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Expert Communications

Dallas, Texas

Expert Witness Training & Marketing Consultant

Expert Communications provides expert witness training tools and creates marketing plans, materials and websites for expert witnesses. EC provides customized marketing plans, consulting and coaching to individual experts and firms.

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FEND Securities Expert Witness

Los Angeles, California

Securities Expert Witness in Arbitration and Litigation and FINRA Arbitrator

FEND Securities Expert Witness is a consultant in litigation and arbitration, nationally (22 states), involving securities, insurance and annuities. 321 arbitrations (700 retentions) since 1969, before NASD, FINRA, JAMS, AAA, NYSE, PSE & 85 mediations. Mr. Dinehart, RFC, is a FINRA...

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Scorpion Design - Professional Website Design

Valencia, California

Professional Lawyer and Attorney Website Design, SEO & Marketing

Scorpion Design is a website development and marketing company specializing in building websites for attorneys and lawyers across the United States and Canada. We focus on creating excellent designs that utilize aggressive marketing tactics in order to get your site the search engine...

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Market JD, Inc.

Northbrook, Illinois

Law Firm Website Marketing

Market JD, Inc. is an interactive agency focusing exclusively on the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. Owned and managed by Rafi Arbel, Market JD provides a one-stop show for all your Internet marketing needs.

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American Consulting Group, LLC

Ithaca, New York

Marketing, Distribution, Sales, Business, Economic Loss and IP Expert Witness

American Consulting Group was founded by Don Smith in 1989, Mr. Smith has 25 years of executive and line management positions in marketing-sales management, business planning and marketing research provides the foundation for the success of his consulting activities. My 15+ years...

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Attorney Marketing Network

Los Angeles, California

Legal Internet Marketing Consultant

Attorney Marketing Network is a full service legal internet marketing company located in Los Angeles, California. Our professional SEO Consultants use ethical search engine optimization techniques to gain top search engine rankings for attorneys. Higher search engine positions result...

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SLS Consulting

South Pasadena, California

Legal Internet Marketing

SLS Consulting is a widely respected leader in the field of Internet marketing growth strategy. Recognized as a pioneer in the customized application of successful marketing methodologies and programs into the legal profession, SLS has been copied but not equaled in performance or...

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Boston Online Marketing, LLC

Boston, Massachusetts

Law Firm Internet Marketing

Boston Online Marketing, LLC provides state of the art online marketing solutions for attorneys and law firms in the Boston area, including web sites, search engine optimization, and online reputation management and PR.
Our team has worked with some of the finest advertising agencies...

Expert's Overview, LLC

Phoenix, Arizona

Online Magazine for Solo Attorneys & Small Firms - Video Training Courses for Lawyers, LLC is an online magazine for solo attorneys and small law firms. We provide online training for lawyers to market their practice. Video courses include: 1) How to Build & Maintain a Website; 2) SEO and Marketing Your Website; and 3) PPC & AdWords for Lawyers. Our blog...

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Quandary Peak Research

Los Angeles, California

Computer and Software Expert Witness

George Edwards, PhD, is an expert in computer software, cell phones, mobile apps, Internet and web technologies, digital cameras and multimedia, and embedded and medical software, among other areas.

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OVC Lawyer Marketing

Mokena, Illinois

Chicago Lawyer Website Marketing

OVC, INC. (OVC Lawyer Marketing) is owned and operated by Greg Wildman. Online Video Concepts, LLC creates and produces videos for lawyer websites. We also distribute the videos to 3rd parties for search engine results. From websites to search engine optimization to videos, social...

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Maronick Associates

Towson, Maryland

Marketing, Advertising and Consumer Survey Expert Witness

Maronick Associates is headed by Dr. Maronick, the former Director of the Office of Impact Evaluation in the Bureau of Consumer Behavior at the Federal Trade Commission. Since leaving the FTC in 1997 he has served as an expert witness in advertising, marketing, consumer behavior,...

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Saibot Technologies Inc.

New York, New York

Internet Marketing and Web Development for Attorneys & Law Firms

Saibot Technologies Inc. is an Internet Marketing, Web Development, and Internet Business Consulting Firm, with a strong emphasis on developing and branding unique, profitable online marketing strategies for Attorneys and Law Firms since 1999.

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BrandMarketing Services, Ltd. - Dr. Larry Chiagouris

New York, New York

Marketing & Advertising Expert Witness

Dr. Larry Chiagouris has served as an expert witness on marketing and advertising issues at the federal/state court levels and arbitration venues. A rare combination of an expert who has both substantial experience as a Fortune 500 senior executive and an accomplished academician....

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Chicago, Illinois

Law Firm Internet Marketing

AttorneySync provides lawyer internet marketing service designed to generate more traffic, leads, and ultimately clients. We aren’t trying to sell rankings for a few keywords, we are trying to generate you customers. We only work for lawyers and law firms, legal is our specialty....

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Epic Web Results

Denver, Colorado

Internet Marketing Expert for Attorneys

Epic Web Results is dedicated to making your website the best it can be by offering services that will result in on-line dominance including:
1. outstanding web design
2. search engine optimization
3. social media marketing
4. local internet marketing and many more...

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Rhonda Harper LLC

Dallas, Texas

Brand Marketing, Advertising, Consumer Confusion Survey Expert Witness

Ms. Rhonda Harper, MBA has eight years of case consulting and expert witness experience. She has provided research and expert testimony in the areas of marketing, advertising, brand, trademarks, patents, and more.
* Fortune 100 CMO * Global Agency Leader * Court Tested * 8 Years...

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Entropy Management Solutions (EMS)

Escondido, California

Broadband & Multimedia Strategy & Technology Expert Witness

Entropy Management Solutions specializes in cable, satellite, broadcast & Internet communications systems & associated content distribution technologies. Thirty years experience, including twenty years in leadership & executive positions (engineering, operations, sales & marketing)....

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Levick Strategic Communications, LLC

Washington, District of Columbia

High Profile Litigation Media

LEVICK Strategic Communications, LLC is a renowned public relations agency based in Washington D.C that offers an extensive list of services for their clients including crisis management, corporate reputation management, public affairs, as well as digital, litigation and financial...

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Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Web Design, SEO & Internet Marketing for Law Firms

PaperStreet has been designing websites since 2001. Our company has produced over 600 custom websites for lawyers, attorneys and business professionals. We have several accomplished web designers, programmers and content writers on staff. Most of our clients receive one new inquiry...

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