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Objections to Make to Expert Witnesses

The testimony of an expert witness is often important to the case, and in some circumstances it is enough to lead a jury or judge to side with the plaintiff. However, there are in many situations certain objections that are made to these professionals for various reasons.

Dividing Retirement Benefits during a Divorce

In many cases, a person’s retirement account is the most valuable asset that he or she has, even more valuable than a marital home. This makes this area ripe for argument between spouses. It is important when going through the process of divorce to make informed decisions. Many decisions can have a significant financial impact on the lives of the couple involved.

The Business Judgment Rule and Liability

Many business rules apply to employee, management or both. Some of these regulations affect what is permitted, which circumstances are allowed and how liability affects someone. Wrongful conduct, participation that leads to negative consequences and similar matters may be the foundation for litigation between persons in a company.

My School Lost Accreditation After I Graduated, Is My Degree Valid?

Understanding what the loss of accreditation to a school means to the individual student is important. This usually depends on how far through a degree program or course work the person is when the action occurs. There are many reasons for a school to lose accreditation. However, a warning is often sent when there is a violation and this action may transpire.

Legal Considerations in Using Other People’s Money to Start Your Business

Investments into a new company may take many forms. When the individual has been targeted to become a member of the business, this investment is usually added as an asset or a portion of the company interest or shares are provided in compensation. It is when this is not the case that the matter may become complicated.

Special Considerations When Divorcing a Narcissistic Spouse

Going to court for any reason is usually avoided by most individuals. However, when attempting to divorce an individual, it is best to contact a lawyer so he or she may advocate on behalf of the client. When certain complications arise through these proceedings, this legal representative becomes essential.

Health Hazards Due to Insecticide Sprayed by Farm Next Door, What Can I Do?

The rights and protections for homeowners in some instances extend beyond the property lines. This may mean that certain hazards from nearby land or houses are not permitted when they affect others, as this could be considered a public safety concern as well as numerous other problems.

Expert Witness Explains Confined Space Hazards

Confined spaces are dangerous to many individuals for numerous reasons, but when the individual is trapped and unable to exit the location, he or she may become injured or suffer oxygen deprivation and other complications. Industrial and construction areas are frequently full of hazards that could confine a person in a small space if he or she is not paying attention to his or her surroundings.

Why Settling the Estate Before Death Is Vital

When someone dies, it is important that there is a legal document that may be enforced to provide for the surviving dependents or others that should be included in inheriting from the estate. Without this, it is possible that someone is left out or cannot be provided for due to the immediate family claiming the entirety or bulk of the assets.

How Lawyers Assist in Construction Defect Cases

Defects occur so often as per specifications are not always followed, some machines break down, certain designs are not perfected and accidents happen. Because of these defects, constructed structures may have issues within walls, floors, through materials or with added items such as insulation.

Expert Witnesses Explain Potential Legal Issues with Autonomous Vehicles

The future has arrived, and it is showing the public that it includes vehicles that drive themselves. However, there are various issues that these cars may raise because of injuries, accidents and similar concerns. Many problems with these types of advancements in the world deal with how technology keeps outpacing the law, law enforcement and keeping legal matters settled.

Legal Considerations when Purchasing a Bank-Owned Property

Pre-owned property is often overlooked for various reasons, but when someone buys the house or land again, there may be several defects. Additionally, these locations may be owned by the bank. This is especially true if there was a foreclosure. It is important to understand how these properties are different than when purchasing through a seller with a financing company backing the purchaser.

As an Independent Contractor, Can I Work for More than One Client?

Independent contractors are a different classification of workers than employees. The distinctions between these two groups of workers are significant and have specific implications when working for multiple clients. Understanding the legal rights and duties of an independent contractor can help determine what limitations are appropriate.

Safeguards for Copyrighted Books Shared Online

Since the internet became necessary for most business practices and transactions, this use and interest has spread to other aspects of company and business needs. For those that create manuscripts and books, many authors have started sharing partial or complete works to the public.

Business Litigation: Don’t Wait after Getting Court Papers

When a person gets court papers, it is important that they quickly take certain steps. These steps can help preserve a person’s rights and minimize the possible negative consequences.

Essential Tips from an Expert Witness in a Slip, Trip and Fall Case

Injuries and cases of slips, trips and falls are prominent in certain industries and with the elderly. It is important to understand how to avoid these complications, and why those harmed in the process need certain compensation. Many slips and trips occur in building with floor hazards, but these may occur at home due to wires, carpets and obstacles.

Admitting Expert Witnesses under Daubert or Frye

It is often essential to have an expert witness in conjunction with a lawyer for many different types of cases. These professionals are fundamental to assisting in successful claims and in defending accused persons of crimes. The possible insight these experts have in their field is invaluable in helping legal representatives in proving or disproving certain aspects of the subject.

My Daycare Did Not Take My Son to the Hospital after an Injury, Can I Sue?

Daycare responsibilities are to the children that reside within the building or facility until they are discharged for the day. This means those taking care of the young persons must ensure their safety, health and wellbeing.

Can My Landlord Make Me Smoke Outside When My Lease Does Not Mention “No Smoking”?

Smoking has become one of the top priorities in removing from all establishments and property due to the adverse effects the smoke has on the house, unit and other persons’ health. Because of this, many landlords have installed smoke detectors, drafted clauses in leases about no smoking and similar actions.

What to Accomplish in the First 90 Days of Your Business

When creating a new business, the first 90 days are often critical in order to ensure revenue starts so that it is possible to retain customers, build a loyal consumer base and increase marketing through good reviews. No matter whether the company is selling products or services, a good first impression on the public is critical with most startups.

When Do I Need a Subordination, Non-Disturbance and Attornment Agreement?

Many commercial leases for business owners or management have subordination, non-disturbance and attornment types of agreements in the contractual documentation.

Misrepresentation of Tax Procedures and Complications for Real Estate Dealings

Real estate dealings often require exact documentation that specifies certain terms, conditions and details about the buyer, seller and property. There are complications that may arise through numerous pieces of the whole arrangement.

The Important of Maintaining Trademarks

Trademarks are important to businesses that use them for a variety of reasons. However, the trademark employed by a company often becomes the brand that is remembered by the public. This is critical in transactions between the organization and consumers.

Can Customs Seize My Money When I Enter the Country and Is There a Limit?

When visiting other countries, it is important to know what customs and laws may affect the guests. This is vital in a number of ways, but necessary if any of these concerns will affect the individual negatively. If certain items are not permitted to leave the country, enter the country or be in excess of a certain weight, the visitor should know this before attempting to do so.

Workplace Litigation Trends and Expert Witnesses

Trends in workplace litigation have been going through increases and decreases based on the year and certain relevant factors. Since changes were implemented in 2016 and 2017, the litigation involving employment has been altered drastically by the United States Supreme Court.

Current Trends in Patent Litigation and Expert Witnesses

Litigation due to patent infringement is an ongoing problem, and it tends to rise during certain periods over time. Since 2012, the amount of lawsuits over these issues has been the highest in several decades due to various individuals seeking either the same patents or attempting to reproduce the items of a currently patented creation.

Dividing Assets for Older Couples in Divorce

Older couples may decide to get a divorce for some of the same reasons as younger people. However, they may also have unique considerations that are not as prominent in divorcing involving younger couples.

C Corporation 101 – Everything You Need to Know

C corporations are more commonly known as just corporations. These are usually what are talked about when someone is explaining a big business. They are the classic company with hierarchical structure that textbooks describe. When there is a need for a large or public organization, this is usually what is created either initially or after some time through a conversion.

Lessons from Cases that Use an Expert Witness

It is important to understand what the use of an expert witness is and how best to use these professionals. However, before they may be utilized in court, the lawyer that hires them must carefully choose the right expert to represent an aspect of the case that is relevant and reliable.

Why California is Chosen for Business Partnerships

Some parts of the country are more prominent with specific business types. California is a better state to create or grow a company with business partnerships than many others. However, no matter which location the owner or partners choose to initiate a new organization, it is crucial that a partnership agreement is drafted through a business lawyer. This is a document where two or more persons own, operate and sustain a company.

Real Estate Arrangements with Disabled Persons

Persons with disabilities are protected by the Fair Housing Act in which they may be provided a place for rent or to purchase no matter which disability they have. However, it is often better to ensure the purchase of a place that tailors to the impairment. This means if someone is blind, he or she should have a place with furniture and items in a fixed position.

What is the Purpose of UCC Financing Statements?

Uniform Commercial Code is a form of filing in regards to liens. These are connected to financial lenders who have an interest in an asset. This means that if someone were to enter an agreement where collateral is needed, the UCC lien may be filed against the assets that the borrower pledges in order to secure any loan monies.

Colorado Probate and Estate Tax Laws

When someone passes away, it is important that the matter is settled quickly and easily so that the family and other dependents are given time to grieve and become situated with the circumstances. It is then vital that the next steps are taken to resolve any outstanding matters. The estate then must be settled and allocated as specified by a will or last testament.

Daubert and its Effect on Expert Witnesses

Before the use of expert witnesses changed to the standard that is known in the electronic and computer age, Daubert had to go through a case with the Supreme Court. This eventually led to the way expert witnesses are used and how their testimony must be presented.

When to Contact a Construction Litigation Lawyer

Construction contracts may end in trouble or may be broken before the structure has been built. Many of these issues end in litigation, and this usually requires the assistance of a lawyer. Initially, a lawyer should be hired to ensure the contract signed by the person who may become the plaintiff is solid, clear of confusion or vague information and beneficial.

Expert Witnesses Discuss Dangers of Using Forceps during Childbirth

There are many dangers in childbirth, but there are none greater than when the baby is harmed during the process. This may occur with various tools, methods or if there are complications that arise in the middle of the procedure.

The Need for a Business Lawyer when Litigation Occurs with Unsatisfactory Services

When someone has purchased the service of someone or an organization, it is possible to be left with unsatisfactory results. This may occur when the company used false advertisement, if the employees were not competent enough or if there was not enough quality.

How Your Expert Witness Can Withstand a Daubert Challenge

When a Daubert challenge is presented in opposition to an expert witness, his or her entire testimony may be excluded from being giving in court. The time, energy and money spent in hiring the individual would be lost if the challenge succeeds, and without seeking additional support, the case may be weakened by this action.

Legal Reasons Why You May Want to Deny a Common Law Marriage

Sometimes people who are leaving a relationship may want to show that they are entitled to greater benefits than a typical person leaving an unofficial relationship. For this reason, sometimes individuals try to show that they had a relationship equivalent to a marriage. However, if this occurs, the other part of a couple may strongly contest these assertions for a number of reasons.

Breach of Duty by an Agency and Resolution

Agencies often owe a duty of care to clients or customers, and there is usually some form of contract drafted and signed between businesses in this manner. The duty may be to ensure no danger occurs while within or on the property of the entity, it may be duty of care to prevent injury or another duty similar in scope.

Reasons to Annul a Marriage Instead of Divorce

Individuals may reach the conclusion that they no longer want to be legally married to another person. When this is the case, there are often two ways to sever the tie: divorce or annulment. There are some reasons why individuals may prefer an annulment, but not everyone may be eligible for it.

Expert Witnesses in Criminal Defense Financial Cases

Criminal defense cases often need an expert witness to verify facts, reconstruct a crime, explain how certain injuries were caused by the actions of the perpetrator and similar concerns. There is even the need when someone commits financial crimes such as fraud or theft. Some experts are forensic accountants, fraud investigators and professionals that have extensive experience in tax fraud, money laundering, bribes or corruption in financial markets, instances of embezzlement and investment concerns.

Can the Mortgage Holder of the House I Shared with My Spouse Pursue Me for Collection?

Sometimes two people may be living together in one home and the owner of the home may pass away. When the individuals own the property as joint tenants with right of survivorship, the situation is not too complicated because the remaining owner absorbs the other owner’s portion of the property.

Online Content Protection through Trademarks

Protecting content online is not always easy. There are many persons that steal, copy and borrow what has been placed on a website. Others plagiarize the information to fit their own needs. In order to ensure that the data has safeguards in place, a trademark or similar intellectual property protection is often necessary.

Why Litigation Needs an Expert Witness to Explain Details

Litigation is often messy, complicated and difficult to get through for all parties concerned. There are procedures, processes, stages, officials and documentation that all demand perfection or else they could be thrown out.

Is There a Way to Have a Designated Law Firm as a Small Business without a High Retainer Fee?

Small businesses may run into legal problems from time to time. They may need help with their startup filings, as well as need advice after they are off the ground and help preparing contracts. However, their needs may not be so frequent to justify a huge retainer fee. There are often options for small businesses that anticipate needed legal services in the near future.

Convincing the Judge You Can Get Along with the Other Parent in Custody Cases

Fighting for the custody of a child during or after a divorce is often a harrowing experience for both parents. Each feels he or she is responsible and caring enough for the primary or total custody.

Can a U.S. Creditor Reach My Foreign Inheritance Deposited in a Foreign Bank?

Keeping creditors from snatching money from just any bank account is important for many. There are many states that have authorized protections from one branch of the United States bank with access to the corresponding institution in another country.

How Antitrust Affects Potential Buyers in Real Estate Dealings

Real estate deals are often complicated when applying the regulations for both state and federal laws and acts. This could be as simple as watching what is said about the property to as severe as ensuring all defects and blemishes are disclosed even if they cause the loss of sale or rent. However, antitrust may affect a buyer in real estate business transactions in a number of ways. This causes real estate agencies to become more careful in pricing, cooperation, the business models used associations and other factors.

Biomechanics Expert Witness Proves Defects in Seatbelt Cases

Defects occur in almost all manner of products, materials and structures. These problems may exist in designs, a product line or only a batch. However, various defective items cause injuries if the issues pose a risk of danger to someone that is using the object in a standard manner.

Found Out at the Airport that I Am Blacklisted. Now What?

Getting blacklisted at an airport is often confusing. There are certain specifics that are provided to United States citizens in how this occurs with airports in the country, but other lands may have requirements that may not be fully comprehended unless further study and research are performed.

Why Dangerous Substance Cases Need an Expert Witness

Dangerous substances have a variety of effects and hazards to those exposed to them. This could occur through inhalation, skin contact, ingestion and even burns through contact on clothing. To understand how these issues harm the victim and what consequences arise through these materials is important.

Economic Damages of an Employee Reselling Company Products

Many employees are able to purchase products at their places of employment and then resell them at a higher price or without the discount they are often awarded while working for the company.

Fair Housing Complications and What to Look For

State and federal regulations comply with the Fair Housing Act as implemented throughout the United States so that buyers or renters of a residence are protected from potential discrimination by a seller or landlord. These protections are connected to the Civil Rights Act and awarded to those affected by bias towards certain persons.

Expert Witness on Illegal Debt Collection Practices

When someone owes money to a debtor, this account is often referred to a debt collector. Debt collectors must follow federal law and state law when attempting to collect this debt. If the debt collector does not follow applicable laws, it may be liable for violations.

Avoiding Expensive Lawsuits in Small Business Transactions

Small business transactions can sometimes morph into serious and significant lawsuits. Fortunately for small business owners, there are proactive steps that they can take in order to avoid these lawsuits.

Expert Witnesses and the Securities Fraud Case Certification

Fraud is often a very damaging crime to those affected. The theft of information or funds from a company tends to harm multiple persons, and it may lead to a continued problem for the business. When certain information is taken, it may be highly injurious based on who is involved and how much is stolen.

Design Patents: What They Can and Cannot Do

Getting a patent is often useful and important for an inventor of a creation. However, what type of this intellectual property protection to obtain is often debated by the person applying. There are two main categories of these, and they affect different aspect of the patented work.

How Revenue is Accrued without Products or Services

Revenue is the backbone of any company. Without accruing money, the business will fail unless it is in the game for other means. Some individuals or organizations are able to stay in business through various other ways without services or products. Some have investments that keep revenue coming in, while others have contacts and trade information.

Which is Best for My Handicapped Child’s Education, a 504 Plan or an IEP?

Determining which plan is better for a child with special education needs depends on various factors. An IEP is an individualized education program designed to improve the school experience with services that meet the needs of children that require additional or alternate help.

Expert Witness Explains Small Business Litigation with Big Business Economic Damages

Small businesses operate under the fear that they will one day be sued. Today, someone can sue a company for nearly anything. Even if the plaintiff sues a business and does not prevail, there can still be a significant impact to the business that must defend against the claim. Often, significant economic damages may be alleged that rival the damages lodged against big businesses.

Preserving Your Assets after Disclosing Them

Disclosure of assets is usually necessary when in a court case where the information has been required as per the situation. However, protecting what has been earned is often difficult. When this is part of the dissolution of a relationship, most of these circumstances end with the other spouse obtaining half of all assets as long as the state and time constraints permit this action. This could be a house, land, bank accounts, possessions and other types of property. When there are some assets acquired before the marriage, these could also be distributed to the divorcing spouse.

Remedies for Landlords when a Dispute with a Tenant Arises

Residential complications often occur when a tenant has a dispute about something. This may be maintenance, the lease terms, parking, utilities or similar matters. However, there are certain remedies available to landlords if disagreements occur depending on the factors of the issue.

Legality of Restrictive Covenants

Many who buy a home believe that they are able to change whatever they feel is necessary to the house or land. If they want to alter the land and create a garden, install equipment or build additional structures, they feel they are able to do so after the property has been purchased. However, there are numerous contracts that prevent these actions.

When Misleading Advertising Causes a Deal to Fall Through

Some companies advertise products or services in a way that is considered false. This means that what is proposed by the business to the public or other organizations is not what the product is capable of in many circumstances.

Expert Witnesses in Business Defamation Cases Explain Extent of Damages

Defamation may not always be applied to business transactions, clients or customers, but even companies may be affected by false statements. When a single person is the victim of defamation, he or she may have his or her reputation negatively impacted. In some situations, this may lead to economic and financial difficulties.

Deciding Which Personal Injury Lawyer Is Best for Your Case

Personal injuries usually require the need for a lawyer if litigation is necessary. This means that choosing a legal representative demands research of both the person and his or her firm. Pricing options, consultation of the issue, the expertise of the lawyer and various other elements of the search are necessary.

Medical Laboratory Expert Witness in Medical Malpractice Cases

Many cases have the need for a medical laboratory in issues with malpractice claims. This means that certain aspects need further testing, or there are factors in a medical malpractice suit that need clarification. This usually requires the assistance of a medical laboratory expert witness to explain these details and processes.

Both Me and My Spouse Are in the U.S. on Visas, Can We Get a Divorce Here?

Many people travel to the United States on visas every year. These are individuals who may plan to stay in the United States for a certain amount of time, such as when they are finished traveling or attending school, or they may be individuals who eventually have a plan to immigrate permanently to the United States. While they are in the country, they may decide to change their marital status.

Can an Owner Refuse to Continue a Profit-Sharing Agreement Due to Expiring Lease?

Some business owners agree to a contractual obligation of profit-sharing when the circumstances are just right. However, knowing what to do when the situation goes sour is important. Some creators of a company are plagued with complications that arise due to factors out of their hands.

Is There Such a Thing as a Federal Defamation Claim?

Defamation cases are often either clearly obvious or difficult to determine. There are a number of elements that must be proven in court for a defamation case to be successful in the United States. Certain facts about the victim must have either been published or broadcast in some manner. This may also include false statements provided in the same way.

Expert Witnesses Provide Testimony in Perinatal Malpractice Cases

Perinatal malpractice usually involves injuries to the baby before, during or after the child has been born. These could occur through the methods used to assist the infant out of his or her mother, the procedures utilized when he or she resides within the mother’s body or the care taken with the baby once he or she has been removed.

Can an Employer Make Me Pay for Damages to Other Vehicle?

Employment contracts are often complicated with wording that appears to be tricky or difficult to understand. Most persons that are hired sign them without thinking of the consequences or hiring a lawyer to ensure they are geared only towards the employer.

All About the Defend Trade Secrets Act

Trade secrets are often difficult to protect with only so many safeguards in place for the owners of the secrets as recourse when the ingredient, process or recipe is revealed to the public or a competitor. However, the Defend Trade Secrets Act was passed in 2016.

Passing the Estate to Nonfamily Members: Expert Witness

In some situations, a person may wish to pass his or her property to a business partner, friend, church member or other individual outside of his or her own family. Understanding what heirs are and any statutory right to inherit is important. An expert witness can explain the steps that are legally necessary to effectuate this transaction and whether they were or were not present in a specific situation.

What Can I do about Water Drainage on My Property Caused by the Adjourning Property?

Living in close proximity to others can cause some problems to arise. In some situations, a neighbor’s actions or lack of actions may be responsible for damages caused on their neighbor’s properties. Damage caused by water incorporates a number of complex rules and complications.

When One Spouse Takes Advantage of Alimony

Alimony is usually determined through a number of factors when the couple has dissolved the relationship legally. The funds that are garnered to the other spouse usually increase or decrease based on the ability of the person’s pay and assets.

Preventing Commercial Lease Dispute Complications with Expert Witness Testimony

Before signing a commercial lease, individuals may consider possible ways to protect themselves before the lease, during the tenancy and after it. An expert witness can provide assistance in discussing commercial lease disputes and settlement negotiations.

Multiple Individuals Fighting for the Same Patent

Patents are usually applied for by either a single individual or a group of persons that have invented a unique item or process to a pre-existing object. In some situations, the invention is a new method or process.

Mandatory Arbitration in Real Estate Disputes

Real estate deals often see conflict arising based on the factors of sellers and buyers not being able to resolve the matter between them. However, certain elements of the case may cause a mandatory arbitration being necessary. The most common form of mandatory procedures impacting a claim is state and federal laws pertaining to the issue at hand.

Expert Witness: Legal Complications in Transfers of Ownership

Sometimes a person may wish to transfer real estate, whether residential or commercial, to another person. However, when conducting these transactions, legal complications may arise, necessitating the use of an expert witness to explain potential legal complications.

Consequences of Kidnapping Your Own Child

Disputes over the custody of a child often arise when there is a divorce or dissolution of a relationship between couples. The war over who gets what child and for how long often takes immense amounts of energy, time and legal assistance when the arguments cannot be solved peacefully.

Business Contracts: Which Need to Be in Writing and Which May be Oral

The need for business contract is obvious to anyone that works in the commercial world. These may be used for a variety of reasons, but some of the most important are to avoid risk of liability and to prevent possible conflict.

Why Testimony of an Expert Witness Aids in Business Transactions between Companies

Business transactions between companies are often complicated due to the amount of information that must be passed back and forth between them. There are certain associates that must coordinate the data and facilitate the transfer.

Lyft Drop Off Incorrect, Refused Return Ride. Can I Sue?

There are many specialized terms and conditions when getting rides through Lyft. It is important to read through these carefully, as it is possible to end in a situation that is not preferred. However, it is important to contact the Lyft management if a problem occurs.

Steps to Take Immediately After Registering Your Trademark

Trademarks are important to keeping the intellectual property of a phrase, words, symbol or image branded to the public and safe from possible generic use. When the idea or concept has been imagined and applied for a trademark through official channels, it is possible to safeguard the vision from others and fraudulent use.

Understanding What a Real Estate Lien Is and Is Not

Many property owners have liens on their houses or land. While it is best to ensure these are not still active and have been paid off, that is not always possible for homeowners. Before the house may be sold, most liens must be removed.

Intellectual Property Disputes and an Expert Witness’ Examination

Intellectual property is owned by the person that designed, created or invented the item. However, there are many cases of infringement on the legal protections obtained to safeguard the object from public use, competitors and reproduction. If someone has been violating the patent, copyright, trade secret or trademark, a lawyer versed in this form of law is needed.

The Necessary Steps to Remove the Owner of a Corporation When Revenue Falls

One common reason to remove an owner or shareholder from a corporation is because he or she is not providing an adequate profit for the business. How shareholders are removed varies state to state.

Medical Expert Witnesses Needed for Negligence in Hazardous Chemical Cases

Hazardous chemicals are both dangerous and lethal to humans when they come into contact with the skin or are inhaled. Some chemicals are such a risk to the health of a person that not having a breathing mask could lead to death quickly. There are many compounds that may be created which could harm someone, and numerous chemicals found in homes or buildings could lead to the same dangerous results.

What Is a “Quiet Title” in Real Estate Law?

Real estate deals are often complex with many different concepts that apply to certain transactions and issues that may arise. One of these areas is a quiet title. These may have actions or may only be part of real estate dealings.

When Co-Owners Split, Disaster Strikes

Just like with married couples, many businesses decide to get a “divorce.” However, in this instance getting a divorce may mean the end of an entity that can result in the closure of a business, the loss of jobs and other serious consequences. When business owners are in a dispute, issues can quickly get complicated and nasty.

Can My Lawyer Refuse to Continue with My Case Unless I Pay in Full?

Sometimes during the middle of representation, a lawyer and client may reach an impasse due to billing issues. In some cases, a lawyer may be permitted to withdraw from a case and stop work. However, there are special rules about this matter that must be closely followed in order to avoid ethical issues.

What Is My Right to Appeal a Denial of VA Benefits?

When a person sustains an injury in service, he or she may file a claim for VA benefits. It is not uncommon for these claims to be initially denied. However, there is a process by which a claimant can appeal a denial.

How to Remedy Business Fraud with the Help of an Expert Witness

Business processes are often difficult to analyze and understand in a court room for the average person. Numerous complicated cases are extremely difficult to prosecute because the crimes are not understandable. An expert witness that has experience in the field of the business is often able to examine the documentation and grasp the details necessary to show how the crimes occurred and why the person is not at fault. In fraud scams or criminal activity, there may be someone that is blamed who took no part in the incident.

DWI Laws in Minnesota

Like other states, Minnesota has specific laws related to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This is called “driving while intoxicated.” Being convicted of a DWI charge in Minnesota carries with it strict penalties.

Rape and Sexual Assault Crimes in Minnesota

Rape and sexual assault crimes are considered some of the most heinous crimes in Minnesota. Convictions are associated with severe penalties.

Time Limitations Associated with Minnesota Crimes

Every state has a specific time limit by which individuals must take action in order to bring forth charges. This applies to both criminal and civil cases. In civil cases, the statute of limitations dictates the time limit by which a lawsuit must be filed. If the lawsuit is not filed until after this point, the usual outcome is that it is dismissed.

Is a Surrogacy Contract Valid in the U.S. or Abroad?

Surrogacy contracts are often complicated to enforce. There are many terms that protect the mother until she gives her rights away.

Commercial Real Estate Lawsuits over Undisclosed Property Problems

Disputes can arise when a buyer finds a problem with commercial property that he or she believes that the seller actively concealed or failed to disclose due to some legal requirement. When this situation arises, the buyer may consider pursuing legal action against the seller or the seller’s representative.

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