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Building Your Forensic Defense Case . . . First Things First

August 18, 2017     By Stephen Gustitis, Attorney at Law
A checklist on how to build your defense to the prosecution's forensic case [may] increase your chances of success. It's time to start studying,...

The Process of Administrative Appeals

August 18, 2017     By
The Freedom of Information Act is connected to administrative appeals processes when benefits or records have been denied. The next step may be...

Legal Aspects of Commercial Lease Guarantees

August 18, 2017     By
When renting, leasing or purchasing property, it is vital that the agreement signed which contractually binds two parties together is understood...

Special Economic Zone- Open Doors for Foreign Investors

August 18, 2017     By Jural Acuity
Bangladesh is considered as one of the preferred destination for the relocation of industries, especially in the labour intensive sectors.The...

How To Appeal a New Jersey DYFS Finding

August 18, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
Following and investigation by the DYFS (Division of Youth and Family Services), they will issue a ruling of substantiated, established, not...

Can You Legally Smoke Marijuana in Federally Subsidized Housing?

August 18, 2017     By
There are multiple states that permit the smoking of marijuana for medicinal and recreational use when at home. These laws do not usually extend...

Steps to Challenge the Prosecution's Forensic Evidence

August 18, 2017     By Stephen Gustitis, Attorney at Law
What should the criminal defense lawyer do to challenge the prosecutor's forensic evidence? Here are some practical tips on how to use the law...

New OSHA Rules Regarding Anti-Retaliation Measures

August 18, 2017     By
Retaliation in the workplace is not uncommon. When someone has contacted a supervisor or management of something that needs to be corrected, and...

Legal Difficulties of Acquiring Child Support from a Parent Located in Another Country

August 18, 2017     By
Collecting child support from a non-custodial parent can often be difficult. However, when the parents are in other countries, it can be even...

Xarelto Makers Failure to Warn of an Allegedly Known Risk

August 18, 2017     By d'Oliveira & Associates
Attorneys for the victims claim that Janssen and Bayer concealed information on the label.

Common Mistakes Parents Make with New Jersey DYFS

August 18, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
So you received a call from the Division of Youth and Family Services and they want to investigate your child’s wellbeing and care.

What Happens when New Jersey DYFS Comes to Your House

August 18, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
Getting a call from the Division of Youth and Family Services can be scary and confusing.

Florida Paternity Law: Knowing Your Rights

August 18, 2017     By Apfelbaum Law
Paternity issues in Florida are handled by Family Law courts; which includes legal versus biological fathers, visitation, custody, and more....

Defending a Criminal Case Using Forensic Experts

August 18, 2017     By Stephen Gustitis, Attorney at Law
Hiring a qualified expert might be the only way a criminal defense attorney can challenge the prosecutor's forensic evidence. Whether the hired...

Proposed Dark Store Legislation in Wisconsin Puts a Thumb on the Scale of Fairness

August 18, 2017     By Gimbel, Reilly, Guerin & Brown, LLP
Max Baucus once said that “Tax complexity itself is a kind of a tax.” That statement is true in many ways.

Will Recent Court Opinion Place New Limits on Construction Scaffold Law?

August 18, 2017     By Edelman & Edelman, P.C.
According to a recent, yep sharply divided, opinion issued by the New York Court of Appeals -- the state's highest court -- employers may not be...

How Businesses Can Be Held Liable for a Security Breach

August 18, 2017     By
There are a variety of breaches possible with a company, but none are more crucial to client and customer data than security breaches.

Guide for Employers on Drafting and Enforcing Non-Compete Agreements

August 18, 2017     By
Non-compete agreements are becoming increasingly common in today’s competitive marketplace. These agreements provide greater protections for...

Anti-Corruption Act in Brazil

August 18, 2017     By
Brazil enacted a Bill of Law also called the Anticorruption Law that puts civil and administrative liability onto companies and organizations...

Options for LLCs to Break a Deadlock

August 18, 2017     By
When a limited liability company partners or co-owners are unable to decide on a court of action, a deadlock occurs. There are procedures in the...

How do I Remove my Name from the Florida Sex Offender Registry?

August 18, 2017     By
In Florida, a select group of individuals can file a petition to request to have their name removed from the Florida sex offender registry. Due...

When is an Oral Will Valid?

August 18, 2017     By
In most cases, it is recommended that a will be put in writing. This creates more credibility and indicates more clearly how the testator’s...

Legal Checkups Every Business Needs

August 18, 2017     By
When businesses are progressing forward from the beginning, it is important to ensure legal matters are set correctly and up to date. This means...

U.S. Citizen Detained by Mistake Files Lawsuit

August 17, 2017     By Surin & Griffin, PC
A new lawsuit in Florida is testing the Trump administration policies meant to exert pressure on cities and counties that refuse to cooperate...

How America’s Immigrant Workforce Is Changing

August 17, 2017     By Surin & Griffin, PC
Immigrants account for 17 percent of the American labor force.

Animal Shelter Effectively Designated as Heir in Will in Germany

August 17, 2017     By GRP Rainer LLP
It is not possible for animals to inherit, but the same does not hold true for animal shelters. That being said, a clearly drafted will needs to...

Mexican Supreme Court Recognizes Punitive Damages in a Wrongful Death Case

August 17, 2017     By Osuna Gonzalez
On February 26 of 2014, the First Chamber of the Mexican Supreme Court issued a historic decision recognizing punitive damages as part of the...

Defenses to Arson Charges

August 17, 2017     By
Defending against arson charges is often difficult, but this is more complicated when it appears there is a motive such as insurance or revenge...

What Is Considered Arson?

August 17, 2017     By
Arson is the act of intentional and malicious causing fires for the destruction of property. There are a variety of arson crimes, and additional...

Should We Allow Our Clients to Tell Us the "Whole Truth"

August 17, 2017     By Stephen Gustitis, Attorney at Law
Allowing clients to tell us the whole truth is always a tactical decision. We never want to limit their ability to defend themselves in a future...

Key Differences between Robbery and Burglary

August 17, 2017     By
The key differences with robbery and burglary could determine sentencing that is light or heavy, fines that may be minor or excessive and other...

Why a Credit Freeze May be Necessary during a Divorce

August 17, 2017     By
While divorce is certainly an emotional experience, the financial impact of this transition can have long-lasting consequences. In some...

Immigrants Are Essential to the Economy

August 17, 2017     By Surin & Griffin, PC
Immigration is a heated issue in America, largely because of the politics involved. Setting politics aside, consider the ramifications of...

Acquiring Work Visas in the United States for Employment Purposes

August 17, 2017     By
For someone from a foreign country to enter the United States, he or she must acquire a visa. This may be a nonimmigrant visa for a temporary or...

University Discipline . . . The Illusion of Due Process

August 17, 2017     By Stephen Gustitis, Attorney at Law
Higher education institutions, like colleges and universities, have student codes of conduct. A student may be prosecuted by their university...

Why the UN's Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) Matters in Mexico

August 17, 2017     By Osuna Gonzalez
It has been over twenty-five years since the United Nation’s Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (“CISG” or...

Slip and Fall Accidents in Stores

August 17, 2017     By DiTomaso Law
A slip and fall accident can turn an enjoyable day of shopping into a nightmare. Every year, more than one million Americans visit the emergency...

Trampoline Park Accidents and the Park's Liability

August 17, 2017     By Galfand Berger LLP
According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, children under the age of six should not be permitted to use trampolines. The American...

Hearsay Exception: Why All Lawyers Should Love "Learned Treatises"

August 17, 2017     By Stephen Gustitis, Attorney at Law
The learned treatise is the foundation for cross-examining the opposing expert witness. Here are some ideas on how to execute this strategy.

Recognition of Russian Court Decisions in Turkey

August 17, 2017     By Cindemir Law Office
Under Turkish Law, there is a difference between recognition of foreign decision and enforcement of the decision. Applicant may ask recognition...

Compensation of Damages for Foreign Victims Due to Terror under Turkish Law

August 17, 2017     By Cindemir Law Office
Within the scope of the Law No. 5233 on the Compensation of Damages Resulting from Terrorism and the Fight against Terrorism, the damages of our...

Can My Employee Say That?

August 17, 2017     By Fassonaki Law Firm, LLP
With the recent “Google memo” fiasco in the news, many employers are questioning whether Google was permitted to fire one of its engineers over...

Raising Awareness about Faulty Takata Airbags

August 17, 2017     By d'Oliveira & Associates
The list of recalled cars containing the defective airbags is expected to grow as time goes on.

If a Trademark is Granted Temporarily to Another, Do I Lose my Protections?

August 17, 2017     By
Trademark protections extend to both the physical manifestation and online presence of the symbol, word or phrase. This means that no matter...

Dangers of Having an Independent Contractor Sign a Non-Compete Agreement

August 17, 2017     By
Having an independent contractor sign a non-compete agreement is an option that some businesses consider because they want to protect their...

Expert Witness Explains Hotel Liability for Negligence of Franchisee

August 17, 2017     By
Hotel owners and franchisees have a relationship that benefits the brand behind the hotel. However, when the franchisee engages in activity that...

Managing Risks with the Help of Construction Litigation Expert Witnesses

August 17, 2017     By
Construction incidents are common due to a variety of factors, but it is when someone is injured that the case becomes serious. This means a...

Important Traits in an Effective Orthopedic Expert Witness

August 17, 2017     By
Expert witnesses must have experience in the subject of the case. This usually means that someone in the medical field has been hired to explain...

Former Supplier Kept a Wire Transfer, How do We Get the Money Back?

August 17, 2017     By
Payments to suppliers, contractors and vendors are usually accomplished periodically when items or services have been supplied to the business....

The Importance of Expert Witness Retainer Agreements

August 17, 2017     By
Getting an agreement in writing is important in all aspects of life. However, there are certain situations in which this is extremely important....

Using an Expert Witness to Establish Damages in Business Defamation Case

August 17, 2017     By
If defamation has occurred against a business, it may take steps to recover damages for the harm done to its reputation. An expert witness may...

Does the Supreme Court Rule Defense Counsel Must Now Hire "Believable" Expert Witnesses?

August 17, 2017     By Stephen Gustitis, Attorney at Law
The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that defense counsel must avail themselves of court-appointed funding for experts in order to render effective...

Felony DUIs in Colorado Mean You're Going to Jail

August 16, 2017     By Hebets & McCallin
In 2015, Colorado passed a law which made a fourth DUI or more a felony offense. By definition, a felony is a crime in which the sentence...

An Immigration Strategy for Your Non-Citizen Criminal Client

August 16, 2017     By Stephen Gustitis, Attorney at Law
Every criminal defense lawyer needs a plan when they represent non-citizens. Immigration issues can be complex and often more impactful upon the...

The Criminal Defense Lawyer as Entrepreneur

August 16, 2017     By Stephen Gustitis, Attorney at Law
Criminal lawyers who treat their law practices like a business are the most successful. To enjoy more success, don't think like a lawyer, think...

Attorney-Client Privilege and the Non-Reporting Expert Witness

August 16, 2017     By
Lawyers may hire expert witnesses for various types of cases, including cases involving employment issues, intellectual property, engineering or...

New Requirement for All Issuers Operating on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange

August 16, 2017     By Arendt & Medernach
​On 10 August 2017 the Luxembourg Stock Exchange announced that all domestic and foreign issuers operating on the regulated market (Bourse...

Can Promises Be Enforceable after Death, in Ontario Canada?

August 16, 2017     By Wagner Sidlofsky LLP
The answer to the question posed in the title is – sometimes.

How to Make Sure Your Client Remains Silent

August 16, 2017     By Stephen Gustitis, Attorney at Law
So often our clients fail to follow our instructions to remain silent. They just feel compelled to talk. Here are some tips for clients to use...

What Is the Implied Warranty of Habitability and Why Does It Matter?

August 16, 2017     By
The implied warranty of habitability relates to residential leases and requires that rented property meet certain standards. This warranty can...

Can Closely Held Businesses Have an Advisory Board?

August 16, 2017     By
Closely held companies are often kept to a higher standard than many other businesses to produce more and accrue greater amounts of revenue....

How Self-Driving Cars Might Affect Business Laws

August 16, 2017     By
With the increase in the need for safety on the roads for the various different incidents and accidents, the self-driving cars may be the answer...

How to Market Solutions to Potential Clients, Rather than Market Yourself

August 16, 2017     By Stephen Gustitis, Attorney at Law
Sometimes the best way to market yourself to a potential client is to market them solutions to their problems. Taking the focus off yourself...

How Do You Get a Power of Attorney in Queensland?

August 16, 2017     By Carter Capner Law
Oftentimes, when there's an issue of a disputed wills in Queensland, one question that invariably comes up is how an individual can get power of...

Texas Legislative Bill Submitted to Shore up the Teachers Retirement System Health Plan

August 16, 2017     By The Posey Law Firm, PC
The Texas Teachers Retirement System has a health care plan that has become insolvent and, without an extra infusion of cash and more...

The "Detailed Description" of an Invention

August 16, 2017     By JGPC Business & Corporate Law
As a basic requirement, the Detailed Description provides an enabling disclosure of the invention sufficiently adequate for an ordinary person...

Due Diligence 101: Real Estate Lawyer Assistance

August 16, 2017     By
Due diligence is essential in many different aspects of business to include real estate property purchases and selling. To ensure due diligence...

Legal Remedies when a Spouse Has Stopped Paying Spousal Support

August 16, 2017     By
When a former spouse does not comply with a court order to pay spousal support, there may be a number of remedies available to the recipient...

Can Advertising Support be the Object of a Lawsuit by Competitors or Lawyers not Considered the Best?

August 16, 2017     By
The rules of professional responsibility govern the ability to advertise services of a lawyer as the best in the industry or in a certain...

Burglary: Beyond Breaking and Entering

August 16, 2017     By
Burglary is known as an activity where someone illegally enters some structure, home or building with the intent to commit a crime such as...

When Landlords May be Held Liable for Damages Even when there are No Damages Clauses

August 16, 2017     By
There are various clauses and terms and conditions that apply to leases and contracts between landlord and tenant. However, landlords may still...

What are the Consequences if the Lawyer Does Not Deliver the “Best” Results for His Clients?

August 16, 2017     By
The ethical responsibilities of a lawyer are to ensure the best possible results may be delivered to his or her clients. This means researching...

Legality of Paying for Online Reviews

August 16, 2017     By
Online reviews for products, services and amenities through websites and companies draw customers and clients in for business. However, some of...

Lawsuits Regarding Fake Reviews

August 16, 2017     By
When someone writes a fake review for a website, product or service, it is possible he or she could be sued by the company. It is essential to...

Getting an Injunction against a Competitor

August 16, 2017     By
When a company has been involved in certain types of conduct, it may be possible to seek legal action against it. However, there are specific...

Stolen Items in Hotel, Am I Permitted to View the Hotel Video Footage?

August 15, 2017     By
In situations where theft occurs, there may be a few options in progressing to a potential resolution to the matter. It may be possible to seek...

How to Account for Property in Another State

August 15, 2017     By
In today’s mobile world, many people own property that is located in other states. They may own a vacation home or may keep certain personal...

My Wife Stipulated Me as the Father on her Will to her Two Sons, but her Family is Challenging it.

August 15, 2017     By
Family and adoption laws are often complicated in the United States. If there is no legal action taken for children to be adopted by a...

Toxic Mix between Employees and Social Media Use

August 15, 2017     By
Social media has been utilized shortly after its inception by the company’s with owners that understand how it may be used to influence and...

Registering and Defending Your IP

August 15, 2017     By
Intellectual property most often needs both the standard and extra protection from theft, reproduction or those that would build upon the...

Conflict of Interest Issues Involved in Business

August 15, 2017     By
In the scope of business dealings, there may be any number of conflict of interests that arise. Some of these interests may have the potential...

Inheritance of Real Property and Partition Actions

August 15, 2017     By
When an heir receives inherited property, there are several actions that may arise or transpire after probate or other legal activity has...

Why DYFS Caseworkers Don’t Help You

August 15, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
You are under an investigation set out by Child Protection Services. Without a doubt, you are angry, confused, worried, and scared at the...

What to Look for in a Strong Family Law Expert Witness

August 15, 2017     By
Family law requires knowledge of a broad spectrum of subjects such as divorce, child custody and even separation. An expert in these matters is...

New Jersey Child Born out of Wedlock and a Father’s Rights

August 15, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
Children born out of wedlock are, without a doubt, taken care of by their mother unless the mother names their father or the father himself...

How to Avoid Overpaying Alimony in New Jersey

August 15, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
Alimony in NJ is paid when the divorce proceedings start.

DYFS Scare Tactics

August 15, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
Have you found yourself in the midst of an investigation launched by Child Protection Services?

Student Loan Dischargability: A Debtor Attorney’s Perspective

August 15, 2017     By Law Offices of Walter Metzen & Associates
Student loan debt in the United States is the largest class of consumer debt today behind mortgages, and is higher than both credit card debt...

Common Pre-Nuptial Agreement Terms in New Jersey

August 15, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
Marriage is synonymous with trust, commitment and a long term relationship.

What Happens if my Spouse and I Don’t Agree on Decisions about Our Real Estate during Divorce?

August 15, 2017     By
During the divorce process, the spouses may make decisions regarding their property, including how to divide it and how to dispose of it. One of...

Dangers of Offering Stock in Your Business to Friends and Family

August 15, 2017     By
When someone who owns a business wants to get his or her family and friends involved, this should usually not include stock, interest or shares...

My Employer is Going Bankrupt. I’m New and Haven’t Been Paid, What are My Rights?

August 15, 2017     By
New employees facing a company going bankrupt need to understand what rights, if any, they have once the business fails. This means research,...

Protecting Your Website from Liability

August 15, 2017     By
Websites fall prey to liability just as businesses and company owners do through various acts, terms, users and injuries. There are many website...

Contract with a Funeral Home went Against My Wishes, Employer gave Decision, I Don’t Understand Why

August 15, 2017     By
When someone dies, it is important to understand what wishes must be adhered to, and who is responsible for final rights and preparations. This...

Are the Police Tracking My Phone

August 14, 2017     By Gimbel, Reilly, Guerin & Brown, LLP
Stingray cases are working their way through the courts now. If you or others you know face a prosecution involving Stingray evidence or...

Preparing Yourself for an Examination Under Oath

August 14, 2017     By Gimbel, Reilly, Guerin & Brown, LLP
In Wisconsin, when you file a fire loss claim, water damage claim, or other property damage claim against your insurance company, your insurance...

When Patients Place Trust in Professionals, Accountability is Vital

August 14, 2017     By Terry Bryant Accident & Injury Law
When you suffer from a medical condition in the United States, you are forced to place your trust in the hands of a vast network of doctors,...

Submit a Voluntary Declaration Leading to Immunity for Tax Evasion While You Still Can in Germany

August 14, 2017     By GRP Rainer LLP
A voluntary declaration leading to immunity for tax evasion needs to be tailored to the exact circumstances of a given case. Only then can...

Cardiology Expert Witness and Why Lawyers May Need One

August 14, 2017     By
When someone has been involved in medical malpractice with the heart, a cardiology expert witness is often necessary. These professionals have...

Implied Consent Law after Drunk Driving Arrest Confuses & Confounds Drivers; Loss of Driver License

August 14, 2017     By William C. Head, PC
Every person who gets a driver's license in America is subject to having his or her driving privileges taken, if he or she refuses to take the...

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