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What Does a Real Estate Lawyer Do in a Purchase or Sale of a Home?

Some people who are buying or selling their home may try to minimize the cost associated with the transaction by foregoing using a lawyer’s services.

How Does a Real Estate Lawyer Help with Boundary Disputes?

Boundaries with real estate are good to have so that each person is aware of what property he or she is responsible for. This also enhances relationships when there are fewer disputes.

When Can You Sue a School for Your Child’s Injuries?

Injuries occur at school that leave the victims traumatized in multiple ways that could lead to long-term damage. These children could be hurt by others of their own age or someone older such as a teacher.

U.S. Illegal Immigration and Considerations of Moving to Canada

Individuals who are currently in the United States without proper documentation may decide to move to Canada at some point. Knowing how a move of this nature can affect an immigrant can help an immigrant make a more informed decision.

What Are Reasons why there may be a False Positive on a DUI Test?

When a person has been pulled over because of suspected driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, he or she is usually tested with a field kit or a breathalyzer machine.

When a Car Accident Is Due to a Manufacturing Defect or Design Flaw

Products with design flaws or defects often harm those that purchase them after normal and intended use has been initiated. Unfortunately for those that drive a vehicle with these issues, individuals may suffer injuries that may be severe or cause the loss of someone’s life.

If I Signed a Waiver, Did I Just Sign Away All My Rights to Sue?

When certain circumstances occur, a waiver must be signed to proceed with a situation. These could be for employment, disclosed secrets and various other activities that require legal documentation.

FAQS about the Jones Act and Other Maritime Law

There are many questions to be asked about the Jones Act and Maritime Laws. These involve seamen that may be injured in the line of duty or during usual job duties.

Private Investigator: Top Signs Your Spouse May Be Cheating

Spouses who are concerned that their spouse is being unfaithful have options including hiring a private investigator. A private investigator can use technology and conduct surveillance in order to discover whether a spouse has been stepping out on the marriage.

Private Investigators Find Scams on Valentine’s Day

Private investigators can help look into possible scams to help prevent a person from losing time, money and frustration. Many scams occur around holidays and prey on people’s vulnerabilities.

Do I Need an “Affidavit of Merit” in a Medical Malpractice Case?

Medical malpractice cases are complex and often take a substantial amount of time when tried. They can be expensive for both parties.

Discovery Matters with Non-Testifying Expert Witnesses

While there are many experts hired for a case used within the walls of a courtroom, there are some that have been retained to provide assistance or details about the subject of the case that deals with a specific field of expertise.

Navigating Standard Expert Witness Challenges

Standards were set for expert testimony to be provided and admissible for court in the case of Daubert. After this, the challenges associated with testimony provided by expert witnesses are known as the Daubert Trilogy.

How to Effectively Question an Expert Witness

When an expert witness has been obtained for a trial or case, he or she is questioned about his or her expertise. This knowledge of the relevant material is often invaluable to the case involved with the witness.

What You Need to Know About Qualifying an Expert Witness During Voir Dire

When an expert witness is necessary for a case, he or she is usually qualified by experience in a specific field of study or research, knowledge of the subject matter and how well he or she is able to explain the details to the average person. This individual has the capacity to draw conclusions about an incident or issue from skill, experience, observation and the evidence provided.

Food Poisoning – How to Prove Who Is Liable

Instances of food poisoning tend to appear in batches with certain types of food or in specific restaurants on occasion. However, when these incidents occur, the question becomes who is to blame and what should happen next with these situations.

The Strict Liability Rule in Dog Bite Cases

When the owner of a dog faces the incident where his or her pet viciously attacks and bites someone else, he or she may face the possibility of paying out damages to the victim.

When Can a Nursing Home Be Sued for Bedsores?

An increasing trend in personal injury cases involves claims that are brought forward related to a loved one acquiring bedsores. The formation of these bedsores may provide a basis in a lawsuit.

Who’s at Fault in a Left-Hand Turn Accident?

When in an auto accident, there are many factors to consider when determining who may be at fault and how to receive compensation for the victim of the incident. One of these would be if the person making a left-hand turn is at fault and accountable for his or her actions as liable for damages.

Can You Sue for Unsatisfactory Plastic Surgery Results?

Plastic surgery is an elective procedure that usually requires out of pocket income for payment to the healthcare facility and physician that attends the patient. In most circumstances, these surgeries are requested at the behest of a specific person that wants to alter something or feels that a change of a cosmetic manner is needed.

Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injury – Symptoms, Treatment, and Legal Recovery

Both concussions and traumatic brain injuries could lead to mild to severe consequences through various observed symptoms. The treatments for these medical concerns are similar, and recovering legally may be a complicated matter without a lawyer to assist in these situations.

When Manufacturers are Responsible for Motorcycle Accidents

Many motorcycle accidents end in severe injury or death for the driver. The importance of safety is paramount for these bikers. However, if there is a manufacturer defect, no amount of safety adherence may prevent an incident from transpiring.

What You Need to Know About Uber’s $1 Million Insurance Plan

When two vehicles are involved in a car crash, establishing liability and which insurance company should pay may be fairly straightforward. However, if one of the vehicles was used in a rideshare program at the time of the accident, the situation can become more difficult.

Incorporation Assistance from a Business Lawyer

Starting up an incorporated business often requires filing articles of incorporation, also called a charter. Some persons believe this is enough to start a business, but there are many other steps that must be completed before the company may be called such and continue to attempt to accrue revenue.

Legal Steps to Closing a Business and How a Business Lawyer Can Help

Closing a business is hard work, and the processes are often difficult for the owners or managers. Many steps are often necessary with various persons that need to be contacted.

Tips from a Business Lawyer Before Launching a Startup

Launching a business is often difficult and may be fraught with obstacles in the legal world, in the community the company will physically reside in and with obtaining and maintaining a customer base.

Types of Changes that Warrant Hiring a Business Lawyer

The changes for business are both big and small and may warrant the need for a hiring a business lawyer before long. These changes are due to new and different laws and regulations that are anticipated to affect companies throughout the country as time progresses into 2017.

Medical Expert Witness How a Traumatic Brain Injury Changes Your Life

Traumatic brain injuries affect victims in severe and serious ways even when the initial injury is mild, moderate, severe and life-threatening.

How Is the Amount of Child Support Determined?

State laws determine how much child support is appropriate and ordered. Different states use different formulas to arrive at the proper amount of support.

Can a Parent Have Joint Custody and Still Be Required to Pay Child Support?

Courts generally treat custody decisions and child support as two completely different considerations. For this reason and others, a parent who has joint custody may still be required to pay child support.

What Can I Do if My Spouse Is Not Paying Child Support?

States are responsible for establishing laws surrounding the award, collection and enforcement of child support. Parents often contest child support matters, believing that the other parent is being unfair. There are several enforcement mechanisms that can be imposed when a parent does not pay child support.

What Is Strict Liability in Animal Attack Cases?

Some states hold an animal owner strictly liable when his or her animal attacks another person. This legal theory is used most often in cases involving dog bites.

Fatigued Drivers Who Injure Others in Truck Accidents

Drivers often injure other persons that are on the road. Truckers may cause severe situations where death happens as well as serious harm to passenger vehicle drivers. When someone has been overworked and cannot continue without some sleep or rest, it is these times where a collision has the greatest chances of occurring.

When Do I Need a Real Estate Lawyer?

A real estate lawyer performs many important functions. Knowing when you may need the assistance of a real estate lawyer may help you avoid potential problems.

Can I Sue a Rental Car Company for an Automotive Accident?

Accidents on the road, in traffic and when driving on freeways is common and occurs with frequency in the United States. Some of these incidents involve rental cars where the driver has insurance, while in other instances of these wrecks, the driver does not have insurance.

Why Truck Accident Claims Are So Complicated

Truck accidents involve many different factors. One of these is the possibility that multiple individuals are affected by the collision that occurs through just one truck incident. When the sudden stop of a truck driver occurs, he or she may initiate a group accident as other drivers of passenger vehicles run into the much larger truck.

Are There Differences between a Visa and a Green Card?

There are important differences between a visa and a green card. It is vital that you understand these differences thoroughly before you apply for either one. Not all people are eligible for both types of immigration benefits. While many people believe that visa and green cards are the same. This is not accurate information. Each one has its own purpose and different eligibility requirements.

Why Green Card Holders Must Avoid Voter Registration

While green card holders enjoy many of the same rights as American citizens, their rights are not absolute. For example, green card holders do not have the right to sit on a jury or receive funding for post-secondary expenses. Additionally, green card holders do not have the right to vote.

What Is a Partition Action and How Does a Real Estate Lawyer Help?

Partition actions often come about because the property or land that has been purchased has more than one person’s interest. This could be a loved one or someone that has a financial interest.

When Can You Sue for a Parking Lot Injury?

Accidents occur in parking lots often where someone is injured. In many of these incidents, the individual that is harmed has been through an ordeal with another person.

Conducting Due Diligence for a Merger or Acquisition

Mergers and acquisitions are very important for corporations when conducting business. To ensure that due diligence is accomplished, a lawyer is usually both necessary and vital in ensuring that paperwork, documentation, contracts and numerous other affairs are in order and properly filed.

Is There a Difference between a Visa and a Green Card

You must learn about the differences between a green card and a visa before you apply for any of the two. A lot of people seem to believe that a visa and a green card refer to the same thing. However, a visa and a green card are indeed different from each other. Each has its own purpose and eligibility requirements.

Five Common Cases Private Investigators Handle

Private investigators serve an important role. They often handle cases that are not taken care of by other professionals but that serve an important function in the justice or corporate system. Some of the common cases that private investigators take include:

Using Surveillance for Divorce and Infidelity Cases

One common reason why private investigators are contacted is to confirm whether or not a spouse or partner is cheating. This information can be used for a number of reasons. Private investigators often have useful tools at their disposal to aid in finding out this critical information.

Private Investigation: E-Discovery of Phone and Electronic Devices

In some legal cases, a need may arise for the use of e-discovery. This mechanism can help make records from electronic devices and communications admitted into evidence.

How a Private Investigator Can Prove Infidelity in a Divorce Case

If a spouse suspects his or her partner of cheating, a private investigator may be hired to help confirm this information.

How Facebook Live Can Lead to Accidents

The age of technology has proven to be catastrophic to the young when pairing electronics and driving. Facebook takes up more time for some than any other hobby, even when the person is a passenger or operating a vehicle. It is these circumstances that often prove fatal to some.

When Can I Sue for Verbal Assault?

There are instances that occur with frequency where someone is traumatized by the verbal actions of another. These could include name-calling, vicious rumors, descriptions of gruesome situations and many other similar issues.

What is the Value of a Verbal Agreement

When making a verbal agreement, it is important to understand that these are considered as binding contracts between parties for the specific topic or issue at hand. Even though the matter is not written or completed with the assistance of a legal professional, it is often binding with certain terms or stipulations.

Legal Help to Pursue Compensation for a Wrongful Death

It is when someone loved has died through the tragic circumstances that involve an individual or an entity that a wrongful death suit may be considered. While these situations are usually filled with sadness, despair and grief, the surviving family members are able to in certain instances and states file a suit of wrongful death against the party that caused the incident.

How a Lawyer Can Help Determine Liable Parties in a Fatal Accidental Shooting?

Non-fatal shootings have become an issue in the country at over 70,000 persons affected each year with hospital visits as stated by the National Center for Injury Protection and Control. Additionally, just under half of this amount is fatally wounded in various instances of a gunshot wound.

How Understaffing Contributes to Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing homes are often subject to understaffing issues due to the lack of funds, the ratio of elderly persons and the ability to find reliable help. When there is less staff than is optimal, there are many concerns that may arise such as neglect and abuse.

Importance of Evidence in a Multi-Vehicle Accident

Car accidents occur for a variety of reasons, and various factors often play into the cases as a result. However, when one person is at fault in these circumstances, he or she may be the responsible party for a multi-vehicle collision. Due to certain elements that may exist in these situations, multiple persons may be seeking damages for injuries and property damage.

Bad Faith Insurance Practices and How to Spot Them - Should I Hire a Lawyer?

Personal injury claims are often processed by insurance carriers for negotiating settlements when certain incidents occur. This means that the companies are legally required to act in good faith to the persons that purchased the policies as well as third-party claimants in these situations.

Deciding Factors before Pursuing a Medical Malpractice Claim

Medical malpractice issues plague thousands of patients in the United States each year due to medical errors and negligence. Deviations from standard care may be a contributing factor that leaves a healthcare facility open to litigation. However, before a lawsuit may be pursued by the victim of injury, there are certain deciding factors that should be considered.

When a Driver’s Negligence Results in a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle drivers face numerous dangers when on the road, and they are more likely to collide with other vehicles and receive severe injury or lose their lives in the process. Unfortunately, many of these accidents are due to the negligence of the driver.

Private Investigators and Insurance Cases

One of the most common reasons that private investigators are hired is to assist with insurance cases. In many cases, they try to uncover whether a fraudulent insurance claim has been filed. They do this by conducting an investigation and employing other investigative techniques.

Using a Private Iinestigator to Locate Hidden Assets

When a person believes that another is hiding assets that he or she may have an interest in, he or she may hire a private investigator to help locate these assets. By tracking down these assets, a person may be able to make a difference in a legal case, attach the assets for a judgment or otherwise benefit from this information.

What Is Due Diligence - A Private Investigator's Perspective

Due diligence is the reasonable inquiry into a business proposal or through the process of buying or selling something of value. Through this process, individuals and businesses can often determine whether an investment or transaction may be a good deal.

Top Ways to Prevent Fraud from a Private Investigator

Private investigators do not only have to be hired after some bad conduct has occurred. Instead, they can be hired as a preventative measure. They can help prevent fraud from occurring in the first place so that a person or business is not harmed by the wrongdoing of others.

Private Investigators Detecting Fake Online Reviews

Many people check with friends and family before buying a new product or using a new service. In today’s age, many people even rely on the reviews of complete strangers.

Determining Liability in a Roof Fall Accident

Accidents involving roof disasters are among some of the most injurious to the victims. They may experience intense pain, broken bones, harm to various body parts, internal bleeding and even death. Even when the injuries are minor, the damage may be extensive on the inside. Back pain could lead to the loss of functionality of limbs.

Expert Witness Explains How E-Cigarettes Can Cause Burn Injuries

E-Cigarettes have become the next way in which a person may choose to stop smoking or to prevent offensive normal cigarette smoke from offending others. While there are many potential benefits to these alternatives, it is important to realize the disadvantages of switching to an E-cigarette as well.

How Does an Architectural Expert Witness Find a Building Defective?

When there is a possible case where a building has been erected with defective areas or designs, it may be necessary to hire an architectural expert witness to assist with the proceedings.

How a Misdiagnosis Results in Medical Malpractice

When diagnosed with a medical condition, the situation is often stressful and emotional as it is. When the person discovers that initial health problem is not what is really occurring, he or she may become agitated, angry and upset.

How Driver Impairment Can Cause Truck Accidents

Impairment, when coupled with driving, may mean many things. This could be through distractions that cause the driver to lose awareness of the road and goings-on. Another form of impairment is the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Criminal Background Checks from a Private Investigator

Today, there are many ways that a person can infiltrate the life of another and cause him or her harm. Romantic partners may lie about their background, neighbors may have a sordid history of sexual abuse of a minor, employees may steal and domestic workers may have a track record of fraudulent activity. To combat these realities, people may turn to a private investigator to inspect the background of someone in their lives.

Expert Witness Provides Testimony in Recognizing Signs of Daycare Abuse

Some parents who believe that their caregiver has mistreated their child may sue the daycare center or caregiver for this poor treatment. An expert witness may be called to testify about the signs of daycare abuse and whether these signs existed in a particular case.

What Is the Role of a Medical Expert Winess in a Malpractice Case?

In a medical malpractice case, a medical expert may provide critical information before or during the trial. It is important for the person hiring the expert to have a clear understanding of the role of the medical expert and on laws that pertain to medical malpractice cases.

How a Personal Injury Attorney Decides Whether to Take a Case

When harmed through an accident or an incident occurs where injury is sustained, the individual affected often needs legal assistance. This means a lawyer should be hired to represent the victim of these circumstances. However, there are instances where this professional chooses not to take the case.

Ways Settling a Car Accident Case for a Child is Different than for an Adult

Car accident incidents are often confusing already when they only concern one person and only one injury. However, when multiple types of individuals or other factors are included, these events are complicated and difficult to resolve. Children involved in a car accident case may already be traumatized to the point of nonverbal communication.

Mistakes that can Ruin Your Car Accident Case

When building a case for a car accident incident, there are many common mistakes that are made that assist in a negative response from a jury panel or judge. It is important to understand what these mistakes are and how to avoid them.

Seeking Damages from a Landlord for a Slip and Fall Injury

Slips and falls often an issue when dealing with slippery surfaces or when the ground is cluttered with debris. Even though it is usually thought the elder are plagued with this issue, even the young and of age person may experience an injury through an accident involving a slip or a fall.

Things You Have to Tell Your Personal Injury Lawyer

When accidents transpire and severe injuries occur, it is often best to obtain a lawyer for assistance in claims for compensation or if litigation suits are necessary. A personal injury lawyer should be consulted first. Then, one should be hired that fits with the person pursuing action.

How a Personal Injury Lawyer Helps Prove Negligence

Negligence with accidents and other incidents where someone is injured is usually proven with difficulty and usually only with a personal injury lawyer’s assistance.

What to Do When Insurance Coverage Doesn't Cover All Damages in a Personal Injury Accident

When harm befalls someone, he or she may require an insurance policy to take effect and pay for damages. Unfortunately, these carriers do not always cover all the costs. In some instances, they refuse to even pay half, partial or any damages owed to the victim of these occurrences. If these companies cannot provide the assistance needed in these situations, it is important to know what to do next.

When Can You Sue for Emergency Room Malpractice

Everyday people are injured and must go to an emergency room to seek care for their medical needs. However, in some cases, a doctor’s errors may result in causing even greater harm to a patient. When a doctor acts in a negligent manner, an injured patient may be able to pursue financial compensation for the harm caused to him or her.

Defenses in a Dog Bite Lawsuit

Each state has different regulations that govern dog bite laws. Because of this, it is easier in certain areas of the country for someone that has been attacked by animals to succeed in a litigation case than where the laws are stricter and more in favor of the dog owners.

Workers' Compensation Benefits that may be Available for Your Claim

Employers started purchasing workers’ compensation packages in accordance with some state laws in addition to protecting management and the company from liability in worker accidents.

Trucking Company Liability Due to Improper Loading

Personal injury cases are often caused by various factors that lead to wounds and harm to an individual or group of persons. This may be applied to large trucks that have cargo loaded into the back.

Common Reasons Insurance Companies Use to Deny Claims

Insurance carriers often attempt to refuse payouts for claims when there are legitimate files for compensation necessary due to injury and property damage. It is in these situations that the average person is unsure of how to proceed. It is important to know how and why an insurance company may deny providing a settlement for a claim that should be successful.

What Are Slip and Fall Injuries and When Can I Recover?

Accidental incidents occur with frequency, and these situations arise in older individuals. When a person slips or falls, he or she is usually harmed as a result. However, these instances of injury could be extensive enough to require medical assistance.

The Intersection of Workers’ Compensation Claims and Third Party Claims

When an employee is harmed while on the job and must seek medical treatment, he or she usually has a successful workers’ compensation claim to pay for the healthcare.

When You Can Pursue a Civil Claim Against an Employer Instead of Workers’ Compensation

When a person has been injured while working at a company, typically he or she may seek medical repayment when filing a workers’ compensation claim. These are packages of a type of insurance purchased by the employer, owner or manager of the business that pays various forms of costs based on what is lost when a person is harmed while performing job duties.

Injuries that Warrant a Car Accident Claim

Car accidents usually cause minor to severe injuries for those involved, and even when someone has only been mildly included in these incident, he or she may be harmed in the process. It is important to know when a claim is warranted, or when an insurance settlement provides enough to cover the medical costs.

Alcohol Incidents Expert Witness

Alcohol affects individuals in different ways. However, this substance is one of the leading causes of accidents and personal injury cases outstripping various other incidents. Because of this, there are numerous experts in the field of alcohol as applied to cases and claims for compensation due to property damage and personal injury concerns that transpire in various manners and areas of the United States.

How to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Minnesota

There are many variations of filing a workers’ compensation claim based on the state. While in Minnesota, it is important to know who the state changes the process of the claim. Injuries that occur during standard job duties or while performing a task for the company, usually provide conditions that allow workers’ compensation claims to be filed so benefits may be supplied to the victim or the family of someone that has died in the process.

Legal Options for When an Insurance Claim Is Denied

After an accident where injuries have been sustained, the victim usually attempts to collect compensation from his or her insurance company before any other avenues are explored. However, these insurance carriers deny claims often and sometimes with little provocation or explanation.

How to Improve the Quality of Your Case through Documentation

For a successful case in the legal world, it is vital to have the proper documentation. Without quality over quantity in paperwork, any claim could be thrown out. Grammar, context, syntax and timeliness are all important when documenting an issue or incident.

Civil Justice for Sexual Offence Victims in the UK

While the criminal courts have long provided retribution through sentencing for those guilty of a sexual offence, this often fails to provide full justice to the victim. Those who have suffered serious assaults can find themselves needing long-term medical assistance, not to mention the physical and psychological stress that the offence and subsequent trial has placed on their lives, including loss of career earnings.

Expert Witness: The Role of Auto Insurance Companies during Accident Claims

Due to the widespread damage and injuries that occur with car accidents on the roads and highways, it is imperative that auto insurance has been purchased for anyone that may be driving any vehicle. These carriers provide both protection through liability clauses as well as piece of mind that medical bills and property damage may be covered through particular policies that are purchased.

Accident Analysis Expert Witness

The goal of an expert witness is to provide detailed explanations, experience, analysis from an outside perspective and an overall capability in assisting the party that hired him or her. These persons are experts in a given field with extensive knowledge and expertise.

When Defective Products Cause Wrongful Death

Defective products are common in small numbers, but these items do not usually cause wide-spread damage or lead to severe injury. In most situations, a defective item just does not work or cannot perform as originally intended.

When a Business is Responsible for Third-Party Violence

Violence in the workplace is not a common issue that must be addressed every day, but when it does transpire, it is important to know how to handle these incidents. Because employees are provided regulations that ensure safety at the jobsite, a scuffle or brawl is not something observed in normal working shifts.

When Is It Medical Malpractice VS. Just a Bad Outcome?

When a person is harmed during a medical procedure, the family and victim often feel it necessary to seek a suit against the attending physician, healthcare facility or those involved in the incident. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to seek compensation when injury occurs in these situations.

What Makes It Wrongful Death?

Wrongful death incidents occur when someone has caused the death of another person through his or her behavior or actions. These situations often leave surviving family members or dependents behind that are affected by these circumstances without the deceased’s monetary assistance.

What You Should Know About Dog Bites and When You Can Request Compensation

Compensation payments owed for dog bite claims through an insurance company may be complicated and lead to severe aggravation. It is possible a personal injury lawyer is needed to ensure a settlement is reached and allocated to the victim of these attacks.

Necessary Elements to Prove in a Slip and Fall Case

Slips and fall accidents occur with great frequency at home and in certain industries where the risks of danger are greater than in others. These incidents may be harmful in minor to major degrees of injury, but when the elderly experience these situations, they may become deadly.

What to Do after a Baby's Birth Goes Terribly Wrong

A baby’s birth is usually one of the happiest times an expecting mother experiences in her life. However, this is not the case when a medical professional is negligent in his or her duties. The consequences of unprofessional actions often affect the entire life of the person birthed during this situation.

Determining Liability in Cycling Accident Cases

Bicyclists are not often heard entering into accidents either on sidewalks, roads or other areas. The collisions most frequently reported are those of passenger and commercial vehicles. Because of this, many under-reported incidents transpire with persons riding bicycles.

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