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Real Estate Lawyer Solves Title Problems when Purchasing Property

There are many forms of purchasing a property that includes documentation issues such as title problems. There are many contracts a buyer signs when he or she is buying the home or land, and it is in these files that issues are found.

Can the HOA Lock Me Out of My Gated Community Because I Owe Them Money?

Homeowners associations are often the strength of a community in order to keep it safe, maintained properly and peaceful. While this is often true for certain locations, other organizations run with more political processes. This means that the group or head may enact penalties when dues or other fees are not collected from a homeowner.

Expert Witness and Breach of Contract Problems

Expert witnesses may be retained for various legal issues. One such issue is when there is a breach of contract.

Will Dating During a Divorce Result in Any Legal Implications?

Before considering to date someone while a divorce is still being finalized or has not had the paperwork completed may risk negative consequences. There are often possible legal ramifications to understand that could cause a negative impact on the individual that does date another person when going through a divorce. These issues could affect the divorcing partner and the other dating him or her.

Importance of Clauses for Lawyers’ Fees in a Service Provider’s Contract

When drafting a contract that requires the hiring of a lawyer, it is vital that the fees associated with the legal expert are detailed and fully understood by those that sign the document. Any service provider may create a contract for clients and customers with clauses, terms and statements, but the fees specified in these files must be exact.

Interviewing Your (Potential) Real Estate Agent: What to Ask

When there is the potential for purchasing real estate, the person considering buying a property should contact a real estate agent. In order to complete the process of obtaining an agent, it is important to know what to ask him or her before the hiring is accomplished.

Pursuing Compensation after a Drunk Driving Accident

Drunk driving collisions are a plague on the roads. There is almost one-third of all accidents where fatalities are involved with a drunk driver.

Expert Witness Explains Building Codes in Slip and Fall Cases

Getting the building and safety codes correct in any case is vital. When the expert cites or reports the wrong codes for a litigation case, the credibility and reliability of testimony is reduced in the eyes of a judge or jury panel. This means that the case is not as strong and the chances of success are lessened.

When is the Best Time to Get Divorced from a Financial Standpoint?

Divorce is often a long and expensive process. Court proceedings may drag on for months at a time. At the same time, the spouses may not be getting along and may be going through difficult emotional times.

Insurance – Different Types of Automotive Insurance Coverage

There are many different insurance companies that provide policies to everyone that purchases one as a driver. Knowing what is needed based on the state, car and type of driver is important.

Importance of Negotiating Assignment Clauses in Commercial Lease Transactions

Commercial spaces may be difficult to obtain depending on the city where the businesses reside. Because of this, there are many different clauses in leases that deal with transactions, permitted activity on the land and various other concerns that often need the assistance of negotiation to resolve.

How Mediation Can Help Resolve Complex Corporate Disputes

Mediation is often the best manner to resolve conflict when there is a dispute or argument between two parties. When a corporation has a disagreement about a transaction, product, service or other matter, it may be most beneficial to resolve the concern through mediating the problem with the person or entity.

Special Factors to Deviate from Child Support Guidelines

Each state is required to establish child support guidelines so that there is a systematic way to assign a specific amount of support given specified objective criteria. However, family court judges often have the discretion to make a subjective deviation from these guidelines.

I am a Child Involved in a Child Custody Case. Do I Have a Right to My Own Lawyer?

In some cases, a child is appointed his or her own lawyer who is often called a guardian ad litem.

How the “Fairness in Class Action Litigation Act” May Affect Expert Witnesses

A class action lawsuit occurs when multiple persons have been injured in some way. They are often lumped together for evidence and compensation purposes so that the responsible party may be held accountable for the actions that caused the incident. These often take years to complete with extensive material, proof and documentation.

What Is a Utility Patent and What Does it Protect?

Patents are legal ways of protecting an idea that is used to create and invention. It is the produced work that is guarded through the patent through the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This manner of protecting an invented item lasts from fourteen to twenty years in most circumstances.

Employment Discrimination – Different Types of Discrimination in the Workplace

Discrimination in the workplace is a common occurrence that has been fought for decades. While the advent of the civil rights abolished the overt and obvious forms of different discrimination practices, they still transpire in companies across the United States.

How an Expert Witness Uses Biomechanics Knowledge in Seatbelt Defect Cases

Personal injury claims usually must have the elements of the case include proof that the defending party’s actions caused the incident. This makes the individual responsible for the damages owed. In order to refute this, the alleged person uses his or her lawyer to assist in showing that he or she could not be accountable due to a lack of evidence.

Business Lawyer Assists with the Legal Creation of a Business

Creating a business through legal means is not difficult, but ensuring the contracts and other documents are valid with clear wording and concise terms may be complicated without the use of a business lawyer.

Homeowner Association Problems Solved by a Real Estate Lawyer

Many communities where homes are sold have homeowners’ associations attached as a service for the neighborhoods surrounding the area. These organizations have bylaws, often contracts and certain rules that the property owners in these locations must abide by.

Can I Get an Injunction for the Garnishment of My Wages?

Wage garnishments occur with frequency when certain conditions transpire where the individual must pay a company or organization. If a person has debts or been overpaid by a business or association, he or she must pay the amounts or other penalties or consequences may be issued.

How to Transfer Ownership in a Digital Business and Digital Assets

In the electronic age, there are many businesses upgrading to the digital and buying and selling digital assets. However, there are not as many that know how to transfer the ownership of a company primarily running on online products and services.

Legality of Restrictive Covenants

Many who buy a home believe that they are able to whatever they feel is necessary to the house or land. If they want to alter the land and create a garden, install equipment or build additional structures, they feel they are able to do so after the property has been purchased. However, there are numerous contracts that prevent these actions.

How Expert Witnesses Are Tapped for Immigration Cases

Immigration cases are often complicated when there are multiple factors or enough elements to cause a success for either side to be uncertain. Various immigration issues stem from those seeking asylum in the United States when they cannot remain in their own country.

Is It Possible to Sue When Return on Investment Does Not Materialize?

When someone has invested in a luxury hotel, there are many factors to consider before progressing to litigation. Some return on investment may not be monetary. The income earned from these investment properties could be of a material manner instead of a financial payment.

The Downside of Divorce Lawyers Who Are Too Aggressive

It is a common situation during divorce for one or both spouses to run out and try to get the most aggressive lawyer with a pit bull reputation. Aggressive lawyers may sometimes be able to bring about positive results during the process of divorce. However, those who are not led by their clients’ best interests may actually do more harm than good. Some of the downsides of using an overly aggressive lawyer include:

Is My Great Idea Original? Conducting an Effective Patent Search

In today’s world, everyone is always looking for the next big thing or the newest technology that will revolutionize an industry. However, with so many people in the world, it’s possible that the latest idea may not be all that original. A person can take his or her place in line with a patent, but the patent process can be laborious and expensive. This is why it pays to conduct an effective patent search. Some of the steps involved in this process include:

Injured While on Private Property - Can I Sue?

There are many incidents that occur on private property that cause injury. Some individuals question whether there is the possibility to sue due to the extensive damage caused through the accident that occurred.

Recognizing Signs of Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect

Individuals who are in a nursing home are supposed to receive quality medical treatment from trained professionals. However, individuals are injured every year in nursing home due to neglect or intentional abuse. Recognizing the warning signs can help a person protect his or her loved one.

Key Points to Know about Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are often severe due to the size, weight and cargo that a truck may be carrying. When the items hauled by these vehicles fall off or a collision causes further damage through the objects smashing into the road or cars, the property and personal damage may be extensive.

Role of Child’s Preference in a Child Custody Case

A child’s preference in a custody case may have no effect, or it may have a direct effect on the ultimate outcome of the custody case. Parents often make decisions related to child custody by their own agreement and may consider their child’s opinion in a manner they deem appropriate. However, if the parents do not agree on this information, a judge makes the decision.

My Neighbor’s Satellite Dishes Ruin My View. What Can I Do?

In some situations a person may have an issue with a neighbor. In many such situations, there may be a legal remedy through a nuisance action. There may be additional legal remedies to assist in cases in which neighbors infringe on the property owner’s rights.

Different Types of Child Custody Arrangements and How to Get What You Want

Child custody laws are based on state law. There are a number of different types of custody. What is best in a particular case depends on the state laws, the parents’ agreement and the circumstances.

Consequences of an Arrest but not a Conviction on Employment

In some situations, a person may be arrested while he or she is working and the arrest can put his or her job in jeopardy. Arrests are treated differently than convictions, but they can still have significant consequences for employees. The way that the employer can react in response to the arrest depends on where the person is working, state laws, the nature of the crime that is alleged and the case against the employee.

Tire Defects that Can Cause Serious Accidents

One of the most important aspects of a vehicle that keeps the driver safe is the tire. When these have been created with defects, they may endanger the life of the vehicle operator.

First Day of Trial in a Personal Injury Case - What to Expect

While most personal injury lawsuits are different from each other, there are many common elements that may be expected by both the defending party and the plaintiff.

Information that an Expert Witness May Explain in Sport Concussion Cases

Concussion injuries are common when someone plays sports. Because of this, there are many litigation cases that arise through accidents and unintentional harm. It is often important to seek the assistance of both a personal injury lawyer and an expert witness to explain how sport concussions affect the victim of the incident.

Protecting Your Entrepreneurial Vision: Legal Steps

Protecting the idea behind a possible revenue stream is often difficult in the electronic age with so much video recording, data capturing and access to email and websites so that the vision of someone’s idea may be stolen. Because of this, many have sought illegitimate and illegal ways of ensuring their creations and ideas are protected.

Essential Clauses in a Founder’s Agreement

When a new enterprise is launched, it is critical for the future success of the business for the founders to have a clear agreement in place. This agreement should focus on key issues that are critical to the ability of the founders to safeguard the future of the business and to raise money to support the business during its growing period. Clauses in an effective founder’s agreement should thoroughly discuss the following topics:

Will Workers’ Compensation Cover My Repetitive Motion Injuries?

Workers’ compensation covers a variety of injuries, illnesses and conditions that occur at or due to workplaces where these incidents occur. This is partially due to the compensation benefits packages that employers purchase for the workers in the company and also to prevent possible liability for injuries that may transpire in the business or while someone is performing job duties during work hours.

How a Real Estate Lawyer Helps with Earnest Money Disputes

Many real estate deals lead to the need for a real estate lawyer. This may be due to complications with the arrangement, difficulties with contracts and other concerns between buyer and seller. Many contracts that must be signed should be analyzed for clauses that are only beneficial for the opposite party when purchasing property and other real estate dealings.

Key Distinctions between Legal Separation and Divorce

Many of the processes involved in divorce are also used for separations. However, there are distinct differences between a legal separation and divorce. Furthermore, some states do not recognize a legal separation, causing the classification to be merely married or divorced, even if spouses are physically separated.

Ways to Minimize Risk When Bringing a New Product to Market

It is essential when creating a concept for a new product that will be placed on the market to minimize risks that may affect acquiring a licensing deal, securing financial assistance and possible growth with revenue that may occur through the sales of the item.

"I Want to Be a PI" - Where and How to Learn the Trade

The life of the private investigator appears exciting and full of mystery. However, the reality is long nights of taking video and pictures, watching people, traveling and analyzing documents.

Risky Business: Reasons Not to Handle Your Own Personal Injury Case

Personal injury cases are often complicated and difficult to both understand and handle. While there are many reasons for these issues, the primary concern deals with liability.

Business Lawyer Explains Special Considerations when Terminating Employees

There are a number of laws and regulations in place that protect employees from unlawful and unwarranted termination. Because of these, it is vital to ensure that there is a legitimate reason the worker is being fired, there is evidence to back up the claim and the individual is not protected by certain stipulations.

Avoiding Typical Problems with Commercial Leases with the Help of a Real Estate Lawyer

There are a number of concerns that may arise when starting a commercial lease. It is vital that the documentation signed by the person involved is analyzed thoroughly by a real estate lawyer to ensure the statements are most beneficial for the leaseholder.

Can a Co-Trustee of a Family Business Trust Eliminate the Other Co-Trustees?

Some family businesses are held in trust which allow trusted trustees to protect the asset so that the business is not adversely affected by family disagreements. The trust document contains specific information and directives regarding how the family business can be ran and provide protections to the business and the beneficiaries.

Expert Witness Testimony: When Police Brutality Occurs

Police brutality is being increasingly noticed throughout the country through the use of electronic surveillance equipment and the rise of the smartphone. With a camera and a video recorder at the touch of a fingertip, anyone is able to record almost any incident that may transpire.

Business Lawyer Fees and Costs: How to Structure Them for Your Business

Legal expenses can sometimes signify an expensive line item for businesses. This is especially true when the business was not expecting to have to pay a lawyer. Structuring legal fees in a way that fits the needs of the business relies on understanding how legal fees are assessed and the needs of the business.

Purchasing a Business: Some Liabilities May Not Be Evident

There are many ways in which to purchase a business. These may be through mergers, acquisitions and even purchasing the controlling stock of the company to become the majority shareholder. No matter which manner it is has been purchased in, there are several forms of liability that may not be obvious to those that have bought the company.

Property Ownership: Joint Tenants or Tenants-in-Common

The ownership of a property may be accomplished through various means. However, there are two that are common especially among married or tenants that need a joint ownership arrangement. In many real estate dealings, married couples find the need to have joint rights to a property based on numerous factors.

Negotiating a Fair Divorce Resolution

When a couple cannot end a relationship amicably, the marriage may dissolve where each side is attempting the best possible settlement. This may take negotiating through lawyers or mediators. Communication is best whether with the other spouse or with the hired legal representative.

Types of Training and Licensing of Private Investigators

To become a private investigator, there are various courses and skills someone must take and acquire before being classified as an experienced private investigator.

How are Damages in a Personal Injury Case Calculated?

Personal injury cases often involve various periods where the case has calculated damages to determine what may be possible to recover through compensation claims. What the case is worth is often dependent on many different factors that may have an equation applied.

Personal Injuries and Case Adjusters

When a person has been injured in an accident where the fault falls on someone else, insurance settlements are often the first means of compensation available to recover from the incident.

When a Buy-Sell Clause May be Triggered

Buy-sell agreements are integral to contracts, various agreements and documents necessary in businesses either during the run of the company or when it is being created. These files are drafted to ensure there are no biased or previously determined manners of transferring the ownership of the company from one party to another.

Difference in Domain Names, Trademarks and Business Entity Names

When dealing with a company, creating a business or starting a venture that may accrue revenue, it is important to know what a domain name, trademark and entity name are and how they may be used.

Expert Witness: How to Properly Plan for Wills and Estates to Avoid Contest

Planning for the future when death is inevitable is often fraught with complications when there are family members that may contest the last will and testament of the deceased.

Protect Your Construction Project with a Real Estate Lawyer in Your Corner

Construction projects may be affected by numerous concerns that could lead to litigation based on liability issues. These may be through workers becoming injured, third-party problems, defective parts or materials, breached contracts and clients that are not satisfied with the results of the project.

Legal Ways to Sustain Your Brand’s Value

In the business world, a brand is often one of the most important aspects a company has when being viewed and spoken about by consumers. The brand image should project certain ideals and concepts so that the public is aware of it, has respect for it and is drawn to the business through what is remembered about the image and knowledge of the company.

Spousal Entitlement to Business Interests

During a divorce, there may be many assets that affect both partners. These assets may have been accumulated during the marriage and may be subject to division during the divorce. One such asset may be a business interest.

Property Ownership: Joint Tenants or Tenants by the Entirety

There are multiple manners in which persons are permitted to own property. When a couple purchases land or buildings, they may be joint tenants in usual circumstances.

Options Regarding the Family Home in Divorce

For many couples, the family home is the most valuable asset that they own. As such, it is often a source of contention during a divorce proceeding. What happens to the family home often depends on factors related to the home, the real estate market and the couple.

Employment Discrimination – Laws Against Race Discrimination in the Workplace

While there are various types of discrimination in the workplace that cause untold hardship for those affected, racial discrimination is among the most rampant in the United States.

Personal Injury Cases and Common Defenses

Personal injury lawsuits can arise when a person’s negligence results in an injury to another. This may happen because of a car accident, slip and fall, medical malpractice, premises liability or other situation. It is important for plaintiffs to be aware of possible defenses that the defendant may lodge so that they can better prepare for them.

Construction and Negligence Claims: Possible Defects

There are various claims where construction leads to negligence and defects that may cause injuries later. In these incidents, there are often many individuals involved. However, if the situation only involves the contracted workers and the homeowner, determining who is liable for damages may be much easier to assess.

What Are Parenting Plans?

No issue involved in divorce is as important as a couple’s children. As time goes on, court systems have moved away from traditional terms like “custody” and “visitation” for more family-friendly terminology such as “parenting plans.”

Problems with not Paying Employees Properly

It is important to understand that a fair wage for work is important. As the middle class is shrinking more with each passing year, money is ever more essential to daily and weekly living. Emotional, financial and psychological damage may occur when a paycheck is not paid out to an employee properly or as required by federal or state laws.

Expert Witness on the Serious Consequences of Inhaling Mold during Career or in Home

When mold is prevalent in a home or in a business setting, it may lead to serious health consequences. This substance may be a concern that started with a construction defect, through the upkeep or maintenance of a landlord or landlady or when repairs are completed.

Business Law Lawyer: Limited Time to Respond to a Civil Lawsuit

When someone is affected by a lawsuit, he or she may only have so much time to react. This means that after a letter or summons to the court has been received, a response is needed in only so much time. If this time restriction has passed, there are often severe consequences imposed.

How to Reduce Spousal Support

When a marriage reaches its end, it is fairly common that a family court will order spousal support payments to provide more equal incomes between the parties. The marital settlement agreement or the divorce decree may contain information on the amount of support and its duration. However, sometimes factors change that warrant a reduction in spousal support.

Expert Witness Uses Formulas to Evaluate Lost Profits

There are times when a company loses profits through an incident caused by an individual. This often leads to injury to the company or someone specifics that either owns the business or works inside.

Why You Need a Buy-Sell Agreement

There are many types of agreements needed when running, creating and ending a business. These are often needed initially, but they may be drafted during the run of the company. Of these, when there are multiple owners with different obligations, it is possible that someone may die, divorce his or her spouse or file for bankruptcy. This usually causes this owner to become unaffiliated with the company.

The Best Reasons Why You Should Hire a Private Investigator

A private investigator is often useful for a number or reasons, but when a case or claim is necessary in a court of law, these professionals are invaluable at finding information and revealing the whereabouts of needed witnesses. It is important to contact a private investigator when anything that requires extensive research or surveillance is involved.

Suing the Federal Government for Your Injury – Legal Issues and Explanations

When injured in an accident, the victim often looks to an insurance company to pay for the medical bills and ensure recovery is possible either through direct payment, compensation or a settlement.

Special Considerations in Same Sex Divorce Cases

Because same sex marriage was not legal in the entire United States before the laws changed, getting a divorce was often difficult.

What to Do after a Fatal Car Wreck?

Car accidents are usually traumatic to some degree, have extensive property damage, may include injuries and at least one person is at fault. However, in rare instances, someone may die during the collision or shortly after. Knowing what to do in these incidents is important.

Benefits of Using a C-Corporation Formation

The use of a C corporation is the most common and provides potentially unlimited possible growth with the use of stock and various other means. This may bring in numerous investors that are looking to increase their portfolios, have the ability to exponentially raise profits and assist in perceived value in the company. Shareholder numbers are not limited a C corporation as in other businesses.

Great Tips for the Purchase of an Older Condo

Purchasing a condo is often complicated and a time intensive process due to the amount of research and searching out the right residence.

Expert Witness Explains the Harmful Effects of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning and How to Recover Damages

Carbon monoxide may lead to poisoning, injury and death when someone has been exposed to too much of the gas. It is colorless and odorless, so it cannot be see or smelled but it may be see in smoke. However, because it weighs less than oxygen, it spreads quickly.

Role of Employee Handbooks in At-Will Employment

The employee handbook is usually one of the first things a new worker receives after he or she is inducted into the training program in a company. These documents may or may not necessitate the use of signatures, but when they do it is to prove that the individual is aware there is a handbook, that the contents have been read and that the employee will abide by the regulations while at the job.

How to Prove a Spouse Lied on Asset and Debt Disclosures

During a divorce, spouses are typically required to disclose particular information about their assets, income and debts. This is so that the spouses can make informed decisions during the divorce and so the eventual settlement or order incorporates information about all known factors.

Property Damage Due to a Fire after a Power Surge after the Utility Serviced the Lines – Are They Liable?

Power surges are not uncommon instances where severe damage is possible in the extreme and minor loss of hardware in the least vicious incidents. Who is at fault if there is enough damage that a compensation claim may be filed is often in question.

How to Sell or Retain a Home During a Divorce

In many divorce cases, the couple’s real estate is the most valuable asset. There are often a number of options available to couples.

What Is My Automotive Accident Case Worth?

Car crash cases often are confusing when determining damages that are owed to the victim. This is usually due to various misconceptions that the victim may seek as much as he or she wants based on other lawsuits where millions were allocated to the injured parties.

How Real Estate Lawyers Assist with the Condemnation Process

It is important to seek assistance when a property has started going through the condemnation process. This is when any local, state, federal or similar governmental agency seizes the private property of a citizen and then compensates the owner for the land or building.

What Does the Constitution say about the Prolonged Absence of the President?

Some situations arise where the prolonged absence of the president of a country may lead to difficulties in a vice president or other official in being sworn in for office.

What is the Difference between Legal and Physical Separation?

Legal and physical separation are two distinct concepts that are largely unrelated to each other. A person can be physically separated from his or her spouse without being legally separated. Some states even allow a couple to be legally separated without being physically separated. Knowing which classification a person is under is important in being aware of his or her rights.

Misrepresented Wraparound Lien Upon Sale, What Are My Options?

Real estate laws are often difficult to understand because they change constantly. The state the property resides in has laws that affect what changes apply to the deal or project. This means that if a real estate lawyer is hired, he or she must be versed in the modifications to the law and have up to date knowledge of what this means to the case.

Expert Witness: What Does a Child Custody Expert Witness Do?

Child custody cases are often plagued with complications, arguments and conflict on both sides. When both parties vie for the custody of the child or children affected by the dissolution of the relationship, both family lawyers and expert witnesses are usually needed to settle the disputes.

Importance of Written Operating Agreements

Businesses run well when there is a written operating agreement in place that explains various aspects of the company and how it should be running. This may be through various documents that explicitly detail the obligations of employees, which files pertain to certain standards that must be in place and how much each individual has provided in assets, skills and knowledge to the company.

Can My Landlord Terminate My Lease if I Posted a Bad Review of the Apartment?

Landlords draft a lease agreement with tenants in usual standard terms. However, these agreements may be altered upon the termination of the conclusion date of the lease. In certain situations, it is possible for a change mid-lease before the end date.

Secret Weapons of Private Investigators

Private investigators are need for a variety of reasons, but they often have secret weapons they are able to employ in research, surveillance and other areas of providing data to the client.

Dividing Marital Property without Divorcing

In some situations, spouses may decide to divide their property without actually getting divorced. This can create clarity during times of transition and uncertainty.

Who Do I Sue if the Driver of the Other Car – Is the Car Itself?

With advancements in technology, there has been a new type of driving procedure where the car is able to drive itself with extensive software that provides navigation, coordinates for geographical data and sensory information to avoid hitting other vehicles and obeying road laws. However, even with the most advanced technology, it is still possible that an accident may occur.

How Divorce Lawyer Fees and Costs Are Structured and How to Pay for Them

Divorce lawyer fees and costs can come as a surprise to someone who was not anticipating a divorce. However, it is important for anyone going through a divorce to have a clear understanding how legal fees and costs are structured and to consider ways to pay for them. The fee structure can have a significant impact on the amount that a client pays.

Hotel Security Cameras Found in Room, Is that Legal?

Placing security cameras in various places in a hotel may be a touchy subject when it comes to privacy and where these may be. As the technological age advances, there are many devices that become smaller and ever present in the lives of citizens in countries with machines that are affordable.

What Are My Options if my Parent Was Injured in a Nursing Home?

Nursing home injuries are common in the United States with over half a million cases being reported each year where at least one elder person has been abused.

Expert Witness: How Brain Death Affects Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury claims are difficult enough with an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer, but when the victim of the incident becomes brain dead, the problems multiply. Many are unsure what to do next, how this affects the case and what may be needed due to these severe consequences.

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