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Fraud in the UAE

January 27, 2015     By Al Rowaad Advocates & Legal Consultancy
Fraud is defined as taking or gaining from another, property, money, vouchers or anything of value by deception or lying or trickery which is supported by verbal means or written documents, causing the victim to rely on the same to willingly handover or something of value from himself to the person committing the fraud.

How Does the Foreigner Validate Documents Issued in Ukraine?

January 27, 2015     By Kydalov & Partners
The largest part of all documents confirming one or another status of the foreign person by some country will require a further legalization according to current regulations of any other country, where a foreign national plans to work and/or reside in the future.

Your Business in Ukraine: New Perspectives for the Private Sector

January 27, 2015     By Kydalov & Partners
It's not a secret that Ukraine is still one of the market dark horses in context of entrepreneurship. Not many of large companies venture to base their businesses here despite of the wide range of potentially profitable areas for investment. The events of winter and spring of 2014 scared even those who worked steadily for our economy for years. However, now due to the current European course, there are good prospects for the climate improvement in this area

How to Seal a Juvenile Record

January 26, 2015     By HG.org
Because courts and legislators recognize that minors sometimes lack judgment skills and may have indiscretions in their youth, juveniles are sometimes permitted to seal criminal juvenile records. By sealing or expunging their records, juveniles may be able to get a fresh start when they become adults.

Common California Family Law Questions Answered

January 26, 2015     By Pinkham & Associates, APLC
Twelve common family law questions.

Divorce and the Child with Special Needs

January 26, 2015     By Kalish Law Texas
When the parents of a child with special needs are divorcing, or are considering divorce, it is important to accurately access the emotional and financial requirements that will need to be met for the good of the child.

New Corporate Governance Law in Spain

On December 4th the Official Gazette published Law 1/2014 amending the Capital Companies Act to implement corporate governance modifications. This reform is based on the Report of the Committee of Experts submitted to the Council of Ministers on the 23rd of May 2014.

Exceptions to No Damages For Delay Clause

January 26, 2015     By Cobb Law Group
The majority of construction contracts include a provisions referred to as the "No Damages For Delay" clause; a well-drafted clause can limit a party's exposure to damages in the event of a delay on the project's schedule. Despite these provisions, there are exceptions to their enforceability.

Firefighters Face Injuries on the Job

January 26, 2015     By Schmidt, Kirifides, Fridkin & Rassias
Firefighters put their lives on the line every day to help keep communities safe. There is no question that the job requires one to be dedicated, focused, and brave. Firefighters are at high risk for getting injured on the job and the length of time to recover from such injuries varies from incident to incident.

Increased Accident Risk during Winter Storms

January 26, 2015     By Galfand Berger LLP
Winter weather is expected to impact the Philadelphia area this week. Snow, sleet, and ice may make it difficult and dangerous to get around. Philadelphia winter storms are often followed by a brief thawing and then refreezing which creates icy roads, sidewalks, and parking lots if they are not properly treated.

FDA Issues Warning for Dangerous Surgical Tools

January 26, 2015     By Galfand Berger LLP
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently issued a warning that power morcellators used in laparoscopic hysterectomies and surgeries to remove uterine fibroids can increase a woman’s risk of developing uterine cancer.

MorningStar Farms Undeclared Peanut Allergen Recall

January 26, 2015     By Eichen, Crutchlow, Zaslow & McElroy, LLP
MorningStar Farms has issued a recall of Spicy Black Bean Burgers and Chipotle Black Bean Burgers due to an undeclared peanut allergen that may be present in the products.

Congress Votes to Roll Back Restrictions Aimed at Reducing Trucker Fatigue

January 26, 2015     By Eichen, Crutchlow, Zaslow & McElroy, LLP
Recently, the U.S. Congress passed legislation that eases restrictions on the rules that govern when long-haul drivers must get their required rest. The legislation is part of the overall budget bill and suspends enforcement of the controversial 34-hour rule limiting the number of hours that truckers can be on the clock. The rule was part of a series of regulations set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration that went into effect July 1, 2013.

New Technology For Diagnosing Brain Injuries

January 26, 2015     By Eichen, Crutchlow, Zaslow & McElroy, LLP
Researchers at NYU Langone Medical Center have developed a new technology for detecting and assessing brain injuries. The new technology detects the eye movements of patients while they watch music videos for less than four minutes. While viewing the video, a patient’s ratio of horizontal to vertical eye movements is measured.

Driver's License Suspension Challenged in Texas

January 26, 2015     By Jack Byno, Attorney at Law
In the Collin County City of Anna, one's driver's license may be suspended for reasons including driving drunk, driving without auto insurance, and committing habitual traffic violations. If your driver's license is in danger of being suspended, you will receive a Notice of Suspension in the mail from Texas DPS. While you may dispute your looming DL suspension in the Justice Court, if your license is already suspended, a lawyer may seek you a temporary DL called an Occupational Driver's License.

Asian Spice Found to be Effective in Fight Against Mesothelioma

January 26, 2015     By Shein Law Center, Ltd.
In a recent study published in Clinical Cancer Research, a group of researchers from Ohio’s Case Western Reserve University and the German Georg Spayer Haus found that Curcumin, a commonly used spice in Asia, helps to slow down the progression of mesothelioma when combined with amino acids. The study brings new hope to patients fighting the battle against malignant mesothelioma.

Women with Mesothelioma are Living Longer

January 26, 2015     By Brookman, Rosenberg, Brown & Sandler
Researchers from Mount Sinai Health System and the Department of Population Health at North Shore Long Island Jewish Hospital recently reported some interesting findings on gender and mesothelioma in the Annals of Thoracic Surgery. The study examined records of 14,200 mesothelioma patients who were diagnosed with mesothelioma from 1973 to 2009. Of these cases, 22% were women.

Wrongful Termination Case

January 26, 2015     By Sidney L. Gold & Associates, P.C.
A tax lawyer who worked at the Vanguard Group in Malvern, New York, was terminated from his position after consistently warning his employer that they were considerably underpaying on its taxes. The unlawful practices resulted in Vanguard cheating the US Government out of more than a billion dollars throughout the last several years. Some of the money saved from the illegal tax practices was used to enhance bosses’ salaries.

How To Financially Prepare For Divorce

January 26, 2015     By Huesman, Jones and Miles, LLC
At Huesman, Jones & Miles, LLC, our dedicated Maryland family law attorneys understand that the decision to end a marriage has major consequences in every area of your life. Understanding and preparing for the financial implications of divorce should be one of the first steps during the divorce process.

Common Divorce Mistakes

January 26, 2015     By Huesman, Jones and Miles, LLC
Dealing with the financial and emotional aspects of divorce can be extremely taxing. Recognizing and avoiding these common mistakes make for the smoothest transition possible as couples move into the next phase of their lives.

A Case of Fraud and Divorce

January 26, 2015     By Huesman, Jones and Miles, LLC
Sometimes in divorce cases, spouses feel that they have been defrauded by the other spouse. Sometimes that feeling is justified. They wonder whether they can make a claim for fraud in their divorce case. The case of Cramer v. Cramer looked specifically at this issue.

Amendment to International Owner Malta Shipping & Yachting Law

January 26, 2015     By CSB Advocates
Through Legal Notice 22 of 2015, the individuals who are qualified to own Maltese vessels, have also been extended to include citizens of the European Economic Area and of Switzerland, while prior to this amendment this was limited only to citizens of the European Union.

Why it is Still Good to do Business in Ukraine Through Cyprus

January 26, 2015     By Soteris Flourentzos & Associates LLC
In 2014, the share of Cyprus companies exceeded 30% of the total foreign direct investment in Ukraine. Following the recently imposed duty to disclose beneficial owners, the proposed denunciation of double tax treaty with Cyprus initiated by the Ukrainian government, and the improved Ukrainian transfer pricing rules, the question is whether it is still good to do business in Ukraine through Cyprus.

Singapore Plant Varieties Protection Act Expands Reach

January 26, 2015     By Patrick Mirandah Co.
Singapore has recently expanded the scope of its Plant Varieties Protection Act ("Act") to extend the scope of plant varieties protection to all plant genera and species. The primary aim of this amendment is to encourage investments on research and development of new plant varieties, which have economic potential.

Issues concerning Remedies for Preemptive Trademark Registration

January 26, 2015     By MMLC Group
In case a foreign trademark which has not been registered in China is preemptively registered by someone else, the current Chinese Trademark Law provides solution to cope with this issue premises that certain conditions are fulfilled. This article is aimed at discussing about remedies for the preemptively registration of trademark.

Lower Driver’s Education Participation and Car Accidents

January 25, 2015     By Katz Stepp Wright & Fleming, LLC
Driver education programs are a proven way to help teenagers drive safe, but enrollment in them is on the decline.

What Parents Should Know about the Danger of Scooters and Riding Toys

January 23, 2015     By d'Oliveira & Associates
Scooters and riding toys are still big hits among children when it comes to gifts for birthdays and the holidays. However, new research is showing that these toys can be extremely dangerous as well. According to a study published last month in the journal Clinical Pediatrics, ride-on toys such as scooters, wagons, tricycles and motor-powered vehicles such as Barbie Jeeps, are responsible for a growing number of children's injuries and emergency room visits.

Environmental Claims Law

January 23, 2015     By Law Offices of Rick Weaver
Environmental claims law is highly specialized and if a person is seeking to build a case and potentially seek damages for issues, a qualified and experienced attorney in the field of environmental claims law is a must.

Different Issues Handled by a Family Attorney

January 23, 2015     By CP Law Firm
You are proposed to contemplate a number of distinct things, with regards to selecting quality family attorneys.

What Is a Subpoena?

January 22, 2015     By HG.org
A subpoena notifies a person that he or she must appear in court at a certain location, date and time in order to provide testimony as a witness. Generally, a subpoena is issued to secure your testimony in court and not for out of court purposes, but there are some exceptions. Additionally, a subpoena may direct you to provide certain documents to the court.

What Does the Fourth Amendment Protect?

January 22, 2015     By HG.org
The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution protects individuals from unreasonable searches and seizures by agents of the government. This does not mean that individuals are free from all searches and seizures, but only that they are protected from “unreasonable” ones.

What Type of Speech Is Not Protected by the First Amendment?

January 22, 2015     By HG.org
While many Americans know that they have a right to free speech, the lay opinion often views the degree of protection afforded by the United State Constitution as much broader than it is in reality. The First Amendment does not protect all types of speech.

What Does the Fifth Amendment Protect?

January 22, 2015     By HG.org
While many people associate the Fifth Amendment with not incriminating themselves, there are other important aspects of this Amendment to the United States Constitution. This Amendment provides a number of important rights.

Florida Homeowners and Investors Bracing for Next Huge Wave of Mortgage Foreclosures

January 22, 2015     By The Neustein Law Group, P.A.
The next foreclosure epdimic is coming from hundreds of thousands of Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC)s that are coming due after their 10 year term.

What Is a Summons?

January 22, 2015     By HG.org
A summons provides legal notice to a party about a lawsuit. It is the first official notice that a defendant receives to notify him or her that he or she is being sued. In some instances, the summons may specify a specific court date, but in others, it does not.

Super Uber Deal-Breaker

January 22, 2015     By Oliveri & Schwartz, P.C.
Our major Uber ride-sharing concern is the issue of liability insurance coverage, not only for the Uber passenger; but also for pedestrians and occupants of other vehicles which might be involved in a crash with a Uber car. Even if the Uber passenger doesn't care about insurance coverage for themselves, does the Uber customer want to be a good citizen? If so, and we sure do hope that being a good citizen is something to strive for, then we all need to seriously weigh the Uber pros and cons.

Eurasian Patent: Special Requirements

January 22, 2015     By IPStyle
If you have decided to grant a patent for invention, you have several options: national applications (protection in selected country); filing an application for a regional system - the Eurasian Patent; protection through the international application under the PCT.

The H-1B Visa

January 21, 2015     By Alimohammad & Zafar, PLLC
The H-1B is a nonimmigrant work visa for a person who will be employed temporarily in a specialty occupation or as a distinguished fashion model.

The E Visa

January 21, 2015     By Alimohammad & Zafar, PLLC
The E visa is a non-immigrant or temporary visa. There are 2 main categories of E visas.

H1-B and Labor Certification Matters: Documentation

January 21, 2015     By Alimohammad & Zafar, PLLC
What employers must know with regards to keeping documentation in H1-B and Labor Certification matters.

Common Contract Clauses

January 21, 2015     By Alimohammad & Zafar, PLLC
This article intends to highlight and decipher some of the most common clauses that appear in a typical business contract. These basic provisions, called boilerplates, are included in agreements to protect the contracting parties. They typically follow a standard format and they are worded carefully in order to hold up in a court of law. Even though most contracts include these boilerplates, many people do not read nor understand what they are signing.

EB-2 Visa Versus EB-3 Visa

January 21, 2015     By Alimohammad & Zafar, PLLC
The differences between EB-2 and EB-3 in an effort to alert aliens and employers, and help both seek EB-2.

A Question of Substance - Malta's Financial Services Sector Stability

January 21, 2015     By CSB Advocates
Malta continues to receive glowing reviews internationally as a stable financial services centre of repute within the European Union.

Disclosures During Patent Litigation: To Request or Not To Request?

January 21, 2015     By Patrick Mirandah Co.
In Syntroleum v. Neste Oil Singapore, the Singapore High Court dismissed two sets of applications filed by the defendant for the disclosure of three categories of documents by the plaintiff in respect of Singapore Patent 172045 (the 045 patent), Singapore Patent 169053 (the 053 patent) and the United States Patent 5,705,722 (the US 722 patent).

Avoid Truck Accidents With These 4 Rules

January 20, 2015     By Ankin Law Office LLC
Drivers can reduce their risk of truck accidents by leaving extra space, avoiding blind spots, pulling over safely and using caution in intersections.

What is the Difference Between a Will-based Plan and a Trust-based Plan?

January 20, 2015     By ABC Utah Law, P.C.
Explaining the differences between a Will-based plan and a Trust-based plan so you can make an educated decision for your family about what is best for you and, ultimately, for them.

Claims of Lawsuit Abuse Are Not Backed Up by the Facts

January 20, 2015     By Briskman Briskman & Greenberg
To hear some critics tell it, Illinois is overrun with too many lawsuits. Travis Akin, of the group Illinois Lawsuit Abuse Watch (I-LAW), claims that “jackpot justice” has turned the Illinois courts into a “judicial hellhole.”

Less Talk, Less Liability

January 20, 2015     By Matt Dickstein, Business Attorney
Don’t say it if you don’t have to, and never in writing.

Who Owns the Patient’s Medical Records in CA?

January 20, 2015     By Matt Dickstein, Business Attorney
Who gets the patient medical records after a physician leaves a group medical practice? Here's a proposed structure that is fair and resolves the problem up-front for all sides.

Mesothelioma Asbestos Sources Tough to Pinpoint

January 20, 2015     By d'Oliveira & Associates
Mesothelioma is a rare type of cancer that commonly develops in the lungs of those who are exposed to asbestos or asbestos fibers. The cancer usually affects the thin, protective membrane surrounding the lungs, heart or abdominal cavity. About 3,000 cases of mesothelioma are diagnosed each year in the United States and a majority of those cases are traced to job-related mesothelioma asbestos exposure.

Industrial Design Rights in Turkish Legal System

January 20, 2015     By Onal & Onal Law Office
Registration of industrial designs can be required for a variety of products such as textile products, electrical household appliances and cars. Registration of industrial designs is made for 5 years and can be extended up to 25 years in 5-year periods. A design can be registered only on the condition that it is novel and distinctive. Novelty of a design means that it has not been offered to public in anywhere around the world.

Utility Model Rights in Turkish Legal System

January 20, 2015     By Onal & Onal Law Office
Utility model is similar to patent in aspects such as novelty, industrial applicability, etc. in terms of protection conditions. The protection provided for the patent owner is also provided for the owner of utility model. The period of protection for utility models is 10 years on the condition that the protection fee must be paid at each anniversary.

Trademark Rights in Turkish Legal System

January 20, 2015     By Onal & Onal Law Office
Trademark means any kind of indication which shows the service or goods and which shows the assigned pertains to distinguish the service or the goods from similar ones. Same time, It shows the assigned pertains to a specific enterprise the service and goods from similar ones in the market.

Patent Rights in Turkish Legal System

January 20, 2015     By Onal & Onal Law Office
If the patent applications do not meet the patentability criteria or violate your rights, objections can be raised within 6 months from the publication of applications on the Official Patent Bulletin. Patent applications are made to Turkish Patent Institute by the inventor or its successors.

Can I Break Up and Fire My Attorney?

January 19, 2015     By HG.org
Sometimes despite an attorney’s best intentions, he or she may find that a client is not happy with the services provided. In many situations, a client can fire his or her attorney at will. However, there may be times when this right is limited. Before firing your attorney, be sure to consider negative consequences and any alternatives.

“Can I Sue?” is Always the Wrong Question to Ask a Lawyer

January 19, 2015     By John M. DeProspo & Associates
Ask any personal injury lawyer and they will tell you the number one question asked of them is “Can I sue?” Coming in a close second is “Do I have a case?” Both questions miss the mark, however, as the real question that accident victims should be asking is “Do I have a case worth pursuing.”

Displaced Aggression Theory - Road Rage

January 19, 2015     By Kenneth Padowitz P.A.
Displaced aggression can occur when someone cannot aggress towards the source of incitement or provocation, so instead takes it out on something else and behaves aggressively towards another individual that had nothing to do with the initial conflict.

Motor Vehicle Accident Checklist

January 19, 2015     By Jay L Edelstein Attorney At Law
When you are involved in a car accident there are a number of steps you should take to protect yourself.

Military Sexual Assault Issues

January 19, 2015     By Jay L Edelstein Attorney At Law
The U.S. Defense Department released its findings about the incidence of sexual assault and rape in our nation’s military. The report includes statistics from an anonymous survey and from reported incidents on file. According to the department’s results, the number of sexual assaults decreased over the past two years. In 2012, the survey found 26,000 victims of sexual assault in the military which decreased to 19,000 in 2014. These incidents are for unwanted sexual conduct including rape.

Back Injuries in Healthcare Workers

January 19, 2015     By Schmidt, Kirifides, Fridkin & Rassias
Back injuries including herniated discs, strained muscles, pulled or torn ligaments and disc degeneration are the most common work injuries among healthcare workers. Nurses, nursing aids, orderlies, attendants, laundry workers, kitchen workers and environmental services in the healthcare field can suffer from back injuries caused by everyday tasks or workplace accidents.

Workers' Compensation Subrogation

January 19, 2015     By Schmidt, Kirifides, Fridkin & Rassias
Why does the workers' compensation insurance company get money back from my negligence lawsuit?

The Process for Custody Disputes Involving Parents in Different States

January 19, 2015     By Huesman, Jones and Miles, LLC
In today’s society where travel has become easier and easier, many children have parents who live in different states. When there is a custody dispute between the parents living in different states, which state hears this dispute?

What You Need to Know About Taxes and Divorce

January 19, 2015     By Huesman, Jones and Miles, LLC
Divorce can be emotionally and financially devastating to all involved parties. It is important for all divorcing and separating couples to understand the tax implications of financial decisions relating to divorce. State and federal tax laws address divorce with respect to income calculation, exemptions, deductions and tax credits.

Age Difference Between Spouses Impacts Likelihood of Divorce

January 19, 2015     By Huesman, Jones and Miles, LLC
There are numerous variables which can predict if a marriage is destined for divorce. Among these factors are income levels, having children and the amount of time a couple spends together prior to getting married. A recent study compiled data from over 3,000 married and divorced couples which showed that the age difference between the individuals getting married can also predict the likelihood of whether or not the marriage will last or end in divorce.

Court Decision Favors Municipal Employee in Philadelphia

January 19, 2015     By Galfand Berger LLP
In a major victory for injured municipal employees in Philadelphia, a Pennsylvania appellate court recently blocked the city’s attempt to obtain a portion of an injured worker’s personal injury lawsuit recovery. This decision allowed the injured worker, a Philadelphia police officer, to keep the full amount of the injury benefits he received under the Heart and Lung Act and the full recovery from his lawsuit award.

Breakthrough Treatment for Mesothelioma

January 19, 2015     By Brookman, Rosenberg, Brown & Sandler
Hope may be on the horizon for patients diagnosed with malignant pleural mesothelioma. A new treatment that uses genetically modified cells is just one of several in the breakthrough field of immunotherapy. Scientists at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center have developed a method of genetically altering the DNA of a patient’s T cells and then reintroducing those cells into the body so they can fight the cancer.

New Study Reveals that Taconite Miners Face Higher Incidence of Mesothelioma

January 19, 2015     By Shein Law Center, Ltd.
In a new study conducted by the University of Minnesota, Taconite miners in the Iron Range area of Minnesota were found to be three times more likely to contract mesothelioma than those who did not work in the iron mining industry.

Medical Errors Resulting from Negligence

January 19, 2015     By Eichen, Crutchlow, Zaslow & McElroy, LLP
Patients who are harmed by negligent care provided by doctors, nurses, or other medical professionals may have grounds to file a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Concussions in Youth Sports Cause Serious Brain Injury

January 19, 2015     By Eichen, Crutchlow, Zaslow & McElroy, LLP
Traumatic brain injury associated with youth and high school sports is a significant risk for young athletes. The National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury Research reports that 90% of deaths resulting from sports-related head injuries occur in athletes who are high school age or younger. Severe injuries can cause paralysis, permanent brain damage, or death.

New Product Designed to Prevent Elderly Abuse

January 19, 2015     By Eichen, Crutchlow, Zaslow & McElroy, LLP
The Home Security Outlet, an online store that offers DIY home security systems, has released a new product designed to protect the elderly from abusive caregivers. The device, called The Air Freshener Hidden Camera with DVR, can be easily installed in any home and will record video that is stored on an SD card whenever motion is detected in the room.

Leading Cause of Birth Injury in Hospitals

January 19, 2015     By Eichen, Crutchlow, Zaslow & McElroy, LLP
Each year, more than four million babies are born in the United States. Fortunately, most of these babies are born healthy and without complications. But when problems arise in the delivery room that result in birth injuries, parents and families are left questioning what went wrong.

Independent Bank Guarantee in Italy

Business clients dealing with international trade frequently asked us whether an independent bank guarantee issued under the URDG 758 (the ICC Uniform Rules for Demand Guarantees 2010) is valid, binding and enforceable under the Italian law or not and, if not, whether and how it can be amended in order to ensure it is valid, binding and enforceable as an independent bank guarantee under the Italian law.

Malta Preparing for Solvency II Directive

January 19, 2015     By CSB Advocates
On the 22nd of December, 2014 the MFSA commenced a consultation process on proposed amendments to the Insurance Business Act (Cap. 403 of the Laws of Malta) and the Insurance Intermediaries Act (Cap. 487 of the Laws of Malta).

Spain's 3rd of December 31/2014 Bill has Reformed Capital Companies Law

This reform is of crucial importance since it makes numerous amendments to the listed company’s regime.

Civil and Commercial Court Rulings Will Have Effectiveness in All the EU

Savings of up to €48 million thanks to new rules for cross-border judgments.

Reduction in Federal Drug Penalties: “Just Say No”

January 18, 2015     By The Law Office of Russell S. Babcock
Attorney General Eric Holder “gets it.” He understands that the federal prisons are full of non-violent drug offenders. During his administration, there has been the biggest overhaul of federal sentencing in drug cases in more than twenty years.

Cyprus Tonnage Tax Scheme for Ship Owners, Managers and Charterers

January 18, 2015     By Anastasios Antoniou LLC
Cyprus features the most efficient tonnage tax scheme in the EU, approved by the European Commission.

Turkey: Mergers and Acquisitions Deals in 2014, Expectations for 2015

January 18, 2015     By Herdem Attorneys at Law
Turkey, as an emerging market, has its ups and downs to invest from time to time. These times depend on several different factors, but tracing them has crucial importance for investors. Focusing into Mergers & Acquisitions deals can be inspiring when taking decisions for investments.

Thai Civil and Commercial Code: Corporate Directors’ Standard of Care

January 16, 2015     By Siam Legal International
A director of a limited company in Thailand must be liable to the shareholders and the company itself when he or she conducts the business of the company.

New Laws to Help Sexual Abuse Victims and Their Lawyers in California

January 15, 2015     By The Law Offices of R. Sebastian Gibson
As a result of changes to sexual abuse laws in California and a more liberal statute of limitations, attorneys in California now have a greater chance to pursue perpetrators of sexual abuse and obtain justice for their victims. Thanks in part to greater public awareness of the problem, recent reports in the news, and more women willing to come forward after being abused, a greater number of abuse and molestation victims can at last obtain some measure of justice for the trauma they’ve endured.

Retail Liability for Selling a Defective Product

January 15, 2015     By The Miley Legal Group
Several parties in the chain of distribution of a product may be liable for damages in a product liability lawsuit. In some cases, retail liability may apply to a case. Even though a retailer did not manufacture or distribute the product, it can be liable for injuries or losses arising from a defective product.

How a Drug Possession Attorney Defends Clients

January 14, 2015     By Tuomey Law Firm, PLLC
When accused of possessing marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, heroin, “molly,” or other illegal drugs or narcotics, the prosecutors have the burden of proving specific elements of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt.

Do You Need an DUI Lawyer? You Just Might

January 14, 2015     By Tuomey Law Firm, PLLC
Many people don't really believe they should go to the expense of hiring a DUI lawyer when arrested for a drunken driving offense. Do you really need an attorney, should you just plead guilty? There are plenty of questions you probably have, which is just one reason you should at least speak with an experienced defense attorney.

What Are the Rules Regarding Warrants Based on Informant Tips?

January 14, 2015     By HG.org
Dealing with informants is a controversial aspect of criminal law. Several Supreme Court cases have helped to mold this area of the law. States may have additional requirements under their laws.

Can I Sue a Spouse for a Personal Injury?

January 14, 2015     By HG.org
While the classic rule was that spouses could not sue each other, the abolition of laws throughout much of the 20th century has all but eliminated this rule.

BAP1 Gene Mutation Increases Survival Rates for Mesothelioma Patients

January 14, 2015     By Shein Law Center, Ltd.
In a recent study published in Carcinogenesis, researchers have concluded that the BAP1 gene mutation found in patients with mesothelioma may prove to prolong the survival rates of those with the terminal illness. The study included the analysis of 37 years of data from over 10,000 mesothelioma patients in the US Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results program (SEER.)

Emergency Room Visits from Car Accidents

January 14, 2015     By Galfand Berger LLP
According to a recent report in Health Day, approximately 7,000 people were sent to a U.S. emergency room each day in 2012 for injuries resulting from a car accident.

Get Smart After an Accident: Using Your Smart Phone to Help Protect Your Legal Rights

January 14, 2015     By Galfand Berger LLP
It’s hard to imagine life before cell phones especially the latest smart phones such as Apple’s iPhone and the variety of Android phones that are available on the market today. The iPhone that I have in my pocket has over 100 times as much memory in it as the computer I owned just 15 years ago.

What Police are Looking for in a DUI Driver

January 14, 2015     By Kraut Law Group - DUI Defense
Under the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution, police are not allowed to simply stop any car in order to investigate the driver for a DUI offense. Both the U.S. and California Supreme Courts have held that officers must have reasonable or probable cause that the driver is violating the law before pulling a vehicle over. A traffic stop based on a mere suspicion or idle curiosity is not valid, and an officer needs an objectively reasonable basis for stopping a vehicle.

Events, Nightlife, Attractions and Hospitality Law Palm Springs Style

January 13, 2015     By The Law Offices of R. Sebastian Gibson
In the past lawyers for the hospitality and entertainment industry, for restaurants, hotels, festivals, events, and attractions in California handled matters such as food safety, contracts with entertainers, alcohol regulations, or injuries on hotel properties. Hospitality and entertainment lawyers in places like Palm Springs today must also seek to protect guest confidentiality and safety at live music pool parties, film and music festivals, major sporting events and more.

Malta Ranks 6th in the Index of Best Places to Retire

January 13, 2015     By CSB Advocates
Forbes/International Living has announced that Malta has featured sixth in the index of the best places to retire for Americans.

Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics Linked to Peripheral Neuropathy Nerve Damage, FDA Warning States

January 13, 2015     By Heygood Orr & Pearson
The FDA has warned that fluoroquinolone antibiotics such as Levaquin and Cipro may cause a type of serious nerve damage to the arms or legs known as peripheral neuropathy. Patients who have been injured by these medications may be eligible to file a lawsuit.

China's MIIT Issues New Draft Intellectual Property Template

January 13, 2015     By MMLC Group
Recently, a draft of the Intellectual Property Rights Policy Template of Industry Standardization Organization (“the Template”) was released for soliciting opinions by the Intellectual Property Center, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

The Establishment of Company Regulation in Indonesia

January 13, 2015     By Leks&Co
Provisions on company regulation is stipulated under Article 108 until Article 115 Law Number 13 of 2003 on Employment (“Law No.13/ 2003”) and Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration Regulation Number PER.16/MEN/XI/2011 on Procedures for the Establishment and Legalization of Company Regulation and Procedure for the Establishment and Registration of Collective Labor Agreement (“MOMTR 16/2011”).

How Can You Be Compensated if You are Involved in a Personal Injury Case in China?

January 13, 2015     By Yingke Law Firm
The life in morden city is full of danger. Everyday people get hurt by car accident, third party's attack, even by animals like dogs. People should be aware a bit of what they can get for compensation, in case anybody fools you.

Healthcare Industry is Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

January 12, 2015     By Evidence Solutions, Inc.
An ID Experts study says that the increased use of smart phones and tablets is significantly increasing the risk of cyber attacks in the health care industry. It links the risk to these devices to not having proper malware and virus protection. The study also indicates that there has been a 100 percent increase in attacks in these types of organizations since 2010.

For a Friendly Divorce, Florida Couples Find Help in Divorce Mediation

January 12, 2015     By Daniel M. Copeland, Attorney at Law, P.A.
If couples can put their differences aside to create an atmosphere of teamwork, they can work with a divorce mediator to help them achieve a friendly divorce.

Philadelphia Workers' Compensation for Psychological Injuries

January 12, 2015     By Schmidt, Kirifides, Fridkin & Rassias
The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act provides for different standards and evidence required to prove psychological injuries, as compared to physical injuries. The most common type of work injury claim involves a physical to part of the body, caused by a physical event – such as by falling or lifting something.

Office Depot Whistleblowers Case

January 12, 2015     By Sidney L. Gold & Associates, P.C.
A whistle blower complaint filed by an Office Depot employee has resulted in a large settlement for the state of California.

Procedures of Land Acquisition in the Framework of Investment – Land Acquisition Deriving in Indonesia

January 12, 2015     By Leks&Co
Land Acquisition in the framework of investment is particularly regulated by Decree of State Minister for Agrarian Affairs/ Head of the National Land Agency Number 21 of 1994 on Procedures of Land Acquisition for Company in the Framework of Investment (“Kepmenag No.21/1994”).

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