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Tariff and the Non-Tariff Based Renewable Energy Incentives in Turkey

August 21, 2014     By Herdem Attorneys at Law
Turkey is one of the fastest growing economies among the emerging markets. Its 4% average growth rate throughout the last decade catapulted her in to a class of its own among the MENA region.

Employment in Belgium with an Employer Established in Another Country

August 21, 2014     By Lorenz
An employee can be employed in Belgium by a company established in another country. In this context, these two situations have been distinguished.

Particularities of Inheriting and Bequeathing in Cases Involving a Foreign Element

August 21, 2014     By GRP Rainer LLP
All states have their own inheritance laws. In succession cases involving a foreign element, the question arises as to which inheritance law is applicable. In many cases, this is a complex matter.

China Trademark Law - Non-use Cancellation Actions

August 20, 2014     By MMLC Group
Almost all the jurisdictions allow non-use cancellation actions. Most of them, for example Austria, Argentina, Egypt, Italy, etc, allow challenging trademark registration on non-use grounds where the trademark has not been used for five consecutive years. A five-year non-use grace period exists in practically all European countries. Whist some other jurisdictions provide for a shorter non-use grace period – of three consecutive years, such as China, USA etc.

Expunctions in Texas

August 20, 2014     By Roger G. Jain & Associates, P.C.
A criminal record can have far-reaching consequences, even if the criminal charges do not result in a conviction. Fortunately, Texas law provides an opportunity for expunction to people who were arrested but their cases were dismissed or they were found not guilty after trial. However, you will not be eligible for an expunction if you were placed on probation, deferred adjudication, or you finished your case by doing jail time.

Entitlement to Support Despite Prenuptial Agreement – The Butts Case, in Ontario Canada

August 20, 2014     By Wagner Sidlofsky LLP
Challenging a prenuptial agreement in the context of estate litigation happens more often than you think.

Electricity Prices in Turkey and the Market Liberalization

August 20, 2014     By Herdem Attorneys at Law
The recent growth of the Turkish economy that had sprawled to the entire last decade gave birth to a new phenomenon of energy price hikes. The country’s growing appetite for ever more energy supplies necessitates a coordinated action on the part of the regulatory authorities to make the energy prices to stay in a stable and predictable course.

Inheritance Tax: Are Tax Concessions for Businesses Toppling?

August 20, 2014     By GRP Rainer LLP
The German Federal Constitutional Court (Bundesverfassungsgericht) is currently dealing with inheritance and gift tax. The focus is the question of whether tax benefits for businesses are justified.

Cost-effective Probate Alternatives When a Person Dies Without a Will

August 19, 2014     By Roger G. Jain & Associates, P.C.
If your loved one passed away without a will, Texas law provides several options for settling the affairs of his or her estate. This article explains several of these options.

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

August 19, 2014     By Daniel M. Copeland, Attorney at Law, P.A.
When people think of weddings, the first thing that comes to mind is love and happiness. However, most marriages end up in divorce, which is why parties need to protect themselves before that step is ever reached. To cover both your finances and other types of properties, it’s crucial to look into hiring a family lawyer to draft up some kind of agreement. Typically, there are two contracts used when dealing with marriages and they are prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.

Illicit Earnings In Estate: Heirs Must Be Careful – Voluntary Declaration

August 19, 2014     By GRP Rainer LLP
Nasty surprises can be a risk in the case of inheritance, particularly if an estate includes untaxed illicit earnings. Heirs must be careful.

Philippines Separation Pay: To Whom and When is it Due

August 18, 2014     By LMG Law Office
A guide for both employees and employers in Philippine Labor setting concerning payment of separation pay.

What to Do if a Default Judgment is Taken Against You

August 18, 2014     By Roger G. Jain & Associates, P.C.
A default judgment is a judgment that is taken against someone that’s been sued when the person sued (defendant) is served with a lawsuit but ignores the lawsuit, fails to file the proper documents (an Answer) or otherwise make him or herself known to the court.

Do Parents Drive More Dangerously Than Teens?

August 18, 2014     By Ankin Law Office, LLC
Parents warn their teenagers about the dangers of risk driving habits, but data shows that many parents engage in the same dangerous driving behavior that they warn their children against.

Setting Aside a Prenuptial Agreement in Ontario, Canada – LeVan v. LeVan

August 18, 2014     By Wagner Sidlofsky LLP
After LeVan v. LeVan(FN1) Lambert v. Lambert(FN2) and Rick v. Brandsema,(FN3) wealthy people who sign domestic contracts should be getting the message that failure to make full and frank disclosure of all relevant financial information opens the door for the agreement to be set aside. But that is the end of the story – let’s start at the beginning.

2014 Amendments to the Malta Retirement Programme Rules

August 18, 2014     By CSB Advocates
Legal Notice 269 of 2014 has amended the Malta Retirement Programme Rules which were originally promulgated in 2012.

E-Governance in Terms of Indian Companies Act, 2013

August 18, 2014     By Global Jurix
Electronic Governance or E-Governance has now become an imperative requirement of today’s highly competitive and intense corporate world. Through proper utilization of e-governance at all levels of corporate hierarchy, corporations in all economic sectors can certainly become more efficient, transparent, and reliable. The below article describes the provisions of e-governance stipulated by the new Indian Companies Act of 2013, to make corporate governance in India rather swift and impeccable.

Rules Change for Construction Arbitration

August 15, 2014     By Cobb Law Group
The American Arbitration Association offers new rules to reduce fees and speed the decision making process for the arbitration of construction claims between $75K and $5M.

Damages in Georgia Car Accident Cases

August 15, 2014     By Goldstein & Hayes, PC
Car accident victims may suffer terribly in the aftermath of the wreck. They may be forced to cover the costs of significant property damage, emergency medical treatment, doctor’s bills, and even long-term rehabilitation

Swimming Pool, Spa and Hot Tub Drain Entrapent - Not a Typical Premises Liability Claim

August 15, 2014     By Goldstein & Hayes, PC
Many people are simply not aware of the dangers that defective swimming pool, wading pool, spa and hot tub drains have until it is too late, especially when children are involved

Common Truck Accidents Causes

August 15, 2014     By Goldstein & Hayes, PC
Accidents involving large commercial trucks may occur for a wide variety of reasons, with numerous potentially responsible parties. According to the Federal Motor carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), drivers are ten times more likely to cause commercial truck accidents than other factors, such as improper cargo loading, vehicle malfunction, or inadequate truck maintenance.

Safety Regulations for Pool Owners

August 15, 2014     By Goldstein & Hayes, PC
The Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) and federal regulations enacted by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) have established safety requirements to help prevent drowning and swimming pool accidents.

China's SAIC Looks at Abuses of IP Rights to Eliminate or Restrict Competition

August 15, 2014     By MMLC Group
On June 11, 2014, the State Administration of Industry and Commerce (“SAIC”) published a draft of Rules of the Administration for Industry and Commerce on Prohibition of Abusing Intellectual Property Rights to Eliminate or Restrict Competition (“the drafted Rules”) to solicit public opinions.

Arrange Company Succession Promptly and Benefit from Tax Advantages

August 15, 2014     By GRP Rainer LLP
In many companies, succession will have to be arranged in the coming years. Those who still wish to benefit from tax advantages should act promptly.

Top 10 Things You Should Do After a Car Accident

August 15, 2014     By Gouldson Legal
The top 10 thing you should do if you experience a car accident.

Financing Your Child's College in Connecticut

August 14, 2014     By The Prince Law Group, LLC
The process of saving for your child’s college education can seem daunting. Tuition is already substantial at so many universities, and, if current trends hold, will continue rising year after year right up to the time your child has graduated from high school and is ready to embark upon his or her freshman year of college.

Car Safety Features That Save Lives

August 14, 2014     By The Miley Legal Group
Car safety features like airbags and seatbelts marked significant advancements in safety. Now, new safety features are making our vehicles even safer. More advanced features do not just protect occupants from injuries in an accident, but work proactively to minimize the risk of an accident.

Handling Wrongful Termination and Other Employee Claims: A California Employer’s Guide

August 14, 2014     By Law Offices of Jual F. Reyes
It is common knowledge that lawsuits brought by current or former employees are generally bad for an employer’s business. Employee lawsuits not only disrupt the daily operations within the company or organization, but they also are extremely costly to defend.

Recoverable Damages for Victims of Traumatic Brain Injury in Pedestrian Accidents

August 14, 2014     By Law Office of Julie Johnson, PLLC
Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one of the more severe injuries resulting from pedestrian accidents in Dallas every year. While short-term consequences like headaches, disorientation and memory problems may reduce in severity and intensity over a period of time, some victims may suffer long-term or permanent consequences including impaired cognitive abilities, motor dysfunction and psychological distress.

Tax Evasion in Germany: Voluntary Declaration Must be Made in Good Time

August 14, 2014     By GRP Rainer LLP
A voluntary declaration in the case of tax evasion only exempts you from punishment if it has been submitted on time. Thus, the authorities cannot already have begun any investigations.

UAE Extradition - Procedures

August 14, 2014     By Al Rowaad Advocates & Legal Consultancy
Procedures of the UAE to deliver a suspect of Extradition.

UAE Extradition Conditional Requirements

August 14, 2014     By Al Rowaad Advocates & Legal Consultancy
Terms and conditions to be applied when delivering a suspect are set out in Article 7 of Law No. 39 these state that:

UAE Extradition - Interpol Notices Defined

August 14, 2014     By Al Rowaad Advocates & Legal Consultancy
The head Interpol officer is elected by a two/third majority of the delegate. Each country has their own delegates in its country, the head Interpol officer is based in Lyon, France, he can remain in office for a period of 4 years, and can also be re-elected.

A Digest of National Development and Reform Commission Antitrust Cases To Date

August 13, 2014     By MMLC Group
This article provides a useful digest of many of the NDRC antitrust cases announced/decided to 14 August 2014.

How Do Home Loan Modification Scams Work?

August 13, 2014     By The Aylward Law Firm, LLC
You should be aware that there are many loan modification scams taking place right now in the U.S. These scams target homeowners who are struggling to meet mortgage payments, as predators are taking advantage of especially financially vulnerable people.

Are Foreclosure Rates Beginning to Decrease?

August 13, 2014     By The Aylward Law Firm, LLC
There have been various reports in the media indicating that foreclosure rates have fallen to pre-bubble crisis levels.

New Chinese Provisions on Well-Known Trademarks Become Effective

August 13, 2014     By MMLC Group
Examining the new Chinese regulations that deal with the determination of well-known trademarks. The new regulations are a welcome development and brings China into line with many more developed nations.

Compensatory vs. Punitive Damages – Understanding Personal Injury Settlements

August 13, 2014     By The Babcock Law Firm, LLC
The goal of any personal injury lawsuit is to prove negligence. Once this has been achieved, then there is a need to show causation. This is where the plaintiff needs to show that the negligence of the party is what led to any injuries. If an injured party can prove both negligence and causation, then there will be a determination needed for damages.

Did a Life Insurance Company Wrongfully Deny a Life or Diability Claim?

August 13, 2014     By Goldstein & Hayes, PC
Individuals and families purchase life insurance policies for one reason: peace of mind. The purpose of life insurance is to provide protection in the rare but devastating event of the death of a loved one.

Georgia Boating Fatalities Lowest in Years, Drowning Risks Are Still Real

August 13, 2014     By Goldstein & Hayes, PC
The U.S. Coast Guard recently released statistics regarding recreational boating fatalities. The good news is that fatalities are down nearly fourteen percent in 2013 from the year before. This decrease reflects a concerted effort to encourage boating safety.

Funding Your Child’s College Education After a Connecticut Divorce

August 13, 2014     By The Prince Law Group, LLC
When a divorce is pending, there are many social, financial, and legal obstacles to attend to that it is regrettably easy for the issue of funding your child’s college education to slip through the cracks. Particularly when parents with younger children are seeking divorce, spouses and their attorneys tend to focus on immediately pressing issues such as child custody and visitation, division of marital property, and alimony.

Nap Nanny® Recalled After Six Infants Killed by Suffocation

August 13, 2014     By Keogh Crispi, PC
The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has announced a recall of three models of the Nap Nanny ® infant recliner chair/bed made by Baby Matters, LLC of Berwyn, Pennsylvania. The Nap Nanny is a portable infant recliner designed for sleeping, resting, and playing. It includes a shaped foam based fitted with a fabric cover and three-point harness.

Distracted Driving Laws, Accidents, and Injuries in NYC

August 13, 2014     By Keogh Crispi, PC
Every parent warns their child about crossing the street and instructs them to always look both ways before moving. But in the age of cell phones, looking both ways may not be enough. Drivers and pedestrians who are using the busy streets of New York City must be extra vigilant because of the growing issue of drivers whose minds are elsewhere when navigating the road.

Who Pays Medical Bills in a Forklift Work Accident Case?

August 13, 2014     By Laffey, Bucci & Kent
Workplace forklift accidents are one of the most common types of work accidents in the U.S. Injured workers often want to know how medical bills are paid. This article discusses how medical bills are paid after a workplace forklift accident with a focus on PA and NJ law.

Steps That Must Be Taken Immediately After Being Involved in a Car Accident

August 13, 2014     By Law Offices of Jual F. Reyes
No matter how careful while driving, there is always the possibility of becoming involved in a car accident. For most first-timers, an accident can be cause for fright and panic. Initially, drivers involved in accidents suffer shock as a result of the impact and then are forced to deal with physical injuries, property damage, and possible medical bills. The hassle of dealing with insurance companies and the other negligent driver can be confusing and time consuming.

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury May Cause Cognitive Problems

August 13, 2014     By Keogh Crispi, PC
Traumatic brain injury occurs when a sudden trauma results in brain damage. Unlike brain-related problems dating all the way back to birth, traumatic brain injury is a form of acquired brain injury.

Malta Residence Programme Rules 2014

August 13, 2014     By CSB Advocates
By virtue of two legal notices published on the 8th of July, the High Net Worth Individuals Rules (HNWI Rules) have now been amended to reflect the Global Residence Programme threshold, both in terms of tax and property value (be it purchase or lease), and a new special tax status is presented.

Golf Carting in Florida

August 13, 2014     By Winters & Yonker PA
Those operating golf carts in Florida should understand that the Florida legislature intends to protect persons and property from the all-too-common accidents associated with golf carts and other motorists and pedestrians.

Saving On Inheritance Tax

August 13, 2014     By GRP Rainer LLP
In the event of inheritance, the state generally cashes in on inheritance tax, yet money can also be saved with respect to this tax.

TRade-Marks Revisited: Canada is Changing its Registration System

August 12, 2014     By Ballagh & Edward LLP
Canada’s trade-mark laws are expected to undergo extensive and significant amendments over the next 12 -24 months. Parliament recently passed legislation to implement the Nice Agreement, the Singapore Treaty and the Madrid Protocol. Implementation is suspended until new regulations are ready.

Initial Steps to Take When a Loved One Dies

August 12, 2014     By Kalish Law Texas
When a loved one dies, the last thing that you want to do is to think about business. Having a checklist available during this stressful time can be very helpful and can help you remain calm while you are healing.

An Employee’s Guide to Retaliation in the Workplace

August 12, 2014     By Law Offices of Jual F. Reyes
Retaliation takes place when an adverse action is taken against an employee for filing a complaint of discrimination or assisting another employee in his or her complaint of workplace discrimination.

Navigating the FMLA Minefield: Seven Common Mistakes Employers Make

August 12, 2014     By Falls Legal, LLC
The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (“FMLA”) provides up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave to an eligible employee for his or her own serious health condition or the serious health condition or military service of a family member.[i]

Fourth Circuit Broadens Definition of Disability Under the ADAAA to Include Temporary Impairments

August 12, 2014     By Falls Legal, LLC
Fourth Circuit Broadens Definition of Disability Under the ADAAA to Include Temporary Impairments - Article on a recent decision by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals on a disability discrimination case and the interpretation of what types of temporary impairments constitute a "disability" under the Americans with Disabilities Act ("ADA").

When Should Blog or Forum Posts Create Liability for Defamation?

August 12, 2014     By Brijnandan Singh Bhar & Co
Writers often express their views on blogs or forums. With the advancement of laws, anyone who writes articles, must be cautious of consequences of doing so. This is a Malaysian perspective.

Determining Future Damages in Georgia Wrongful Death Cases

August 12, 2014     By Goldstein & Hayes, PC
When the intentional or negligent actions of another lead to death, certain family members of the deceased may be entitled to recover damages in a wrongful death lawsuit.

What Type of Lawyer Handles Swimming Pool Accident and Drowning Claims?

August 12, 2014     By Goldstein & Hayes, PC
Personal injury attorneys typically handle swimming pool injury or drowning cases. However, drowning claims and swimming pool negligence claims have many unique issues that the typical injury lawyer may not have the requisite experience or expertise.

Court Ordered Capacity Assessments in Ontario, Canada

August 12, 2014     By Wagner Sidlofsky LLP
Children fighting over control of their parents’ money sometimes go to court to try to force their parents to undergo capacity assessments. Once a parent is declared incapable, the children can, under the right circumstances, be appointed guardians of their parents’ property.

How Can Turkish Banking Cope with the Changing Global Banking Dynamics?

August 12, 2014     By Herdem Attorneys at Law
The 2008 global economic meltdown had served as an important wake up call for the global banking industry. The complicated web of interrelated financial instruments created by investment banking gurus, accompanied by a lax regulatory regime came to create one of the biggest financial disasters after the Great Depression and itself termed by many as the Great Recession costing millions of people their savings, jobs and houses.

China's Supreme People's Court (SPC) Rules in Favor of ICC Arbitration in China

August 12, 2014     By John Oneil International
The recent decision by the China SPC turns on its head all that international arbitrators and contract drafters have come to believe of the China Arbitration rules, which requires all arbitration to be done by a Chinese institution, which invariable meant the application of that institution's arbitration rules.

Labour Law: Avoiding Pitfalls In Labour Law

August 12, 2014     By GRP Rainer LLP
Labour law is a wide field that features many pitfalls. Of particular importance is, for example, the conclusion of the employment contract as well as termination giving due notice.

Ten Common Birth Injuries Experienced by Newborns in Georgia

August 11, 2014     By Goldstein & Hayes, PC
Every parent hopes their newborn child will enter this world happy and healthy. In most cases, this is exactly what occurs. In some rare instances, however, newborn children may suffer from a birth injury. Following are ten of the most common birth injuries experienced by newborns in Georgia.

Sexual Exploitation of a Minor/Child Pornography - A.R.S. §13-3553

August 11, 2014     By The Law Offices Of David Michael Cantor
In the Phoenix area or anywhere else in the State of Arizona, as per A.R.S. §13-3553, sexual exploitation of a minor, also commonly referred to as child pornography, is a very serious offense that is classified a class 2 felony.

Failure to Register as a Sex Offender in Arizona

August 11, 2014     By The Law Offices Of David Michael Cantor
Laws in Phoenix and across Arizona require anyone convicted of specific sexual crimes or attempted sexual offenses to register as a sex offender. A.R.S §13-3821 and§13-3824 detail these laws and the related crimes that require registration.

Sexual Conduct with a Minor in Arizona - A.R.S. §13-1405

August 11, 2014     By The Law Offices Of David Michael Cantor
In the Phoenix area or anywhere else in the State of Arizona, an individual can commit the crime of sexual conduct with a minor when they knowingly and intentionally engage in sexual intercourse or oral sexual contact with a person under the age of 18.

Tax Evasion: More and More Voluntary Declarations in North Rhine-Westphalia

August 11, 2014     By GRP Rainer LLP
Clandestine accounts in Switzerland are clearly becoming too hot for many people. In the first half of 2014 in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), three times as many voluntary declarations of an incomplete tax return relating to Switzerland are reported to have been received than in the same period of the previous year.

What Benefits Are Available Under the New York State Workers' Compensation Law?

August 10, 2014     By Brune Law Office
The New York State Workers' Compensation Law is, in essence, a form of social insurance. The intent of the compensation statute is clear: protect and compensate employees injured at work.

Security for Costs from Foreign Plaintiff Not Required?

August 10, 2014     By Angela Wang & Co.
It is well established law in Hong Kong legal proceedings that a foreign claimant/plaintiff may be ordered to deposit a sum in Court as “security for costs” of a defendant.

Antitrust Investigations in China

August 10, 2014     By MMLC Group
A series of anti-trust investigations intensively initiated by the Price Supervision and Anti-Trust Bureau of National Development and Reform Commission (“NDRC Anti-Trust Bureau”) since last year, has brought a lot of attention to this Chinese anti-trust law enforcement authority. This article is aimed at introducing the NDRC Anti-Trust Bureau via a decided case.

Burglary Offenses in the Tampa Bay Area

August 10, 2014     By The Kilfin Law Firm PC
Simply put, burglary involves entering a house, structure, business, or vehicle without the consent of the owner and with the intent to commit a criminal offense once inside. Burglary is an invasive property crime that can have some very serious, life altering consequences for the accused person.

Are Disparaging Social Media Remarks by an Ex Protected by the First Amendment?

August 9, 2014     By Stange Law Firm, PC
In 2010, Steve Nash, a basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers, filed for dissolution of his marriage to Alejandra Nash. Nash v. Nash, 307 P.3d 40 (Az. Ct. App. 2013). The parties were able to the resolve custody and parenting time with their two young children through a joint agreement, but the matter went to trial on the issue of child support. On the day the trial court issued its decree, Mrs. Nash “tweeted” several disparaging remarks pertaining to Mr. Nash.

Arrest of Ships in Accordance with Libyan Law

August 8, 2014     By Karbal & Co.
Libya is largely dependent on imports, consisting mainly of industrial and food commodities. Libya’s biggest trading partner is the European Union and Italy leads with 30% of Libyan imports. This significance of the Libya/EU trade-link across the Mediterranean is undisputed as the seaports of Libya are invigorating their connections to the southern European seaports.

Management Personnel and Their Special Status in Labour Law

August 8, 2014     By GRP Rainer LLP
Executive employees and management personnel occupy central positions in firms and are therefore subject to different legal conditions. This has implications for the employment contract and termination.

American Defense Industry: Does the Legal Regime Hamstring the Business?

August 8, 2014     By Herdem Attorneys at Law
The United States is still by far the leading country in defense spending, allocating a sizable portion of its GDP to produce cutting edge military technologies. However, recent reports indicate a decline in American exports in military hardware.

The Difference Between Separation and Divorce

August 7, 2014     By Hiller Law Firm
If a married couple decides to call it quits and, thus, end the marriage, a divorce is almost always the initial inclination. However, some professionals advise against jumping into a divorce for a number of reasons, one of which is the immense financial liability.

Ukraine: The Freedom in Choosing a Segment of the Market

August 7, 2014     By Kydalov & Partners
Doing business in Ukraine, especially for a non-resident, is difficult, and there are a lot of formalities that are not inherent in the developed countries. That specificity and peculiarities of the Ukrainian market constrain, and sometimes repel the potential investors and businessmen from entering to the Ukrainian market. And these causes are the reason of lackluster performance of Ukraine in the field of competitiveness and ease doing business.

Testament: Effectively Drawing up the “Final Will”

August 7, 2014     By GRP Rainer LLP
With a testament, the testator is able to express his “final will” and define rules for the inheritance, but a testament can also be invalid. Rules must therefore be observed.

I Left My Job and Now I Can't Make a Living - Non-Competes and Employees

August 6, 2014     By Morris Anderson Law
Many employees have to sign "non-compete" agreements, often as a clause in initial hiring paperwork. Such clauses can throw a wrench in the hunt for new employment, and can cause you to be terminated from your new job. Here's what you need to know.

California - Landlord Failure To Repair Allows Tenants To Pay For Repairs And Deduct From Rent

August 6, 2014     By Law Offices of Jual F. Reyes
A landlord is a person or entity that owns a rental unit. A tenant is an individual that rents or leases the unit on a month-to-month or fixed term basis. Before renting a unit, the unit must be fit to live in or be in a habitable condition. The legal term, “habitable,” means that the rental unit is fit for occupation and that it complies with state and local laws that materially affect tenants’ health and safety.

How To Deal With Sneaky Insurance Adjusters

August 6, 2014     By HG.org
If you need compensation for injuries due to an accident, you need to be aware of one important thing—insurance companies are in business to make—not give away—money!

Banking Law: Client Often at a Disadvantage Vis-à-vis Bank – Lawyers Can Help

August 6, 2014     By GRP Rainer LLP
Banking law is one of the fields of law that almost everyone comes into contact with, yet it features many pitfalls which can be expensive for clients.

Rape Charges Dropped Against Texas Judge

August 5, 2014     By Clancy & Clancy Attorneys at Law
The Dallas police department dropped charges against a Texas civil court judge after a month-long investigation. According to investigators, the lack of evidence presented in the case meant the charges would never hold up to a conviction in court.

Texas Increases No-Refusal DWI Checkpoints Over the 4th of July Weekend

August 5, 2014     By The Hampton Law Firm P.L.L.C.
Holiday weekends are known for increased DWI arrests and tragic alcohol related traffic fatalities. In an effort to thwart this trend, Texas increased no-refusal checkpoints across the state for the 2014 4th of July Weekend.

In Texas, DWI Offenses Do Not Always Involve Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol

August 5, 2014     By Channing C. Neary Law Office
Did you know that in Texas, DWI offenses do not always involve driving under the influence of alcohol. Also, in Texas a DWI is not the same thing as a DUI. There are many driving under the influence and operating while impaired laws unique to Texas.

Warrantless Searches in Texas

August 5, 2014     By Neal Davis Law Firm, PLLC
It is against the law for police or law enforcement officers to search you and your property without a warrant or consent. However, in some cases this does not stop them. That doesn't mean that the evidence obtained against you illegally cannot be used in court though. In some instances, evidence obtained in an illegal or warrantless search can still be used in Texas courts.

When Should I Fight a Traffic Ticket in Court

August 5, 2014     By HG.org
When you get a traffic ticket, consider the following issues before deciding whether to fight the ticket:

Preventing Connecticut Car Accidents

August 5, 2014     By Richard H. Raphael, Attorney at Law
Every year, car accidents lead to a substantial number of serious kidney injuries. Motor vehicle safety devices such as seat belts and airbags have saved countless lives and prevented injuries for many individuals involved in car accidents. Seat belts are designed to prevent chest and other internal injuries by dispersing the force of a collision across two of the body's sturdiest areas: the upper chest and the pelvis.

New York Funeral Processions and Who Has the Right-of-Way

August 5, 2014     By Keogh Crispi, PC
Confusion often surrounds the question of whether or not a car in a funeral procession can run a red light. Additionally, the probability of a serious car accident occurring involving personal injury increases if you have a long line of cars running through a red light during heavy traffic such as in New York City.

TTIP: The Issue of Investor to State Dispute Settlements

August 5, 2014     By Herdem Attorneys at Law
The benefits that will the TTIP bring to the table for both of the signatories across the Atlantic are well documented by the Atlantic Community. Generation of a volume trade that amounts a USD$ 1.2 billion and the expansion of the already existing transatlantic trade accompanied by the removal of non-tariff barriers as well as cheaper prices for the consumers and common standards for the producers that would give leeway for them in fierce global competition by declining production costs.

Foreigners Buying Property in Italy

August 5, 2014     By De Tullio Law Firm
Italy remains without a doubt one of the most alluring countries to live in. From cities to countryside, mountains to the sea, Italy can offer a location to suit all tastes and property for every budget, in fact, to date Italy still remains a buyer’s market.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Targeting Drivers Boating Under the Influence

August 4, 2014     By Fulgham Law Firm, PC
The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is zeroing in on boaters and watercraft operators driving under the influence of alcohol. Local task forces have been developed in various high volume boating and recreation areas across Texas.

Dust Up Between Surfers and Kholsa Could Spell the End of Private Beach Access in California

August 4, 2014     By Kassouni Law
Should a property owner have to get a coastal development permit before he can close the gate to his private property? The Surfrider Foundation thinks so, and if it wins its current lawsuit against Vinod Khosla that could soon be the law of the land in California.

How Long Can You Stay in the US? Visa Validity vs. Duration of Stay

August 4, 2014     By Dwyer Law Group
Often times in the U.S. immigration process, individuals who are approved for a visa and receive a visa stamp in their passport believe that is the end of the process and they are now free to enter the U.S. and remain in the country for the period of time indicated on the visa stamp. In reality, there is more to be understood about the purpose of the visa and its validity as well as the restrictions that may be imposed on an individual upon arrival in the U.S.

Knowing the Basic Elements of a Slip and Fall Claim

August 4, 2014     By Law Offices of Jual F. Reyes
Slip and falls are one of the leading causes of accidental injuries in the United States. In fact, these unfortunate instances account for nearly 9 million emergency room visits annually. While young and old people get involved in such mishaps, the elderly are considered high risk with one-third of those who are age 65 or older suffering falls every year.

Driving a Golf Cart Under the Influence of Alcohol in Texas

August 4, 2014     By Jay Cohen, Attorney at Law
Did you know you can get a DWI for driving a golf cart while intoxicated? Driving a golf cart under the influence of alcohol is a crime in Texas, depending on your speed and where you are driving the cart.

Probation Violations in Arizona

August 4, 2014     By The Law Offices Of David Michael Cantor
When an individual is sentenced for a specific crime and is out on probation, it is absolutely essential that he or she complies with the terms of that probation. Terms of probation can include refraining from using illegal drugs, consuming alcohol, possessing a weapon or even committing a new crime. If the defendant violates their probation, the probation officer can file a document that is called “Petition to Revoke Probation” and can issue a warrant for the person’s arrest.

Possession of Marijuana and the Law in Texas

August 4, 2014     By Jay Cohen, Attorney at Law
Many states are legalizing marijuana, but in Texas the possession of marijuana is still a crime. Still farmers continue to grow the valuable cash crop along Texas' fertile farmlands. Learn what the penalties and fines are for possessing marijuana in Texas, and what the future may hold for the legalization of marijuana in Texas.

Violation of an Order of Protection in Arizona

August 4, 2014     By The Law Offices Of David Michael Cantor
Arizona law includes punishments when someone violates an order of protection in the state. A judge will usually issue an order of protection or restraining order in response to a person’s fear of possible harassment, assault or domestic violence. The defendant might not know that a person has requested an order until they are served with papers. Once the defendant receives the order, it is in effect for a full year.

How to Keep Anyone From Snooping Around Your Cloud

August 4, 2014     By Evidence Solutions, Inc.
In recent years government has increased its requests for access to Cloud data. Storage-As-A-Service providers such as Google Drive, Dropbox, iDrive, Microsoft Skydrive, Apple iCloud and others are receiving numerous requests to view what has been stored by various individuals and companies. In addition to the government, there are instances of the storage company’s employees exposing or taking data for their own or others use.

Your Rights as a Consumer in Malta

August 4, 2014     By CSB Advocates
When purchasing a product in terms of the Maltese Consumer Affairs Act, consumers have clear-cut legal rights. The warranty provided by the supplier or the manufacturer cannot curtail or negatively affect the consumer’s rights.

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