, former co-host of The View, may set a new precedent for future divorce and child support cases involving surrogate mothers.

Can You Be Fired for Incomplete FMLA Paperwork?

July 22, 2015     By Murphy Law Group, LLC
Court decision gives Pennsylvania workers more protection.

New Car Seat Law in New Jersey

July 22, 2015     By Jay L. Edelstein, Attorney At Law
Many parents may be surprised to find out that they are not doing everything possible to keep their children protected from personal injury in a car accident.

Supreme Court's Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Will Affect How Ohio Hospitals Choose Decision-Makers

July 22, 2015     By Robison, Curphey & O'Connell, LLC
On June 26, 2015, the United States Supreme Court held that the Fourteenth Amendment requires all States to license same-sex marriages and to recognize same-sex marriages lawfully performed in other States. See Obergefell v. Hodges, 576 U.S. (2015). At first glance, this landmark decision appears far removed from the day-to-day care provided in Ohio’s hospitals. But it is not.

Does Your Employee Handbook Violate the National Labor Relations ACT?

July 22, 2015     By Robison, Curphey & O'Connell, LLC
Over the past several years, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has been taking a more active role in the non-union workplace, including decisions on whether provision of employers’ handbooks or work rules violate the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA).

Social Media Best Practices for Healthcare Providers

July 22, 2015     By Robison, Curphey & O'Connell, LLC
Social media continues to change how we communicate.

Arbitration Clauses: Do They Trump Other Requirements?

July 22, 2015     By Parris Whittaker, Attorney at Law
A recent ruling in the UK’s High Court highlights the importance of arbitration clauses and agreements in commercial disputes, and clarifies when they take precedence.

Property Investors in Dubai may Withhold Payment of Due Installments

July 22, 2015     By Motei & Associates, Attorneys at Law
A property investor in Dubai may withhold payment of due installments whilst the developer is in breach of his contractual obligations.

Recent China Trademark Cases

July 22, 2015     By MMLC Group
Recent important trademark cases dealt with in China, or touching on Chinese companies.

Termination of Employment Agreement Due to Staff Reduction in Bulgaria

July 22, 2015     By Delchev & Partners
Staff reduction is one of the most common grounds used for termination of employment agreements by the employers with a termination notice for convenience. The reason for this lies in the statutory right of the employer to organize the workflow and to determine the staff number and schedule at his own discretion.

Registration of Immovable Property in Albania

July 22, 2015     By LPA Law Firm
In accordance with law no. 33/2012 “On the Registration of Immovable Property” immovable property should be registered in the immovable property register. This register is open to the public and is administrated by local Immovable Property Registration Offices. The local Immovable Property Registration Offices report to the Immovable Property Registration Office which is governed by a Board of Directors and the Chief Registrar.

Property Easements

July 22, 2015     By Harvey I. Stern, Attorney At Law
An introduction to the different types of property easements, how to determine their location on a parcel of land, and what is required of the property owner.

Statutes of Limitation on Back Child Support

July 21, 2015     By HG.org
State laws determine how and when a person can be ordered to pay child support. Additionally, these laws dictate the window in which a person can collect arrearages.

California Craft Distillery Law and the Craft Distiller’s Act of 2015

July 21, 2015     By The Law Offices of R. Sebastian Gibson
Until fairly recently, Prohibition-era laws have governed the liquor industry in California. As a result of amendments to these laws, craft breweries are now allowed to offer tastings and sell beer to customers. At present, however, distilleries of liquor can hold tastings, selling quarter-ounce samples, but still cannot make a direct sale of larger amounts to their customers. That is about to change if the Craft Distiller’s Act of 2015, AB 1295 passes and is signed into law.

Litigation in Virtual and Augmented Reality

July 21, 2015     By Robison, Curphey & O'Connell, LLC
What the internet is today to lawyers is an established disruption of prior ways of practice. The internet has now been around long enough to where services and products have matured to make lawyers’ lives more efficient and productive.

How to Terminate an Employment Agreement when Closing Down an Enterprise in Bulgaria

July 21, 2015     By Delchev & Partners
Nowadays, due to the continuing world economic crisis, unfortunately, the business phenomenon of “closing down an enterprise/a part of an enterprise” is a really common practice. This inevitably imposes the need of termination and settlement of the employment relations between the company which is closing down and its employees.

Binary Options Trading in Malta

July 21, 2015     By CSB Advocates
Trading in binary options is considered to be a high risk practice and therefore the MFSA has issued a circular setting out additional conditions in this regard which complement those conditions set out for Investment Services Providers within the Investment Services Rules.

UCITS – ESMA Developing a Common Understanding on Share Classes

July 21, 2015     By CSB Advocates
On the 23rd of December 2014 the European Securities and Markets Authority ("ESMA") published a discussion paper on share classes of UCITS Funds with a view to developing a common understanding of what constitutes a share class of a UCITS Fund.

Collective Agreements in Spain

July 21, 2015     By Mariscal Abogados
Collective agreements are agreements between unions and employers that establish wages, work schedule and other work conditions. Additionally, these agreements allow the adjustment of the rules of the company’s business sector.

How to Protect Your Business from Exploitation by Employees

July 20, 2015     By Summerfield Browne Solicitors
Are you concerned that if some of your key employees left, they would be able to exploit know how gained while working for you, at the expense of your business? If so, then read this article to see how you can protect your business.

To Hire or Not to Hire: Independent Contractors Versus Employees

July 20, 2015     By Jurado & Farshchian, P.L.
Most of the time, hiring an independent contractor for your business is a means of providing a temporary subject matter expert who can provide some measure of unique support. While some businesses do continue to retain employees of this type that have provided vast contributions to an organization this is not usually the case.

Mareva or Freezing Injunctions in the Cayman Islands

July 19, 2015     By Loeb Smith
A mareva or freezing injunction is an interim court order, restraining a party from dealing with, or removing, assets from the jurisdiction. Such an order is normally applied for on an ex parte basis (or without notice to the respondent) in order to avoid the risk of the dissipation of the assets which the injunction is intended to cover.

Divorce and How it Affects 401(K) Plans and Retirement Funds

July 19, 2015     By Rechel & Associates, P.A.
401K and retirement, along with any other type of savings benefit or pension program that us meant for retirement, are all considered to potentially be marital assets, according to Florida law.

How to Get a Divorce Without Losing Your Life’s Savings

July 19, 2015     By Rechel & Associates, P.A.
Many people want to get divorced, but put off filing paperwork due to the costs associated. However, there are other ways to handle a divorce.

The Latest Development and Tax Issues of Islamic Bond Market in Hong Kong

July 19, 2015     By Masson de Morfontaine
Islamic finance is one of the fastest growing sectors in the international financial market. Given the strategic importance and influence of the Middle East investors, Islamic finance is increasingly in demand by investors wanting investment and financing products compliant with Islamic law (known as “Shariah”).

Changes in Advertising Law of Russia

July 19, 2015     By Capital Legal Services, L.L.C.
Provisions of the Advertising Law are detailed as regards limiting the sound level for advertisements entered into effect on May 25, 2015. Illegal use of intellectual property in advertising does not violate advertising laws. Stricter liability for credit institutions for violations in advertising financial services.

What Is the Sequential Evaluation Process in Social Security Disability Claims?

July 17, 2015     By HG.org
The Social Security Administration utilizes a five-step sequential process in which the administration determines whether a claimant meets the definition for being disabled. The steps are followed in the exact order. If a decision is made at any step, the other steps remain uncompleted. However, if the Social Security Administration is unable to make a determination, representatives continue to the next step.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Joint Tenancy?

July 17, 2015     By HG.org
Joint tenancy is one type of concurrent ownership in which two or more individuals own the property simultaneously. Joint tenancy provides a number of benefits to co-owners. However, it also poses certain risks.

To Bank or not to Bank? Maltese Law Rules Governing the Banking of Work Hours

July 17, 2015     By CSB Advocates
Annualisation of hours is a term used to describe a contract which states the agreed number of guaranteed hours the employee is contracted to work through a twelve month period. Annualisation schemes are implicitly promoted both by EU Legislation on working time and by EU policies and recommendations, which – among others – allow EU Member Countries to adopt flexible working time schedules.

Legality of Nuptial Agreements in Hong Kong

July 16, 2015     By Angela Wang & Co.
Nuptial agreements are agreements made before (ie. pre-nuptial agreements) or during marriage (ie. post-nuptial or separation agreements) which often include provisions for division of assets and spousal support in the event of divorce.

Commercial Contracts: Implied Terms

July 16, 2015     By Parris Whittaker, Attorney at Law
No term would be implied into a contract, requiring a bank to use reasonable care to obtain the best price it could when asserting its right of forced sale of a limited partnership, the UK’s High Court has said.

Top Eight Reasons You May Need Startup Attorneys

July 16, 2015     By Jurado & Farshchian, P.L.
Most people who have a good idea and not a lot of startup cash don’t think to involve attorneys right away because it feels like something that is expensive and can come later in the process when there is something to lose.

How Is a Tenancy in Common Severed?

July 16, 2015     By HG.org
Tenancy in common is one form of concurrent ownership in which multiple people own the same piece of property. It contains several unique characteristics and important differences from other types of concurrent ownership. Additionally, severing ownership of the property is different for each type of concurrent ownership.

What is Separation in PA and Why Does it Matter?

July 16, 2015     By Demmel Law Office, LLC
Pennsylvania does not have “legal separation” as the term is used in some other states. Separation simply means that spouses are either living in separate physical residences or that one spouse has filed a divorce complaint with the court and served it on the other spouse.

Common Drug Crime Questions for a Narcotic Case

July 16, 2015     By Law Office of Steven C. Haney
Anyone arrested for a drug case is always concerned about possible consequences and how the case may be defended.

Can You Get a Subpoena without a Lawyer?

July 15, 2015     By HG.org
A subpoena is an order from the court demanding that someone or something be provided to assist in a case. Lawyers who are licensed in the state usually have the power to issue a subpoena. However, individuals who are a party to a lawsuit and other individuals may also be able to issue a subpoena, depending on the rules of civil or criminal procedure in the court that has jurisdiction of the case.

Beware of Police Body Cameras

July 15, 2015     By Law Offices of Michele Finizio
Following the shooting of a civilian by a police officer and the subsequent riots in Ferguson, Missouri last year, many police departments are instituting the use of body cameras by patrol officers across the United States.

Statute Could Have Chilling Effect

July 15, 2015     By Michelman & Bricker
Section 1877 of the Social Security Act, also known as the “Stark Law” (42 U.S.C. § 1395nn), has been expanded and amended on several occasions by Congress since its original enactment in 1989.

Duke Energy Settlement for Environmental Pollution

July 15, 2015     By Michelman & Bricker
In May 2015, one of the largest electrical utility companies in the country, Duke Energy, entered a guilty plea in response to federal criminal charges for polluting rivers in North Carolina.

Motor Vehicle Insurance in Pennsylvania

July 15, 2015     By Schmidt, Kirifides, Fridkin & Rassias
On June 30, 2015 the Pennsylvania Senate passed a bill, raising the minimum limit of motor vehicle liability insurance from $15,000.00 to $25,000.00.

Are All Marriages Equal in Divorce Court

July 15, 2015     By Huesman, Jones and Miles, LLC
The Supreme Court has acknowledged the validity of same sex marriage throughout the country. Of course, after parties get married, some of those parties decide to divorce. However, not all divorces are treated equally, because some of the doctrines surrounding divorce have traditionally been applied only to long standing heterosexual marriages.

Enforcing Grandparent Visitation Orders

July 15, 2015     By Huesman, Jones and Miles, LLC
The negative effect divorce often has on relationships sometimes goes beyond the spouses and their children.

Seeking Legal Assistance in Response to a Collision or Accident

July 15, 2015     By Shapiro, Goldman, Babboni & Walsh
Finding an attorney for car accident damages, civil cases and insurance disputes is a concern that should always be taken seriously.

Aggravated Speeding - Illinois' newest criminal offense

July 15, 2015     By Law Office of Steven C. Haney
“Aggravated speeding” is a relatively new criminal offense in Illinois. It is classified as a class B misdemeanor if the speed is between 26 – 35 mph in excess of the posted speed limit and classified as a class A misdemeanor if the speed exceeds 35 mph over the posted limit.

Basics of the Illinois Sex Offenders Registration Act – 730 ILCS 150

July 15, 2015     By Law Office of Steven C. Haney
Which criminal offenses require registration as a sex offender?

Was Job Candidate Turned Down Because He Was Too Old?

July 15, 2015     By Murphy Law Group, LLC
Tech giant facing lawsuit after taking a pass on older job applicant.

Commercial Fisherman and the Jones Act

July 15, 2015     By Forrest & Kolodny, LLP
Many in the commercial fishing industry are prone to a high frequency of injuries and even death. The most common causes of injury and fatalities on commercial fishing vessels occur due to falling overboard, drowning, hypothermia, and equipment malfunctions. Most fishermen don’t realize that the Jones Act covers them when they suffer injuries at sea. Fishermen and other seamen that suffer injuries at sea are not covered by the traditional workers’ compensation laws.

Reckless Driving Towards Motorcyclist

July 14, 2015     By Law Office of Julie Johnson, PLLC
An overwhelming majority of all motorcycle accidents involve a collision between a motorcycle and a car. In many of these accidents, it is motorist error or negligence that is the cause of the crash. There are several ways in which drivers may be reckless or careless, contributing to a motorcycle accident.

The Disadvantages of a Living Trust

July 14, 2015     By HG.org
Many financial service providers spout the advantages of a trust, promising that trusts can be used as an asset protection tool and can help your beneficiaries avoid the cost and expense of probate. However, living trusts also carry certain disadvantages with them, which should be carefully considered and weighed against the advantages.

Registration and Licensing of Motor Vehicles Amendment Regulations in Malta

July 14, 2015     By CSB Advocates
Before the introduction of the Registration and Licensing of Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Regulations, published on the 5th of June 2015, if an individual bought a car abroad and imported the car into Malta the law did not authorise the individual to use the car on the Maltese roads until the registration process was completed and until the Maltese number plates would have been obtained.

Don’t Neglect these Issues that Could Deplete Your Estate

July 14, 2015     By Jurado & Farshchian, P.L.
Individuals need to take the following often-neglected but important issues into consideration when developing an estate plan or they risk depleting estate assets:

Are Lawyers Who Draft Wills Negligent for Failing to Verify Ownership of Property?

July 13, 2015     By Wagner Sidlofsky LLP
Let’s look at the Alberta case of Meier v. Rose[1] to see how the Honourable Madam Justice J.H. Goss addressed the issue of whether lawyers who draft wills are negligent for failing to verify ownership of property?

Negligent Supervision Increases Workplace Accidents

July 13, 2015     By E.S. Borjeson & Associates
Proper supervision of employees is essential for the safety and well-being of all workers at a company.

New Jersey Car Seat Laws Goes into Effect this September

It goes without saying that car seats keep infants and children safer in car accidents when they are installed and used properly.

Less Harsh Sentencing

July 13, 2015     By Law Office of Jill R. Cohen
With the Presidential election just around the corner, candidates find themselves having to address the current problems in our nation’s criminal justice system.

Marital Exceptions in Criminal Cases

July 13, 2015     By Agre & Jensen
Marriage is considered a sacred bond by many and when spouses are loyal to each other, their privacy is often respected.

Proposed Legislation Effects Custody and Child Support Laws

July 13, 2015     By Fox & Melofchik, L.L.C.
When there are children involved in a divorce, custody and how much child support is allocated are often important and provocative issues.

Hostile Child Custody Dispute

July 13, 2015     By Fox & Melofchik, L.L.C.
A battle ensued for 34 days in a Toronto courtroom over whether or not to allow a three year old boy to spend nights in his father’s home.

New Jersey Car Seat Laws

July 13, 2015     By Fox & Melofchik, L.L.C.
In May, 2015 Governor Chris Christie signed new car seat safety legislation into law.

Mortgage Companies Win in the Supreme Court

July 13, 2015     By Huesman, Jones and Miles, LLC
Recently, on June 1, 2015, the United States Supreme Court decided the case of Bank of America v. Caulkett.

Disputed Workers' Compensation Claims

July 13, 2015     By E.S. Borjeson & Associates
The Workers’ Compensation Act was established to ensure injured workers receive compensation such as wage loss benefits and medical benefits to supplement their income when they are unable to work because of an injury on the job.

Scaffolding Safety Regulations

July 13, 2015     By Schmidt, Kirifides, Fridkin & Rassias
A worker was recently left hanging from his safety harness, eight stories up on the side of a building in Wilmington, Delaware for 30 nerve wracking minutes.

Change in Pennsylvania Law

July 13, 2015     By Law Offices of Michele Finizio
Twenty-five percent of Americans are banned from employment opportunities due to their criminal record, specifically jobs regarding the care-taking of older Americans.

Can You Sue a Spouse for Theft?

July 13, 2015     By HG.org
During the course of a marriage, one spouse may steal an asset that the other spouse considers to be his or her own property. Whether the victimized spouse can sue the other spouse for theft depends on a number of factors. State law largely determines this issue.

Does Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Have to Have Personal Injury Protection or PIP Coverage?

July 13, 2015     By Console & Hollawell P.C.
When people set up their insurance policies, they often have questions about what the different types of coverage mean and what options are best for them. The most common question we hear from motorcyclists is whether or not their motorcycle insurance policy is required include personal injury protection (PIP).

How to Protect Your Business from Exploitation by Employees

July 13, 2015     By Summerfield Browne Solicitors
Are you concerned that some of your key employees have knowledge about your business which could in certain circumstances, if such information was exploited by the employee, damage your business? If so find out how to protect your business.

Construction Accidents and Supervisor Negligence

July 13, 2015     By Grungo Colarulo
Construction site accidents happen for many reasons. Poor equipment, poor safety, and the constantly changing landscape mean those who own and run these sites need to be vigilant. Employers regularly have a site supervisor at the construction work zone to monitor dangerous conditions. Many times, the supervisor can prevent construction accidents but even with the best intentions, construction accidents still happen and often cause serious injury.

Aerial Lift Dangers

July 13, 2015     By Galfand Berger LLP
Aerial lifts continue to injure construction workers. A common scenario is when a worker is pinned by a lift against an object, either to the side of the lift, or directly above the lift. On May 30, 2015 an aerial lift fatally pinned a 35-year-old Monroeville, Pennsylvania man against the roof of a bridge overpass near Pittsburgh, according to the Pittsburgh Post Gazzette.

What Is a Dram Shop Claim?

July 13, 2015     By Console & Hollawell P.C.
It’s no secret that alcohol can impair judgment, especially when ingested in large quantities. When a bar, restaurant, or other establishment that provides alcohol knowingly serves a patron who is visibly intoxicated and the impaired patron causes an accident or injury, the establishment is legally responsible.

The Protection of Industrial Designs in China, Hong Kong and Australia

July 12, 2015     By MMLC Group
How designs can be protected under various laws in China, Hong Kong and Australia. These laws include design registration laws, copyright law and unfair competition/passing off.

Dubai Court's Ruling Against Developer

July 12, 2015     By Motei & Associates, Attorneys at Law
Dubai Court ordered developer to compensate buyer for the shortfall in the size of the sold property and all its supplemented areas.

Legal Considerations for Operating a Home-Based Business

July 12, 2015     By Jurado & Farshchian, P.L.
Almost half of the small businesses in the U.S. are operated from home, and that number is growing as the working population ages and changes careers. While the convenience of operating a home-based business is hard to beat, you need to be sure you are not running afoul of any local regulations or state tax laws while operating your business. Some considerations:

101 of Non-Compete Agreements: Everything You Need to Know about Protecting Your Business

July 12, 2015     By Jurado & Farshchian, P.L.
Today’s advances – technological, scientific, and business – are all driven by competition. As a business owner or an entrepreneur, you’re likely faced with a serious competition that drives you to constantly enhance and update your product and services range. Competition is healthy, as it promotes innovation – but what happens when you find a competitor amongst your own employees?

Tax Deductability of Bribes in Greece

July 12, 2015     By Karydas, Fouskarinis & Associates
The prohibition of tax deductibility of bribes and the risk of claiming these payments as "expenses" in order to get a tax return under the Greek law.

Can Unconscionable Behaviour Disentitle a Dependant to Support?

July 9, 2015     By Wagner Sidlofsky LLP
Imagine a woman is so infuriated with her husband for his philandering, gambling and drinking that she disinherits him. Upon her demise, the husband commences an application for support under Part V of the Succession Law Reform Act (the “SLRA”).[1] The husband qualifies as a dependant because he is a spouse and his wife had a legal obligation to support him. What impact, if any, would his past behaviour have on his entitlement to dependant’s support?

Can I Get a Hardship License after a DUI

July 9, 2015     By HG.org
DUI laws are determined on the state level. Some states allow drivers who have been convicted of a DUI to get limited driving privileges, which is often referred to as a hardship license. However, there may be several criteria that the individual may have to meet in order to obtain such a license.

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