Bar Associations in North America

United States Bar Associations

  • American Bar Association - ABA
    The leading national bar association for United States attorneys, offering publications, CLE, and information on a very broad array of legal subjects.

    The Mission of the American Bar Association is to be the national representative of the legal profession, serving the public and the profession by promoting justice, professional excellence and respect for the law. See all ABA Sections
  • Federal Bar Association (FBA)
    The FBA represents the Federal legal profession. We consist of more than 15,000 federal lawyers, including 1,200 federal judges, who work together to promote the sound administration of justice and integrity, quality and independence of the judiciary. The FBA also provides opportunities for scholarship and for judges and lawyers to professionally and socially interact.
  • Comprehensive information about state and local bar associations in the USA

Canadian Bar Associations

  • National, Provinces and Special Interests
  • Canadian Bar Association CBA
    The CBA is the essential ally and advocate of all members of the legal profession; it is the voice for all members of the profession and its primary purpose is to serve its members; it is the premier provider of personal and professional development and support to all members of the legal profession; it promotes fair justice systems, facilitates effective law reform, promotes equality in the legal profession and is devoted to the elimination of discrimination; the CBA is a leading edge organization committed to enhancing the professional and commercial interests of a diverse membership and to protecting the independence of the judiciary and the Bar.
  • Canadian Bar Association Nova Scotia
    The Nova Scotia Branch Offers A Variety Of Professional Development Opportunities. Through Our Sections, We Provide Our Members With An Opportunity To Meet And Exchange Thoughts With Colleagues While Offering The Profession A Means Of Keeping Informed On The Very Latest Developments In The Law. In Addition To Section Activity, The Nova Scotia Branch Holds A Number Of One-day Seminars Each Year And An Annual Professional Development Conference.
  • Law Society of Alberta
    To Serve The Public Interest By Promoting A High Standard Of Legal Services And Professional Conduct Through The Governance And Regulation Of An Independent Legal Profession.
  • Law Society of British Columbia
    The Law Society Of British Columbia Is The Regulatory Body For The Bc Legal Profession. The Primary Responsibility Of The Law Society Under The Provincial Legal Profession Act Is To Protect The Public Interest In The Administration Of Justice. The Law Society Of Bc Works To Ensure That The Public Is Well Served By A Legal Profession That Is Honourable, Competent And Independent. The Law Society Sets And Enforces Standards Of Professional Conduct For Lawyers In Bc. The Society Also Brings A Voice To Issues Affecting The Justice System And The Delivery Of Legal Services.
  • Law Society of Manitoba
    The educational activities of the Law Society of Manitoba are overseen by the Admissions and Education Committee. The primary responsibilities of this committee are Continuing Legal Education programs and the admission of persons to the Bar, which includes the CPLED program, applicants from other Canadian jurisdictions (transfer applications), and members applying for permission to resume active practice.
  • Law Society of New Brunswick
    The Law Society Act (1996) sets out clearly the objects and duties of the Society.
  • Law Society Of Newfoundland & Labrador
    The Law Society is the regulatory body for the legal profession in the province and is governed by the Benchers. The President acts as Chair of Benchers meetings, or Convocations, this word used because of Benchers authority to grant degrees in law.
  • Law Society of Nunavut
    Established In 1999, The Law Society Of Nunavut Is A Self-governing Society Which Derives Its Authority From The Legal Profession Act Of Nunavut. The Law Society Is Responsible For Governing The Legal Profession In The Public Interest According To Nunavut Law And The Law Society's Rules, Regulations, Guidelines And The Canadian Bar Association's Code Of Professional Conduct. It Is Our Responsibility To Ensure That The People Of Nunavut Are Served By Lawyers Who Meet High Standards Of Competence, Learning And Professional Conduct; And, To Uphold The Independence, Integrity And Honour Of The Legal Profession. We Believe That The Public Is Well Served By A Legal Profession That Is Independent, Responsible, And Responsive To The Needs Of The Public It Serves.
  • Law Society of Prince Edward Island
    The Society’s Main Task Is To Regulate The Practice Of Law Within The Province. The Law Society Is Governed By Legislation Passed By The Pei Legislature In 1992 Called The Legal Profession Act. The Act Outlines The Society’s Objectives As: To Uphold And Protect The Public Interest In The Administration Of Justice To Establish Standards For The Education, Professional Responsibility, And Competence Of Members And Applicants For Membership To Ensure The Independence, Integrity And Honour Of The Society And Its Members To Regulate The Practice Of Law To Uphold And Protect The Interests Of Members
  • Law Society of Saskatchewan
    To govern the legal profession by upholding high standards of competence and integrity; ensuring the independence of the profession; advancing the administration of justice, the profession and the rule of law; all in the public interest.
  • Law Society of the Northwest Territories
    Established in 1978, the Law Society of the Northwest Territories is a self-governing Society which derives its authority from the Legal Profession Act of the Northwest Territories. The Law Society is responsible for governing the legal profession in the public interest according to Northwest Territories law and the Law Society’s rules, regulations, guidelines and Code of Professional Conduct. It is our responsibility to ensure that the people of the Northwest Territories are served by lawyers who meet high standards of competence, learning and professional conduct; and, to uphold the independence, integrity and honour of the legal profession. We believe that the Public is well served by a legal profession that is independent, responsible, and responsive to the needs of the public its serves.
  • Law Society of Upper Canada
    The Objects Of The Foundation (generally Stated) Are: To Receive Donations And To Maintain Funds To Foster, Encourage And Promote Legal Education In Ontario; To Receive Donations And To Maintain And Use Funds To Provide Financial Assistance To Law Students In Ontario, Including Students In The Society's Bar Admission Course; To Receive Donations And To Maintain And Use Funds For The Restoration And Preservation Of Lands And Buildings Of Historic Significance To Canada's Legal Heritage; To Receive Gifts Of Muniments And Legal Memorabilia Of Interest And Significance To Canada's Legal Heritage And To Maintain A Museum Displaying Such Items; To Receive And Maintain A Collection Of Gifts Of Books And Other Written Material For Use By Educational Institutions In Canada; And, To Receive Donations And Use The Funds For The Administration Of The Lawyers Feed The Hungry Program.
  • Ontario Bar Association
    The Ontario Bar Association is a branch of the Canadian Bar Association, an organization of lawyers formed to provide support by the profession to the profession so that it may render better service to its members and the public. This is accomplished by both education and representation to government on topics of current concern.

Mexican Bar Associations

  • Barra Mexicana Colegio de Abogados
    La Barra Mexicana, Colegio de Abogados se fundó en 1922 con el nombre de La Barra Mexicana de Abogados. Las bases que debían regirla se firmaron el 12 de octubre de ese año, en el marco de la clausura del Segundo Congreso Jurídico Nacional. Días después, el 29 de diciembre, la Asociación quedó formalmente constituida al firmar la escritura notables abogados de la época.2.
    Addrress: Varsovia No. 1, Col. Juárez, CP. 06600, México D.F. Tel. 5208-3115, 5208-3115, 5208-1355
  • U.S.-Mexico Bar Association
    The USMBA is a unique, bi-national Bar Association made up of attorneys from both Mexico and the United States.

ABA - American Bar Association


  • Law Student
    Student Lawyer magazine is published September to May as an exclusive benefit for Division members. Visit the site for the table of contents and selected articles for the current issue, archives of past issues, writers' and advertisers' guidelines, and more.
  • Young Lawyers Division
    The Young Lawyers Division is open to all American Bar Association members under the age of 36 years old or admitted to practice less than five years.
  • Senior Lawyers
    The ABA Senior Lawyers Division serves the interests and needs of the legal profession by sharing the accumulated knowledge and experience of its members. Its services and programs are uniquely tailored to the needs experienced practicing, and retired lawyers admitted to the bar 25 years or age 55 and older.
  • Government and Public Sector Lawyers
    The Government and Public Sector Lawyer’s mission is to serve the nation’s public lawyers. By promoting integrity and excellence among public advocates, providing meaningful services not obtainable elsewhere, and by highlighting the extraordinary work of public lawyers, the Division works to enhance the position of public lawyers and create camaraderie and pride within the public sector. The Division is dedicated to providing representation within the ABA for government and public sector lawyers who make up one eighth of the legal profession.
    7036 Buxton Terrace, West Bethesda, MD, 20187-4404, Tel: (301) 229-1130, Fax: (301) 229-2469


  • Affordable Housing
    400 Atlantic Ave., 2nd Floor, Boston, MA, 02110-3333, Tel: (617) 482-1776, Fax: (617) 574-4112
  • Air Space Law
    Dept. 982, Hartsfield Intl Airport, Atlanta, GA, 30320, Tel: (404) 715-2861, Fax: (404) 715-2233
  • Communications Law
    750 North Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL, 60611
  • Construction Industry
    P.O. Box 3239, Tampa, FL, 33601-3239, Tel: (813) 223-7000, Fax: (813) 229-4133
  • Entertainment and Sports Industries
    488 Madison Ave, 8th Floor, New York, NY, 10022, Tel: (212) 935-5500, Fax: (212) 308-0642
  • Franchising Law
    1401 New York Ave NW, Suite 900, Washington, DC, 20005-2101, Tel: (202) 879-5773, Fax: (202) 879-5773
  • Health Law
    7th Floor, 500 W. Main St., Louisville, KY, 40202, Tel: (502) 580-3716, Fax: (502) 580-4831


  • ABA Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice
    The Administrative Law Section serves its members, the bar and the public at-large, by providing a congenial forum to share new ideas and the most recent information on substantive and procedural developments in Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice. Members of the Section receive the quarterly Administrative & Regulatory Law News magazine, the quarterly Administrative Law Review, and the annual Developments in Administrative Law compendium.
  • ABA Affordable Housing
    This Forum's objectives are to: (1) serve as a clearinghouse for lawyers of information and programs related to affordable housing and community development; (2) serve as a coordinator of educational and training programs within the ABA for lawyers practicing in the area of affordable housing and community development; (3) during each Association year, hold one or more educational meetings; and (4) provide training programs focusing on new issues or ongoing concerns.
  • ABA Criminal Justice Section
  • ABA Section of Business Law
    The Mission of the Business Law Section is to serve the public, the profession and the Section by furthering the development and improvement of business law, educating Section members in business law and related professional responsibilities, and helping Section members to serve their clients competently, efficiently and professionally.
  • ABA Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources
    The Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources is the premier forum for lawyers working in areas related to environment law, natural resources law, and energy law. The Section is committed to providing members with opportunities to enhance professional skills, stay on top of current developments, and dialogue in these substantive areas. Section membership will add to your professional skill set and broaden your knowledge.
  • ABA Section Of Family Law
  • ABA Section of Health Law
  • ABA Section of Intellectual Property Law
  • Antitrust Law
    3031 W. Grand Blvd, Suite 8309, Detroit, MI, 48232-5122, Tel: (313) 974-1685, Fax: (313) 974-1782
  • Business Law
    Suite 1300, 100 N Broadway, Saint Louis, MO, Tel: (314) 622-0617, Fax: (314) 421-0239
  • Criminal Justice
    900 3rd Ave., 7th Floor, New York, NY, 10022, Tel: (212) 593-1000, Fax: (212) 279-0157
  • Family Law
    1212 Blausten Bldg, One North Charles St., Baltimore, MD, 21201, Tel: (410) 752-5678, Fax: (410) 539-4580
  • General Practice
    PO Box V, Galva, IL, 61434, Tel: (309) 932-2168, Fax: (309) 932-3427
  • Individual Rights and Responsibilities
    1719 N. Broad St., Philadelphia, PA, 19122, Tel: (215) 204-3220, Fax: (215) 204-1185
  • Intellectual Property Law
    1884 Miles Ave, Elkhart, IN, 46515, Tel: (219) 262-7937, Fax: (219) 262-7564
  • <
  • a target=new rel="nofollow" href=>International Law and Practice
    1050 Connecticut Avenue, N.W.,Washington, District Of Columbia 20036-5306 , Tel: 202-955 -8500, Fax: 202-467-0539
  • Labor and Employment Law
    Ste 2000, 6300 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048-5202, Tel: (213) 655-4700, Fax: (213) 655-4488
  • Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar
    500 Alexdander Bldg 104 Pine, P. O. Box 356, Abilene, TX, Tel: (915) 672-8477, Fax: (915) 672-2049
  • Litigation
    1 New York Plaza, 24th Fl., New York, NY, 10004-1901, Tel: (212) 859-8052, Fax: (212) 859-8584
  • National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
    1627 K St., NW, Suite 1200, Washington, DC, 20006, Tel: (202)872-8688, Fax: (202)331-8269
  • Natural Resources, Energy and Environmental Law , Suite 2416, 1001 Fannin St., Houston, TX, 77002-6760, Tel: (713) 758-2528, Fax: (713) 615-5311
  • Public Contract Law
    10th Fl, 655 15th St., NW, Washington, DC 20005-5701, Tel: (202) 626-1468, Fax: (202) 628-0858
  • a target=new rel="nofollow" href=>Public Utility, Communications and Transportation Law
    Ste. 4800, 1 Chase Manhattan Plz., New York, NY, 10005-1401, Tel: (212) 530-5062, Fax: (212)530-5219
  • Science and Technology
    4900 Society Ctr., 127 Public Sq, Cleveland, OH, 44114-1216, Tel: (216) 479-8556, Fax: (216) 479-8780
  • Taxation
    9th Fl., 655 15th St, NW, Washington, DC, 20005-5701, Tel: (202) 626-5890, Fax: (202) 628-0858
  • Tort and Insurance Practice
    Ste. 300, 888 SW Fifth Ave., Portlasnd, OR, 97204, Tel: (503) 499-4430, Fax: (503) 295-0915
  • Urban, State and Local Government Law
    1111 3rd Avenue, Suite 3400, Seattle, WA, 98101, Tel: (206) 447-4400, Fax: (206) 447-9700
  • ALI-ABA Committee on Continuing Professional Education
    4025 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19104-3099, Tel: (215) 243-1600, Fax: (215) 243-1664
  • National Bar Association Inc.
    1225 11th Street, NW, Washington, DC, 20001-4217, Tel: (202) 842-3900, Fax: (202) 289-6170