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    Australian Bar Association
    The Association provides a common voice for members of the Independent Referral Bars from throughout Australia. Since its establishment, the Association has strived to engender in its members a sense of pride to practise as a member of a profession that is proud of its independence, confident of the service it provides and aspiring to continual improvement in the skills and art that assist in the administration of justice and the maintenance of the rule of law.

    Bar Association of Queensland
    Barristers are lawyers who provide specialist services as advocates before Courts and Tribunals. They are also consultant legal advisers.The Bar has a long history and barristers have always played a vital role in the administration of justice and in the functioning of the legal profession in Queensland and elsewhere. When they are admitted to practice, barristers are sworn in as 'Officers of the Court'. As such they are integral to Australia's three part system of government comprising the legislative, executive and judicial branches. Barristers, through their oath to the Court, are bound to play a fundamental role in maintaining the rule of law.

    Criminal Bar Association of Victoria
    The Criminal Bar Association is the peak body for barristers in Victoria practicing in the criminal law Its members comprise almost 1/4 of all barristers practicing in Victoria and it counts almost 1/3 of Victoria's Judicary among its Honorary Members. The Association represents criminal barristers who princpally prosecute, those who princpally defend and those who have a mixed practice.

    International Council of Advocates and Barristers
    The Law Council of Australia's mission is: to represent the legal profession at the national level, to speak on behalf of its constituent bodies on national issues affecting the legal profession; and to promote the administration of justice, access to justice and general improvement of the law. The Law Council of Australia advises governments, courts and other federal agencies on ways in which the law and the justice system can be improved for the benefit of the community. Through its specialist sections, standing and ad-hoc committees, the Law Council provides interest groups and professional development opportunities for lawyers across a variety of specialised areas of law.

    Law Council Of Australia
    The Law Council of Australia's mission is: to represent the legal profession at the national level, to speak on behalf of its constituent bodies on national issues affecting the legal profession; and to promote the administration of justice, access to justice and general improvement of the law. The Law Council of Australia advises governments, courts and other federal agencies on ways in which the law and the justice system can be improved for the benefit of the community.

    Law Society of New South Wales
    In 1842 the Governor of New South Wales, Sir George Gipps stood before the Legislative Council and accused the colony’s solicitors of "causing delays in the administration of justice, increasing expense in legal proceedings and claiming excessive remuneration for services". Unwilling to accept such criticism, six solicitors immediately formed the Sydney Law Library Society under the leadership of James Norton and replied to the Governor in a letter to the Sydney newspapers.

    Law Society Of Western Australia
    The Law Society Of Western Australia Is The Professional Association For Western Australian Barristers And Solicitors. Membership Of The Law Society Is Not Compulsory For Lawyers.the Law Society Offers Services Both To Its Members And Also To The Public And Government.

    Maritime Law Association Of Australia And New Zealand
    Mlaanz Is An Association Of More Than 500 Members Mainly But Not Exclusively From Australia And New Zealand, Including Lawyers And Judges, Academics, And Representatives Of Major Exporters, Shipping Companies, Port Operators, Ship, Cargo And Liability Insurers And Other Members Of The Maritime And Insurance Community. Members Participate In A Forum Established For The Discussion And Consideration Of Problems Affecting Maritime Law, Its Administration And Reform. Our Major Objective Is To Support Domestic And International Institutions In Their Efforts To Bring About The Unification Of Maritime And Commercial Law, Maritime Customs, Usages And Practices, And A Greater Harmony In The Shipping Laws, Regulations And Practices Of Different Nations.

    New South Wales Bar Association
    The New South Wales Bar Association is a voluntary association of practising barristers. Our aims, as expressed in our Constitution, include: to promote the administration of justice; to promote, maintain and improve the interests and standards of local practising barristers; to make recommendations with respect to legislation, law reform, rules of court and the business and procedure of courts; to seek to ensure that the benefits of the administration of justice are reasonably and equally available to all members of the community; to arrange and promote continuing professional development; to promote fair and honourable practice amongst barristers; to suppress, discourage and prevent malpractice and professional misconduct; to inquire into questions as to professional conduct and etiquette of barristers; to confer and cooperate with bodies in Australia or elsewhere representing the profession of the law; to encourage professional, educational, cultural and social relations amongst the members of the Bar Association; and to make donations to charities and such other objects in the public interest as determined from time to time by the Bar Council.

    Norfolk Island Bar Association

    South Australian Bar Association
    The South Australian Bar Association is an association of independent barristers based in South Australia providing legal representation and assistance to the community.

    Tasmanian Bar Association
    The Tasmanian Bar Association Is A Voluntary Association Composed Principally Of Tasmanian Legal Practitioners Who Practise Primarily As Advocates (whether As Barristers Or As Barristers And Solicitors) Or Who Are Otherwise Principally Engaged In Litigious Work. The Association Aims To Represent The Professional Interests Of Its Members And The Tasmanian Legal Profession Generally. Where It Considers It Appropriate To Do So The Association Makes Public Comment On Legal Issues Of Public Interest And Regularly Makes Submission To Government In Relation To Proposed Legislation And The Reform Of Existing Laws. The Association Also Organises And Conducts A Programme Of Continuing Legal Education And Seeks To Foster A Collegiate Spirit Among Members Through Regular Social Functions Including An Annual Convention

    Victorian Bar Council
    The Purposes Of The Victorian Bar Are Set Out In Full In Its Constitution And Include: To Promote, Foster And Develop Within The Executive And Legislative Arms Of The Government Of Victoria And Within The General Community, An Understanding And Appreciation That A Strong And Independent Bar Is Indispensable To The Rule Of Law And To The Continuation Of A Democratic Society; To Achieve Better Public Understanding And Appreciation Of The Role Of The Victorian Bar And Its Members In The Administration Of Justice; To Promote, Maintain And Improve The Quality Of The Victorian Bar; To Seek To Ensure That Access To The Courts Is Open To All Members Of The Community; To Arrange Training For Readers In The Skills And Practices Of Advocates And To Arrange And Promote Continuing Legal Education; To Arrange Training And Instruction In Mediation And Other Methods Of Alternative Dispute Resolution And To Maintain A System Of Accreditation For Practitioners Who Provide Alternative Dispute Settling Services; To Obtain And Maintain Accreditation As A Recognized Professional Association (rpa) Under The Act And To Regulate The Practice Of Those Persons Who Are Allocated To The Victorian Bar By The Legal Practice Board.

    Fidji Bar Associations

    Fiji Law Society
    P.O. Box 149, Suva, Fiji, Tel: (679) 314-188

    New Zealand Bar Associations

    Auckland District Law Society
    To Provide Quality Service To The Legal Profession In A Cost-effective Manner. To Protect And Promote The Interests Of The Public By Ensuring To The Best Of Its Ability That The Society's Members Maintain A Proper Standard Of Competence And Professional Integrity. To Assist Members By Promoting The Interests Of The Legal Profession In Every Way. To Efficiently And Fairly Discharge The Society's Statutory Functions.

    New Zealand Law Society (NZLS)
    The New Zealand Law Society (nzls) Was Established By Statute In 1869. The Current Legislation Is The Law Practitioners Act 1982. (note, This Act Is Being Replaced By The Lawyers And Conveyancers Act 2006, Which Is Expected To Come Into Force On 1 July 2008). The Law Practitioners Act 1982 Sets Out The Society's Name, Membership, Structure, General Functions, Powers And Duties. It Also Makes Provision For The District Law Societies, Which Are Independent Bodies With Their Own Statutory Powers. The District Law Societies And The New Zealand Law Society Operate In A Federal Structure.

    Other Oceania Bar Associations

    Inter-Pacific Bar Association (IPBA)
    The Inter-Pacific Bar Association ("IPBA") is an international association of business and commercial lawyers with a focus on the Asia-Pacific region. Members are either Asia-Pacific residents or have a strong interest in this part of the world. The IPBA was founded in April 1991 at an organising conference held in Tokyo attended by more than 500 lawyers from throughout Asia and the Pacific. Since this time, it has grown to become a pre-eminent organisation in the area of Asia law and business with a membership of approximately 2,000 lawyers from 67 jurisdictions around the world.