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Smash and Grab Thefts on the Rise

May 26, 2017     By Hebets & McCallin
A smash and grab is a theft that occurs when the perpetrators drive a car into a building, quickly grab all the merchandise or money that they...

Is There Such a Thing as a Federal Defamation Claim?

May 26, 2017     By HG.org
Defamation cases are often either clearly obvious or difficult to determine. There are a number of elements that must be proven in court for a...

Understanding Wrongful Termination Law in New Jersey

May 26, 2017     By Eric M. Bernstein & Associates, LLC
As an employer, making the decision to terminate employment is difficult — you have to take into consideration a number of factors, from...

What Type of Force Can Be Used to Defend Yourself from Criminal Activity in Florida?

May 26, 2017     By Funk, Szachacz & Diamond, LLC
Florida law provides protection to people who use force to defend themselves from criminal activity, but how much force is permitted, and at...

Claims for damages for unfair detention in Italy

May 26, 2017     By Arnone & Sicomo
Compensation for the damages caused by unfair detention in Italy is governed by Articles 314 and 315 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

Application of Hague Convention on Children in Romania

May 26, 2017     By Hammond, Minciu and Associates
There have been many articles written concerning the implementation of The Hague Convention on child abduction. All countries have come into...

Drowsy Driving Causes 1 in 5 Nationwide Fatal Crashes

May 26, 2017     By Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff LLP
Nationwide, one in five deadly collisions is caused by drowsy driving. Read on to learn more about the dangers of fatigued drivers on U.S....

Expert Witnesses Provide Testimony in Perinatal Malpractice Cases

May 26, 2017     By HG.org
Perinatal malpractice usually involves injuries to the baby before, during or after the child has been born. These could occur through the...

All About the Defend Trade Secrets Act

May 26, 2017     By HG.org
Trade secrets are often difficult to protect with only so many safeguards in place for the owners of the secrets as recourse when the...

Can an Employer Make Me Pay for Damages to Other Vehicle?

May 26, 2017     By HG.org
Employment contracts are often complicated with wording that appears to be tricky or difficult to understand. Most persons that are hired sign...

Have You Suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury?

May 25, 2017     By Julie Butcher Law Office
Steve is driving back to his hometown from college. It’s late at night and, while Steve is wide-awake, another driver on the dark, windy road...

What Are You Agreeing to When You Shop Online?

May 25, 2017     By Mann Law Firm
Shopping online is big business, projected to surpass $3.5 trillion by 2020. Although China spends far and away more money in e-commerce than...

Side Guards Are Effective on Large Trucks - So Why Aren’t They Mandatory?

May 25, 2017     By Louthian Law Firm, PA
There are times when the interests of the public and the interests of big business are at odds with each other. When they clash, it is too often...

Who Will Be Responsible for Teaching Drivers to Operate Autonomous Vehicles?

May 25, 2017     By The Evans Law Firm
Self-driving cars are touted as a step forward in driving tech and road safety. They offer the hope of drastically reducing the number of...

Competition Law in Germany: Goods On Display Must Feature Total Price on Label

May 25, 2017     By GRP Rainer LLP
The final cost of goods on display needs to be readily apparent to customers. According to a recent ruling of the Oberlandesgericht (OLG) Hamm...

Do I Have a Personal Injury Case?

May 25, 2017     By Kuzyk Law, LLP
Life happens to all of us. Most people experience some type of injury at some point in time. And of course, most of us would rather simply heal...

Passing the Estate to Nonfamily Members: Expert Witness

May 25, 2017     By HG.org
In some situations, a person may wish to pass his or her property to a business partner, friend, church member or other individual outside of...

What Can I do about Water Drainage on My Property Caused by the Adjourning Property?

May 25, 2017     By HG.org
Living in close proximity to others can cause some problems to arise. In some situations, a neighbor’s actions or lack of actions may be...

When One Spouse Takes Advantage of Alimony

May 25, 2017     By HG.org
Alimony is usually determined through a number of factors when the couple has dissolved the relationship legally. The funds that are garnered to...

European Injunction: How to Submit the Application and How to Make an Objection

May 25, 2017     By Arnone & Sicomo
The European Parliament and the Council adopted on 12 December 2006 the Regulation (EC) No 1896/2006 establishing a European proceeding for...

Singapore Parallel Imports: Court Clarifies Scope of the Parallel Importation Defense (24/05/2017)

May 25, 2017     By Mirandah Asia
Parallel imports are genuine goods that are put on the market by a trade mark proprietor in one country, and subsequently purchased and imported...

Ford Door Latch Recall

May 24, 2017     By McCann & Wall, LLC
Last month, Ford Motor Company announced an expansion of a previous recall for a faulty door latch. The pawl spring tab in side doors can break,...

Product Design Defect: HoMedic Massagers Pose Shock and Burn Hazards

May 24, 2017     By Galfand Berger LLP
HoMedics is complying with a Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recall and is removing many of its massagers from the shelves.

Can You Sue a Deceased Person?

May 24, 2017     By Folkman Law Offices, P.C.
Is it possible to sue a deceased person? This may seem like a strange question, yet there are actually quite a few scenarios where it makes...

When is a Surgical Error Malpractice?

May 24, 2017     By Folkman Law Offices, P.C.
Every surgery – even the most minor – poses the risk of medical error. But does every surgical error constitute as medical malpractice?...

Liability and Safety Concerns with Self-Driving Cars

May 24, 2017     By DiTomaso Law
Commercially available self-driving cars are being touted as one of the next great innovations in transportation technology. Many individuals...

Rights of Injured Workers

May 24, 2017     By DiTomaso Law
When an employee suffers an injury at work, he or she has the right to file a Workers’ Compensation claim to receive certain benefits including...

Preventing Commercial Lease Dispute Complications with Expert Witness Testimony

May 24, 2017     By HG.org
Before signing a commercial lease, individuals may consider possible ways to protect themselves before the lease, during the tenancy and after...

Multiple Individuals Fighting for the Same Patent

May 24, 2017     By HG.org
Patents are usually applied for by either a single individual or a group of persons that have invented a unique item or process to a...

Legal Mechanism of Extradition of Corruption Criminals

May 24, 2017     By Noshadha Law Firm
To create a legal mechanism of criminals’ extradition, first of all, we need to know some definitions as corruption, criminals and offender to...

Mandatory Arbitration in Real Estate Disputes

May 24, 2017     By HG.org
Real estate deals often see conflict arising based on the factors of sellers and buyers not being able to resolve the matter between them....

Seeking Financial Compensation when the Other Driver Isn’t to Blame

If driver negligence was not a factor in your auto accident, what are your options for seeking financial compensation? As it turns out, you may...

NYC Mayor Signs New Law Barring Employers from Asking Job Applicants about Salary History

May 24, 2017     By Law Offices of David S. Rich, LLC
The new law’s rationale is that, on average, women are paid less than men for the same work, and that relying on salary histories in determining...

Serious Injuries in Pennsylvania

May 24, 2017     By Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Gross
In effort to increase safety in the workplace, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) introduced a new rule in 2015 that...

Overview of the New Taxation Regime to Be Implemented in the UAE

May 24, 2017     By Motei & Associates, Attorneys at Law
It has been estimated that the introduction of a value-added tax (VAT) in the UAE will generate Dh12 billion of additional revenues.

What Is Voluntary Underemployment and What Difference Can it Make in the Final Outcome of a Divorce?

May 24, 2017     By Grant J. Gisondo, PA
Remember, an accusation of voluntary underemployment must be proven in court and it takes a well trained legal mind to know how to do this to...

Criminal Rehabilitation in Italy: How to Obtain Deletion of Criminal Records

May 24, 2017     By Arnone & Sicomo
The criminal rehabilitation procedure in Italy allows persons who have been convicted of a crime by a judgement having the force of res judicata...

Ways to Stop Foreclosure Fast

There are many ways to stop a foreclosure sale. The best way to stop foreclosure fast is to file bankruptcy. It can stop a foreclosure...

Expert Witness: Legal Complications in Transfers of Ownership

May 23, 2017     By HG.org
Sometimes a person may wish to transfer real estate, whether residential or commercial, to another person. However, when conducting these...

Consequences of Kidnapping Your Own Child

May 23, 2017     By HG.org
Disputes over the custody of a child often arise when there is a divorce or dissolution of a relationship between couples. The war over who gets...

Business Contracts: Which Need to Be in Writing and Which May be Oral

May 23, 2017     By HG.org
The need for business contract is obvious to anyone that works in the commercial world. These may be used for a variety of reasons, but some of...

Solar Power in Turkey in Light of Recent Developments

May 23, 2017     By Ketenci & Ketenci
With a rapidly growing economy, Turkey has become one of the fastest-growing energy markets in the world. Over the last decade, Turkey has been...

Easy Worker Health Initiatives You Can Implement in Your Workplace

May 23, 2017     By Kaplan Lawyers, P.C.
Whether business owners realize it or not, worker health and safety plays a major role in managing the costs of running an operation. In fact,...

Getting the Government on Your Side as a Whistleblower

May 23, 2017     By Louthian Law Firm, P.A.
A whistleblower is a person who brings to light information that uncovers fraud, criminal activity or other wrongdoing. Whistleblower claims are...

An Introduction to Personal Injury

May 23, 2017     By Mann Law Firm
The chances are good that if you’ve suffered an injury and are exploring your legal options, you’ve come across several pages, blogs or articles...

Executing Foreign Judgments Inside & Outside Saudi Arabia

May 23, 2017     By Hazim Al Madani Law Firm
Over the last two decades, the globe has experienced exceptional growth in world trade. This growth is due in part to regulations and oversight...

Rights of Airlines Customers in Saudi Arabia

May 23, 2017     By Hazim Al Madani Law Firm
A resolution issued by the Board of Directors of the General Authority for Civil Aviation No. (380-20), in 26/05/1438H, approving the Executive...

Enforcement of Foreign Judgements and Arbitral Awards in Saudi Arabia

May 23, 2017     By Hazim Al Madani Law Firm
There are speculations internationally that, enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitral awards in Saudi Arabia are still in dark. Since Saudi...

Incorporate a Company in Sri Lanka

May 23, 2017     By D.L. & F. De Saram
Establishment of an Entity in Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka is ranked highly among the South Asian countries that offer ease in terms of establishing an...

Takeovers and Mergers in Sri Lanka

May 23, 2017     By D.L. & F. De Saram
In Sri Lanka, the administration of the Company Takeovers and Mergers Code (Code) is the function of the Sri Lankan Securities & Exchange...

Winding Up of a Limited Liability Company in Sri Lanka

May 23, 2017     By D.L. & F. De Saram
Companies may be wound up in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Act and the Companies Winding up Rues. Winding up of a company may...

Terminating Employment Relationship and Prior Formal Warnings in Germany

May 23, 2017     By GRP Rainer LLP
Formal written warnings play an important role in the field of employment law, with one often being a prerequisite to the employer effectively...

3 Common Mistakes in Contract Law & How to Prevent Them

May 23, 2017     By Carter Capner Law
Have you ever wondered what is a mistake in contract law and what does it imply? A mistake in contract law is an erroneous meaning of words or...

Three Dimensional Trademarks Registration and Protection in China

May 23, 2017     By MMLC Group
Three Dimensional (3D) marks are accepted as badges of origin and registrable as trademarks, under TRIPS and other conventions. In China, 3D...

In Truck Accident Cases, Experience Makes All the Difference

May 23, 2017     By Julie Butcher Law Office
Few types of vehicle crash cases are as complex as those involving large commercial vehicles. Large truck crashes often result in severe...

How a Corporate Attorney Can Help You Negotiate Master Service Agreements

May 23, 2017     By The Posey Law Firm, PC
Do you feel like you waste time developing new contracts for the same services, or worry that you're exposing your business to risks because you...

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's Funding Problem

May 23, 2017     By The Posey Law Firm, PC
In theory, as well as in public support, Texas Parks and Wildlife funding is essential. The funds are garnered through a sporting good sales tax...

Why Testimony of an Expert Witness Aids in Business Transactions between Companies

May 22, 2017     By HG.org
Business transactions between companies are often complicated due to the amount of information that must be passed back and forth between them....

Lyft Drop Off Incorrect, Refused Return Ride. Can I Sue?

May 22, 2017     By HG.org
There are many specialized terms and conditions when getting rides through Lyft. It is important to read through these carefully, as it is...

Steps to Take Immediately After Registering Your Trademark

May 22, 2017     By HG.org
Trademarks are important to keeping the intellectual property of a phrase, words, symbol or image branded to the public and safe from possible...

What Can Bicycle Accident Victims Do When the Motorist Has No Insurance?

May 22, 2017     By Power Legal Group, PC
If you are struck by a motorist who has no insurance, what can you do? Go after the defendant, who likely has no assets? Good luck collecting...

Were You Riding a Motorcycle Without a License?

May 22, 2017     By Kuzyk Law, LLP
Motorcycle accidents happen whether people deserve it or not. Most people can agree that nobody actually deserves to be in a motorcycle accident...

Don’t Let Irresponsible Dog Owners Get Away with It

May 22, 2017     By Kuzyk Law, LLP
There are no bad dog breeds–only bad dog owners.

ESOP (Employee Share Ownership Programme): The Latest Craze in Hungary

May 22, 2017     By Jalsovszky Law Firm
ESOP (Employee Share Ownership Programme) entities have been springing up like mushrooms in Hungary since last year, and the acronym itself has...

Italian Criminal Record Check

May 22, 2017     By Arnone & Sicomo
Italian Criminal Record Check: How to submit a request.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Property in Malaysia

May 22, 2017     By Fareez Shah & Partners
Understand key fundamental issues before purchasing any property

Child Custody in the UAE: A Case Study

May 22, 2017     By Hassan Elhais
Several child custody laws exist in the UAE, but they are subject to a strong power of discretion that is granted to the judge in family court...

One Sneaky Way Pennsylvania Employers Cheat Workers Out of Overtime

May 22, 2017     By Murphy Law Group, LLC
State law is stricter than federal law when it comes to OT calculations

Intellectual Property Disputes and an Expert Witness’ Examination

May 19, 2017     By HG.org
Intellectual property is owned by the person that designed, created or invented the item. However, there are many cases of infringement on the...

Understanding What a Real Estate Lien Is and Is Not

May 19, 2017     By HG.org
Many property owners have liens on their houses or land. While it is best to ensure these are not still active and have been paid off, that is...

The Necessary Steps to Remove the Owner of a Corporation When Revenue Falls

May 19, 2017     By HG.org
One common reason to remove an owner or shareholder from a corporation is because he or she is not providing an adequate profit for the...

Purchase of Further Tax CDs Possible – Voluntary Disclosure for Tax Evasion in Germany

May 19, 2017     By GRP Rainer LLP
Since 2010, the German exchequer has reeled in a nationwide total of around six billion euros by way of voluntary declarations for tax evasion....

New Jersey Estate Tax Law

May 19, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
As well as paying inheritance tax if you are the named recipient in a will people of New Jersey are also subject to additional Estate Tax if the...

New Jersey Parental Alienation

May 19, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
Separation can be extremely stressful especially when children are involved and also affected.

How to Make a Parenting Plan in New Jersey

May 19, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
There are two ways to make parenting plan in New Jersey. The first is with a legal professional and the second is to make your own using online...

How Child Support Is Determined in New Jersey

May 19, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
If you are no longer with the mother/father of your child and do not have full custody then at some point child support will need to be...

Common CPS Complaints in New Jersey

May 19, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
Child protective services may have a fundamental goal to aid and assist families suspected of abuse or neglect, yet certain workers of CPS make...

Medical Expert Witnesses Needed for Negligence in Hazardous Chemical Cases

May 18, 2017     By HG.org
Hazardous chemicals are both dangerous and lethal to humans when they come into contact with the skin or are inhaled. Some chemicals are such a...

What Is a “Quiet Title” in Real Estate Law?

May 18, 2017     By HG.org
Real estate deals are often complex with many different concepts that apply to certain transactions and issues that may arise. One of these...

When Co-Owners Split, Disaster Strikes

May 18, 2017     By HG.org
Just like with married couples, many businesses decide to get a “divorce.” However, in this instance getting a divorce may mean the end of an...

Can My Lawyer Refuse to Continue with My Case Unless I Pay in Full?

May 18, 2017     By HG.org
Sometimes during the middle of representation, a lawyer and client may reach an impasse due to billing issues. In some cases, a lawyer may be...

Traffic Ticket Lawyer New Jersey- Why You Should Hire One To Defend You

May 18, 2017     By Michael Greenberg, Esq.
It is quite common to be issued with a traffic ticket for over-speeding or drunk driving. Instead of stressing yourself about this, you should...

Receipt Clause - Conclusive Evidence of Payment or Not ?

May 18, 2017     By Angela Wang & Co.
In most loan agreements and sale and purchase agreements for properties, it is common to include a clause which states that one party has...

Will Your Bill Survive Doomsday in the Texas Legislture?

May 18, 2017     By The Posey Law Firm, PC
As the Texas Legislature enters the end of its session, some bills sit undisturbed, and could very well remain that way for all eternity....

Performing Employee Background Checks

May 18, 2017     By The Posey Law Firm, PC
Conducting employee background checks helps you to make better hiring decisions, and uncover issues that might interfere with an applicant's...

Forklift Accidents

May 18, 2017     By LeViness, Tolzman & Hamilton, P.A.
Forklifts are one of the most common pieces of equipment used at warehouses, factories, retail outlets, and other establishments where heavy...

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

May 18, 2017     By Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Gross
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a serious and potentially debilitating mental health condition that can affect every aspect of a...

When Is a Physician Responsible for Stark Law Violations?

May 18, 2017     By Sidney L. Gold & Associates, PC
The Ethics in Patient Referrals Act or Stark Law was passed in part in 1989. Since its passage, the law has been modified frequently, most...

Keurig Penalty for Mini Plus Coffee Brewing System

May 18, 2017     By Galfand Berger LLP
Keurig Green Mountain, Inc.’s will pay a $5.8 million penalty as a result of its failure to report products that Keurig knew were unsafe and...

How to Remedy Business Fraud with the Help of an Expert Witness

May 17, 2017     By HG.org
Business processes are often difficult to analyze and understand in a court room for the average person. Numerous complicated cases are...

What Is My Right to Appeal a Denial of VA Benefits?

May 17, 2017     By HG.org
When a person sustains an injury in service, he or she may file a claim for VA benefits. It is not uncommon for these claims to be initially...

Time Limitations Associated with Minnesota Crimes

May 17, 2017     By HG.org
Every state has a specific time limit by which individuals must take action in order to bring forth charges. This applies to both criminal and...

Rape and Sexual Assault Crimes in Minnesota

May 17, 2017     By HG.org
Rape and sexual assault crimes are considered some of the most heinous crimes in Minnesota. Convictions are associated with severe penalties.

DWI Laws in Minnesota

May 17, 2017     By HG.org
Like other states, Minnesota has specific laws related to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This is called “driving while...

Is a Surrogacy Contract Valid in the U.S. or Abroad?

May 16, 2017     By HG.org
Surrogacy contracts are often complicated to enforce. There are many terms that protect the mother until she gives her rights away.

Commercial Real Estate Lawsuits over Undisclosed Property Problems

May 16, 2017     By HG.org
Disputes can arise when a buyer finds a problem with commercial property that he or she believes that the seller actively concealed or failed to...

What is Domicile in Divorce Cases and Why Does it Matter?

May 16, 2017     By HG.org
Residency of where a spouse moves to after the couple have split is important when it affects a divorce case. Some states require the individual...

Politicians' Promises of Improving the Working Conditions and Rights of Employees Comes at a Cost in the UK

May 16, 2017     By Giambrone Law
The forthcoming election in the UK is provoking both the major parties to make declarations within their respective manifestos which will have...

How to Get the Most Out of Your Initial Personal Injury Consultation

May 16, 2017     By The Law Offices of Sean M. Cleary
In the aftermath of an accident caused by someone else, you could be facing life disrupting injuries rendering you unable to work. The medical...

Litigation Finance in Turkey

May 16, 2017     By Ketenci & Ketenci
In the event of a legal action or execution proceedings, it is the claimant party who cover the litigation costs at the beginning, in Turkey....

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